tagBDSMCasey's Submissive Journey Pt. 02

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 02


Debbie's eyes bulged when he looked up at Angelina, and his best friend smiled back at him.

"This is my Angie, Debbie, he wanted to watch you cream his jeans."

Looking through the make-up and wig he could barely make out the face of his young buddy. Casey was blown away by how good Jamie looked as a girl, he was pretty as all hell. The make-up looked perfect and he thought Audrey must have done it, because it was just too good. Taking him all in, he was mesmerized by the sight of Angie in his own red mid-wale corduroy dress.

It was a simple sailor dress with white trim and a blue pin-wale corduroy bow by the left shoulder, Casey had worn it many times. Being a little bigger than Jamie the dress was a little big on Angie, but Casey thought it looked just fine. It was above the knee on him but on Angie it was knee length, and of what he could see of his legs they appeared to be encased in dark blue corduroy leggings. They must have been his, because Casey didn't own any. He guessed Angie's penis must have been tucked because there wasn't even a hint of a bulge in the pretty dress. He liked that because it added to the Angie's femininity. Audrey instructed Angie to say something to Debbie, but he just looked at her blankly.

"I tell you what Angie, tell the fag how much you want to cum in his mouth."

He looked back and forth between her and Casey a few times, then finally settled in on Casey. "Hi Debbie, you've got a very pretty mouth, I'd love to cum in it someday."

He didn't try to do a high girly voice and Casey was glad, he remembered that rarely worked. When he talked his pitch was only slightly elevated and he spoke in a soft, breathy and seductive voice, sort of a cross between Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe. It sounded very feminine, and it was obviously well practiced. Karen's stroking had his boner close to the edge, and Debbie was so fucking captivated with Angie that he spoke without thinking.

"Do it honey."

The girls both giggled. Angie's face lit up and he put his hand over his mouth in mock surprise. He was a really good fag. Debbie immediately felt embarrassed, but they all seemed to like it and Karen's hand was taking him over the edge, so he really didn't care.

The first stream of thick creamy sperm exploded out of his pee-hole and shot right past the corduroys, landing on his lips and chin. Angie let out a little sissy squeal of delight, and Karen kept right on stroking. His mushroom spit out eight more streams of gooey jizzum, and they all landed on Jamie's trousers with a loud splat. Debbie kept his eyes on Jamie's pants and the globs of milky white sperm looked very sexy splattered all over the black jeans. The urge to lick it up was very strong, but unfortunately he was in no position to do so. As his jizzum coated Jamie's corduroys he grunted and moaned, and his orgasm lasted a long time. When his mushroom finally stopped spitting sperm, his ball sack surrendered the last of its load, dribbling out on Karen's hand. His whole body then slumped, and as he began to slip into his afterglow he heard Audrey say.

"Well go ahead fag, what are you waiting for?"

The next thing he knew Angie's face was right in front of his, only inches away, and Casey again marveled at how pretty he was. He smiled and gazed into Casey's eyes for a few second, then without a word he licked his chin and neck clean, following up with his lips. When finished, he gave Casey a quick kiss. "I'll be right back Sweetie."

All Casey could do was watch as Angie lapped up his sperm from the corduroy jeans. It thrilled him to no end to see someone else lick up a load of jizzum off a pair of corduroys, something he loved to do, and hearing Angie moan in delight was just too much.

"Lick those corduroys clean you fucking sperm whore, yeah, do it you corduroy bitch"

He wished he was the one hearing it, instead of saying it. He then went quiet and just enjoyed the show. He could see the girls shooting looks back and forth and they looked very pleased. Angie took his time about it, he was in no hurry, in fact at one point even looked at Casey and stuck out his tongue. He was obviously enjoying the fact that he could be a sperm whore and Casey couldn't. Something told Casey that in the months to come, this was just the first of many teases Angie would be enjoying at his expense.

Karen let go of his now limp penis, wiped her hand on Jamie's jeans, and Angie the little sperm whore licked it up immediately. She then stood up facing Audrey, put her arms around her and nuzzled her face into her large bosoms. Audrey wrapped her arms around Karen's shoulders and hugged her tightly. Then the two women kissed passionately for a minute before Audrey sat in the chair and perched Karen on her lap. They talked quietly and Casey couldn't make out any of what they were saying.

Turning his attention back to Angie, Casey watched with envy as he licked up the last of his creamy jizzum. He was such a horny bitch that he actually sucked on his own corduroy pants trying to get out the sperm that had already soaked in. Even though he just came that turned Debbie on tremendously. Not only had Debbie done it many times himself, but it also showed him that Angie really was a true corduroy loving faggot, that's not something someone would fake.

It was at that moment that the reality of what was happening hit home. He was naked, tied to a bed and watching a fag in full drag sucking his sperm out of a pair of corduroy pants. And he wasn't just any Mary jane, no, he was his best friend from next door. That turned him on in so many ways. Not only was his buddy Jamie a crossdresser, but a fucking pretty one to boot, the best-looking fag he had ever met. Then there was the idea that the limp-wristed Tinkerbell might actually have a ten-inch dick, Casey hoped that wasn't just bullshit on Audrey's part. On top of all of that, the bitch was obviously a corduroy loving jerk off just like him, that realization boggled his mind. The variations of corduroy fag sex they could indulge in were endless, and living right next door to each other the two sissyboys could be sucking and fucking in corduroy every day. And the ultimate exclamation point to all of it, was that both of their wives wanted them to do it.

The truth was, the reality of the situation was better than any fantasy he'd ever had.

Angie suddenly stopped sucking on his pants, gave Debbie a sexy smile then looked down at his dick. Noticing his mushroom was still oozing cum, he looked over at Audrey with pleading eyes.

Seeing that, she paused her conversation. "Alright Angie, go ahead, but just a little bit, if he gets a boner you stop."

Angie licked the sperm from Casey's mushroom, then took his limp penis into his warm wet mouth. Debbie thought he died and went to heaven. Having a woman take his cock in her mouth was always exciting for Casey, especially the first time, but having Jamie dressed in corduroy drag and sucking on his dick, that was fucking unbelievable. He felt like his head was spinning. Jamie's mouth, the crossdressing, the corduroy, all the possibilities, the sight of his wife on Audrey's lap, knowing the girls have been having sex, everything came crashing together at once, and Casey knew Audrey was right, there was no fucking way he could ever walk away from all of it.

Being owned by Audrey was never going to happen, the bitch was dreaming when it came to that, but something told him he would eventually give in to most of it. Mainly because he now knew he was going to do anything necessary to have corduroy fag sex with Angie. Taking a deep breath and putting all that aside, he focused instead on Angie's mouth. He had Casey's limp penis in it, and his chin was rubbing against his balls.

Two things became obvious right away.

Number one: His was not the first dick Angie sucked.

And number two: He loved what he was doing.

He alternated between gently sucking on it and massaging it with his talented, slightly rough tongue. Every once in a while, he would slide his lips up and down it's short length a few times, but no more than that. Putting that together with what Audrey said, he guessed Angie didn't want him to get a boner because then he'd have to stop sucking it. They went on like that for about fifteen minutes, and it felt really good. He'd never had his limp dick in anyone's mouth for that long before, because he would usually get a boner very quickly. However, having just cum and at the same time feeling the urge to pee rising steadily, his dickie fell into a state of limbo. Not excited enough to get fully hard, but at the same time enjoying every sensation his pretty cocksucker's mouth had to give. And his cocksucker had a very talented mouth.

He couldn't hear the girl's conversation, but he did occasionally make out a few words, and he was sure he heard Audrey say, "Look at your husband girl, my Jamie's mouth owns his dick already, we're gonna be just fine."

Audrey looked at him and they both knew he heard what she said. She gave him a smirk, winked at him and resumed talking to Karen.

He enjoyed Angie's mouth for a few more minutes, but then said awkwardly. "Um, Angie, you better stop, I gotta piss", but Angie completely ignored him and kept right on sucking.

Audrey heard him however. "He's not going to stop fag, he's been waiting a long time to get your sissy little dick in his mouth, if you piss he'll love every minute of it. The only way he is going to stop is if I tell him to, or you get a boner."

"Well that's all very nice Audrey, but I've got to piss for real, so we have to do something here, I'm not going to piss all over my bed."

Audrey looked at Karen. "What do you think girl?

Karen looked at the fags for a moment, then back at Audrey. "If Casey isn't interested in helping me fulfill my fantasies by now Audrey, I don't think he will ever be, so it's time to let him go. Plus, I really don't want a piss soaked bed either."

"OK sugar, but I'm not done with him yet, not by a long shot."

"Yes Audrey I know, just don't push it right now, OK?"

Audrey gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "OK girlfriend, whatever you want."

She then turned her attention back to the bed. "Alright Angelina, that's enough."

Angie completely ignored her, and after a few seconds her voice sharpened. "I said stop it bitch, right now!"

A few more seconds passed. "Don't you dare piss me off Jamie. I was gonna be nice to you later on, maybe even give you a good fucking, but if you're gonna embarrass me like this then you can just forget it. In fact, I think I'll take away Debbie's corduroys and give your sissy balls a good hard slapping instead."

After a couple more seconds Angie spit out his penis. He then turned and brought his face close to Casey's, kissed him, gave him a resigned shrug and stood up. As he watched him walk away Casey wondered whether it was the threat of having his balls slapped or losing his corduroy wardrobe that Angie feared the most. He didn't wonder for long however, because his bladder was demanding attention.

"Come on Karen, I've got to piss bad."

Audrey chuckled. "Go ahead Jamie, untie your fuck buddy so the momma's boy can go pee-pee." Jamie did as told, and Casey ran out to the bathroom.


When he returned, Audrey was standing in the doorway blocking him from entering the bedroom. Looking past her, he saw Angie sitting in the chair with Karen on his lap. They were giggling at each other while she re-tied his dress bow and told him how pretty he was. Seeing that made Casey a little jealous, but it also excited him. Bringing his eyes to Audrey's he saw the snotty smile on her face she always had when looking at him. His first impulse was to push her out of his face, but Audrey was a big girl, and being truthful he wasn't so sure who would win that shoving match. In addition, his reluctance was being fueled by the fact that he was naked and she was dressed from head to toe in corduroy. He was still feeling very self-conscious about being naked in front of her to begin with, and usually, even with a small woman, when he saw a lady dressed in corduroy his first impulse was to be submissive to her, to worship her.

With Audrey's size and demeanor, logic would dictate that he'd want to worship her as well, but the two of them have been at war since the first day they met, and she just inflamed it with her statement about owning him. Calming down in the bathroom however, he decided that for Karen's sake if nothing else, he was going to try and make peace with Audrey, or at least reach a sort of détente perhaps. So he summoned up as much resolve as he could, took a deep breath, relaxed his jaw and tried to remove any hostility from his face.

In a calm steady voice, he said. "OK Audrey look, I might be willing to go along with some of the stuff you talked about before, and I'll admit that Angie turns me, but you've got to back off a little with your attitude and give some breathing room. I may even be submissive to you sometimes, but you're never going to own me in any way, can you understand that?"

She just rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Silly little fag, I already own you, you're the only one who doesn't know it. Now put a cork in it tinkerbell, this is how it's going to go. Tomorrow night you and Angie are going to have a fun filled night of fag sex, and yes, you'll be able to dress girly and do whatever you want. Think of it as a welcome to the club gift from your new owner. You'll start your homo training the next day, and if you have any bitching to do about it, tell it to Karen, I'm not the least bit interested."

She waved her hand in a dismissive manner. "That's it for now sissyboy."

She turned her back to him and faced the chair. "Karen dear, would you please be kind enough to let my tinkerbell up, it's time for me to take him home and fuck his sissy ass. Come on Angelina, let's go."

Casey was burning up, but for some reason he just stood there and took it. As Jamie passed by he winked and puckered a kiss at him, and Casey still couldn't believe how pretty he was.

Audrey turned to Karen. "You might want to give your bitch a good fucking too dear, Daisy May pantyboy looks like he needs it bad." She followed Jamie out the door laughing.

After watching Audrey walk out, Casey turned back and looked at Karen. She was again standing with her hands on her hips striking a commanding pose, and she looked like she meant business. It was like they were right back where they started, only now his usually demure wife seemed even more determined than ever. Her transition into a more dominant persona apparently wasn't just a show for Audrey.

There was a long silent moment and they just stared at each other. Even though he was still confused and pissed off, he couldn't help appreciating how fucking sexy she looked in her corduroy jeans and vest. In addition, the huge dildo sticking out through the zipper of her pants was very excited, although he had to admit it was a little scary too.

Karen broke the silence. "Look Casey, I can't force you to go along, that's up to you, but things can't stay the way they were. I really like Audrey and Jamie and I want to be part of their world, I'm tired of denying what brings me pleasure."

She paused giving him a chance to respond, but Casey was so confused about everything that he couldn't say anything.

"I do love you Casey, and I want very much to be your wife and share all of this with you, and I hope you'll come to feel the same way too. But you need to make a decision now. Not about everything of course, but you must decide if you are going to at least give this a try, for my sake in nothing else. I think you should go have a drink in the living room and mull it over for a while. Then come back to the bedroom when you've decided, I'll be here waiting."

She walked over to the closet, pulled out a long red corduroy bathrobe and handed it to him. "Here, I bought this for you on eBay, it's a woman's robe, but somehow I didn't think you'd mind that." She said it with a sexy smile. He put it on.

"That looks nice on you, now shoo, go have a drink, we'll talk again in an hour or so."

Casey did exactly that, and as he sat on the couch with his drink he ran his hand all around the corduroy robe. The fabric was a mid-wale with firm ribs, yet it was very soft and supple. He was both surprised and pleased that she bought it, first the dildo and now the robe, she rarely took those kinds of initiatives when it came to sex. Feeling up the robe it didn't take long before he started getting a boner, and he suddenly wondered if that was her purpose for giving it to him in the first place.

He really didn't need to give the situation a whole lot of thought. Watching Angie lick up his sperm while wearing his corduroy dress pretty much convinced him he was going to get involved in this little foursome one way or another. In fact, now that he'd had a little time to think about it without being tied up, and he was past the shock of finding out about his wife's affair with Audrey, almost all of the things that were discussed earlier turned him on a little. OK, some of them a lot. The two main points of contention however, were the Homo Hubby thing, and Audrey.

He really wasn't trying to be stubborn when it came to the homo thing, it's just that guys had never turned him on, faggots did, but guys didn't. Although, as he thought about it, knowing that Jamie was really a sissyfag just might help him get horny when he was wearing his man pants. In fact, after seeing how sexy Angie was, he'd pretty much made up his mind he was at least going to give the Homo Hubby thing a try. As far as the club, he wasn't going to worry about it now, it probably would never happen anyway.

He removed the bathrobe and rubbed his boner and balls with the soft corduroy as he thought about how pretty Angie was.

After a few minutes though, thoughts of Audrey worked their way in, and he had no idea how to get past that. He just tried to bury the hatchet with her a little while ago and she threw it right back in his face. She was obviously determined to make him back down, to give in completely, and that pissed him off. He also had to wonder about himself, she was a big strong attractive young woman, a woman who not only dressed in corduroy, but knew how to use it to control a fag. Why the fuck would he not want to be her bitch? That same question kept rolling around in his head all night, and he still had no answer for it.

After thinking things over a bit more, he decided that even though there were still some things he was not too thrilled about, he was going to give what Karen wanted a try. He finished his drink and noticed it he'd been out there for over an hour and a half. He thought about jerking off with his new corduroy robe before returning to the bedroom, it was a very tempting thought, but he decided against it. He didn't know if Karen was expecting him to be horny or not, so he put the robe back on and headed to the bedroom.

Opening the door, the first thing he saw was Karen sitting in the chair, she still had the dildo sticking out of her jeans and looked sexy as hell. He got his first big shock when he noticed she had her hand shoved down her pants and she was playing with herself as she watched TV. She completely ignored him. He got his second shock when he looked at the TV and saw one guy fucking another guy in the ass in what looked like some kind of prison movie. It seemed that her desire to watch homo sex was very real. His eyes darted back and forth between Karen and the TV a few times, and in their travels they caught a glimpse of the bed. It was covered with neatly laid out corduroy trousers, he counted seven pair and they all looked like men's pants. He immediately recognized Jamie's wide-wale dress pants and the black jeans he just creamed. Then after giving them a good look, he realized that the rest of them were Jamie's corduroys too.

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