tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCassie's Life Turned Right Around

Cassie's Life Turned Right Around


Lee Thompson was on the road to nowhere, he had just left school, and almost no qualifications. He had never been interested in his education. The school had tried with him, but as the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!

He wasn't unintelligent, not by a long way, but everything he was taught, or everything they tried to teach him was unfailingly boring. He had been okay at sports, even in the school teams, but only when he was needed, he was left out most times because of his persistent ignoring of his classes. It had been their way of trying to coerce him into trying to gain his certs.

They had been wasting his and their time. The teachers who he knew would have been good for him were out of his reach, because he was like he was, they tried special needs classes, where he was one on one. This bored him even more.

He came from what the "authorities" laughingly called a dysfunctional family. His father was an out of work drunk, his mother, bless her, had brought him and his older sister up on welfare. She had done her best and he loved her dearly for it. His father as far as he was concerned could go to fucking hell forever, he hated him.

His sister had been lucky, and she had also decided that the only way out was hard work at school, and onto free college, and she had achieved that. She was leaving in one week, Lee thought to himself that if she had any sense, she would never return except to see their mother. This is exactly what she also had in mind.

Lee was growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, but had no intention of turning out like his worthless father; he would make something of himself and in turn take care of his wonderful mother. He would never leave her behind, 2 years ago at 16, he had battered his father for abusing her again, he had seen him do it all his life, even he had been on the end of it since he could remember.

But as he grew older, bigger and stronger through training, he was growing less fearful of him, and he was rebelling. Once or twice his dad berated him as being a stupid thick cunt for his lack of education. And Lee was beginning to say to himself, soon, I'm gonna fuck that bastard, he's gonna learn a lesson he won't forget.

Then one Friday night he came in around midnight. He could hear his father screaming at his mother, he could hear it from outside. He knew his mother would be in fear of her life. He didn't beat her much, but occasionally his temper got the better of him and he would. This was one of those nights. Lee raced into the house just in time to see a slap land on his mothers head.

He dived at his father, knocked him over and jumped on him. He gave him a severe beating, he had found himself! He dragged him half unconscious to his feet, twisted his arm tight up his back. And forced him to apologise to her, and promise that he would never ever so much as raise his voice to her again.

He had done so, he had been beaten into submission, and the torment for his mother was over. The following morning they had had a pow wow. His father had tried to gain the upper hand. 'This is my house!' he had yelled, 'you will do as I say in it!' he had roared at his son and his cowering wife, who was still wary, but Lee was no longer scared of him.

His answer to that was to stand up and knock his father clean over the kitchen table with one massive punch.

'You ever lay a finger on my mother or shout at her ever again, and I will kill you, you fucking horrible nasty bullying cunt!' He railed at him as his father lay sprawled on the floor. A kick to his ribs settled it.

Now Lee was making his way through life, he was working his way around various establishments, getting to know who was in and who was out. He was making some money, his mother's life was improving, his father was still his fucking father, but life was quiet now, and his mother was beginning to bloom again, now she was free of the bastard, although he still lived in the house.

Lee was on his way he knew it, he bordered wrong doing, but flatly refused to get involved in robbery and the like. No, he was more interested in drugs, that's where the money lay.

In the back of his mind though was the nagging awareness that he hadn't gone down the road his sister had, but he had to look after their mother. And if the school principal had granted his wishes for selected teachers, during several of his "interviews" he knew he could have sailed through school and into college too.

Lee was a good looking boy, or rather young man now. He had always looked after his body, he was 6ft 1", and weighed in at about 170lbs and he was still growing. He had no trouble getting girlfriends, they were like a lot of girls that age, they loved a bad boy, a dangerous boy!

He had tried his luck with a couple of the female teachers, but never got any where, he felt he could have done if things weren't as they were. Especially the 24 year old Miss Stevens (Alice), and the 39 year old widowed, Mrs Watson (Cassie), but he hadn't, so he had given up.

Now his horizons had broadened, he was working for Jed Stone, he was a carrier, he delivered drugs to various clubs, bars and restaurants, and anyone else he was told to deliver to, and he was getting to know people well.

He had even got to know some of his boss's customers; he had fucked a few, either through a little blackmail or just through coercion. Life was getting better; now he was starting to think along the lines of financing his own education, to gain his knowledge the way he wanted to learn it.

If he could stay away from being collared, or he hated to say it, jail time, this is what he would do in the next few years. Life was improving all the time, he was becoming known as a man who could be trusted, even at his tender age.

He never repeated anything he shouldn't do, and never ever volunteered information to anyone. His boss had, unknowingly to him, tested him a few times with titbits, that could have earned him money in the wrong hands. He had come through with flying colours.

Now he had his own 3 man team, he got his orders; the others carried them out, as he did. But what this opportunity afforded him was selection of the area he wanted for himself.

This was in the next city, 15 miles away, it gave him a certain degree of anonymity. The club doormen, bouncers, managers, and owners knew him now. He had free reign in a lot of places; few knew his real age, they wouldn't have been too happy to learn he was still only 19.

Now he was wearing good suits, tailored clothes, he felt he was becoming someone, but was well aware it could all fall down around his ears. So he was salting money away as fast as he could. He had no intention of returning from whence he came!

Then an event occurred that was to change his life, he wasn't to know it at the time but it would.

He was at a club in his city; he had done his business and was having a quiet drink at the bar, lemonade!

It was a club of, not ill repute, but would be looked upon by the snobs as a place not to be visited. Although he knew a lot of them did, when they were on their own, looking for a bit of the other.

It was the kind of place where, if a customer wanted to get up and sing and/or dance on the stage they were allowed to, even men. They could strip down if that was part of their routine. Some of them got booed right of, a lot got applauded for their amateur efforts. And some were positively cheered as they cavorted across it. And he saw more than one woman go off with a wealthy man.

He had seen one woman get up a couple of times during the last few weeks, she looked familiar, but he wasn't sure. She was a stunner, long blonde hair, done in tight curls, she was fairly tall for a woman, around 5ft 8 or 9" and in her heels as she danced she looked particularly like a goddess. She reminded him of Jennifer Beale in the film, her graceful turns were mesmeric. Her body was well toned, her face was captivating.

She never ever though, accepted offers from the punters, she did her thing, drank at the bar then left, and it was always Fridays, or Saturdays. Lee was becoming more and more intrigued with her, he was beginning to want to get to know her, his prick had even started to tell him to find out who she was.

This night he had done his business and was watching her, she was as sexy as hell, and he wanted to get to know her, and fuck her if he could. He followed her at a distance when she left, he wanted to know where she lived, after that, with his connections getting to know who she was, was easy peasy.

Astonishingly, she drove to his home town, now he was intrigued. Eventually she drove onto the drive of a big house, got out and went in, he saw lights being turned on. He thought she must live on her own or with just children, he couldn't imagine any sort of husband letting someone who looked as good as she did, do what she was doing?

He made a note of her address and car plate, tomorrow he would know exactly who she was.

What he learned nearly knocked him off his feet. The beautiful woman who was dancing and stripping on the stage of his club was Mrs Watson, Cassie Watson! The teacher who he had tried to chat up in school while he was there, and also was one of the teachers he had wanted to educate him.

Stunned wasn't the word for it, he was absolutely amazed. He resolved to find out all he could about her. Getting onto school records was easy for him, he made a phone call to a computer freak he knew, told him what he wanted and in 2 hours he had it all.

She was a widow, 2 children both away in college, she had got the job 6 years ago after the tragic death of her husband, she had moved here for a new start. And was now settled, she was a most respected person in her community. He also got her cell phone number and her email address, confidentially placed on the school records. Although he thought, dancing like she did, even in disguise was a danger to her. 'Well, it is now,' Lee thought to himself!

He called the senior doorman at the club, and told him he wanted to know when her car, he gave him the plate No, was on the premises.

He then bought a very good video camera, a tiny one, and excellent still camera; he wanted to get her on film and in shot.

Armed with both, he was at the club fairly early; he completed his business, and settled down to wait for her to get up from her single seat.

He had filmed her walking in, her drink being brought to her; she sat there for an hour. At around midnight she signalled to the MC that she was ready, the audience some of who knew her dancing applauded enthusiastically.

He filmed her taking of her shawl, under it she was wearing a shimmering glittering short dress, low cut, and nothing was left to the imagination. In her heels she mounted the steps, she wowed them, her routine was new, she exuded total sex, some men were handing her notes, these were placed on a small table at the side.

She danced so seductively, a lot of the men felt as though she was actually fucking them in their heads. She cavorted around, slowly losing the dress, then her stockings, her flimsy bra, then her even more flimsy panties.

Her finale brought the house down, they were all trying to see her pussy, she was naked now, but no one could see it somehow. Then as she made her last spin, she finished on her toes, feet spread, arms over her head and out reached, head thrown back. She took up the position of a star. She looked like the star she was.

Lee was enthralled totally, it was all on film, and he had captured her face fully, even with the make up it would be obvious to any close observer who it was. As she left the club he rolled the camera. Outside he switched to the still one, already set for night time, no flash shots.

He shot her walking to her car, escorted by a big doorman to fend off obviously unwanted suitors, her car was parked where no one could see or follow. She got in and drove off, she was exhilarated, she always felt as sexy as hell after a stint, tomorrow she would visit the health club, for a good warm down, massage, and pampering.

Lee snapped her getting out of her car and into her house, the usual happened, lights on, 20 minutes later, lights off. Bed!

He went home, his mother was waiting for him with his supper, he hugged her, ate it, kissed her goodnight and went to his room, he could hear his hated father snoring in the back bedroom, where he had been shunted to. His mother was a happy woman now.

He uploaded all the film and photos onto his PC, He watched it all again, his prick danced in his trousers in time with her. The stills were just as good maybe better because in them, you could see the name of the club as she left, above her head.

He had all he wanted now for the blackmail of his former teacher, he would be into her life and panties before the next week was out, of that he was sure.

Before he went to bed, he created a new e mail address for himself, and sent her some choice pics, especially the one in her finale, in her "star" pose. Also included was his new address, and a cell phone number for her to call.

He added to the mail.

Hello Cassie,

That was a great routine at the club last night, you were fabulous, though I'm not sure what your children would feel about it though, their mother dancing naked like that, on a stage in front of leering men, do you?

And heaven knows what the governors and principal of your school, and colleagues would say too, if they were to see them.

Let me know your thoughts Cassie okay?

Lee x

Lee went to bed, in the morning there was no reply, he would wait until Sunday morning, then he would send her a text on his throw away phone.

That afternoon his PC beeped. It was her!


I don't know how you have me on film, but it's all innocent, I don't receive pay, and I don't go with men. Please delete the evidence, and I won't go there ever again, I promise.


Lee wrote back.

Hi Cassie,

Glad you replied, I can see you are a sensible woman, as well as a very beautiful one too. Now, I think you know I can't delete the photos; they are just fantastic to look at aren't they?

Lee x

A mail came straight back.

Now listen, I don't know what your game is, but I'm not playing, if you persist in this, I will call the police immediately!

This caused Lee to think, think hard, would she really call the cops? If she did, they would trace him for sure. Then he thought, no she won't, she be worried that it will go viral, that would stop her in her tracks, he hoped. But in readiness, he had everything ready to go, it would be in his car and disappeared, the hard drive secreted away.

He wrote back.


That is a pretty drastic move on your part, I haven't tried to blackmail you or anything, I've just mentioned the fact that you are on film, is that a problem for me, I don't think so, but it could all go viral, right around the world, including who and where you are, is that what you want, or are you going to be reasonable?

Lee x

He waited with his breath caught, and his heart stopped.


Please don't do this, (He had got to her!) What do you want from me? I have money, please tell me, and please please keep it all quiet, please, I'm begging you.


Hi Cassie,

I can be at yours at 8 tonight if you want to chat? But don't do anything silly, the result would be catastrophic!

Lee x

Yes please be at mine at 8, I will be expecting you, and I promise I will be alone.


Yes Cassie he thought, you will be, and I'll be there 2 hours early to make sure you are. He took his PC and everything associated with it to a friends for safe keeping, he knew better than to ask why.

He pulled onto her drive right on 8pm, she opened the door, his prick lurched in his pants. She was wearing what to her was probably a nondescript short skirt, and a close fitting top, and also in heels. She looked fabulous, face lightly made up now. 'God,' he said to himself, 'she so fucking gorgeous.'

'Lee, Lee Thompson, you, it's you?' She said stunned.

'Hi Cassie, Mrs Watson, great to meet you like this, I'm so looking forward to knowing you properly.' He told her as he walked past her and into her house.

She closed the door and followed him robotically into her sitting room. Lee was already perusing her home, it was well furnished all of it was expensive, and tasteful. 'She really does have money.' he pondered.

'Lee, how did you, how have you obtained that film and photos, what do you want?' she asked tremulously.

'Well Cassie, I can call you that can't I?' he said.

'Yes, of course you can, now please tell me what you want.'

'You tell me Cassie, what do you think I want?'

She was dreading this, she already knew hat he was after, what he wanted, her body! She just wanted to confirm it in her mind, hoping against hope that she might be wrong. She wasn't.

There was no way to get out of this; he was already in her home at her invite. She studied him, he was a fine specimen, she had always wondered why he had failed at school, but he had left, and that was that.

He was dressed in good clothes, that much was obvious; he must be earning money from somewhere, somehow. She could see how good looking he was, 'he must have girlfriends?' she thought.

She answered his question. 'Me, am I right Lee, you want me?'

'Got it in one Cassie, is that why you are a teacher?' he said flippantly.

'Don't you patronise me Lee Thompson, this is blackmail! She shouted at him.

Lee changed tack immediately. 'I would never do that Cassie, I tried to get to know you at school, but you turned me away, didn't you?'

'You were a pupil in one of my classes Lee; I had to, not that I would have responded to you in that fashion anyway.'

'I don't blame you for that Cassie, you did the right thing.'

'Yes I did, but I was aware of you at your desk.'

'Did you know I asked Johnson, if I could have you for a permanent teacher, but he turned me down as well.'

'I didn't know that, he never mentioned it to me?' she said.

'Are you telling me you wanted to be educated, but fell though the net?'

'Got it in one again Cassie, is that why you are a teacher?' This time the remark brought a small smile to her beautiful mouth.

As she looked at him he stepped forward into her space, he eye balled her, she dropped hers. She knew what was coming next.

Lee put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her to him. He was in, no defence, no resistance, she did say.

'Please Lee, don't do this, please don't, I have money, I'll pay you what ever you want.'

'There isn't enough money in the world that can buy me what you have Cassie, don't you know that?' he said softly.

She nodded her head, it was over, she had given in, all he had to do now was try and get her onside and go with it, he wanted to make love to her, not just to fuck her. And to do that, she had to be a partner in the love making.

He closed the gap fully, uptight against her, he bent his head and began to kiss her neck. He was trembling with excitement inside; to be stood here with this wondrous beauty in his arms was awe inspiring. Because she was in heels, and her natural height, she was almost head to head with him.

He kissed her neck for a long time, then he felt a small movement from her. Her head had tipped slightly then more so to one side. He quickly switched to the other side, and began long tender nibbling kisses there; his already fully erect prick was lodged into the gap where her pussy was under her skirt.

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