tagNovels and NovellasCatch and Release Ch. 03

Catch and Release Ch. 03


Eve stood patiently at the end of the dock. Her eyes downcast and her hands clasped in front. The unblemished ivory of her skin seemed to glow in the moonlight. The air temperature had dropped to a predawn low. She shivered and then hugged herself.

"Eve, they let you go! You're free!" Tim ran out, grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the cabin. "Come inside."

As soon as they entered the front door the extent of his new responsibilities came crashing down. Tim didn't know where to start. She was like a child in a woman's body. What was Eve capable of? Could she take care of herself, at all? The demure smile seemed incompatible with her nudity.

He made the sign for eat, and then asked, "Are you hungry... thirsty?"

She just continued to grin timidly.

"The bathroom is over here." He showed her what a bathroom looked like. "Oh man, do you even know how to use it? What did you do up there when you had to go? Do they use toilet paper?"

He placed a hand on his repatriated guest's shoulder. "I guess we'll figure it out as we go. Welcome home."

Her eyes anxiously darted around and took in the new surroundings.

It had been a long night, and fatigue was making it difficult to concentrate. "Why don't we get some sleep and figure things out in the morning."

Tim grabbed the sign language book and looked up the correct sign. He asked, "Sleep?" while nodding yes.

A little bolder now, she repeated his sign and nodded in return.

"Okay, I guess we understand each other. You'll sleep with me -- for protection."

Wherever Tim went, Eve was sure to follow. So, they paraded into the bedroom.

He pointed, and said, "Bed." Opening a dresser drawer, he pulled out a pair of sweatpants, saying, "Sooner or later, you're going to have to get used to wearing clothes. Are you cold? Do you want to put these on?" He demonstrated how they slip over the legs, but she didn't seem interested.

"Okay, then nude it is," said Tim, and removed his boxers, just to be in accord with his roommate.

Eve smiled at the sight of his dangling manhood.

"Don't laugh. You'll give me a complex." He stepped toward the door, saying, "I have to use the bathroom. Wait here. I'll be right back."

She followed him.

He put his palm up. "No, wait here."

She wouldn't.

They crowed into the tiny bathroom. It took a while, but Tim was eventually able to pee, while she watched, fascinated.

"Then you have to flush." He pressed the lever and the water swirled away.

"Do you need to go? I'm guessing you probably do." He put down the toilet seat, and said, "On this continent, women pee sitting down." Gripping Eve by the shoulders, he turned her around and eased her down. "Okay, go ahead, let 'er rip."

She smiled up at him and then looked down between her legs.

He heard water splashing. "Fantastic! One hurdle crossed."

When she stopped going, Tim ripped off a few sheets of toilet paper and feigned wiping himself. He handed Eve the Charmin and she completed the mission. Then she offered him the used paper.

"No," he pointed, and said, "just drop it in there."

She didn't get it, so he took the paper by the edge and dropped it between her thighs, into the bowl.

Eve stood up and flushed.

"Man, this is going to get pretty weird."

They washed their hands together, with Tim explaining about hot and cold water and soap. He wasn't sure how much she understood, but so far Eve had been amazingly adaptable.

The way she always walked two steps behind, like a well-trained dog, annoyed him. So, he took her hand, and made it feel normal.

The bedroom window was open and the air had cooled. Tim pulled Eve onto the bed and lay down. He covered them with a sheet and, after rolling Eve over so that she faced away, spooned against her back.

Tim wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. "Good night, Eve. I hope you can get some rest, because I'm whipped."

He wasn't sure what time it was, but Eve remained tranquil in his arms and eventually fell asleep.

Tim wasn't so lucky. Guilt, an emotion he wasn't too familiar with, had emerged and taken control of his conscience. He lay wide-awake and ruminated over his behavior with Eve. In hindsight, he should not have become physical with her. It was wrong, and he felt like he'd molested someone who was mentally disabled. Now, here he was spooning her naked body.

Unfortunately, when Tim rolled over to correct his blunder, Eve followed, even in her sleep, and cuddled against his back. Her hand came over and rubbed his stomach, while her hips pressed into his buttocks.

This whole alien encounter thing had turned into yet another one of his opportunistic sexual affairs, only this time he couldn't just kiss her good-bye on the front porch and drive away.

Temptation had never been something Tim fought to overcome. He believed the only way to stop temptation was to give in to it. Now, he wasn't so sure. This poor woman literally had no one else on earth to trust. Wasn't it wrong to corrupt someone who depended on him for everything? He never took advantage of a woman who was drunk or stoned. He enjoyed the fact that women desired him when they were sober. Wasn't Eve like an impaired girl, needing a ride home from a wild party?

Eventually, he fell asleep, despite the beautiful, handicapped, naked woman plastered to his ass.

Six hours later, Tim woke gradually. The first thing he noticed was the sound of rain drumming on the tin roof. He lay on his back with his eyes shut, drifting between sleep and consciousness, filled with a sense of contentment. His morning erection seemed to throb with greater eagerness than usual. A few seconds later, he knew why. Something was lightly rubbing it from tip to base. That's when he remembered he wasn't alone. His eyes flashed open to see Eve, propped up on an elbow, and teasing his cock.

Covering up with the sheet, he said, "Don't do that!"

At first, Eve smiled, but when she realized Tim was displeased, she looked ashamed and hid her face in the pillow.

He didn't know what else to say, because his emotions were conflicted about her touch. The largest part of him wanted her to continue. The small, ethical part said 'stop'. He softened his chastisement by rubbing her back.

When his erection subsided, Tim got up and headed out of the room. "Stay here."

Eve stayed on his heels.

"Someone really needs to teach you English."

Peeing wasn't a problem this time. Tim had become accustomed to his new shadow. When he was finished, Eve handed him a few sheets of toilet paper.

He laughed, and said, "Thanks. You're very thoughtful." After an obligatory wipe, he flushed.

Eve turned on the faucet and adjusted the water temperature.

"You're going to spoil me."

While Tim dried his hands, Eve took her turn on the toilet.

This was a perfect opportunity to create a little separation. "When you're done, I'll be in the bedroom," he said, and walked out.

Tim only had time to put on a pair of shorts, before Eve dashed into the room.

"What took you so long?" He slipped a tee-shirt over Eve's head and pushed her arms through the sleeves. "Now you look respectable." But she didn't really. She looked just as sexy covered up.

He sighed with frustration. This was situation impossible.

Eve pointed out the window.

"What's the matter? Rain? You've never seen rain before?" He took her hand and led her onto the front porch. "Take a deep breath." He demonstrated. "Smells great, doesn't it?"

She followed his example and smiled. Holding her hand out over the porch railing, she let the drops splash onto her palm.

Exhibiting a new spontaneity, she impishly ran down to the dock. Standing at the far end, she spun in a slow circle with an upturned face and hands held skyward, reveling in the sensual pleasure. The wet cotton shirt accentuated her curves.

Tim stood on the porch and enjoyed the show, until Eve stumbled over a warped board and fell in. She briefly resurfaced, splashing and choking.

"Shit!" In seconds, Tim was in the water, dragging her back to the surface.

Eve's strong arms squeezed his neck in a strangle hold.

"Stop fighting!" he croaked, while struggling toward shore.

Finally, he touched bottom and bounced forward, until his head stayed above the surface.

Eve cried silent tears against his neck, as Tim carried her quaking body to shore.

Already annoyed by the hassle of taking care of her, he dropped her feet onto solid ground and angrily marched to the house. He was rapidly becoming drained by this whole arrangement.

Eve limped behind him and into the bathroom. He handed her a towel. She just stood there dripping a puddle, her teeth chattering.

"Well, take off the damn shirt!" he said, while wiping himself dry.

He pulled off his shorts and threw them hard into the tub. They landed with a wet 'thwack'.

Following his example, she peeled off the tee-shirt and tossed it on top of his shorts.

Tim did his best to ignore her hard nipples and goose bumpy flesh. He combed his hair and then left the comb on the vanity in case she wanted to use it.

"I'm going to make some coffee." He stalked out, saying, "I don't know why I bother talking to you. It's a waste of time."

First, he went back to the bedroom and dressed in shorts and tee-shirt. On his way to the kitchen, he stopped and placed a dry shirt on the bathroom sink, while Eve stood in front of the mirror, combing her tangled hair. She smiled and made a sign that might've been a thank you, but Tim didn't give a rat's ass.

The coffee was brewing and toast had just popped up, when Eve limped into the kitchen.

At least she put on the shirt.

"What do you want on your toast? I've got butter and raspberry jam. Personally, I like them together, but don't let me influence your decision."

She looked over the bread and spreads, and then gave him a perplexed look.

"Yeah, I know. What the hell am I saying?" He handed her a slice of toast, prepared the way he liked it. "There's orange juice in the fridge. Oh, wait! Let me get it." Yanking the door open, everything inside rattled. Tim poured two glasses, then finished making his toast and sat down at the table.

Eve sat across from him and watched, studiously. At first, she just nibbled. The sweet, raspberry flavor met with her approval. But after sampling the orange juice, her face puckered up. Eventually, she grew accustomed to the tart flavor and drank it down.

"Still hungry? I'll show you how to make your own toast." He dropped two slices of whole wheat into the toaster and pushed down the lever. "Think you can handle that?" While the bread toasted, Tim poured two cups of Maxwell House. "You may as well try this, too. I'm not human until I've had my first cup of coffee in the morning. The only way to really appreciate it is to drink it black."

He put a mug by her plate and sat down to sip his. The toast popped up, and Eve prepared her own slices. She came back to the table and placed one slice on his plate. She affectionately stroked his hair a few times before sitting.

"Hey, thank you. It looks perfect." He made the 'thank you' sign. "Okay, now you say back, 'You're welcome, Stud'."

Eve picked up her coffee mug and sniffed.

"Careful, that's hot." He lifted his coffee and sipped.

She copied him, but then made a disgusted face and put it down.

"It's an acquired taste. I wish you could talk. I'd like to know what your owner fed you."

Tim fried up some scrambled eggs, which Eve devoured. A bowl of Raisin Bran disappeared a little slower. Tim made motions of offering more, and asked, "Still hungry?'

Eve shook her head no.

"Well then. It's time to learn how to wash the dishes. Grab you bowl and plate."

Eve followed him to the wastebasket, where they scraped off any remaining crumbs. Then they washed the dishes and put them in the drying rack.

"Easy stuff. Life is full of excitement like that. Now it's time to brush and floss your teeth."

There was always a spare toothbrush in the medicine cabinet, just in case someone forgot to bring one or there was an unexpected guest. Tim made a mental note to replace it.

After dribbling some toothpaste onto her shirt, Eve caught on quickly.

The foamy white stuff dripping out of her mouth reminded Tim of something else. His lack of sexual satisfaction yesterday had created a pressure today that required relief one way or another, and soon. But for now, he'd have to show restraint, and that sucked mightily.

"You keep messing up my clothes and I'll have to do laundry."

They walked out of the bathroom and into the Spartan living room. Eve was still limping.

He sat down on the raggedy couch and patted the stained cushion beside him. "Sit here and let me look at your foot."

When she sat down, Tim unceremoniously grabbed her foot and lifted it onto his lap to take a closer look. The sudden motion knocked Eve flat and the shirt rode up around her waist. Out of the corner of his eye there was a nice view of her spectacular thighs and it only made his life harder.

"You've got a huge sliver. No wonder you're limping." Taking liberties, Tim rubbed her calf, and said, "I'm going to have to operate."

They retrieved the first aid kit from the bathroom and then adjourned to the bedroom for the medical procedure. Eve sat on the bed, while Tim sat on the floor and lifted her foot to eye level. The sliver was completely under the surface and would require some digging to grab it with tweezers.

After sterilizing a sewing needle with alcohol, Tim smiled, and said, "This will hurt you a lot more than it will me."

Eve smiled back.

At the first exploratory poke, Eve squeaked, jerked her foot away and scowled.

"Don't be a baby. It doesn't hurt that much. If I don't take it out, it'll get infected." He curled his fingers with a give-it-back motion.

Apprehensively, she placed her heel onto his palm.

Gripping her ankle firmly, Tim said, "Thank you. Now hold still, or I'll have to be a real prick about it," and resumed the extraction.

After a few slight twitches, Eve laid back and tried to relax, while he gently opened enough skin to grab the end of the sliver. A minute later, the operation was a success.

"This will sting," he said, and swabbed the wound with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. Eve tried to jerk her foot away, but he held fast. Then he blew on it and kissed it, to make it all better. He stuck a round Band-aid over the tender spot.

"All done." He held out his hand.

Eve took it and he pulled her up onto her feet. She gingerly put weight on her bandaged foot. Realizing it no longer hurt, she smiled big and made the 'thank you' sign.

"You thank me now, but wait until you get the bill. I hope you have some kind of intergalactic health insurance."

He turned to take the first aid kit back to the bathroom, but she stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.


Wrapping her arms around his waist, Eve stood on tiptoe and kissed him softly.

Flustered, Tim worked free and walked out of the room. "Thanks, but you're still getting charged."

Halfway to the bathroom, he noticed Eve wasn't behind him. The fact she didn't feel the need to be with him every second felt like a small victory. He took the opportunity to go to the bathroom alone. Afterwards, he wandered into the living room and stared out at the rain-dappled lake, wondering what he should do next.

About five minutes later, curiosity got the best of Tim. He returned to the bedroom to make sure his uninvited guest was all right. What he saw on the bed stopped him at the door.

Eve had removed her clothes and lay on her back. The long blond hair lay neatly along her side. With eyes shut, her index fingers slowly traced around each erect nipple.

Tim stared, hypnotized by the circular motion.

Her right hand tickled down her belly and back to her breast several times. Then both hands made the sensuous trip. When they returned to the start, her fingers pinched each nipple and she shivered with pleasure. She teased herself like that repeatedly for long seconds, until one hand drifted further down and lingered between her legs.

He couldn't watch any longer. The sight unnerved him. It was both incredibly erotic and unsettling. This debauchery was his fault. She'd been innocent, until he'd shown her the delights of the flesh. Now, she knew no shame. He felt responsible for her lack of virtue and, as much as he wanted to leer, he went back to the living room and sat on the couch. The mixture of arousal and guilt plagued him to the point of extreme frustration.

A few minutes later, Eve whimpered, and then a heavy silence filled the small cabin.

She eventually wandered out of the room, sat down and laid her head on his shoulder, still naked.

"Have fun?"

Eve kissed his cheek and then rubbed the scruffy surface with sex-scented fingers.

"Would you mind closing the door, next time?"

Ignoring his question, she stood in front of him, made the want sign, and pointed toward the bedroom. Her eyes pleaded with him. Then she rubbed her stomach and chest suggestively, and pointed at him.

"Uh-oh. You want me to do it to you now?"

His lack of movement escalated Eve's persuasiveness. She straddled his knees and began to massage his shoulders. Feeling through the shirt fabric, she fondled his chest and teased his nipples. She leaned down, brushed his lips with hers and grabbed both his hands. With a firm grip, Eve stood and tried to pull him up.

"Damn, you're persistent." He felt temptation winning again. She was, after all, over 21. Legally, she could do anything she wanted. Maybe if he went with her, they would just take a nap. He thought, she must be tired after coming, and probably just wants to cuddle.

Tim stood up.

Eve embraced him and then led him to the bed.

Before he could lie down, Eve tugged on his clothes, making it clear she wanted him equally naked.

He smiled, and said, "Okay, if you insist." First, he took off his shirt, and then dropped his shorts and briefs.

Eve surprised him by pushing him down onto the mattress and pulling them off his feet.

Tim laughed, thoroughly enjoying her enthusiasm.

She smiled at him and made a throaty noise of her own.

"Eve, are you trying to laugh?"

Her skin turned a rosy pink and she wouldn't meet his gaze, acting shy and embarrassed.

"Don't stop trying."

Grabbing his ankles, she lifted them onto the bed and then shooed him to the other side, giving her enough room to lie next to him.

Tim tried to put an arm around her, but she stopped him halfway and pushed him onto his back. She held up her palm, giving the universal 'stay' sign.

Smiling with anticipation, Tim looked at the ceiling, and said, "Uh oh. What goes around comes around."

Eve knelt next to him.

Tim touched her knee and she pushed his hand away and put the 'stop it' hand in his face.

"So, is this like payback for last night, or are you just curious about men's bodies in general?"

Eve sat and studied his physique for a quiet minute. Gently, she reached out and touched his whiskers. Her fingers traced down through his sparse chest hair and followed the fuzzy trail down to his groin, where they buried themselves in the thick, curly patch.

"I'm not as hairy as most guys, in case you're wondering. Even if you were, I don't know why I'm telling you this, because you don't understand a word I'm saying."

She placed one hand on his chest and the other on his stomach. Her fingers traced his abdominal muscles and pectoral ridge, seeming to appraise their firmness, a totally different feel than her own body. Tim could attest to that.

Eve's touched changed from simple curiosity to one of complex sensuality. She leaned over, smiled sweetly through her silky hair, and then teased his nipples with her fingertips, much like he'd teased hers yesterday.

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