tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCastaways: Retribution

Castaways: Retribution


This is a sequel to an earlier work Castaways. It is highly recommended you read that first.


Chapter I

The irate villagers found Helen crying hysterically on the surf. She had not moved at all after watching John and Luisa standing hand in hand on the fast receding boat, waving to her with the falsest of smiles.

The villagers had earlier heard what sounded like three thunderclaps and were wondering what could have made those sounds since there was not a cloud in the sky. Curious, a number of villagers went off to investigate where the sounds could have come from and found the naked corpses of their village chief and his two warriors in the bush beside a waterfall. There was no sign of the two captive women who had accompanied them earlier.

The villagers cried out in anguish as soon as they laid their eyes on their dead chief. One of the elders who was with them dispatched a handful of warriors to search for the lost women. As said earlier, they found the naked Helen crying miserably on the surf, but of the clothed Luisa there was no sign of her. They noticed though that the sand leading to the shore bore many foot prints, which could not have been possibly made by only the two women.

Extremely angered at the fate that had befallen their chief, the warriors manhandled Helen to her feet by the hair and drove her back to the place where the dead chieftain lay. Once there, they roughly bound her hands behind her with twine and reattached her leash around her neck. She then joined the funeral cortege back to the village, totally uncertain of what her fate would be.

As his dead body came into view, the whole village broke out in mourning, loudly bewailing the loss of their chief. When the villagers saw Helen trampling naked amidst the procession they rained blows on her and pelted her with rocks, believing she had something to do with his death. The mob would have no doubt lynched poor Helen right then and there, had not the oldest and wisest villager called out to them to stop.

While the rest of the village was in mourning, the elders met to discuss the deaths of the village chief and his two warriors and what fate should now befall the naked Helen.

Most of the elders believed Helen responsible for the death of their chieftain and therefore should suffer the most horrible ordeal, which is to have her whole body smeared with honey and have her staked down beside an anthill of fire ants, till her body is totally consumed. A horrible and painful death, which takes days before a person finally succumbs.

Fortunately, the oldest and wisest elder came to Helen's defense, and was able to convince the rest that Helen could not have possibly killed the village chief and his men, since their wounds could only have been caused by magic. And, such being the case, it was the clothed woman who must be responsible then.

Finding Luisa guilty of the deaths, the village elders, in accordance with village laws, confiscated all of Luisa's property, which in this case comprised only her naked slave Helen. It was then decreed that since Luisa's crime was against the whole village, Helen should be shared by everyone in the village, to be a slave to all. All the villagers gave a cheer as they listened to the decision of the tribal council. Helen stood petrified on her knees, with her naked breasts heaving in and out, not understanding at all what was being said.

Following the burial of the dead village chief a new one was chosen by the elders from among the warriors. It was after the feast celebrating the ascension of the new chief that Helen was brought before him. The new chief sexually assaulted Helen in her ass in the privacy of his hut then had her clean his cock straight from her ass with her mouth. She was forced to undergo the same early the next day, before she was to be turned over to the next villager, who would most likely have her undergo the same routine. As would all others.

Chapter II

While Helen was consigned to having herself passed around by the villagers for their perverted sexual pleasure, John and Luisa were living the good life. Feted by many for her remarkable exploits as a survivor, Luisa basked in the glamour of her celebrity status. There were talks even of a movie coming out in the Hallmark Channel about her life.

John on the other hand took on the veneer of a devastated and grieving widower who had tragically lost his wife. Appearing to Blame himself for his wife's drinking, he unabashedly shed crocodile tears in the Oprah Winfrey show, while professing to high heavens how he still loved his wife and would forever do so until his dying days. Oprah's eyes were caught welling with tears as she pensively watched John give the performance of his life. There were talks even that HBO would be coming up with its own movie version of the tragedy and would be offering top dollar for the rights.

Both John and Luisa were asked to do several guestings in talk and other late night shows. They appeared one after the other in both Letterman's and Leno's shows; but appeared together in the Late Night with Conan O'brien, where they openly held hands, and coyly intimated to Conan there was love a brewing in the horizon.

In the meantime, thanks to Luisa's lies, John was able to collect from Helen's insurance and inherit billions from her estate. The two lovebirds then proceeded to squander their bounty on the good life, relishing in the idea that all they were enjoying now was made possible by the woman they had maliciously abandoned naked on the island.

As the months passed, Helen noticed that the natives were not being as mean to her now as when she first became the village fuck toy. From a mere receptacle to assuage their sexual lust, in time Helen started to be treated more and more like a human being. Yes, she was still kept absolutely naked at all times, but now she was no longer kept in a cage, but could now eat and walk like a human being. Helen also voluntarily did her rounds of the villagers, both men and women, happily serving their sexual needs with all gusto.

Pretty soon, Helen began assimilating herself into village life, joining the natives as they hunted, picked food and grew rudimentary crops, naked as the day she was born.

One day, much to Helen's surprise, one of the native men started courting her. Though her status in the village as the village whore was only slightly higher than that of a beast, Helen remained quite the beauty and quite enticing to the natives. Unfortunately for Helen, the native in question had another inamorata as well. According to village law therefore, the women had to fight it out.

Just like Helen's earlier encounter with Luisa, the fight was more of a rout than anything else. Although her opponent was smaller and lighter than her, the native girl had the speed and agility to overcome whatever advantage Helen may have had in size. She was mean as hell too, unmercifully pummeling Helen into submission without breaking a sweat. The men loved it though. They particularly enjoyed watching Helen's full breasts jiggle around as she writhed in pain on the dirt and hear her incoherent screams in a language unknown to them, which they found quite arousing.

The villagers liked watching Helen's ass whupped so much, that they had the elders decree that from now on Helen would have to fight a native girl each week. So now, in addition to having to service the villagers sexual needs with her ass and tongue, she was now required to satisfy their insatiable blood lust, at the expense of her poor, nude body.

Seeing as how easily Helen had been dispatched in the two fights they had seen her in, the village girls were actually delighted and looked forward to their turn in beating up the naked fair skinned tramp.

As to be expected, Helen's next fights ended up badly for her, with her pitifully screaming out her surrender at the foot of a grinning native girl. In time, however, Helen started to learn from her mistakes and gained a few moves, that her fights were getting longer and longer, and more competitive. In fact in her last fight, she was able to bloody her opponent's lip with a lucky punch before eventually going down in defeat.

Chapter III

As Helen continued to gain knowledge in fighting, her body too was quickly adapting to her pugilistic life. Gone now were the feminine softness of her womanly curves, only to be replaced by a well defined and toned body, with a hard, flat wash board abdomen and rippling muscles.

Her next fight was a rough and tumble affair against a much larger village girl of Amazonian proportions. At first intimidated by her opponent's size, Helen quickly noticed that the other girl appeared slow in her movements, and so she may have a chance to win.

Easily sidestepping the native girl's lumbering charge, Helen pivoted gracefully and planted her foot on the other girl's ass as she swept pass, sending her spluttering to the dirt, face first. Seeing her opponent face down on the dirt, Helen dove on her back and clutching the other girl's chin with both hands, painfully pulled back on it , causing the native girl to yell out in pain, as her arms wildly flailed about.

The Amazon was able to hook Helen by the neck with an arm, which sent her tormentor tumbling off of her, face down on the ground. However, before the native girl could get her hands on the sprawled naked woman, Helen was able to twist back and deliver an elbow straight into the other girl's lip, bloodying it and forcing her head to snap back with the force. Helen then was able to scramble to her feet and deliver a well placed kick to the exact spot she had elbowed the other girl.

At first caught by surprise by the way the fight was going, the crowd of native men started cheering Helen as she more than held her own against her opponent. Though much larger than Helen, the other woman was clearly getting the raw end of the deal in this fight.

Helen continued to stick and move, peppering her opponent with lightning quick jabs, before dancing away to avoid the other woman's grabbing hold of her. Unfortunately for Helen, she slipped a bit while moving away, allowing her opponent to finally catch up with her.

Helen was thrown to the dirt and sat on by her opponent, who now began wildly pummeling and pounding on her. Helpless to prevent the berserk thrashing she was receiving, Helen could only thrash out her legs ineffectively about, as she was about to lose consciousness from the pain.

Just as the crowd thought Helen would be going down in usual defeat, she was able to hook both her ankles around the Amazon's throat and pulled her head back sharply. This caused the native girl's weight to shift atop of Helen, who now managed to squirm her upper torso free from under her opponent, and deliver a vicious head butt on the other's nose.

There was an audible crack just as Helen's forehead made contact with the native girl's nose which immediately spewed blood all over. The big girl let out an anguished cry as she clutched both hands on her seemingly broken nose, loudly conceding defeat to the naked woman beneath her.

At first the villagers stood in stunned silence at the unexpected victory of the naked fair skinned beast, who continued to sit in a daze on the dirt, even after her opponent had got off of her. The crowd erupted to wild cheers just as Helen collapsed from exhaustion, having clearly enjoyed the way the fight had gone and were eagerly looking forward to the next one.

For the first time Helen had set foot on the island, she remained unmolested for the rest of the night and allowed to sleep in a bed in peace.

Helen's fighting skills continued to improve with every fight. Though she did not win all her succeeding matches, she did a good account of herself, causing a lot of pain on her opponents. From then on, it was now the village girls who shuddered at the prospect of having to fight the naked, fair skinned beast, and were the ones' quaking in fear as they faced off against her.

Helen continued to remain the sexual fuck toy of the village for the rest of the days she was not fighting. However on the days she fought, Helen was left alone by the villagers, who were in awe of the naked, fair skinned warrior queen.

One day while Helen was out gathering fruits, she spotted a boat anchored by the beach where she washed up on. Extremely delighted that she would finally be rescued, Helen ran towards it. Just as Helen was about to break cover, she saw a man and a woman on the deck of the boat with what looked to be a glass of wine in their hands. Helen quietly slinked back in the jungle cover as she continued to view her husband John and his mistress Luisa, clink their glass in a toast, with burning hatred, as images of her being marooned by them flashed before her eyes.

Soon another boat came in from the horizon. With growing anger, Helen saw that it contained quite a number of people, including Luisa's brothers and sisters, who aided her husband and his mistress in abandoning her naked on the beach. She could not forget their laughing faces as their boat pulled away from shore, and she never will.

As the people of the second boat got on the one John and Luisa were on, Helen continued her silent observation. She saw what appeared to be some sort of wedding ceremony taking place, with her husband John taking his mistress Luisa to be his lawfully wedded wife. Following the wedding, there was a small reception where the guests toasted the newly weds, wishing them heart felt congratulations and good fortunes. The two boats then motored away to head back to civilization where a grander wedding feast was to be held. In all the time the boats were in her view, Helen's eyes remained fixed on them, dry of any tears, but with burning hatred and ice cold steel, as she tried to figure a way of getting off the island to exact her revenge.

Chapter IV

As if in answer to Helen's prayers, a tropical storm struck the island a week after she witnessed John and Luisa's nuptials. She had just won her match the night before, a rough and tumble, long drawn out fight in the rain, which turned the battle into a veritable mud fight, and was now walking about to stretch her aching muscles.

When Helen got to the edge of the jungle she saw, to her surprise, there was a boat anchored just off shore. She also saw two white men standing on the beach. Helen shouted for joy and immediately ran over to the two men, who turned just in time to see Helen break out of the jungle underbrush, naked as the day she was born.

The two white men stood rooted to the ground as the totally naked Helen quickly made her way towards them. Mouths agape with longing, the men could not keep their roving eyes from openly staring at Helen's nakedness. In fact they were so transfixed by Helen's naked state, that it did not at first register, that Helen was crying out for help, and that they should leave the island immediately.

Finally noticing the naked woman's hysterics, one of the men tried to calm her down.. However when the men learned from Helen there were natives about, they panicked and hurriedly left the island, taking Helen along with them.

Helen was finally saved. She was on a boat headed back to civilization, and for the first time in more than a year was clothed in a man's oversized shirt, which she found quite uncomfortable and heavy on her skin.

As Helen sat in the galley having soup with one of the men who rescued her, she learned that the two were marine biologists conducting a study of the sea life in the area, and that they were forced to seek shelter at the lee side of the island, to wait out the storm. They had thought the island uninhabited and were surprised to learn it was teeming with natives. Although he added with a grin, that he didn't mind his first encounter with the island's female population.

When he asked Helen how she ended up in the island, his disposition changed from one of serious interest, to horror, and finally to anger, as Helen recounted her travails, leaving nothing out except the most lurid details.

Helen was able to keep herself together while she narrated her ordeal, but immediately broke down in tears as soon as it was over. The man was seething with anger and outrage as he heard what Helen's husband and his new wife did to Helen, and was about to report Helen's rescue in, to enable the police to apprehend the two, as quickly as possible. Helen stopped him. She had other plans for her cheating husband and his slut of a new wife.

Chapter V

John Martin and Luisa Martin were both pissed. They were in the middle of their world tour, luxuriating in the azure blue waters of St. Tropez, when John received an urgent call from the Company chairman asking him to report back immediately. Despite Helen's death, he continued to work for the company owned by her family, and the call he had just received was from Helen's father.

Although the two newlyweds were greatly irritated at their honeymoon being cut short, they new this was a summons they could not refuse, especially that the Chairman's own private jet was sent to ferry them home.

When they landed, Mr. and Mrs. Martin were met inside the plane's private hangar by the Chairman's stretch limousine. However, just as they were about to board the car, they were jumped from behind by a group of hooded men, who clubbed them on the head rendering both husband and wife unconscious. They were then thrown in the back of a heavily tinted van, which then drove off in the darkness.

John and Luisa were brought back to consciousness by the splashing of water on their faces. Blinded at first by the brightness of the overhead lights, their eyes soon became accustomed to the glare that they were able to make out their surroundings. Looking about, the couple found themselves chained to the rafters of a huge empty warehouse. They were fully clothed and appeared unharmed, making John think they were victims of a kidnapping. He told the obviously scared Luisa not to worry at all, in that the company would surely pay their ransom, no matter how high it was.

The door to the warehouse clanged open. John turned to look at their abductors as they entered the warehouse, ready to bargain with them for a reduction in ransom.

John counted four hooded men had entered the warehouse. As they approached the chained duo, another figure entered the warehouse as well, this time a woman clothed in a trench coat and Marlene Dietrich hat. John's face took on a look of pure terror as he realized the identity of the beautiful woman walking towards him. And, so too did his new wife.

Helen continued to give the two captives a most endearing smile as she doffed her hat, clearly revealing her flowing blond hair and unmistakable face, slightly bronzed from being under the sun too much the past year and a half. She particularly gave John the sweetest smile ever, as she pulled out a straight razor and closed in on him.

When Helen got right beside John she held up the razor as if to strike at his throat. John cringed back in abject fear, only to have Helen give his cheek a loving kiss while she slowly sliced his clothes from him. Once she had John naked, she mischievously patted his still deflated cock and gave him another gentle kiss on the other cheek, before turning her back on him to face Luisa.

Helen gave the straight razor to one of the hooded men and her hat to the other. Looking pleasantly at Luisa, she congratulated her on her marriage to John, but since she was still very much alive and not yet divorced from him, she was still married to him as well. Helen suggested then that they both fight to determine who of them will be the real Mrs. Martin. When Helen finished, she looked back to blow John a kiss and noticed that his penis was starting to harden, no doubt getting excited at the prospect of having two beautiful women fight over him.

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