Cassandra the Wicked


"Oh Dina I cannot refuse you, what is your plan?"

"The Eunuchs are many in the palace, I know they despise the princess and the King, the aristocracy that lives in the palace they care nothing but about their own well being and the no one is really loyal to these wretched people, I know this kingdom is small but you can own your wealth surpasses the King, you have to take this opportunity."

"It seems as though you have thought deeply about this" Marcus replied

Dina continued unfettered, "I want you to have your way with Cassandra just as you have your way with me, but don't let her orgasm. I want you to act like Marrying Cassandra is a chore for you and that you will only do it if you get full Kingly powers immediately upon marriage to Cassandra. I want you to marry Cassandra in a grand public ceremony, then as your first decree I want you to..."

Dina went on with her plan, and Marcus listened intently, the plan made both Marcus and Dina horny and they both fucked each other again.

Part IV

"WHAT!?" Cassandra screamed

"That's right unless you want to be killed by a mob someday you have to marry this man our coffers are empty. I have to give up my power." the King responded

"I do covet him, I believe he is the best of my suitors and the best match for a King, but I am wary about giving power to an outsider, he started out as a common sailor, he only made his wealth by plundering ancient ruins and he only got so much wealth because he was the only one that survived the diseases that spread through the ship after it sailed back."

"What does it have to do where he comes from, we need his money, I have never requested anything from you but I request this, do what ever he wishes woo him in whatever way you can your and my life and the entire aristocracy's life depends on it, the peasants are ready to revolt and the army has not been paid in months." The King then stormed off the let Cassandra ponder what he had just said.

Cassandra Orsini starred into Marcus Chatzi's eyes lustfully as the eating took place. Marcus finished his fish plate and walked around the long dinning table around all the aristocracy and in the middle of the feast took Cassandra Orsini's hand and led her upstairs to the King's Chamber where he was staying, this made everyone in attendance pause, the King smiled nervously knowing that his daughter was probably going to be engaging in sex acts with the handsome suitor.

"Take off your cloths, all of them" Marcus said sternly

Not being used to being ordered around Cassandra looked back at Marcus furiously, "Do not order me like I am some lowly serf!"

Marcus turned around and started opening the door to get out of the room, when he heard a gown drop to the ground, Marcus looked over to see Cassandra clumsily stepping out of her undergarments her gown around her ankles.

"Your jewelry too, set it on the counter."

Cassandra let out a sigh, and when it was all said and done she didn't have a spec of clothing or jewelry on, she felt more naked than she had ever felt before. Marcus simply pointed on the ground, Cassandra shook knowing what Marcus meant. Cassandra had never given a blow job before, she had only read about them through some ancient Greek texts.

"Putting my mouth on your cock disgusts me, I will not stoop to that level, I am a princess."

Again Marcus started walking to the door this time he turned around and said to Cassandra, "If you don't get on your knees and crawl over to me I will walk out this door, and your kingdom will be as good as done."

Cassandra looked sick to her stomach, but she got on her knees and crawled very slowly, her blond hair hung down from her head that was slumped over in shame."

"Look at me Cassandra." Marcus ordered

"Cassandra looked up in hatred but kept on crawling."

When Cassandra got to Marcus he had his flaccid penis dangling out of the top of his trousers. Cassandra sucked tepidly on Marcus's flaccid penis."

"You can do better than that!"

Cassandra looked up at Marcus with even more hatred and began vigorously sucking on Marcus's penis until slowly it got hard.

When Cassandra got into a rhythm bobbing her head Marcus decided to use Cassandra's ears as handles to create more force. Cassandra gagged relentlessly before finally she pushed herself off of Marcus's penis by using his thighs.


"How dare you! You don't even look up at me when you suck on my cock. From now on I want your hands behind your back, I did not appreciate this interruption!." Marcus replied

Surprisingly after shaking with anger briefly Cassandra went back to work on Marcus's penis this time with her hands behind her back, and her eyes starring into Marcus's lustfully. For the next few minutes Cassandra made loud gagging noises, she kicked her bare feet against the hard wooden floor. Marcus gripped the princess's long beautiful blond and used it as a handle to move her head vigorously on his cock. After a while it looked as though Cassandra was getting into the sex, she started to lightly touch her clit.

Marcus interrupted the fellatio to pull Cassandra by her hair over to the fire place. The fire place was connected to the downstairs fire place which was near the dinning hall. All of the aristocracy had conversations near this fire place, any sounds coming from the vent upstairs were amplified if the vents were open, which they were.

Marcus told Cassandra to get on her hands and knees with her upper body in the massive fire place.

"I'll get covered with soot!" Cassandra protested

"Do you like the comforts of this palace, do you like the life style you live? If you value your lifestyle then you will get into the fire place, and you will repeat everything that I do to you and you will tell me you like it, eventually I will spank you while I fuck you and you will bark like a hound."

"You are sleaze you are terrible, I am in a vulnerable position, yet what you ask is so nasty I must protest I AM A PRIN-CESS!"

Marcus pulled Cassandra up and took her to the window, where Cassandra saw a crowd of disgruntled peasants crowding outside the palace walls, throwing rocks at the palace.

"When they get to you they will do much worse."

With her head down Cassandra got on her hands and knees half way in the fireplace, her arms were immediately covered in ash, she was defeated. She had already degraded herself. In her mind she would just kill the Marcus after she used up all his money, she would boil him alive. Marcus told Cassandra to open her asshole with her hands, she did and Marcus just starred into her brown hole, Cassandra's face was now in the fireplace's ash as she waited. Marcus spit directly into Cassandra's ass.

"Oh I like it when you finger my asshole." Cassandra said, it was amplified through the fireplace downstairs the aristocracy took notice as well as the king.

"OH YES I love it in my ass." Cassandra yelped in half pain half pleasure as Marcus inserted his erect penis into her ass.

Marcus started off slowly fucking Cassandra's asshole. Eventually Marcus started going faster, Cassandra made a series of grunts, that grew louder and louder.

"I love it, I love it I love it!" Was heard by the feast partakers downstairs, this was even a surprise to Marcus, Cassandra couldn't help it she loved being fucked in the ass.

"You love it in your ass?" Marcus asked

"Keep fucking me!" Cassandra yelled unknowingly into the vent.

"Smack, Smack, Smack" "Woof, Woof, Woof" at this point the Aristocracy was smugly laughing downstairs, the King had to leave the room."

"I am going to cum, I am going to cum!" Cassandra moaned

SMACK SMACK SMACK! "OWWW, WOOF, WOOF, WOOF" The princess was extremely intolerant of pain. One slight slap made her clearly wince in pain.

Not forgetting his promise to Dina, Marcus did not let Cassandra cum, instead he pulled her out of the fire place and put his dick up to Cassandra's mouth there was no hesitation, Cassandra sucked the dick that was just in her own ass, and she did so vigorously. Now clearly enjoying the sex. Marcus looked down at a completely black face covered in ash with bright green eyes starring up at him. Marcus indiscriminately cummed all over Cassandra's blackened face. Cassandra made a horrific squinted face. The sex that Cassandra was just starting to enjoy was ruined by this.

"Arrrrgghhhhh, ewwww, noooooo." Cassandra couldn't open her eyes cum was all over. Marcus admired for about a minute while Cassandra squirmed in discomfort. Her blackened face was contrasted with the white semen. Cassandra flapped her hands wildly. Marcus threw Cassandra her own dress and she whipped off her face.

"Get dressed we're going downstairs to finish the feast, I think dessert is ready."

"What! I need to bath."

"No you don't come with me, I will marry you if you do, and your out of luck if you don't, it is your final test I need to know you will be an obedient wife."

"I have never suffered such humiliation, but I will go, I will have any aristocrat that mentions this killed on sight BURNED ALIVE." Cassandra ranted in a deranged tone.

With her head hung low Cassandra in her cum stained dress with ashes smeared all over her face and upper body made her way down to eat pudding dessert. Cassandra fought back tears, bitter that she receive no orgasm, and a pain in her anus. "If he just let me orgasm I wouldn't want to kill him, he might have spared his own life." Cassandra thought. When the two got back everyone was staring at Cassandra.

"Don't look at me!" she commanded.

Everyone quickly went back to eating desert.

The mortified Cassandra was quite a site, she has a black face and messy hair. Most of her hair was black like her face but the top was still blond. If the guests could see past the ash they would have seen a very red face.

"I have decided I will marry your daughter." Marcus said looking at the king.

The King clapped in delight, his kingdom and lifestyle were saved all he had to do was sacrifice his daughter. Marcus then told a maid to clean out the fireplace upstairs due to the excessive amount of ashes. As the maid was cleaning, she sneezed the entire dining room heard the sneeze, this is when Cassandra realized that everyone heard her having sex upstairs, she started to panic and eventually fainted face first into her pudding dessert.

Part V

Dina laughed with glee hearing about Princess Casandra's humiliation in front of the whole aristocracy, finally Cassandra the wicked got some wickedness directed towards her.

"Cassandra the wicked barking like a dog while being fucked, hahahahaha. I've already told the tavern the whole town will know about it soon, hahahaha" Dina said with unbridled enthusiasm

The next part of the revenge plan was entirely orchestrated by Dina, as many foreign rulers as possible were invited to the wedding. Many of these rulers Cassandra had met and she greatly admired some of the foreign rulers for their even more decadent life styles. Cassandra definitely wanted to be known throughout Europe as a beautiful and powerful Queen someday.

Dina was given some Minoan treasure jewelry and clothing, and she made up the name Queen of New Minoa as her title she was to come to the wedding as one of the many guests of honor. She looked like an ancient Goddess.

A red carpet stretched for about a hundred yards up to the throne hundreds of guests were seated, all could see the throne where the vows were to take place. Music regaled the entire building, all at the expense of Marcus of course, the King could not afford these expenses.

Marcus dressed in fine silks stood next to the thrown and the priest. Cassandra walked down the isle slowly with an astoundingly beautiful dress, she held her head high and waved to the crowd, she held her fathers hand. Cassandra was proud to have the Wedding she had always dreamed of. Many foreign leaders had heard about the humiliation she had received at the feast and many of them scoffed and whispered.

The Wedding went off without a hitch the newly wed couple kissed, and then they both sat on the throne. Marcus was crowned the new King of Cephalonia, the King himself passed down the crown. Everyone in attendance was made to swear an oath of loyalty to Marcus as long as they were on Cephalonian lands. Cassandra smiled she loved the power, even though it wasn't from the best circumstances she was now Queen and she loved it.

Marcus stood up and made his first decree.

"To all good people of the various lands, I now sit as king of Cephalonia and my first decree is that the new Queen, Queen Cassandra be stripped nude and spanked in front of all of you. For she has been wicked to the people of this land for far too long and has used her power to hurt many people including the Queen of New Minoa."

"What No this is impossible!" Cassandra shrieked, her face looked confused and suddenly pale.

Cassandra screamed as she was taken and stripped bare by the Eunuchs, crying and struggling, kicking and screaming she was taken over the lap of Dina dressed in elegant ancient gold Dina looked like a goddess.

"Bow to the Queen of New Minoa, Cassandra the Wicked." Marcus said sternly.

Surprisingly Cassandra immediately got on her knees and bowed down in a panic exposing her ass, the bottoms of her feet and her anus to the world. She looked up at the Dina and said,

"I do not know you but please take mercy on me I cannot suffer this, to be spanked I am tender I am royalty like you please understand! I do not know what I have done to the King or to you, please have mercy, I have suffered enough. I am bowing naked before your feet, on my KNEES like a servant being punished. I cannot take this, I shall die! PLEASE!!!! I AM BEGGING YOU!!!"

"The peasantry of this land has suffered so you can live lavishly and you have done some very wicked things to this foreign Queen." Marcus spoke

Dina pulled Cassandra up by the hair and looked into her eyes. This is when Cassandra realized that she was looking into the eyes of the whipping girl she had abused so thoroughly. She realized she would receive no mercy today.

The Kings thrown was removed from the area and only the armless Queen's throne was left two strong Eunuchs were holding Cassandra's bare feet and her hands over Dina's lap.

Dina spared Cassandra no mercy, and smacked her relentlessly on the ass. "SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!" Cassandra's large ass giggled after each smack.

Cassandra didn't know it but the Eunuch's had let go of her and now all the royals from the far stretches of Europed looked on as the newly crowned Queen kicked her bare feet wildly while crying like a blubbering baby.

"WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Cassandra screamed adding to her humiliation.

"I want you to count each slap up to twenty, and I want you to thank me after each slap, then I want you to plead for another slap... Ready?" Dina said

"SMACK." One... Thank you, can I please have another?"

"SMACK." Two... Wahh no... Thank you, can I please have another?"

by twenty Cassandra's royal and tender butt, that had never been spanked except by Marcus caused Cassandra to twitch dramatically and kick her bare feet.

Eventually Dina's hand got tired spanking Cassandra and she pushed Cassandra off her lap onto the marble floor. Now writhing on the floor holding her beat red buttocks in pain cursing. Cassandra was completely defeated.

Marcus spoke in a deep tone "Cassandra the Wicked, bow down to me."

Cassandra slowly got to her knees to bow, all the while looking at Marcus and Dina with a dagger like stare, her tear soaked eyes now filled with rage.

"You will now be known as the maid Queen, all of your possessions are now property of the peasantry your job is to clean the marble floors of this palace in the nude every single day in open view of the people who regularly pass through."

Cassandra jumped up to attack the new King but was met with a kick to the face by Dina. Cassandra fell backwards, spun around in a daze and directly onto her face. Knocked unconscious lying face down naked for everyone to see. When she awoke she saw her wedding guests dancing, she was tied to the King's thrown completely nude with her legs spread for everyone to gaze at her vagina, and slightly gaping anus. She struggled and cursed to no avail.

The old King was sentenced to 100 lashes in public naked, for his failure to pay his soldiers and other employees. He was then given a small wage and exiled to retirement on a small island.

Dina and Marcus lived happily in the Kings chamber, the Queen Cassandra lived in a small hut originally made for a dog within this chamber. The fireplace was replaced by a bathroom for Cassandra for which she would have to use, everyone in the palace would have to hear Cassandra use the bathroom. Everyday Cassandra would get on her hands and knees and clean the marble palace. She was routinely smacked in the ass by members of the aristocracy.

If Cassandra wanted to masturbate she would have to use her bathroom that would amplify the sound, so everyone would know whenever she masturbated. When Marcus and Dina had sex Cassandra would often times be tied up and forced to watch. Marcus would often use Cassandra's face as a target for his cum. Cassandra never got used to being cummed on, Dina would openly laugh at the faces she made. Mocking Cassandra as cum dripped from her face. Bound Cassandra could do nothing about this but curse at Dina which made her look even more pathetic.

Worst of all for Cassandra she was used as a plaything by Dina, eating Dina out regularly, being spanked, and even sold as a whore to wealthy merchants with the stipulation that Dina got to watch Cassandra get mercilessly fucked.

Often times Dina would give advise to the wealthy men that fucked Cassandra. "You might want to pinch her nose as she sucks your dick." "I think she likes it when you slap her around." "I know she likes it when you tie a leash around her neck and walk her like a dog." A few rules did apply, you could not have vaginal sex with Cassandra and you could not let her finger herself during sex.

The peasantry never had a reason to revolt, the army was paid well(due to Cassandra's whoring) and everyone was happy except for Cassandra the Maid Queen of Whores.

After five years Cassandra gave up all rights to the crown and excepted a small salary to be married to a lesser nobleman a thousand miles away. The nobleman was selected because of his desire to regularly use naked women as foot rests for himself and his guests. Cassandra's final indignity came when she was forced to beg the lesser nobleman to be his footstool to get out of being the Maid Queen of Whores.

Of course Cassandra was more than a footstool, she also got to enjoy most of the comforts of being a noble woman. She had time to plot revenge against Dina the new Queen and her husband King Marcus.

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