tagMatureCassie Ch. 02

Cassie Ch. 02


I scooted along quickly under the dappled sunlight filtering down through the gigantic elms lining the concourse of Central Park. I was running a little late, but I'd phoned Cassie to let her know and she'd said she had a book with her and to take my time. My hurried pace was more a result of my excitement to see her than it was due to being a bit tardy. I settled into a long steady stride, glanced at my watch and smiled, knowing I'd be at our meeting place in a few minutes.

It was hard to believe six weeks had gone by since our last meeting. Serendipity had played a huge role in my bumping into Cassie that day at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square. But sheer sexual chemistry had propelled that meeting into one of the most incredibly erotic nights of my life. And interestingly enough, despite our age difference of 27 years, Cassie had expressed having the same memorable experience. I kept pinching myself at the realization that this beautiful young woman wanted to continue our dalliance. I was fully expecting that the brief, but intensely sexual flame of that magic night in late March might be just a passing thing or an "experience du jour" for Cassie.

We had intended to get together sooner, but life gets in the way sometimes, and while it was longer than either of us would have liked, the time had finally arrived for our "second" date. We had filled the intervening weeks with phone calls, emails, chats and texts. Certainly the younger generation has many more means of staying in contact then had been in existence when I was in my twenties, and Cassie and I had used all of them to the fullest. And while I had texted and chatted before, I'd never participated in the sort of deeply erotic and highly sexual repartee that we had delved into in our quest to keep the fires burning. And burn they did.

We'd sent daily emails, texted many times a day, chatted at odd intervals and found time for sexy phone calls when our schedules allowed. Her job with the marketing firm had gotten very busy and placed incredible demands on her time. Add in teaching yoga and taking a night course at Pratt and she was one busy girl. On my end the spring was always my busy season, with weddings and graduations kicking my photography work into high gear. Each new project required a commensurate amount of time dedicated to editing and design work. In addition my freelance work for the travel website had fed me several spring assignments which had kept me on the road and busier than usual. Between the two of us we'd not been able to find a mutually satisfactory weekend, until today, the first Saturday in May.

I glanced at my watch one more time. I'd be ten minutes late. We'd lucked out on the weather report, as early May can bring wild fluctuations to the greater metropolitan area. But the afternoon sun had brought the hordes out in the park and had put a bounce in everyone's step, including mine.

Suddenly, an image of our previous meeting flashed through my head and I smiled, as I remembered the scenario of Cassie straddling me in a straight-back wooden chair in her small studio apartment; riding me like there was no tomorrow. I quickened my pace; close enough to our meeting spot that I could start looking for her.

I saw her before she saw me. She was sitting alone on the west side of the concourse, legs crossed, reading a book. I caught my breath as the beauty of her visage filled me with a myriad of emotions. Her thick wavy brown hair was tied carelessly above her head and to one side, accentuating the large silver hoop earrings dangling from her lovely lobes. The reading glasses did nothing to hide her innate beauty; in fact, in my mind's eye, they enhanced it. She looked beautiful, sexy and intelligent, and she was all of those things.

She must have sensed me drawing closer, as she closed her book, looked up at me and a huge smile erupted across her gorgeous face. She stood up quickly and opened her arms to greet my approach with a soft landing and a kiss.

"Well, hello there, Uncle Teddy," she said softly as she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me the most delightful kiss on the lips.

I was an uncle in name only, due to the close relationship I'd had with her father and family over the years, and not a blood relation. Still, her "Uncle" comments never failed to make my heart skip a beat. There was something sort of naughty, but innocent, in that reference; especially now that we had become lovers.

"Well, hello to you too, Cassandra," I replied, nuzzling her ear and kissing that super sensitive spot on her upper neck; one of many I had discovered gleefully on my last trip to New York. She pressed her body against mine, both of us oblivious to our public display of affection. I leaned back to look at her at arm's length. She was even more beautiful than I had remembered, or perhaps it was the knowledge of where our afternoon was headed that clouded my judgment and reason.

Her large brown eye sparkled with excitement and her steady gaze drew me in. Her slender body felt soft and pliant in my arms and I knew I was going to have a hard time keeping my hands off of her. She was wearing a light gray hoodie, unzipped to display a tight turquoise top that hugged her perfect breasts. She had on thin black leggings that followed every nuance of her contours and heavy Frye boots that gave her a kick-ass air of authority. To top it all off she smelled divine; a subtle combination of spring flowers and lavender. I was, once again, mesmerized.

As I leaned back to gaze at her, my arching back brought our pelvises together in a grinding bond. We just looked into one another's eyes and pressed hard. I knew she could feel me growing and we swayed back and forth, absolutely oblivious to the world and strollers passing nearby.

"I've missed you Teddy," she cooed with the sexiest smile imaginable. "I'm so glad you're here."

"Cassie, there is no place, and I mean no place, that I would rather be right now than right here, right now, pressed against you just like this," I smiled. She beamed.

"God, maybe we should pry ourselves apart for just a few minutes. I don't want anybody screaming at us to 'get a room'" she laughed.

"Oh, we have a room, Cass. That's not an issue. But maybe we should slow down and take our time getting there. What do you think?" I queried.

"I agree," she said. "But I think you need to sit down for a minute and regain your composure. If you know what I mean," she said with a sly grin, glancing down at the meaty bulge in my black jeans. I laughed and sat down on the bench, my arm over her shoulder. We contentedly watched the world wander by and smiled at our good fortune and a beautiful weekend just beginning to gradually unfold.

We got lost in conversation for awhile, catching up on each other's news and the latest twists and turns of our barely tethered worlds. The undercurrent of our conversation, however, was the knowledge that we were there together and side by side after weeks of pining and conjecture. Our inability to meet in the intervening weeks had become somewhat comical, in fact. But we were here now and that was all that mattered.

Cassie suggested we walk; maybe even begin to wend our way toward the hotel. I had come straight to the park from Grand Central and hadn't checked in yet. It was past 3pm and we could certainly do so whenever we wanted. She hooked her hand into the crook of my left elbow as we stood and pulled me against her as we began to walk. I was a good six inches taller than her, but her boots gave her a hefty two inch boost and her body felt perfectly formed next to mine as we strode along the gravel paths.

At one point Cassie stopped abruptly as she ran into someone she knew; a young man her age who was obviously a good friend. They laughed for a few seconds before Cassie introduced me.

"Alex, this is my friend, Teddy. Teddy, Alex."

I extended my right hand and Alex grasped it firmly, cocking his head slightly as he sized me up. I could see the age thing washing through his thoughts quickly as he saw Cassie's hand clasping my elbow.

"Alex? Nice to meet you," I replied, shaking his hand firmly.

I saw him glance at Cassie with just a fleeting glimmer of wonder, then launch into questions about their mutual friends and acquaintances whom I was not familiar with. He and Cassie spoke casually for a minute or two until the social moment had worn thin and Alex excused himself and gave Cassie a peck on the cheek and me a curt nod. As he took his leave Cassie squeezed my arm and we began to march forward again.

"So, was that awkward?" I inquired.

"Was what awkward?" she replied.

"Well, your friend there sees you snuggled up to an older guy. Here you are, a beautiful young thing, hanging out with an older gentleman. I don't know. Alex, or whatever his name was, seemed to be a bit amused by the whole scene."

Cassie looked at me quizzically.

"Why would I give a shit about what Alex thinks?" she queried with a hint of incredulity in her voice.

"I don't know, Cass. I mean we're not the most natural pair of lovers in the world. You're half my age. You could have any man you want, and I mean ANY man. Yet you're on my arm and I'm just at a loss for words, I guess. Not being very coherent, am I?"

She peered at me with a hint of curiosity.

"No, you're not. But why are you so concerned about age and looks and whatever? I'm here, you're here, and we're wandering toward a hotel room where we'll have lots of privacy and we'll get washed away on waves of orgasms. What's the problem?"

I didn't want to blow a good thing here, but it was an interesting discussion and not a topic we could sweep under the rug, at least not for long.

"Well, what would your father say if he knew you were fucking one of his oldest friends? What would you say to him? What would he say to me? God, I hate to think," I rambled.

"Geez, Teddy. Let's just enjoy what we have while we have it. Why do we need to be jumping ahead of ourselves? Slow down, man. Enjoy the moment. My father's not here. You are."

She squeezed my arm and pressed her head against my shoulder and I realized I was getting lost in an emotion and concept that would be better left for another day. I could think about this tomorrow, or the next day. But right now I was walking through Central Park with an absolutely gorgeous woman on a clear spring day and I should be absorbed in the moment and not stressing about ghosts in the future. I put my arm around Cassie's shoulder and pulled her against me.

"You're right. I'm sorry, Cass. Age hang-ups, I guess."

As we walked, however, I noticed the looks we got, partly due to the exquisite beauty nestled under my arm; partly due to the sharp contrast in our generational heritage. But I was determined not to worry or think about it again, at least until after the weekend. I continued to take in her beauty – the way the errant strands of hair fell across her graceful neck, the way her pouty lips would curve into a smile as she'd turn to face me, the way she walked with a sinuous feline grace.

I kept trying to look at her anew; as if I was seeing her for the first time. I'd be in awe, as any man would be, and many were as we continued to head west along the meandering paths of the park.

I'll admit to turning around sometimes when a beautiful woman walks by, eager to see the rear view and confirm that what just walked by was as intoxicating from the back side as they had been from head on. Cassie would have been one of those head-turners for me. The difference now was I wasn't turning to pine at a passing beauty. We were walking side-by-side and headed ever so surely toward a conjugal reunion that I knew would rival anything I had experienced to date, despite my considerable experience.

"So, your last email said you had a surprise for me, Teddy, What is it? Give it up," Cassie crooned, returning our focus to the here and now and giving me that devilish smile of hers.

"Well, Cassie. I really want to take photographs of you. And my plan is for us to check into the hotel room, get comfortable, and then I'm going to slowly take a series of photos. But as the session unfolds and clothes are discarded, we're not going to touch one another. I will touch you with my vision and my lens, you'll pose for me, but we'll resist touching one another. You'll try to seduce me with your body and your persona; I'll try to seduce you by watching you, mostly through the lens of a camera. We'll see who blinks first, who can't resist touching the other, who gets turned on beyond the point of no return," I explained. "What do you think?"

"Oooohh, that sounds great, Teddy. I can play that game. But I should warn you ahead of time. You don't stand a chance in hell," she said, cocking her head, her big hoop earrings dangling in a way that seemed to reinforce her claim. "You are so toast," she gloated.

"We'll see. I'll admit to being the underdog in this exercise. But I've spent a lot of time behind the lens of a camera and can be very serious and determined when I'm working. I can completely disassociate myself from the subject; no matter how intoxicating. You'll have to be pretty hot to make me waver, just so you know."

She smiled knowingly. "Oh, we'll see about that. Is there money riding on this venture?"

I pondered the challenge for a minute.

"Dinner," I stated emphatically.

"You're on. That means I get to go anywhere I want. Hmmm, let me think," she continued as she scrunched her face up in a quizzical expression and brought her hand under her chin in an effort to look like she was pondering the future.

"Go ahead and laugh, sister. You're not dealing with some young punk who just fell off the turnip truck. So, you go right on and give me your best moves, darling. Just don't underestimate the competition," I continued.

She tightened her grip on me and smiled knowingly.

"Well let's just get to the hotel and let the games begin," she goaded.

We were just emerging from the park on Central Park West as she issued this challenge. We proceeded the few short blocks to the hotel with a little more urgency, knowing that dinner would probably either be eating one another or, at the very most, a romantic room service for two.

We hustled west toward the hotel; a recently renovated gem from the Golden Era of New York style. I checked in as Cassie fidgeted in the lobby, but before long we were sauntering over to the elevators, key card in hand. There was a hush of understanding as we climbed aboard; the only couple headed up. Or maybe it was the just the lull before a competitive event; each foe contemplating the moves ahead and the plan for a counterattack. We headed down the darkened corridor, ready for battle.

I felt her hand on my ass, cupping a bun, as I swiped us into privacy.

"Ahem," I said with a sense of enforcement. "That will be end of that, Miss. Hands off for now. Until you're ready to buckle," I exhorted.

That brought a huff and a look of complete disdainment. And I knew, right then, that a silence was going to fall over the activities of the next half hour. I knew where things would head fast, so I quickly pulled my camera bag from the backpack and began to ready technology for the events to unfold. For her part, Cassie threw her large purse on the bed as she strode across the room, suddenly oblivious to me and headed toward the view waiting at the window wall. I watched her wonderful ass twitch out of the corner of my eye as she walked.

Our room was a corner suite on the 12th floor and faced Broadway and a cross street to the north. The lovely eastern and northern light filled our space with a tender daylight glow. I busied myself with prepping: cleaning my lenses and checking my SD card. I also plugged my IPhone into the docking station and dialed up a mix I had made just for the occasion; a potpourri of musical styles, but all with a sexy backbeat. When I finally looked up I saw Cassie leaning on her elbows on the window sill, looking out the window. Her ass was sticking back into the room and, oh my God, what an ass this girl had.

I've pontificated before on her lovely butt and the view presented to me at that moment just reinforced everything I already knew. Cassie had a world-class rear end and she knew it. When added to her face and slender torso and hair and eyes and her personality and, just her complete demeanor, she was a beauty of epic proportions – way out of my league, but presently in my hotel room and ripe for the challenge I'd put forth. I was going to play this challenge to the max. But I also knew that, despite anything that might unfold, before long, we would be fucking one another's brains out.

The view of her leaning on the window sill was a view for the ages. The leggings she wore were like a second skin and left almost nothing to the imagination, at least in terms of her shapeliness. I brought the viewfinder to my eye, focused and pressed the shutter. The first snap of the shutter brought a subtle reaction to Cassie. She turned her head to me, partially, and smiled.

"Let the games begin," she stated.

I didn't reply, but shot another photo, and then another. She bent her leg so one ass cheek rose slightly above the other. She moved in subtle stretches as I began to move about the room, taking her bent over posture from different angles. She finally stood and turned, looking at me directly with a defiant air. She unzipped her hoodie and let it slide off her delicate shoulders without smiling and without ever taking her eyes off of me. The turquoise top below was tight and thin, barely concealing her breasts. It was quite evident she was not wearing a bra. I'm no expert, but I would have characterized her bust as a nice full B cup; large and full enough to be quite noticeable and seductive in its current state, but small enough to allow her to go braless when she was of a mind. The thin spaghetti straps hugged her slender shoulders.

She leaned back against the window sill putting her hands to each side. The result of this posture was to accentuate the lovely curvature and profile of her bust. A small strip of skin was exposed between her top and the waistline of her leggings. My camera washed up and down her body. I continued to take shots as I moved in a wide swath around her window perch. She arched her back against the window, her hips projecting forward in a move that made her mound become more prominent through the tight black leggings.

As she watched me with a determined eye, I saw her flatten her right hand and slide it along her flat tummy and slip it beneath the waistband of her leggings. I zoomed in quickly on her hand as it crept lower, moving steadily downward to cover her hidden sex. The profile of her knuckles pressing outward against the stretchy material of her leggings was particularly sexy. My camera zoomed in on her crotch as her hand curved and moved underneath in a gentle probing of her hidden lips. She closed her eyes, lost in the moment, as her other hand drifted up to fondle her still covered breast.

On the one hand I was somewhat disassociated from all that she was doing, filtering my desire through the lens of the camera. On the other hand it was impossible to ignore the sexy nuance of her blatant digital exploration. I could feel a stirring in my core that I knew would manifest itself in a physical expression of my own state of arousal. Her posing was beginning to give me an erection.

As Cassie continued to move her hand within her leggings, her body began to undulate and move in slow circles and in sync to the steady beat of the music. I saw her open her eyes and look at me with a serious seductive look, as I continued to study her form through the camera lens. With one hand still ensconced in her sex, she moved her other hand from her breast and lowered one strap of her top, then the other. Then, as she stared into the lens, looking right through me, she pulled her top down, ever so slowly, until one, then the other, nipple popped into view. They seemed to be emerging, ready to play, ready for the party. I couldn't help but smile and I know Cassie saw my mirth.

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