tagBDSMCat & Eagle - Her Birthday

Cat & Eagle - Her Birthday

bysleepless 3©

It is the night and the Eagle and Cat have come back to the Villa together after seeing a live band and a good night out. The next day is the birthday of the Cat.

A few weeks ago the Eagle had asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She had laughed and said that she wanted the Eagle. He smiled and thought about it at the time and said that for her birthday she can have her Eagle and he will have 5000 Dirham's in his pocket to be spent and he will go/do/buy anything the Cat desires during her birthday – all she has to do is imagine and choose what she fancies to do and he will comply.

So come the hour of midnight she has charge for 24 hours – and he promised to be putty in her hands for all of it. The cat smiles – this is to be for her pleasure first.

She looks at her watch and it is 15 minutes to midnight and the next day is a holiday for the Eagle – taken in her birthday honour. She smiles. He is her playmate for her birthday and she has been thinking about things a lot.

She knows how to get him sexy and wanting her bad and she wants him sexcited to be her birthday present.

So as they come into the Villa she moves close and kisses him holding his neck and feeling his hands on her bum – her sexcitement rises too but this is about making him good and hard for her loving. She touches his nipples through is T shirt rubbing and pinching and feeling his hands gripping her bum harder as he gets turned on.

Then she stands back a little and smiles as she moves him to the dining table area – she turns around one of the chairs and sits him in it and has some ties ready on another chair. She smiles into his eyes and taking two ties binds him to the chair so he is facing her and putty in her hands. Now she puts on the music on the IPod and she has put on the same music as the Agent Provocateur film about Valentines. Now she slowly takes off her clothes sexy in front of him.

Inside she has kept her choice secret all night and very sexy black is her choice this night. So now she is swaying sexy and she starts to touch and rub her Eagle as the lady in the film. She undoes his trousers and pulls up the T shirt so she can feel his erection and tease him harder. He is watching – putty in her hands – and more and more wanting her. She giggles and dances sexy some more – rubbing her bum into his erection. She feels it nice and hard already.

Now she goes to her chair again and the eye mask is also waiting. She places this over his eyes so he cannot see anymore and she whispers in his ears "I love you very much and thank you for being my birthday present this year" she is now touching and rubbing his sex area and his hard erection inside is strong for her already.

So now she unties him and stands him up – still in the eye mask – and she undresses him – first his shirt, then his trousers socks shoes and finally his panty. His erection springs forward as he is turned on by her already. She smiles – she has it all planned.

So now she moves to another chair on which she has some very naughty things. The first thing is the big cock ring and she takes it to his erection. Stretching it big enough she pulls it big and over his erection and balls. When right back she slowly releases her grip and watches as his erection gets harder and twitches as he feel the ring snuggle around his sex zone. "Naughty Cat" he says – she giggles.

Now she has a sexy surprise and she pulls up a pair of naughty see through panty – small thong – over his legs and his sex area holding in his erection. She giggles some more as she looks at the sexy tight and see through white. She strokes his erection inside to make him harder for her.

Click Flash Click Flash – some fun with a camera.

Now she has him where she wants him, and gets his robe from another chair and puts it onto him – and she then takes a tie and ties his wrists together behind his back so he is back in her control. Still he has on the eye mask.

She now undresses and takes a sexy bikini she has bought for her body and puts it on – it too is white and when wet becomes see through – followed by her robe – tied so he cannot see. Next she puts on flip flops to both his and her feet and she leads him outside to the swimming pool.

She leads him by her hand and his hands are still tied behind his back. She leads him to the pool side and she stands him near the edge of the water. Now she wants him to get more sexy hard. She undoes his robe so she can see his sex area – already hard for her – and she takes off her robe. Then she takes off the eye mask and steps back from him so he can see her sexy body in the moonlight and slowly she walks into the water.

As her bikini gets wet her hard nipples become strong and clear inside the white bikini and her sex area too is tight against the white material. She can see in his eyes he is very sexcited now and wants her body – very hard erection.

Now she moves out of the water – very sexy – and he is looking at her sexy body in the moonlight – very sexy – and she unties his hands and takes off his robe. Then she entices him into the water slowly and they start to kiss and cuddle in the swimming pool. They start to cuddle and kiss in the water and her naughty hands are touching his hardness – his fingers are teasing her breasts and nipples and she is feeling more and more sexcited too.

Now she starts to roll down his panty and off his body so he is swimming nude. She too slides down her panty now so their sex areas are nude. Now she wants to take him inside her and she moves close to him and wraps her legs around him to draw his erection deep inside her. Deeper and deeper as she pulls him inside her under the water. She loves the feeling and they start to move sexy now.

For the next 15 minutes they move – they wriggle – they thrust – they enjoy the sexy feelings and the sex and he holds he close and closer. She likes the splashing sound – the moonlight, the warm water – the strength of his cock her sexy feelings – it is her birthday after all.

As they hold and move they start to find a rhythm that rocks and she feels her orgasm growing and growing and can sense he too is getting closer to a Climax. She holds him tighter now in the water and rubs up and down faster and faster – harder and harder – and she feels her orgasm coming now and she screams aloud as she comes - and shortly after he screams loud as he comes deep inside her.

She leads him out of the pool now and she pulls on his robe and the eyemask is placed back over his eyes. She leaves him standing and gets the panties from the pool and collects everything together and leads him back to the Villa and now up stairs. She has not finished with him yet.

So now they are in the bedroom and she takes off the rob – she takes a towel to dry him a little until he has no water and is nude with the eyemask on. She has a secret surprise – the little black cat sexy outfit that she wants him to sleep in. After drying him she takes the sexy outfit and pulls it onto his body – very sexy – very see through. His erection starts to return – she strokes him to encourage the naughty feelings.

Click Flash Click Flash – some more fun

When he is ready for sleep she leads him to the bed and lays him under the cover but still the eyemask in place. Now she gets comfy and dry too and dresses in a matching sexy outfit and feels sexcited again. She puts out all the lights and snuggles under the cover close and cuddly to her Eagle. She then takes off the eyemask but it is dark and she rubs her naughty hands over his body. He too can feel the two little black cat outfits but does not know what they look like.

She giggles again and says "sleep sexy – see you in the morning my lover" and they fall into a deep sleep in each others arms. She knows her birthday wake up will be sexy...........

End chapter 1

Chapter 2

So it is now the morning and the cat comes awake with her sleeping Eagle beside her. She moves her arms around him to feel his warmth – his reality – his body. She kisses the back of his neck and he feels her warmth and starts to come awake. He rolls over onto his back so he can kiss her back and opens his eyes. The cat is waiting with the eye mask already.

She smiles into his eyes and quickly puts the eye mask over his eyes so she can control what he sees and feels – still he has not seen the sexy see through that he is wearing and she wants to raise his temperature and make him hard for her this wake up time. The eagle smiles and says "oh – you are a very naughty cat this birthday". The cat giggles and she moves her body so that she is now sitting on top of him.

Now she leans over to corner of the bed and already she has a tie ready – moving his hand to the tie she wraps it around his wrist and pulls the know tight so his arm is stretched out and secure. Moving quickly she moves his other hand to the opposite side and does the same so that he is tied to the bed and all hers to play with. She moves her body down now to he legs and his erection is already getting hard for her inside the sexy sleepwear. She touches his nipples with her fingers – rubbing and pinching him and she sees his erection get harder and twitch. Soon she can not resist touching his sex area and she feels his warm hard cock – still inside the black see through material – and she arranges his erection straight up his body so it can be seen properly.

Now she moves off the bed taking away the cover and she moves his foot to a third waiting tie and fixes it firmly. Now – spreading his legs quite wide apart – she secures his second foot so now he is absolute putty in her hands – with a growing hardness inside the black thin see through material.

Now she moves away to leave him to think a little and she freshens up in the bathroom. She puts on some fresh perfume and looks at her slender body in the matching black sexy sleepwear. She is looking good.

After some time away she returns to him and can see he is really sexcited for her.

Click Flash click flash – some more fun with the camera.

Then she starts to touch and make his body tingle in all the right places. She moves again so her body is over his and she leans over to take off the eye mask. She has drawn the curtains so in the daylight he can now see her – wearing the very sexy black cat sleepwear. His eyes focus and he smiles and says "WOW – very sexy my lover!" She giggles now and moves her body lower so now he can see his body has the same thing on. She touches and rubs him through the material and he groans with a bit of pleasure as she teases him some more.

"Well, she says, aren't I the lucky birthday girl....what have we got here" and again she rubs him harder. Now she stands up over him on the bed and as he watches she slowly peels off her little black cat sleepwear and soon she is nude. She slowly sits down again over him and finds the hard cock inside the material and rubs her sex area over him – touching – wet now and sexy.

Rub rub rub rub

And then she moves her body up high and slowly she moves her sex area over his face. She feels his wet warm tongue come out to meet her and he starts to lick her and pull her inside his mouth and her sex zone starts to tingle. She starts to move a little harder – a little faster and pushing a little more onto his wet warm tongue. She closes her eyes now and her fingers start to touch her nipples – rubbing and pinching.

Slowly she can feel her first orgasm rising inside her now – she does not stop, neither does he – and she rubs harder faster up and down and she feels herself coming closer and closer and then screams as her body shudders and she presses onto his mouth a bit harder. She stays still for a few moments, feeling his tongue still moving slow and sexy as her first come happens. She smiles and moves her body lower on his now, touching over his lips with her fingers to dry him a bit.

Smiling again into his eyes she returns her attentions to his sex zone and there is a clip on the little black cat that lets his erection spring free. Now the cat will have some fun with his erection – touching, rubbing licking and moving it in her hands until she can tell he is close to coming. Then she moves her sex area over him and slides his hard hard erection deep deep inside her.

Move move up and down up and down move move rub rub rub. She can feel all of him now and he is moaning sexy for her – he is pushing and thrusting up as hard as he can against the ties on the bed and screaming sexy now. She moves over him so she can speed up her movements up and down up and down and their skin is coming together making a slapping noise – faster.

She does not stop – will not stop – until she feels his warm explosion deep inside her – her fingers touching his nipples and her mouth and teeth on one as he screams a big scream and he explodes deep inside her. She rocks her body slow now to take him in as deep and long as she can – move move – and she smiles and kisses him. She has come again too and feels very sexy and done.

After some time she moves her self off him again and she leans over to refix the little black cat sleepwear over his penis. She smiles and giggles a little as she then unties him and she leads him to the morrow to see the sexy effect.

Click Flash – some extra fun

And then she starts to run a bath for them.

Moving back into the room she hugs him and they kiss and she slowly undresses him so he too is now nude. As they wait for the bath she giggles and says – I have something very sexy for you wear today under your clothes. I have the pink and red cheesecake to see you in. He smiles – she is being a very naughty birthday cat. "And then" she says " it is time for us to go sexy shopping with my birthday money"

He laughs and kisses her "I love you and can't wait to see what you want to spend your money on!"

End of chapter 2

Chapter 3

After a hot bath and a dry down with soft towels the cat is back with the eye mask. She wants him to think sexy whilst they are shopping and wants to feel sexy too. With his eyes covered again she selects a very pretty set of lingerie for her body that day. She slides on the bra and the thong panty and then she moves close to her Eagle.

Moving her body to rub against his skin she moves his hands and fingers over her bra and panty so he can feel the shape and material and she notices his erections starting to murmur – she smiles and giggles a little – he still cannot see – but she is turning him on again.

So then she puts on her jeans and her top so that her underwear is still a secret. Now for her eagle. She has already selected to put on a pair of very see through pink panty first – covering his sex area and a sexy cut into his bum.

Click Flash - - her record – his penis hard again inside the see through material.

Then she has a deep pink /red thong and she pulls this on over the pink panties to create the strawberry cheesecake appearance – the thong deep in between his bum cheeks and his hard erection covered and held to his body tight but sexcited. She giggles and kisses his cheek as she touches him hard – and then

Click flash – some more fun

Now she takes his trousers and pulls these up over his legs and fixes his belt tight with the zip up so that he is covered too – secret – and pulls on his golf shirt to finish dressing him for the day. She smiles into his eyes as she takes off the eye mask and they kiss each other – she moving her naughty fingers over his sex area a little to keep him hard. She feels his fingers rubbing her nipples inside the bra and is sexcited again too.

Then they drive to a restaurant for a birthday brunch – they enjoy some nice Thai food – and chat about where the Cat wants to go to shop with her birthday money. They go to the Central Shopping Centre together and they walk around clothes shops, handbag shops and shoe shops and the Cat finds a number of things she likes very much.

The cat also chooses some music CD's and DVD's and a few other items of cosmetics then she takes her Eagle to the lingerie department. She takes her time walking around, looking, touching and teasing him as they shop. When the cat has made up her mind what she wants to buy – she asks the Eagle to leave an they arrange to meet in the bar across the street when she has her shopping finished.

Just as he goes to leave, the cat calls him back and slides her hand inside his trouser pocket – rubbing his hard cock a little more – but also putting a piece of clothing inside his pocket and she smiles – "when you reach the bar, change into these" and she giggles.

The eagle moves over the street to the bar and orders a beer, and then visits the gents toilet. The very Naughty Cat has put a very very small and tight sexy pouch in his pocket – the string goes deep into his bum and his erection (which is still hard and sexy for her) just fits inside the pouch. He thinks the birthday cat is a big big tease today and looks forward to getting beck to the Villa.

After a while the cat joins him for a drink and then they pack up all the shopping and travel home. When they get back the eagle opens a bottle of champagne and the cat sits him down on the couch to watch her try on her new clothes. She uses the kitchen area to change into things where he cannot see and then comes around to show him item by item.

Then she feels naughty and runs up stairs. She brings down her robe and moves to the Eagle. She then purposely and slowly undresses him – first his shirt. When he is nude on top she takes out a single tie from the robe pocket and moves his hands behind his back where she takes control again – she slips it around his wrists and pulls the knot nice and tight. He is putty in her hands again. Now she removes his shoes socks and trousers and his erection is already hard wanting her inside the sexy pouch.

From the other pocket in the robe – click flash for her fun.

Now she moves away again and after a little while she comes back from the kitchen in her robe. She has put on a new piece of lingerie inside and she is smiling her wicked smile as she puts some music on the iPod and starts to sway sexy to the music. His hard cock is there for her pleasure – it is her birthday.

She moves closer and slowly drops her robe so he can see her sexy body in the new lingerie. "WOW" he says as she sways more to the music – his eyes following her. She moves closer now and pushes him back in the sofa so that she can touch him, rub him and play with his body making him harder and harder and wanting her more and more.

Then she moves the lingerie so that her hard nipples are open now and places them inside his warm wet mouth one by one to feel him suck, lick bite and tease them harder. Stepping back now she slowly strips off her bra and panty so she is nude and she sits on his lap to move her sex area up and down his pouch covered erection.

She is wet and sexcited.

Then, turning around so her bum faces him, she unclips the string on his pouch releasing his hard cock for her pleasure. She slides her body backwards now until she is over his erection and then she slides her body down onto his hardness – deep deep.

She moves now a little faster and pushes harder harder and his all day erection is quickly rising inside her and she feels her orgasm coming fast. - Push push push

And she hears him groan and scream as then his explosion happens. She feels the warmth wetness inside and her orgasm rushes through her body – the pangs of pleasure – the energy and chemistry – electric.

Then she leans back – still holding him inside her sex area – with the two glasses of champagne and they share a drink and kiss together as the feeling slowly down and fade away. She stands up and unties her eagle and says he should go for his bath and she will put her new things away.

He moves upstairs and she starts to tidy her things up whilst his bath is running. She sorts out her things as he gets into the water and she smiles – she will wear the new bra and panty for her birthday dinner – and he will wear something new too – she will surprise him after his bath – and she giggles a little more to herself.

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