tagNonHumanCassy Ch. 03

Cassy Ch. 03


This is the next "chapter" in the series, I guess you don't have to read the other ones to get this one but I recommend it. Now. This is guy on guy so if you find that offensive then stop reading now. Also if you are looking for hardcore action then you're reading the wrong story. It kind of takes a while to get there but it's worth the wait. I hope.




-Stretch- -yawn-

I open my eyes. Oh god. Such bright light.

I stretch again, my muscles stretching and coiling. Oh god. It feels so good.

I run a hand down my chest and flat stomach. So hard and soft at the same time. God I love the male body.

I sit up in bed and look at my clock.

7:00 am.

I grin. Still early. Hours before everyone's supposed to get here. I can still go for a run.

I stand and find my sweatpants on the ground. I put them on and head out of my room and down the stairs.

I'm on tiptoes. Need to be quiet.

"Loki! Get in here and help me with this!"


"I heard that! You can't hide from your mother."

-Sigh- I go into the living room and find my mother standing on a chair holding the end of a sign in her hand.

Even though she's well into her fifties she doesn't look a day over twenty-five. For the same reason Rogue only looks twenty five instead of his thirty-one and why Cassy's never going to look any older than she does now.

"Loki, stand at the other end and grab that, will you?"

-Sigh- "Fine". I grab the sign and pin it up. We both stand back and I stare at the sign.

"Welcome home Rogue, Cassy, and Mates?" I look down at her, my six foot towering over her five foot. "Mates? How do you know they're bringing home mates? Didn't they both just say they had a surprise, or whatever?"

She smiled at me like I was slow or something. "Oh honey, what surprises could they BOTH have? Something they'd like to show us? What else could it be?"

I rolled my eyes. "Well I hope you're right. If not you're going to look really stupid."

"Don't worry; my mother's intuition has never failed me. Now run along, that's all I needed."

She shooed me out of the room and I continued my way out of the house.

I headed to the woods and started running.

Stupid Rogue and Cassy. Of course they were bringing mates. They had found the love of their lives and I was stuck here at home with mom and dad.

Why haven't I just left? Because I have nowhere to go. That and I feel like I should stay. I don't know how to explain it just; that wherever I go far from home and these woods I get so homesick I become ill. Still don't know why that is. Maybe I just have horrible separation anxiety?

"Shit" I trip over a root and land on my face.

I roll over onto my back and just lay there.

"Man. I thought werewolves were supposed to be graceful."

I run my hands down my chest and come away with blood on my hands. Looking down I see deep scrapes all along my bare chest.

"Crap" Well at least they should heal before they show up. I really should have put a shirt on before leaving.

I put my hands behind my head and wait. For what? I don't know. I guess I just don't have anything better to do.

I wonder what they'll be like? Their mates... they'll both be female of course. Are they human though? Or werewolves too? It's hard to say.

A rustling noise brings me back to the woods.

A giant silver wolf is standing a few feet away to my right. Staring straight at me.

I quickly close my eyes as a tingling sensation courses through my body. I know it off to fear.

Everyone thinks werewolves and wolves get along real well and they think all werewolves get along together.

Not true.

Most wolves hate us. They will attack on sight or run as far away as possible.

Crap, crap, crap, what will it do? I don't want to die! Well, not today, not like this.

I lay perfectly still, hoping against hope they'll just walk on by.

I feel a cold nose prod my side. My eyes shoot open.

It's smelling my wounds! It's going to eat me!

A long tongue snakes our and licks one. I shiver. A tingling going down my body and resting in my cock.

I moan and it continues to lick faster. Slowly going lower until it reaches my pants.

Licking the sensitive flesh below my belly button, I start writhing in pleasure.

"Oh god. Don't stop."

I hear musical male laughter in my head, a deep voice, so sensual. 'I wasn't planning on it.'

I jump and sit up onto my elbows. "What?!"

He laughs again and puts one large silver paw on my chest and gently pushes me back down. I could have fought him but I was too shocked to do anything but comply.

'You taste so good. And you look amazing. Your body... if I was a cat I'd purr.'

"Oh god, that's cheesy."

He chuckles then becomes serious. 'I want to see more of you.'

I can't find it funny anymore. "Yes" I pant, "Wait!"

He stops licking me and looks up.


I sit up and crawl away form in. I feel small, so small compared to him. Which is weird since I'm small by no means. In fact I tower over most people but with him. I feel really vulnerable.

I curl up into a ball, hugging my legs.

"I don't even know you. I mean, who are you? What's your name?"

He walks towards me and sits at my feet.


I make eye contact. He has such beautiful gold eyes, they go perfectly with his golden blonde hair and lightly bronzed skin.

All he's wearing is a pair of sweatpants, but that's all he needs. So beautiful.

And he's going to be mine.

Just looking at him makes a tingling go all throughout my body.

My toes curl and my tail wags. I can't help it.

I would shift and let him see me but I left my clothing elsewhere...

And the first time he sees me in human form I would like to be clothed, even if the things I'd like to do to him don't involve clothing at all.

"Who ARE you?" I guess I daydreamed for too long.

'Sorry... My name is Ryan.'

He smiled. "Ryan, I like that, my name is..."

"Loki! Come on! You're brother and sister should arrive any moment!"

"Damn." He sighed. "I have to go but I hope to see you again..."

With that he got up and left me.

'Loki... delicious.' I watched his tight backside disappear around the trees.

Well, I better get back to the others, they had enough alone time, I think.

I walk back to camp, only to find Rogue and Annabelle packing up.

Annabelle sees me first. "Hey Ryan, find anything interesting?"

I stop and give her a tail wag. Yes, I have, my mate! Loki...

She just smiles. She can't hear me.

"Go! Change back and tell us all about it."

I trotted off and changed back, after locating my clothing. Once redressed in a button down and jeans I met up with them again.

"So...? Out with it." Annabelle was a small little thing with long black hair and pale skin. Still just a baby but Rogue's mate. She smiled up at me.

"I met my mate in the woods."

She squealed. "Oh my god! Really? Give us details!"

"Calm down honey, and let the man speak." Rogue joined Annabelle and wrapped her arms around her, placing his head on top of hers.

"He's beautiful..." I sighed. "Tall, built, blonde, luscious lips and the goldest eyes I've ever seen."

Rogue stiffened behind Annabelle. "What's his name?"

I fell reluctant to tell him. "Loki. Why?"

"You are so lucky I like you and that we've been allies since you found me all those years ago."

"Why is he lucky? What's wrong?" Annabelle looked up at Rogue. I didn't like where this was going.

He separated himself from Annabelle and walked towards me. I stood my ground, you should never show weakness, no matter how murderous the other person's eyes are.

He stood an inch away from my face and wouldn't break eye contact. His golden brown meeting my icy blue, almost clear eyes.

Something that's unnerved even the bravest of us. But they've never bothered Rogue.

His face was grim. Then he broke out in a giant grin and gave me a great big hug.

"What?" I was so confused.

"Welcome to the family." He stepped back and wrapped an arm around Annabelle.

I was even more confused than before.

"What do you mean?"

"Your mate, Loki, you met him in these woods, right?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Well, Mr. Beautiful is my little brother." He smiled.

I stared open mouthed at him. "Your, your little brother?!?"


"Ummm... how little...?" I was suddenly terrified. How much older than him was I?"

He seemed reluctant to tell me. Looking away from me he spoke, "Well, he just turned nineteen in April."

"Nineteen! He's just a baby!"

He laughed. "He may be a baby but he's not innocent and I think he's been lonely. You'll be good for him."

Annabelle spoke up, "Hey, and I'm eighteen, so it won't be that bad. Don't worry about it. I still can't believe he's your brother, wow, this is such a small world."

"You have no idea." Rogue rolled his eyes and hugged Annabelle closer. "Well I guess we aughta get going. Come on, they're expecting us."


The doorbell rings.

My mom squeals "Oooh! They're here! They're here!"

From where I'm sitting on the stairs I see a blonde head stop to a halt in front of the door. She opens it. "Cassy! Welcome home honey. And who is this lovely creature? Oh do come in." She steps back.

I stand up and head slowly down the stairs. Cassy's home. And she did bring someone. I already knew she would.

I come around the corner and am tackled to the ground.

"Welcome home Cassy." She smiles from on top of me.

"Glad to be back little brother."

I should have been expecting that, why would I think that she would have changed? Same old Cassy.

I sit up and wrap my arms around her and hold her close. I stand up with her in my arms and swing her around. She laughs and I set her down when I spy a tiny little raven haired girl standing next to my mom.

"Hello..." I walked over to her with my best strut, giving her a cocky grin. I love messing around with my sister. "...and who might this cutie be?"

Cassy smacks me and walks up to her 'friend' and wraps an arm around her. "Oh stop that. Don't mind him. He's harmless, AND gayer than I am."

I smile "It's true, the male body fascinates me."

"Loki, meet my mate April, April meet my little brother Loki."

"Hi." She's so shy. She's wearing a sweater that hugs her figure nicely, though she seems self-conscious. Must be Cassy's idea.

"Mate?" I look at Cassy with one raised brow. "Well congrats, and April, welcome to the family." I grab them both in my arms and hug them.

"So where's Rogue and company?" Cassy asks. "Hey and where's dad?"

"Oh your fathers in the kitchen cooking away like a mad thing, wants everything to be perfect for everyone. You know him; Victor's just so excited about seeing everyone again."

At that my father walked into the hallway with all his glory. I wanted to laugh.

My father at six foot six, 200 pounds, long red hair in a pony tail down to his ass, a man who could easily strike fear into the hearts of men, came walking out wearing a pink floral apron.

"Are you four talking about me?"

"Oh, of course we are." Dad bent down the full foot and a half to reach mom on her tippy-toes and give her a kiss.

I found myself imagining kissing a handsome man named Ryan. A man with ice blue eyes.

I shivered and the doorbell rang.

Cassy led April into the living room, leaving us in the hall.

Dad opened the door and Rogue and a small girl with black hair down to her waist and grey eyes walked through the door.

"Hey mom, dad, this is Annabelle, my mate."

"Welcome, just call us Ivy and Victor, oh, you're sister and her mate are in the living room."

Rogue smiled. Then turned to me. "Hey Loki. Meet Annabelle."

I shook her hand. She gave me a knowing look. What did she know that I didn't?

"Hey lets go into the living room. Ryan'll be in in a minute."

My ears perked. What?

Everyone went into the other room leaving me dumbstruck in the hallway.

I just stared after them, unable to do anything else. This seemed to be something that was happening a lot lately.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and jumped when an electrical current ran down my spine and rested in my cock.

I'm not going to turn around. I'm not going to turn around. I'm not going to turn around...

...I turn around...

...And stare into the clearest, bluest eyes I have ever seen, for the second time today.

He stares down at me and smiles. It's a devastating grin that leaves me weak in the knees. He has the straightest, whitest teeth.

His nose is straight and perfect.

And those lips?! Oh dear god! Made specifically for sinful nights under the stars and moon.

His hair is like spun silver, the silken strands falling down to the middle of his back are tied up in a leather thong.

Oh how I want to free that hair and feel it through my fingers and tickle my naked flesh. I catch myself reaching out to do such a thing. God. What was I thinking?


He was about to touch me.

My smile gets broader. I really wish he would. I'm dying to touch him myself.

I can't take the space between us so as he retracts his hand I grab it, as if to shake hands.

An intense tingle goes throughout my entire body. Loki jumps but I revel in it, knowing it means we're supposed to be together.

I close my eyes and just feel Loki's smooth flesh in my hand. Listening to his breathing, which gets faster the longer I just hold on to him

I open my eyes and stare at those golden eyes and pouty lips that are currently slightly open. A small pink tongue passes, leaving a moist trail in its wake.

I'm now harder than I've ever been in my whole life. All my years have been spent preparing for this gorgeous animal in font of me.

"We haven't properly been introduced. My name is Ryan, Ryan Gudó. I'm your brother's friend." Well let's see how he can handle that, for now.

His mouth falls farther open. I clench my jaw to keep it closed and stop myself from kissing that beautiful shocked mouth.

He shakes his head as if to clear his head. Reminding me of the animal beneath the skin.

"Sorry. My name is Loki. Welcome to our home. You said you were Rogue's 'friend'?" He practically growled out the last work. He sounded... jealous. I doubt be even realized what he did.

"Yes I did." His grip on my hand tightens. "We met a few months back when I found him wounded in the woods."

"What?!" He removes his hand from min and instantly I feel the loss of his touch. I hadn't realized how much I would ache for it, for him.

"Yes. There are some bad 'people' after your brother. Don't worry; your brother will explain everything. He just doesn't want you guys to worry right now. He wants this to be a happy meeting."

"Ok. This is going to definitely freak out my mom."

"I know... so, Loki, do you think you could help me with the bags?" I give him a flirty eyebrow wiggle.

He smiles and nods.


Oh god, Rogue is in trouble?

He gives me an eyebrow wiggle and I can't help but smile.

God he's gorgeous. Help him with the bags? Of course!

I nod my head yes. "We can put their things in their old bedrooms. Mom couldn't bear to change anything."

He smiles. Oh god. So beautiful.

We grab the bags and head upstairs. Ryan in the lead.

I stare at his strong muscular back, ass, and legs. They're so perfect; I just want to run my fingers all over him. To taste every inch of his backside. I shiver.

"Right in front of you is Cassy's room, and to the right is Rogue's."

"Do you have a guest room? Somewhere I can put my bag?" He looks at me, waiting for an answer.

Where IS he going to stay? "We don't have a guest room. Not really a need for one. We don't get many house guests."

"Do you perchance have a pull out couch maybe? I can sleep outside in the tent if not."

Sleep outside? With people after Rogue? Then he would be in danger.

The thought of Ryan in danger made my heart race and my vision turn red.

"Are you okay? You look a little murderous."

I look at his face. That perfect ethereal face. He looks genuinely concerned.

I breathe. "Yes. I'm fine. Sorry. That's never happened before." Breath. "We don't have a pull out sofa but please don't sleep in the yard." Breathe again. "You can stay in my room. I have a king so there'd be plenty of room for both of us."

He looks down at me surprised, but still smiling he nods his head in agreement.

Wait! Backup, did I just offer him to share my bed with my? Yes, I did.

"Here" I take his bag and numbly carry it to my room. I'm too shocked to do anything else.

My room is at the end of the hall so unless you wanted me you wouldn't have any reason to continue on after the bathroom.

I open the door and enter.

"Oh, sorry about the room. I kinda went through an all black gothic faze. I haven't changed anything though because I really like my silk sheets." I smile, remembering the feel of them gliding along my bare skin.

He looks around my room which looks less like a teen's room and more like a scene from a vampire movie. Ha! A werewolf in a vampire clothing!

I look at Ryan and suck in a breath. Standing in front of a black backdrop his silver hair and size are even more dramatic.

My mouth waters and I feel as if I'm going to pass out due to lack of oxygen going to my brain.

Ryan looks at me. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." No! I start to go down.


He didn't look right. Like he couldn't breath.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah." He wasn't. He started to fall to the ground.

I took the two feet to him and caught him in my arms. My hands wrapped around his waist and head, I pull our bodies together.

Our groins make contact and we groan in unison.

After the wave of pleasure, I'm now breathing hard as well. He looks up into my eyes and I begin to feel light headed.

Again I ask. "Are you okay?"

He smiles a lazy grin. "I am now."

He reaches behind me and brings our mouths together in a bruising kiss.

We devour each other. Oh god, he tastes so good. Like earth and water and fire and air. He tastes like life.

I need this; I need him, just to survive another minute in this world.

His hand was rough and gentle on the back of my head. His mouth taking what he wanted and giving me everything he had in return.

His other hand came around my waist and he held me close.

I felt a tugging at the tie in my hair and soon my hair came spilling free.

He moaned into my mouth at the feel of my silvery strands through his fingers.

Ah, so he's a sensualist, not many of us are. We seek out our pleasure at an animalistic level. We aren't selfish lovers though. We give back just as much as we take, usually without complaints.

But Loki, oh Loki, our joining would not be rough but slow, with love in every touch.

Oh how I'm going to make him beg for me.

He slowed down the kiss, made it more sensual. I was on fire with every stroke of his tongue against my own.

Maybe it would be I who was begging for him.

He's going to kill me this way. I need more contact.

I move my hand from his waist to his tight butt. We both groan as it brings our groins more firmly together.

Oh god.


Oh god.

Why am I reacting this way to Ryan?

I barely know him. I shouldn't be kissing him. I shouldn't be dying for his touch. I shouldn't be wishing we were both naked on my bed. Him inside me, thrusting.

But I was.

Oh god. I need to be closer.

His hand on my ass, our groins pressed together, I move my hand from his waist and tot eh hem of his spotless white shirt.

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