tagErotic CouplingsCat & Mouse Ch. 2

Cat & Mouse Ch. 2


To my readers: This is a fictional story. If any the characters have similarity to your lifestyle I do apologize. It is based of coincidental happenings with your life and my story. I am glad that you may think this is you, but it is just a story. Please read Cat and Mouse part 1 in Erotic Couplings, feedback is appreciated.

As I walked into the Las Vegas Airport I could hear the sound of money. I had Amanda to my left hugging onto my arm, and watching people playing the slots. She had the urge to play, but was to shy to go on her own. "Do you want to try to play a few dollars and see what happens?" I encouraged her on to play.

"Could I play?" Amanda smiled as she squeezed my arm a little more.

"Sure go ahead and play." As I loaded ten dollars, into the slot machine and showed her how to play, I glanced up and I saw you standing there and all the memories from a few months ago revived in my groin.

"Thanks, this is so much fun I can't believe we are here." Amanda said as she watched the slot machine wheel around as it landed on three sevens. "Wow I won!!" She screamed happily and pulled the handle again.

I watched Amanda play so intrigued by the machine that could either make you or break you, as does to so many others. I glanced up again and you were still standing there pointing out directions to lost passengers. You didn't notice me at all so I continued to watch you. I shut my eyes for a moment smiling and remembering how it felt when we were together. How our bodies trembled to each other's touch. I remembered how you tasted on my lips. I remembered how you felt when you were about to cum. I remembered your moans as if it were my favorite song I loved to hear over and over again. Just the thought of you: made me want you and it made my penis twitch and become hard. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat trying to erase the picture in my mind. But it kept haunting me making me desire you even more. When I opened my eyes, Amanda was looking at me.

"Are you all right? Do you want to go check in at the hotel?"

"No, I am fine. I'm just tired that is all. You can keep playing if you want." I said, as I shifted my weight from one leg to the other. I could still feel my penis twitching wanting to be touched. I stuffed my hand in my pocket. Stroking myself ever so slightly trying to get the sensation out of me, but it only made my penis stiffen even more.

"Are you sure you are okay? You seemed little preoccupied." Amanda piped up again.

I cleared my throat, "I am fine. Why do you keep asking?" as I tried to focus my eyes on her.

"Well you seem to shift your weight back in forth, and you seem to be thinking about something. Is something bothering you?" Amanda asked in a concern voice.

"No I am fine. I am just ready to get going, to the hotel to check in and see the sights and grab a bit to eat."

"Oh, I thought you wanted me to stay and play for awhile, but if you want to go we can. It doesn't matter if we leave. I just want to freshen up before we go to dinner." Amanda said as she dragged her hand lazily down the back of my thighs and up again.

I pushed her hand away, "Not now. We can save that for dessert."

"Or for an appetizer." As Amanda stood up and cashed out her money, she giggled listening to the sound of money dropping into the drawer.

"Here you go." As I tossed her a cup, "Put the money in here. How much did you come out a head?"

"I was up ten but I am back to where we started. We are going to have to do it again."

"Sure, we will have many chances of doing that while we are here." I smiled, "Well are you ready to paint the town red?"

"Yes I am." Amanda said as she got up she had her money cup in one hand her other arm wrapped in mine.

We started to walk towards the baggage claim when all of sudden you walked smacked dab into me at full force knocking the breath out of me.

"Oh, I am so sorry" I heard you say in small voice, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I am." I said grabbing my stomach feeling that I was just winded, I looked up, and it was you. My heart began to race and stomach felt like it was up in my throat. I could barely move or even talk but my manhood began to grow even more. I just looked into your eyes for that long moment holding myself together, watching you grow more concern.

"Are you sure you are okay. You look like you just saw ghost?"

The question threw me off which made me laugh and catch my breath. " Yeah I am okay. Are you okay? You are the one that ran into me." I said with a sly smile.

"Yeah I am okay. You just caught me off guard. I didn't think you were right there. A moment ago I saw you further away." You smiled.

I smiled even more that you even noticed me from a distance. My body jumped into full desire yet I didn't want Amanda to know or see how I felt from the reaction of getting winded. "Yeah I am fine." As I locked into your eyes; once more, I didn't not realize how beautiful you were. Your eyes were a dark blue green that sparkled when you smiled.

I never thought I would run into you here. I heard that you moved out here but I didn't think it was actually true. I glanced over to Amanda and she looked like she was about to kill you as if you actually wrecked something that belonged to her yet she never even asked if I was okay. Amanda just tugged at my arm to continue walking.

Amanda spoke "The nerve of you to run into my fiancé." As she gave you the once over she continued, "Hon are you ready to go get our bags and check in the hotel I need to go freshen up before dinner. And our reservations are in less than in hour." She tugged at my arm to keep moving.

"I am so sorry. If there is anything I can do to make it up to you let me know please," You said holding out your hand for a handshake.

I took your hand into mine caressed it for a quick moment before I gave it a quick shake. "Apology accepted." As I continued to be dragged away from the scene, I turned to Amanda "What is with you? Why were you so rude to her? It was an accident."

Amanda looked into my eyes, "Yeah I know it was an accident but I didn't like her for what ever reason and I wanted to get going."

"Oh. Well than lets grab our bags and go to the hotel for now."

"Great idea, then I can have my way with you before we paint the town red." Amanda smiled with her brown eyes.

Once we grabbed our bags and found the shuttle to our hotel, and checked in, Amanda seemed to be in a better mood again. As for me, I felt beat from all the tension from flying and running into her. My thoughts drifted off again. I felt your hand in mine so soft, tender and I wanted to pull you into me to let you know how much I wanted you. When you ran into me I could feel your breasts against my lower chest and upper abdomen. I couldn't believe how big yet muscular and slender your body was. You held your self with confidence from a distance yet your actual strength has hidden underneath your clothing. It was like a hidden secret I discovered. My thoughts continued to trail on the lovemaking we had in the car from few months back. The way you looked at me with your eyes, another hidden asset that changed color depending on the color of clothing you wore. Your smile could make any guy stop lose sense of reality, and the passion you brought with our lovemaking. I would have never guessed that you would be so desirable and erotic. I would never have considered you my type from the get go. I remembered the last thing that was said before I took you back to your car. The possibility of you being pregnant, it scared me for being a fool yet it in away I would want you to be the mother of my child if I had the choice to make you would be mine. My loins ached for as I felt myself getting hard with the thought of you carrying my child. I smiled laughing to myself remembering wondering how I could see you again when all of sudden..

I came back to reality real quick when I felt myself be thrown against the wall of my hotel room. My head cracked the wall along with my back. The shock of pain as my head started to pound I thrown against the wall again and again as I started to stumble I felt myself be pushed toward the bed and thrown down once again. I tried grabbing my head in pain when my arm was pushed up over my head and handcuffed. Then the other arm was taken the same way. "What the hell is going on?" As I tried to focus and concentrate at what was at hand. "Let me go damn it!!" My temperament started to rise.

"Your mine for the taking." Amanda said as she blindfolded me.

"Amanda this is not fucking funny. Let me go!!"

"No!! I am taking what belongs to me. Now obey or more torture will come your way." Amanda said in low sultry demeaning voice.

"Amanda let me go!!"

"Well.. Well.. Well.. It looks like you have been thinking of me."

Shit I thought to myself.. I was thinking of you and Amanda is going to take me with out my consent thinking I was thinking of her. "Amanda I am not in the mood for games let me go!!" I demanded.

"You could have fooled me," Amanda continued "It looks like you want me already."

I could feel Amanda tugging, and unzipping my pants. She saw my hard on when I was thinking of you now she is going to have her way with me with out my consent and she thinks this is a game. "Amanda I am warning you. Let me go!!" I yelled at her.

"Not on your life!!"

I felt Amanda hands all over my body. I could feel her breathe as she climbed up the bed kissing my inner thighs up to where my manhood was standing tall.

"Let see what is underneath here" as she tugged my boxers down. I knew she was smiling ready to go for the gold.

I could feel her breath as she took me into her mouth gliding her tongue up and down. As her hands trailed across my belly and thighs she used her nails to in flick pain and torture to make me even more excited. I let out moan knowing her torture skills work yet my mind was trying to fight every sensation I was feeling. "Stop Please No more!!" I moaned. I could here her giggle as she took me all the way down her throat and it echoed making my manhood even stiffer. I started to twitch and at the same time gasp for air because it felt so good, yet my anger grew knowing that I did not want to make love at this time. I tried keeping a clear conscious, yet the sensation of her mouth tortured me to have an orgasm.

"I am not done with you yet! I still want my ride damn it!!" I felt Amanda's hands trail and massage my balls as her finger slipped into my butt hole making me moan even more.

I tried to have a clear conscious but when her finger slipped into my sphincter I became really pissed. "Amanda that is enough!! I said stop!! God damn it Amanda!!" all I heard was a giggle.

"You love this torture don't you." As she pinched my nipple and squeezed my balls, really tight I let out a moan and bucked up and that is when Amanda jumped on for her ride. "Cum baby, fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yeah that is the way I like it!!" Amanda started to scream as she slid herself all the way down on to me. " Hurt me!! You can do better than that!! Harder!! Faster!! Fuck me like you never fucked me before." She continued to rant. I began to thrust into her hard and fast hoping the torture would end soon yet she continued to ride me until I had no energy left. I couldn't even cum for her and my body was starting to ach from the torture of her continuing to ride me. I felt like a rag doll being used for one purpose; which only made my temperament and anger rise with in me. "Amanda let me go!!" I tugged at my reins.

Amanda didn't listen, she just continued to ride me. "Make me cum!! That's it!! Keep going!! I am starting to cum!! Arrrgghh!!" Amanda started to moan her body quivered, and started to tremble as her orgasm took over her whole body. "Cum for me baby!! I know you want to." As she kissed my neck and bit my left nipple I felt her collapse on top of me. She got off me slowly and kissed my neck as she whispered in my ear. "Thanks for the ride, I can not wait until dessert." As she undid the handcuffs, I heard her walk into the bathroom, close the door and started the shower. I lifted my head and pulled the blindfold off of me. As laid their naked I couldn't believe what had just happened. I was just taken with out my consent and Amanda thought it was some kind of fun torture game. I grabbed my clothes put them on and left before Amanda got out of the shower.

I hailed a cab told him to take me back to the airport. I needed to see you. I wanted to be held and touched by you and you only. I didn't like the feeling I had of just being used, and taken unwillingly I felt vulnerable for the very first time in my life. I thought to myself what would I tell her when I saw you, and would you believe me if I told you. I shut eyes for a moment thinking of you again and how it felt. When I arrived at the airport, I paid the driver and started to run in the airport when all of sudden.. I ran into you a second time. This time you almost fell to the floor but I saved you from your fall when you sank into me. When your eyes fluttered open and looked into mine, you licked your lips and parted them I could not resist kissing you. I bent down towards you as I pulled you closer to me at the same time bringing our lips together. My tongue parted your lips as our noses did a little Eskimo kiss, your eyes fluttered shut again and your body molded into mine. I let my tongue trace your lower lip and the tip of your tongue. You let out a sigh and your lips parted even more making it an easy invitation for my tongue to dive in and do our intimate dance. Twisting, curling, dragging my tongue with yours was just enough to drive me wild. I whispered under my breath "Are you okay?" for answer I got a soft sigh, which I took as a yes. "I missed you so much. Your touch, our bodies entwined together." I mumbled and caressed your cheek.

"I missed you too." You whispered, "What brought you back here?"

"I missed you and I just had to see you."

"What about your dinner date?"

"Oh" I paused for a moment, and sighed. "It got canceled"

You pulled away first and looked up at me and back down, your eyes growing puzzled as you saw that my clothes were a mess. "Umm, what happened to you may I ask?"

"Nothing. Why?"

You stood on your tiptoes and pulled me close to you and whispered, "Your shirt is not buttoned straight and your pants are not button and your zipper is not all the way."

I looked down, and started to get embarrassed, but instead I dived in for another quick kiss and whispered "Lets get out of here. We need to talk."

You nodded, grabbed my hand led me to the shuttle bus that would take you to your car. "Are you sure you are okay?"

"Yeah I am fine. I just ran out of the hotel room as soon as I could just to come find you."

"And your girlfriend?"

"She was in the shower so I had to move quickly." I shrugged my shoulders as I started to straighten myself up.

"So your girlfriend will be out looking for you in about a few moments, and when she sees you with me she is going to be one unhappy girl."

"Yeah she will be. But I am not in the mood to talk about it right at this time. And believe me she will be more mad at me than at you."

"I am sure she would. But she will still blame the both us."

"You have a point. But I am sure she will not be looking for us. We did not rent a car so she would have to either hail a cab or take the shuttle bus. And she is to cheap to do either of them so I don't think we will have to worry." I smiled going in for another kiss. You took the kiss graciously, letting me play with your tongue as my thumb caressed your cheek, as I let my other hand hold you close to my body I caressed your lower back. "God I could hold onto you like this forever. Never letting you go."

"I wish that could be true, but you are still seeing that girl."

"Yeah I know, and I am kind of stuck right now and I can not get out of the situation." I said as the shuttle bus pulled up we stepped towards the back of the bus.

You in return retorted, "You have total control of every situation. It is what decisions you decide to make that you have to live with."

"True, but I kind of trouble I got myself into recently and I don't know what to do?"

You looked at me puzzled again, "What kind of trouble? Is she carrying your child?"

"No. Thank God for that. Hell no." I shook my head, "By the way what ever came out of our situation?"

"Well I was late for starters, but I think due to the stress that is why. Why do you ask?"

"Well I care, and I told you I would take full responsibility if anything were to happen."

"I see. So what kind of trouble are you in? Is it really really bad?"

"Yeah it is.. But for your sake it is has nothing to do with children, drugs or stealing.. It has to do with you."

Your head snapped back to look at me "Me? What did I do to you?"

"Well for starters I found the story on the net. Wow I had so many emotions after I read that. At first I was happy, than I got upset, then I was sad because I heard you left. And I never told you how much I appreciated the story."

"Is that what this is all about or is their more to this?"

"Well there is more to this."

"Like what?"

"I can not tell you right at this moment."

"Oh" changing the subject you continued, "So what did you really think of the story?"

"Hmmn." I paused for a moment, "It was lot of built up emotion. I do have to give you credit for writing so well." I thought for another moment. "It was very detailed, I don't think I could write something like that. I don't have the guts. Plus you made it so vague that anyone who read the story thought of himself with you. Which made me jealous and mad as well."

The bus pulled to where your car was and we walked over and got in the car, as we continued the conversation. "Really so you got jealous?"

"Yes I did."

You smiled, "Thanks that really made my day by hearing you say that.'

"I am glad but what did I say?"

"That you got jealous of any one else that would think of me like that."

"Sure, your welcome." As I leaned over to give you a quick peck on the lips, I caressed your knee. "Man I missed you so much this kind of brings back old memories."

"Yeah I know. Maybe we should not be in the car."

"Well I can make more memories with you outside of the car the hood, or the trunk?"

You giggled and let out a small smile. "Your funny!! Well did you want me to do? Take you back to your place or do care to see mine?"

"Let's go see your place, I have all the time in the world." I continued to rub your knee and upper thigh: which your skirt was hiked up a little high after you sat in your car. I just continued to caress your leg back and forth until we got to your place.

Your house was small tri level style home, on Old Birch Road. Most of the homes looked like old cottage style homes from the Midwest region, near Mount Charleston, just outside the city of Las Vegas. "Wow you have lovely place." I cooed

"Thanks just wait until u see the inside." You smiled back.

The inside of your home was made out of cobblestone with a fireplace that had a white bear rug lying in front of it. To the west wall you had a deep burgundy couch with wooden end tables on the East side you had a bay window with a Rocking chair and small table to the left. In the next you had your dinning area that looked back into the deep woods. And three stairs down you entered a kitchen with a patio and pantry that also led into the garage and laundry room. From the living area you could go up a small flight of stairs that had a small den, and two bedrooms with a full bathroom and Jacuzzi off of the bathroom patio. "God this place is gorgeous!! I would not mind living in a home like this! So peaceful yet so cozy!!"

You giggle.. "Thanks, I am glad you like it!" as we came down the stairs back towards the dinning area. I loved the way you teased with your eyes and your smile as you brushed passed me with your body your breast rubbed against my arm, which made my body tingle inside all over. I wanted you. And I wanted you now. You spoke up again. "So what brought you to Vegas?"

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