tagBDSMCaspian's Confessions Ch. 03

Caspian's Confessions Ch. 03


The women smiled smugly as they sorted the prints from the computer between them; Caspian was desperate to come now, as he watched their elegantly manicured hands pass the literature to each-other, their long mature legs crossing and shapely feet wagging the black stilettos each had donned to add to his exquisite torture. He now longed to read something to them, to take his mind from his raging need for relief. What had he let himself in for? His cock dribbled as his eyes drifted casually to the whip in error. He closed them for a moment and swallowed hard. Athena brought him round with her matter-of-fact tone.

"You shall make us ladies a coffee before we start; you'll not need one though. Instant will be fine; the kitchen is through there, you'll see what's necessary." He found it a little difficult to stand at first, as the women all paused from their selecting of tales to stare as he ventured to do as he was told. Their staring satisfied smiles as they watched him walk to the kitchen in the effeminate chiffon shawl, spoke volumes of the pleasure they were having of him thus far. He gave no thought to the stern woman's command, he just obeyed automatically; this had not gone unnoticed.

In the kitchen, a tray with six cups was apparent, along with the coffee jar, spoons and kettle. An elegant cream boat and small pot of sugar were also upon the tray; all set out for him. He remembered what Athena had said and removed the sixth cup; the kettle boiled and as he returned to the lounge, his cock immediately lifted in the chiffon below the tray, as the sweet scent of soft womanly perfume and their arousal was made all the more apparent after the sterile air in the kitchen. It stiffened all the more when he saw Velvet had removed the whip from the wall and stood posing dominantly with it. She smiled wickedly on seeing that this encouraged his excitement, and gave the vicious weapon a swift jerk, sending a looping ripple along its length to snake down to the evil looking knot at its tip. Athena pointed to a small table in the corner without speaking. And I took the tray there. Velvet strode over, trailing the whip, making his balls and anus tingle with a sublime mixture of fear and erotic excitement. She laid the whip out, around the futon.

"There! That will help with the atmosphere as you read for us." Caspian would not disagree.

"Well?" The assertive Athena barked impatiently as he stood like a maid in the chiffon.

"Ask us all in turn how we take our coffee, and then you can start to entertain us." She pointed to Rouge and he began with her. Each of the women took a deeply sublime pleasure in having the chiffon clad naked male perform this simple service at their behest. They were all asserting their natural dominance over him as he spooned and stirred to order, whilst kneeling before each with the tray. He was learning absolute humility without realising it.

Athena smiled with an even deeper satisfaction than the others, as he had taken the order from her and obeyed to the letter. As he procured the fifth and final cup as per her required pleasure, her nipples bulged sweetly in the lacy fabric.

"I am so glad you removed the sixth cup as told; other males have simply ignored our wishes and helped themselves, showing their inert masculine impudence and disrespect. We can see that you show truly submissive promise, and will know your place amongst your superiors, should we choose to display you in other circles we are involved with. You may have a coffee too; when we are satisfied you have earned one." The women grinned and sighed with their approval; Athena pointed to the futon as Caspian knelt with cock stiffer than ever, and he returned with the tray there.

The whip was now permanently displayed before him, and never completely out of his mind. The women now crossed their legs and relaxed as Maxine eagerly passed him a script; it was a tale he had written of a chauvinistic businessman who was shown his true purpose in life, in an erotic journey of complete and utter submission to a woman. The Auburn beauty's pink nipples poked invitingly through her black lace as she lifted her head and thrust the pages at him with a lust in her eyes.

"You'll read this one first; I found this truly inspirational and have longed to act it out with a male. If you read it well, with passion, I may have a treat for you when we have our time alone together." Caspian's cock throbbed as he looked at the full and sultry figure before him; he would give anything to act out what he knew lay within the script with such a dominant, mature woman. He gulped as his nerves took hold of him, how he needed that coffee now, how he wanted to come, how he wanted to be Maxine's intimate toy as per the businessman. The women continued to sip their coffee as though it were nectar as he cleared his throat and began to recite.

Caspian was close to messing in the chiffon at times, as he re-lived the character's descent to submission, describing his abuse and usage by a strict and domineering female who slowly took complete control. Maxine smiled wistfully as she gently massaged her sex through the lace as she listened; the other women equally intense as Caspian overrode his acute humiliation as he described the character's pleasure, and indeed his own as the writer, in graphic detail. Tongue and womanly erogenous zones, scents, tastes and genital characteristics intimately portrayed, along with the feelings of submission and relief through orgasms brought on in humiliating circumstances. The women applauded loudly when he reached the end; his face red with a mixture of shame and passion.

Maxine wagged her finger at him, smiling warmly; she then held the middle finger of her right hand out, under his nose as he came and knelt before the authoritative woman, much to the delight of the others.

"You can smell my excitement can't you?" Caspian was in heaven as he took in the rich feminine scent of Maxine's mature womanhood, his manhood poking up through the chiffon which was now smeared with his own excitement.

"You may lick my fingers clean; I think you've earned that privilege. I do so love that tale." Caspian licked lovingly at Maxine's sticky fingers as the women laughed at his eagerness to taste her sweet essences.

When he'd done, Rouge then ordered him to take the coffee cups out and put them in the dishwasher. The women all followed him through this time, and then stood with crossed arms as he carefully placed cups and saucers in the appliance. Venus filled a glass with water and beckoned him over to her. She smirked as the delightfully buxom Velvet took a jar of pills from a cupboard.

"Time for your medicine; we can't have you not maintain your performance later. Open wide." Caspian gaped and the women giggled as Velvet popped the blue tablet into his mouth and Venus obliged with the water. The woman laughed as he swallowed and they too, took the 'medicine'. Velvet took Caspian by his stiff cock and led him by it, back into the lounge, the others fondling his cheeks in the chiffon as he was led like a lamb to the slaughter. Velvet was becoming very excited.

"Time for my choice of story."

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