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Casual Encounter


True story.

"I'd almost given up on you."

"I'm sorry," she almost whispered. "I was really nervous."

"Come in, please."

She walked past me into my hotel room. My eyes were still adjusting to the light, but I could tell already that her pictures had either been taken from someone else, or were way out of date. She had advertised herself as a small BBW, and the pictures she had send had borne that out, but the slacks and shirt was wearing. I wondered if that was why she had almost no-showed me.

I had answered her ad looking for a one-time passionate meeting with someone passing through Seattle, preferably a professional business man. It so happened I was going to Seattle in a few weeks, so I answered the ad. She responded eagerly and we had written via e-mail back and forth nearly every day until my trip. She had varied between uncertain in her writings to downright anxious and unbelievably horny. I had grown to enjoy our communications, and had sent her several stories and half a dozen pictures, a few of them very revealing. She'd responded very well to the stories and especially the pictures, talking about how she dreamed of having my hard cock in her mouth and between her legs.

When the time of the meeting came, she was going to meet me at my room at 10:00 that night, after she got off work at the restaurant she owned. After 11:00, I gave up and got into bed naked, thinking I would jerk off and get to sleep. After all the anticipation, I needed a release; I was only a few strokes away from erupting when I thought I heard a light knocking at the door. I fumbled into a bathrobe and there she stood timidly as I opened the door.

We chit-chatted and she admitted her nervousness. "I know I'm fatter than what I led on, I understand if you want to back out."

I poured her a glass of wine and handed it to her. She was definitely nervous but her hands weren't shaky, I noticed. "Well, I think you look fine, you shouldn't worry about it." I wasn't lying either. I've learned over the years that women with a few extra pounds are just as likely to have the passion and desire I look for as thin women. I don't seek out bigger women, but I don't automatically count them out, like I did when I was younger. "Besides, I'm not exactly George Clooney myself," I added, smiling.

She seemed to relax, and sits on the edge of the bed. My eyes are drawn to the swell of her breasts under her loose-fitting shirt. "I was almost home before I changed my mind," she admitted. "I was just afraid I wouldn't be able to arouse you."

I put down my wine glass. "I don't think you need to worry about that." I undid the belt of the robe and let the front open up, revealing my naked body to her, and my hard-on, standing about three quarters full. She flushed a little but smiled, her eyes going up and down looking at me, but her eyes ultimately transfixed on my cock. This aroused me even more and it quickly grew fully hard. "It's really nice," she whispered, "really thick. Come here."

I took two steps to where she was sitting and let the robe fall to the floor. Her hands went to my waist and her mouth went immediately to my cock. I gasped as she took it as deep as she could, leaving only the last little big showing, while one hand cupped my ass and the other went up to stroke my chest. Her mouth took me in and out a half-dozen times before she pulled back. "Am I doing this good?" she asked

"Perfect, except I want you naked." She stood and our lips met, tongues exploring lightly at first but quickly heating up and the kisses grew deep and passionate as I unbuttoned her shirt. She had at least one hand on my cock the whole time and our lips never parted, but I got her clothes off and my hands went straight for her huge tits.

"These are amazing," I told her as my hand went to one large nipple and gently squeezed—it responded and so did she, moaning wonderfully as her fingers went softly up and down my cock, which seemed impossibly hard.

"Then why don't you cum on them?" she responded. Before I could say anything she sat back down on the bed and resumed working on me with her mouth, her hand holding the base of my cock while her other hand cupped my ass and drew me in further. She used her tongue and lips with such skill and enthusiasm that within a few minutes before the build up was all I could take.

"I'm cumming," I said, probably too loudly, and pulled out of her mouth. She pumped me twice and I exploded while yelling out, "Yessss!" She directed my cum onto her huge tits. The evening's buildup created two big squirts, one of which went halfway up her neck. She rubbed the throbbing tip against a dark, hard nipple, coating it with the last of my juice.

She smiled up at me. "I would love to take it in my mouth, but I wanted to see you cum."

"You are amazing." I responded, slightly out of breath, my legs a little wobbly. She cleaned up with a towel while I got our wine. I noticed that while her stomach was pretty big, her legs and ass were still quite shapely, and those breasts were magnificent. We drank wine and laid on the bed, then started making out. My hands explored her body, drawn to the area between her legs. Her legs spread instinctively and I found the wettest pussy I could remember feeling. Her breath quickened and she pulled my head to her tits; I took an engorged nipple between my lips as my fingers worked her pussy. I slid one and then two fingers into her, exploring in and out and then I found her clit and worked it back and forth, up and down between two fingers.

Her shyness was gone. She was yelling out, "Don't stop! Make me cum! Make me cum!" And her body convulsed as the orgasm took her. Her hand held mine on her warm pussy, firm but still as her quivering slowly subsided. Without a word I moved down between her legs and tasted her. She had a wonderful clean, aroused taste I recognized, and her legs spread wider in a very inviting way. Giving oral sex has always been my favorite thing and I took my time, reading her body movements. As the heat built, she started telling me what to do, when to suck on her clit, when to flick it with my tongue. And she talked about how she loved my cock and wanted it inside her. Even after a fairly short break, I was getting hard again. I didn't stop until she came twice more, the last time sending a flood of her juices over my face.

That was it, I was so turned on. I climbed on top of her and slid into her pussy as her hands roamed over my back. We settled into a gentle rhythm and I realized I wouldn't last long, even for a second time. She seemed to sense this. "I want you from behind," she said and she turned over on her knees, raising her ass into the air to meet me. I slid back into her and just held it there for a moment, as deep as I could get into her. Her hand reached back and I could tell she was fingering her clit while I was inside. I wend in and out of her slowly and she started getting worked up. As we went faster, she started yelling, "Come for me, please!" and I did, erupting into her, my cock pulsating hard. She felt that and her body started quivering as she came, pushing her ample ass back on me as I emptied into her.

We collapsed on the bed, arms around each other, catching our breath. After a few minutes, she looked up at me with sparkling brown eyes and said, "How long before round three?"

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by Anonymous06/06/17

It was a very exciting story. I personally love when a woman or man swollows the cum.c

casual encounters seem to be hard to come by. On Craigslist they don't get back to you and I don't go to bars much. Would like to get together with someone. Pittsburgh pa area. PlanetX76@gmail.com

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