tagBDSMCastleton Ch. 7

Castleton Ch. 7


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* * * * *

Summoned by her Mistress, Alteisha abandoned her breakfast and quickly left the dining room. She moved as fast as she could without running, hoping that she would not be late, thus avoiding Mistress Darla's ire and a discipline session. Swiftly, she climbed the long staircase and scurried down the hallways until at last she stood outside Mistress Darla's chambers. She knocked softly and heard her Mistress beckon her to enter. Quietly, Alteisha opened the door and crept into the large bedroom. It was dark, but she could make out Mistress Darla sitting at the edge of the huge bed. She moved silently to the center of the room, removed her robe, kneeled down naked, and submissively awaited her Mistress's pleasure.

Mistress Darla rose and walked to her kneeling slave. She stood before the slave and turned about, so that her ass was nearly in Alteisha's face. Darla bent over spreading her asscheeks and placed her hands on her knees. "Service me," she said softly. Alteisha began to kiss and lick her Mistress's asscheeks. She rubbed her face all over and between the well-shaped cheeks. Mistress Darla sighed softly, enjoying the love being lavished on her beautiful buttocks, by her gorgeous Nubian slave. Alteisha lightly ran her tongue almost to Darla's asshole, but refrained from licking it to heighten her Mistress's pleasure and anticipation. Darla moaned joyfully as she slowly ground her ass into her slave's face and mouth. Alteisha softly kissed Darla's asshole as her Mistress gave a little start. Again Alteisha withdrew from the rosy pink asshole to lick elsewhere. Slowly, she worked her tongue back to Darla's asshole, planting kisses on the now puckered sphincter. Darla sighed and moaned with delight as her slave withdrew her tongue again, to kiss and lick her asscheeks.

Alteisha spread Darla's asscheeks as wide as she could. She drew her wet tongue around her asscheeks in ever narrowing concentric circles, closing in on Darla's asshole. Darla moaned with pleasure as her slave neared her asshole. Alteisha firmly placed her lips on Darla's asshole in a drawn out kiss, capped by a thorough licking of her asshole. Her Mistress, startled by her slave's French kiss on her anus, responded with a sigh. The slave did not withdraw from Darla's asshole, but continued to softly lick the puckered rosy anus with obvious relish. Alteisha pushed her tongue hard against the wet asshole until the sphincter parted to admit it. She continued to lick her Mistress, as she reached between Darla's legs to find her sopping wet cunt. Quickly, she sought out the clitoris and found it engorged, protruding from its hood. She took it between her thumb and forefinger and within seconds Darla exploded in a violent climax. Her orgasm clenched Alteisha's tongue between her asscheeks and clasped it again and again, as she came in spasms. She turned to face her slave, "That was splendid, Alteisha. You may now worship my cunt." Darla moved and sat down in a chair.

The slaves' beautiful breasts swayed ever so slightly as she moved, on her knees, to Darla sitting in the chair near the bed. Her Mistress spread her legs, revealing her wet pussy. Alteisha, bent to her task and licked up the cunt juices on Darla's thighs. Her Mistress sighed with joy as the long tongue lapped about her outer cuntlips, occasionally passing over her engorged clitoris. "Suck my tits, slave," commanded Darla. Alteisha drew her tongue across Darla's cunt, paused momentarily at her clit, licked in and around her navel then placed her lips over Darla's huge nipple. She licked first one, then the other, nipple.

Alteisha grasped both tits and brought them together so the nipples touched. She drew both nipples into her mouth and swirled her tongue about them. Darla nearly fainted from pleasure, as the swirling tongue on her nipples brought her close to another orgasm. Alteisha grasped Darla's clitoris between her thumb and forefinger again and rolled it between them. Darla exploded in a shuddering orgasm. She continued cumming with each stroke of Alteisha's tongue and fingers. Finally, she fell back fully spent and smiling. She embraced her slave and kissed her full on the mouth.

Mistress Darla climbed on the bed and beckoned to Alteisha to join her. She reached under her pillows and brought forth a double-headed phallus dildo, nearly two feet long. Its shape had two large nubs at the center to stimulate their clitorises. With no need for lubrication, Mistress Darla inserted a large bulbous head in her cunt clear to the nub, which nestled against her clit. She similarly inserted the other end in Alteisha's cunt. "Fuck us, my sweet slave girl," Darla whispered. Alteisha did her Mistress's bidding, moving the dildo in and out of their cunts. "Oh my God, that's so good," Darla sighed. Alteisha closed her eyes to enjoy the wonderful instrument of pleasure, ravishing her pulsating pussy. "Keep fucking us even after we cum," whispered Darla, as she moaned in ecstasy.

Darla pulled Alteisha to a sitting position on the bed, and drew her near. She embraced her as an orgasm shuddered through her body. She sought out her slave's tits with her lips and tongue. Alteisha similarly took Darla's tits to her mouth and sucked them, while continuing fucking both of them with the dildo. They suckled each other's tits furiously. First one woman, then the other, would cum from the wonderful service they provided one another. They each would suck furiously on the others nipple, stop to give each other a long tongue kiss then bend to the other nipple to continue sucking. Both women came again and again as they embraced and continued their lovemaking. Alteisha withdrew the dildo from her cunt and worked it into her asshole. "Me too, love," sighed Darla. Alteisha accommodated her Mistress's wish. The women faced each other lying down as the dildo pushed into one asshole, then the other. Darla signaled to Alteisha and the slave grasped the dildo firmly and began to slowly roll her body over to end up on her knees, with the head of the dildo still in her ass. Darla repeated the maneuver and assumed a similar position on all fours, with the dildo still buried in her ass too.

The women were ass to ass with the dildo heads firmly in the grasp of their respective sphincters. Slowly, with their asses apart, they roughly brought their asses together, sending the dildo's deep into their assholes. Each reached between their legs to play with their cunts and clits, while fucking their asses', until both had cum several times. Darla, finally exhausted, fell forward onto her stomach, drawing the dildo out of her ass. Alteisha kept the instrument in place momentarily, as she came violently. She too, fell forward, drained of her energy for the moment. The dildo remained in her ass as both women tried to recover their senses. "Do tie yourself to the post, dear," Darla softly ordered Alteisha. The slave crawled to the bedpost, slipped out of bed and fastened the restraints about her wrists. Darla crawled to the edge of the bed and locked the wrist restraints securely. She spread her slave's legs and restrained the ankles to steel rings on the floor. She pulled the restraints tight. Alteisha was stretched uncomfortably between her wrists and her feet, leaning forward and hanging from her restraints.

"Please stay there, dear slut, while I refresh myself with a little nap," Darla told her as she climbed back into the bed, pulled the covers over her and shut her eyes. Alteisha was cold, exhausted and sore. The dildo still hung from her asshole, as the sphincter held it fast. Mistress Darla fell asleep and Alteisha could do nothing, but contemplate what was in store for her when her Mistress awoke. She allowed herself to hang from her wrists and eventually fell asleep from the exhausting sex that had preceded this moment. Alteisha awoke, feeling something caressing her back and ass. Her eyes opened to see her Mistress wearing a studded costume of two belts crossing at her navel, circling her inner thighs, revealing her cunt and looping back over her shoulders. Darla, wearing a small leather mask over her eyes, looked imposing in the scant costume. Her hands held a small 'Cat O' Nine Tails', which she drew across Alteisha's back and ass. "Awake dear?" Asked Darla sweetly, as she placed a leather blindfold over Alteisha's eyes.

"Yes, Mistress," replied Alteisha, with apprehension.

"Such lovely skin," observed Darla, "It just needs some welts and cross marks to make it stand out, don't you think. Such a lovely dark bronze ass, but I'll make it even lovelier when it's nearly a dark crimson." Darla paused to admire Alteisha's beautiful ass. "You know, sweet bitch, you have a lovely and delicious ass," Darla said and bent down to lick at Alteisha's asscheeks. "What a tender little hole," she continued as she licked at the slave's puckered anus. "Oh how I wish I could spend our time just loving you, but then you would receive no training at all, would you?"

"No, Mistress," replied Alteisha, steeling herself for the unexpected. Mistress Darla began to whirl the 'Cat' around by her wrist, in a circle perpendicular to the floor. The leather 'tails' whistled as they whirled about faster and faster. The sound was unnerving to Alteisha, not knowing when it would stop abruptly on her flesh. Darla increased the speed of the 'Cat' by extending and putting her whole arm into the whirling of the whip. She continued talking softly and soothingly to her, lulling Alteisha into little meaningless responses, when she brought the whip up hard between Alteisha's legs crashing against her unsuspecting cunt. Alteisha's breath was taken away, from the shear pain of the stroke. Before she could scream, Darla landed another heavier blow to her slave's cunt. The 'tails' cut into her clit without breaking the skin, nor drawing blood. The slave gasped, trying to find her breath and voice. She could not react fast enough and her screams pierced the room, concurrent with the fourth stroke of the 'Cat' up into her cunt. Tears streamed down Alteisha's cheeks as Darla delivered a hard stroke across her slave's ass. The light brown flesh welted immediately and the stinging pain brought another groan from the slave. Darla stopped long enough to soothingly lick the welt, before bringing another flailing stroke against the lovely ass. Multiple welts were rising from the 'Cat's' caresses. Alteisha's screams had no effect on her Mistress and she continued to pummel her slave's ass without let up. Sweat glistened on both women as the discipline continued unabated for several minutes. Darla stopped as quickly as she had begun. Alteisha could tell that her Mistress had become extremely aroused from whipping her. Darla climbed on the bed and stood at the post. She grasped Alteisha by the hair and brought her mouth to her cunt. Darla ground her hips into Alteisha's face, as the slave sucked obediently at her Mistress's cunt. Darla came hard against her slaves' mouth and held her through three more explosive orgasms.

When her final orgasm subsided, Mistress Darla got down from the bed and hurried to a drawer at the nightstand. She returned with several weights, which she attached, to Alteisha's nipple rings. She twisted each nipple cruelly between her finger and thumb. Darla placed the last of the weights on the slave's cuntlip rings. Alteisha groaned at the searing pain caused by the weights, but tried not to irritate her Mistress with crying at such minor inconveniences. Darla kissed her sweetly on her mouth, tasting the juices that she had recently deposited there. She jiggled Alteisha's tits to watch her wince from the pain of the weights. She allowed Alteisha to hang by her restraints, to suffer the torment of the weights, and brought the 'Cat' across her back wickedly. The slave screamed as the whip's tails lifted her flesh into welts.

Her jerking motions caused the weights to pull at her nipples and cuntlips painfully. Alteisha did not know which hurt more, the whip on her back and ass, or the pulling of the weights. Darla delivered another hard blow up between her slave's legs, onto her welted cunt, and Alteisha bucked with pain. Her jerking about caused the weights to pull at her nipples, until she thought that they would tear through the tender nipple flesh. Though the pain was searing, her nipples survived. Darla rewarded her with soothing licks and kisses to her aching nipples.

"Enough, you little slut. Don't you care at all about how tired you've made my arm?" asked Darla. "Now I'll have to shower again, I'm so sweaty. See what you've done to me?" she asked her slave. Alteisha did not reply, as she hung limply from the restraints moaning softly. "Well it's not a good way to treat your Mistress! That's all I can tell you," continued Darla, as she poured a cool glass of Chardonnay and drank deeply. "After all I've done for you today the least you could do is thank me," she said almost absentmindedly. Darla poured some wine on her nipple and let Alteisha lick it clean.

"Thank you, Mistress," Alteisha said softly.

"Thank you for what, you little ingrate, the wine or for giving you what you needed?" asked Darla.

"Thank you for caring enough to whip me, Mistress," Alteisha replied with great effort.

"Well, you're certainly welcome. I'm going to shower and go to bed," Darla said as she threw the rest of the wine in her glass in her slave's face and marched off in a huff, to the bathroom. She quickly showered, climbed naked into bed and pulled the covers over her body. "Good night, darling. Do sleep well." She closed her eyes to sleep, leaving Alteisha hanging from the bedpost with the weights still pulling at her nipples and cuntlips.

Alteisha awoke when the sunlight shone brightly in her eyes. Mistress Darla was breakfasting in her bed, while the Helpers opened the drapes to fill the chambers with the warm rays of the sun. Alteisha, still hanging from her restraints, could feel the ache in her wrists and ankles, from her own weight pulling on them. Slowly, she became aware of the pain in her nipples and cuntlips. She looked down to see that the weights on her nipple and cuntlip rings were still in place. Her Mistress had hooked two thin cords onto the nipple and cuntlip rings. The ends of the cords were next to her breakfast tray, waiting to be used. Darla pulled on the cords causing stabbing pain in her slave's nipples and cuntlips, fully arousing her from her sleep. Her Mistress smiled at the obvious discomfort she was causing and yanked again, on the cords, to listen to the slave's groans, as she sipped her morning coffee.

Darla motioned to the male Helper to come closer and she whispered something in his ear. She resumed amusing herself by pulling intermittently on the cords attached to Alteisha's nipple and cuntlip rings. The Helper moved to the slave and released the wrist and ankle restraints. He placed Alteisha on all fours on a wide padded bench at the foot of the bed. Next, he attached the restraints to rings on the legs of the bench, provided for that purpose. He made sure that the slave was spread wide to permit full access to her cunt, asshole, tits and mouth. A leather strap harness was buckled into place around Alteisha's shoulders and attached to a chain suspended from the ceiling. This harness would prevent Alteisha from lowering her chest to the bench, and also permit Mistress Darla to continue jerking the cords attached to her slave's nipple and cuntlip rings.

The Helper removed his robe revealing a huge and magnificent hard-on. He pulled a chair to the front of the bench and sat down with his cock inches away from Alteisha's face. A female Helper kneeling in a corner of the room stood up and dropped her robe, leaving her naked. She took a position behind Alteisha and kneeled down again. Alteisha could feel the girl's warm breath on her asscheeks as she awaited her Mistress's pleasure. Darla grasped the jar of honey from her breakfast tray and approached the male Helper. Slowly, she poured honey all over his upright cock and let it flow leisurely down over his balls. She roughly grasped Alteisha's hair pulling her mouth to the honey covered cock and balls. "Enjoy your breakfast, slut," she said. Alteisha took the Helpers honey cock into her mouth to lick and suck the honey from the huge prick. "His balls too," commanded Darla, as she pulled on the cords again causing stabbing pain to her slaves' nipples and cuntlips.

Holding tension on the cords, Darla moved to Alteisha's buttocks and poured honey into the crack of her ass, smiling as she watched it flow slowly past her asshole and down onto her cunt. "Lick!" she ordered the girl Helper. Alteisha, already sexually aroused as she licked and sucked the honey covered cock, moaned with increased pleasure, when she felt the girls tongue flick across her asshole. The girl slowly forced the sphincter to open with her tongue, eliciting moans of joy from Alteisha. The girl moved past the slave's asshole and settled on her cunt lapping the honey from the cuntlips. Alteisha's cunt juices started to flow mixing with the honey. The Helper continued licking the throbbing cunt and occasionally flicking her tongue over the slave's clitoris. Darla watched closely as her slave neared orgasm. Just as she thought the slave might cum, she would jerk the cords on the nipple and cuntlip rings, preventing Alteisha from cumming.

The male Helper's discipline was admirable. He endured Alteisha's sucking his cock and balls without any sign of cumming. He forced his manhood deep into Alteisha's throat, to the amusement of the Mistress, overseeing the ravishing of her slave. Darla now wound the cords she was holding, around the male Helpers balls tying them securely, so that each time he moved his body away from Alteisha, it would automatically pull at her nipple and cuntlip rings. Alteisha groaned with pain, but she continued sucking at the huge cock in her mouth. She felt her own orgasm building from the girls' tongue, as it flicked on her engorged and throbbing clit. "You do not have permission to cum," Darla told her. Alteisha eyes rolled about, straining to avoid the inevitable. "You know the consequences if you disobey and allow yourself to cum," she warned her. "These Helpers can just as easily help to blister your ass, as well as give you pleasure."

The male Helper watched Alteisha closely. Each time he thought she might cum, he abruptly pulled his body back, pulling sharply at the rings now tied to his balls. Alteisha cried out loudly at the movement of the Helpers body. It felt as though the rings would be ripped through the flesh of her nipples and cuntlips. Darla laughed at her slave's torment. She held up the whip to remind Alteisha of the price of cumming without permission. The Helper fucking Alteisha's mouth gasped and strained to avoid cumming. Mistress Darla nodded to him to release his pent up juices. He sighed with relief and erupted his semen deep into Alteisha's throat. The warm, thick, salty cream made her gag, with the first spurts, but she quickly managed to swallow his cum and suck more of it into her gullet. The sheer volume of cum exiting from this huge cockhead caused Alteisha to gag again, coughing some of his cum onto his balls. When he stopped spewing cum into her mouth, Alteisha licked the thick cream from his balls, assuring that his cock and balls were cleansed of the nectar.

Darla untied the cords from the Helpers balls and kneeled in front of Alteisha. She looked Alteisha in the eyes, as she struggled not to cum from the hot tongue lapping and sucking her clit. Darla's eyes darted from one of Alteisha's eyes to the other, willing her not to cum. Alteisha held back with all her might, as Darla continued the tortuous game of eye contact, pursing her lips and slowly shaking her head 'no' to her slave. The effort was maddening as Alteisha strained to avoid the urge to explode, while pleading with her eyes for her Mistress to give her permission. She groaned, but no permission was forthcoming. She tightened her sphincter and her leg muscles against the overpowering urge to release. The girl Helper amplified her efforts and Alteisha thought she would go mad from the pleasure of that pulsating tongue against her clit. "Please?" she begged, as Darla continued to shake her head and maintain eye contact.

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