Cat & Eagle - Her Birthday

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Splash Splash – he is bathing

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4

So the eagle has bathed and the cat is waiting for the last time on her birthday with the eye mask and something very naughty for her eagle. As he dries off he drops the towel and she see's he has done as she asked – his sex area is smooth and freshly shaved and already recovering from her sexy games. He is a little hard again.

She smiles and kisses him on the lips as she puts on the eye mask and then she takes a sexy thong from her pocket and places it in one of his hands to feel – it is silky and soft but very thin and very small. She leaves him touching it for a few minutes and she takes off her robe. Inside her robe she has put on a very sexy set of lingerie she bought that afternoon.

Now she takes a bottle of baby lotion from her pocket and rubs this onto her hands – she starts to rub the cream into his freshly shaved babies bum and rubs it well into his skin. His erection soon returns in her warm hands. She moves closer now and takes the thong from his hand and bends down to let him step into it and draws it up his legs over his sex area holding his erection tight against his body. Rub rub – just to tease him a little more.

Click Flash click flash........some fun again

His hardness is back and she is happy and feeling sexy in her new lingerie – she now moves very close to him and moves his hands and fingers over her body so that he can feel and imagine the lingerie – it's sexy cut, the material the body inside. She enjoys his feeling – especially as he feels the tops of her stockings and the checks of he bum in the tight thong – the string between her bum cheeks.

"Very sexy" he says and she touches him a little more feeling him sexcited and really hard again for her. She still wants to take a shower before going out – but first she takes his trousers and shirt and dresses his body so that his thong is hidden from sight and then she takes off her own lingerie so he does not see until later. When in her robe again she removes the eyemask and he hears her giggle as he sees her skip off to the bathroom – touching and rubbing him one more time before she moves away.

The eagle is now dressed for the evening and feeling very sexcited and hard inside his clothes – Naughty Cat – he thinks.

He sees she has laid out her dress for the evening and they are booked to go to a fancy restaurant for her birthday dinner that night. He also notices that she has her lingerie in the bathrooms he cannot sneak to see what she will be wearing just yet. He moves downstairs and fills the champagne glasses again. He takes one up to the cat – who is in the shower when he sneaks into the bathroom to place the glass on the sink top.

Beside the glass he places a new bottle of perfume he has bought for her birthday and a little package – wrapped in special paper . The cat is still in the shower and does not hear him at all – he sneaks away again.

After her shower the cat leaves the bath to notice first the glass of champagne – she smiles and takes a sip. Then she sees the small package and unwraps it – excited. Inside are two items – the first a beautiful jewelled dress watch. It takes her breath away and is just what her new dress needs to set it off. The other item is very naughty. It is three small balls on a string with in a packet and reading it she sees these are worn inside her sex area. On the package it describes them as a sexual stimulation toy for women.

The new perfume too is then tried out – and she is delighted with the choice. She takes her time putting on her make up this night, and dresses her hair up – sophisticated and very glamorous for the dinner. Before dressing she takes the sexy balls and as she places them in position she realises she is already getting turned on and sexcited. The feeling is very sexy – especially when she walks or moves. Ummmm she thinks – these could make me very horny.

The lingerie set is next – a black lacy see through set. Her breasts feel very sexcited in the lacy material and her thong, suspenders and stockings all add to her allure. Her new high heel shoes in shiny black make her look and feel sensational and she stands in front of the mirror – she takes her phone camera and click flash click flash – she models for half a dozen pictures. She saves them onto her phone.

Finally the dress and the watch and an extra puff of the perfume and she feel ready for a lovely meal and a long night of sex afterwards.

She joins the Eagle downstairs now. Her new handbag on her arm, she saunters down the stairs – swaying her hips in the shoes, feeling the stockings touching her legs and thighs and feeling the sexy balls touching her sexy spots. She is smiling into his eyes as he meets her at the bottom – he has the camera – click flash click flash.

She looks stunning.

He is the proudest guy in town as he escorts her out to a waiting taxi and they move off for the dinner. The restaurant is very posh, the food eloquently and beautifully presented. They have some more champagne to begin with and some lovely white wine with the food. The atmosphere is romantic and they talk easily and look into each other eyes with love and passion.

As the main course clears the eagle receives a text message on his phone. It is an MMS and when he opens it there is a photo of the cat in her sexy lingerie. "HEY, WOW"he says as he see the picture – the cat looks into his eyes with the wicked look of a lady that can't wait to have him as hers. No contest – he is already hard inside and his blush shows how turned on he is.

They finish the meal and two more texts arrive as they proceed. Then they move to a jazz bar where a singer and piano are playing and enjoy some nightcaps and the music before taking a taxi home. The naughty cat sends two more texts in the taxi and they cuddle up as they ride back. The cats naughty hand moving and touching him a little and the sexy balls feeling inside her still very tingly.

When they reach home the Eagle lock the door and the cat suggests a final drink upstairs. He sets off to the kitchen to get these and the cat moves upstairs to the bedroom. She slips off her dress (keeping on her shoes and the lingerie for best effect – and freshens up – taking out the sexy balls now. Naughty Eagle – she thinks. She puts on some fresh perfume and she gets the eyemask and four ties ready. She can hear the clink of glasses coming up the stairs now and she walks to the corner of the room where he will see her reflection in the mirror before he sees her for real.

As he walks in he does indeed see her body in the sexy black waiting in the mirror and as he puts down the glasses turns to see her in the lingerie for real. She is so sexy, so stunning – her hair is let down as well now and she has put on some deep red lipstick heavily on her lips.

She moves over to him now – purposefully – and whips off his shirts, he kicks off his shoes and she removes his trousers and socks so he is now in just the thong. She walks around him, touching him, looking at him – his sexy bum with the thong deep inside his bum cheeks – his hard cock inside bulging for her.

He can see in the mirror too and looks at the thong – tight and very sexy. Then she takes the eye mask and places this over his eyes. She pushes him back to the bed now and lays him in the centre. Then, one by one, she ties his wrists and makes him putty in her hands.

She has a feather. She chooses to touch him with her feather to see if he is ticklish. Soon she finds his feet are and he moves them away fast. So now she moves to take down the thong – releasing his erection – and then she ties his feet wide apart to the bed so he cannot move. The feather again.

Soon he is begging her to stop. She is laughing as she watches him struggle to get free – but can't – his erection very hard for her and his words asking her to stop the teasing.

She then unties one of his hands so that she can let him touch her body in the sexy bra, panty and stockings and she moves her body and his fingers over her. He feels the sexy material and wants her more and more. She fixes his arm back in the tie and then takes off the eyemask so he can see her – watch her as she slowly sways to the music on the iPod and she strips off her bra and then her panty.

Very sexy and his erection is throbbing and wanting her like mad now.

So now she is wet with sexcitement and first she wants his mouth, his warm tongue and his lips to touch her nipples. She places them in his mouth and feels the tingles as her body starts to build an orgasm. Moving her body higher now she places her sex area over his tongue and he is licking, wet warm, sexy rubbing all at once as her fingers touch her own nipples and she feels herself about to come for the first time.

She screams and groans now as her first orgasm rushes over her body and she feels herself come on his tongue. Feeling the shudders rising through – she slides down now to his erection and she moves him inside her mouth to make him extra extra hard. She touches, rubs, licks and massages him. He is all hers now – her birthday boy.

Moving over him she slides him deep inside her – she starts to slide and push up and down up and down – until she can feel him filing her up inside and her love muscles are gripping him and massaging him and she can see he will come soon.

Move move – push push – now he body is sliding up and down onto his erection harder and faster with her feet either side of his waste the cat can feel him and as she slides down him she is hitting his sex area with hers making a noise but creating tingles inside her. She gets faster and harder and more more more as he is about to come now.

He screams loud and she feels herself come now as his explosion happens deep inside her. He is very forceful and she feels the shooting warmth of his come. She keeps her body moving for a little while to take in all the feelings and slows down relaxing her legs and arms and falling onto his warm body – but holding onto him for a few minutes. She kisses him on the mouth and they show and say how much they love each other.

She smiles and the moves to untie him and they cuddle into each other arms They sit up to finish their drinks and then they arrange the quilt cover and the lights to sleep. They cuddle in each others arms – her head on his shoulder – as they both drift off into a deep sleep.

She thinks it has been a good birthday.

Dream ends........................

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