tagIncest/TabooCatching Taboo Ch. 02

Catching Taboo Ch. 02


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008. High school was over and my leaving for college in Oregon loomed in almost three months. My parents told my twin sister Abby and me that we didn't have to get summer jobs, to enjoy our summer break, although we still had our chores to do around the house.

So it was that I was pushing our mower over the lawn when Abby came out of the house wearing a straw hat, sunglasses and a bright green string bikini she had worn the year before that now barely contained a body that she certainly had not possessed that summer. Her boobs had gained at least a cup size while her abdominal muscles were showing more definition than ever. The slightly chubby teen she had been when we started high school was long gone. In her place was a phenomenally beautiful young woman. "Damn, she got hot," I muttered, hoping the motor of the mower would keep her from hearing.

How had I not noticed her blossom over the winter? That's right, she wore baggy sweaters almost all the time. Even when spring began, she switched to baggy tshirts which gave only a hint that her chest had gotten bigger. This was the first time I'd seen her in a bikini since the previous summer ended.

She sat in one of the pool chairs and started spreading suntan lotion onto her arms, making those boobs bounce in front of her. Concealed by my own sunglasses, I couldn't pull my eyes away from her, steering the mower more by peripheral vision and memory of the yard than anything else.

"Fuck. Why does the hottest eighteen year old in Nashville have to be my own sister?" I asked myself. As I watched her spread lotion across her chest, I felt my cock start to respond. "Stop it, stop it, stop it," I pleaded with myself. She had already accused me of being a pervert because she had walked in on me a month earlier watching porn on the laptop computer I'd gotten for my 18th birthday, when the actress on screen was a blond like her, but much older and nowhere near as beautiful, I thought. The last thing I'd need was Abby seeing me with an erection in my athletic shorts. They were baggy, which would hopefully hide the bulge in the snug boxer-briefs underneath.

I managed to finish the last of the lawn, without accidentally running over any of Mom's flower beds, and rolled the mover into the shed, topped off its gas tank, detached and emptied the clipping bag into the compost bin, and reattached it. As I came out of the shed, planning to head inside for a decidedly cold shower, Abby asked, "Can you spread tanning lotion on my back, Dave?"

"Ummm, sure, sis," I responded, coming around the pool to where she was letting the back of the lounger down, so she could lay flat across it, face down, sweeping her long blond hair away from her neck. I sat by her thighs on the left edge of the lounger, grabbed her tube of suntan lotion and squeezed a dollop onto my left hand, then spread it to the right hand before I stroked both hands across her upper back and shoulders.

"I saw you watching me," she said, in a matter-of-fact tone. "Don't deny it."

Caught. "Sorry, sis," I whispered, as I moved to spreading more lotion onto her lower back.

"I'm not bothered," she said. "Hell, it's flattering. Even if you are my brother."

"You think I'm a pervert," I said.

"No, I only ever said that to get under your skin. At least, you're no worse than any other guys our age, I guess. I'd still be inside or over at Debra's house, if I really wanted to avoid you seeing me. But I want to tan, so I guess I'll have to put up with my brother seeing my boobs," she said, hesitating before adding, "I might even let you see me with my top off, if you won't tell Mom. I'd like to tan topless."

"That'd be pretty inappropriate, Abby," I said, realizing how much I wanted just that. I'd reached the waistline of her bottoms and reluctantly took my hands off of her, saying, "All done," as if that was going to change the subject.

"Oh, c'mon," she said, turning onto her right side to look back at me with her blue/gray eyes, giving me a clear look at about an inch of the underside of her breasts, where the too-small bikini cups had crept up. "We both know you want to see them and you're not going to be able to stop thinking about it, now that I've mentioned it. I want you to. You're the only guy I trust enough to give me an honest opinion."

"That you have gorgeous tits? I don't need to see your nipples to tell you that."

"Not just that," she said, before sighing. "Fuck. This isn't going the way I planned it out. So, I'm just going to be honest. I want you, Dave. I want you to be my first lover, okay?" Her left hand reached for my crotch and stroked my half-hard cock through my shorts.

I went blank, for maybe 30 seconds as my cock thickened more under her hand, before I could speak again. "You want us to commit incest."

"Unless Mom miraculously reveals that I'm adopted, to explain why I'm the only blond in the family, that's what it would mean, yeah. But I don't much care about the law or the taboo, other than not wanting to get caught. I love you, Dave. I think I might even be in love with you. I want us to express that love, physically. At least once, maybe for this whole summer. Then we can move on to college and find spouses down the road, okay? You'll be on the other side of the country most of the year. I'm on birth control, so we don't have to worry about pregnancy, which is the main reason for the incest taboo, at least between siblings in the first place. Please?" she whined.

"Jeez, Abby. You've got your mind set on this, don't you?" I knew that meant trouble. I just didn't know how much.

She simply nodded, not saying anything more.

"That means that if I say 'no' today, you'll just ask again tomorrow," I said. "You know that I'll eventually cave in, so I'm better off just saying 'yes', now." Would I ever learn how to make her accept a 'no'?

Abby rotated her body next to me, moving into a sitting position and giving me a devilish grin before leaning into me to kiss me. Like-a-lover kiss me. Her bountiful boobs pressed into my chest, her nipples poking into me. Her right hand slid into the leg opening of my shorts to grasp my cock by the root, solid as a rock. "Gawd, you're huge," she muttered, between kisses.

My shaft was 7" and maybe a little thicker than average, but certainly not porn-star big.

"How many cocks have you held, to make that comparison?" I asked. "Because I'm not really that much bigger than average."

Abby replied, "A couple. I gave my prom date a hand job at the end of the night, but nothing more, hoping for a day like today with you. Plus, I've checked out the few sex toys Mom has hidden in her bedroom. They're smaller than you, although I've certainly seen bigger dildos online. Most of those scare me. I want to see it."

Her hands untied the drawstring to the shorts, then she pulled on the legs as I lifted my ass to let them slide off, followed by her pulling off my boxer-briefs as I drew my tshirt over my head and kicked off the old boat shoes I used for yard work.

Sitting there naked, Abby stared at my cock and balls while she reached behind her and untied her top, causing her breasts to drop out of the cups, exposing even more of their bottoms. Her nipples remained obscured until she swept the string around her neck over her head and pulled the top away from her front.

Her areola were a pale pink, slightly puffy, with a flattened, dime-width nipple in the middle. Unsupported by the bikini, her breasts dropped only a little bit, still supporting their own weight instead of laying on her ribcage.

"They're fuckin' fantastic, sis," I said, raising a hand to tentatively caress the left one. She leaned towards me to press into my hand, grabbing my left hand to place it over her right breast. I squeezed both firm globes for a minute or more, as her hands lowered to stroke my cock some more and I initiated the next round of kissing. We continued like this for a couple of minutes, before Abby pushed away and rose from the lounger.

"Lay down, Dave," she ordered. "Whether or not you think you're big, I think I should be on top, to start. My hymen's pretty much gone, due to sports, so you don't have to worry on that account. From everything I've read, I do need to stretch around you gradually, though."

I said, "I either need some of this suntan lotion or we need to go inside. That sun's already hot on my skin. It wouldn't do to get burned and have to answer why I was naked in the yard." Abby quickly spread lotion across my chest, arms and legs, avoiding getting any on my rigid cock, where it might transfer to her vagina.

As soon as I was protected from sunburn, Abby straddled my legs, my cock right in front of her bikini bottoms. As I watched, she untied the strings at her hips and pulled the cloth from between her legs. The only thing preventing me from seeing her slit was my own cock. She rocked her hips back and forth a few times, rubbing her wet pussy against my balls and the root of my cock.

Then she rose up over my cock and I saw her virgin pussy for mere seconds before she started to descend, taking me inside of her, so it was virgin no more. Slowly, I felt her insides resisting the intrusion of my glans and shaft, as her tight love tube stretched to make room for me. I'd only been with three women before Abby and none were as tight.

"I love you, Dave," Abby said, when her pussy had taken me all the way inside.

"I love you too, Abby," I replied, as she began to rise up a couple of inches, then dropped onto me again. Every stroke she took got longer, until finally she was nearly lifting all the way off before dropping down again.

I reached my hand between us to caress her clit, as her own hands squeezed her nipples, and...

"What the hell do you two think you're doing?" Mom's shrillest voice, ten feet to my left.

Abby didn't stop bouncing on my cock as she boasted, "That should be obvious, mother. We're making love."

That ended abruptly as Mom grabbed Abby by the hair and pulled her off of me, then dragged her inside, swatting her across the ass with every step. "You. Do. Not. Have. Sex. With. Your. Brother," she said, between slaps.

"Oh, fuck," I muttered, knowing we were in deep shit, not yet wondering why Mom was even home. I grabbed my clothes and sneaked into the house as I heard Mom still screaming at Abby in her bedroom for what Mom assumed Abby had instigated. In my own bedroom, I hastily got into clean clothes, grabbed my wallet, phone and the keys to my old car and got out the front door before Mom could stop me. Looking back, it was the coward's way out, but I figured if I could let her cool down, it would be better for all concerned.

Three hours of hiding out later, I received a text on my phone from my father's number: "Not calling police, but we ARE separating you. You are flying Portland tomorrow 9 AM flight. Uncle Matt will pick up, knows why. Packed suitcase and backpack with passport, laptop, books and a boarding pass inside will be on front porch. Pick up but don't come in. Don't call or text your sister, her phone is off."

It was followed by another: "Text me where car parked at airport. Will sell and send money. Matt already has car 4 you. Will ship more stuff once packed up. Discuss conditions 4 return later. Maybe no sooner than graduation. Put focus into studies + move on to other girls."

I was numb the whole way to Oregon, unable to cry until I reached the guest bedroom at Uncle Matt and Aunt Sheila's house, then I didn't stop for two days.


It was early July before Abby could call me. My first question was, "Are Mom and Dad listening in?"

"They're in the room, but can't hear you," Abby said.

"I'm so sorry, Abby," I said.

"Don't be. I'll treasure that day, no matter what." Apparently to my parents, she said, "Well, I will. You can't take that memory away from me, no matter what else you do to punish us."

"Abby, don't antagonize them," I said. "It gets us nowhere. We got caught and have to pay their penalty. Don't push them to make it bigger than it already is. We're both still dependent on them for college, for one thing. My scholarship is only partial and if Mom and Dad won't cover the rest or won't pay for yours, we're both screwed."

"Okay, I'll try," she said. "You'll remember I said we would need to move on from each other eventually. We simply have to start now, instead. I love you, but this might be all you hear from me this summer."

It was indeed the last time I heard her voice for months. Text messaging was blocked on her phone and Abby's Facebook account was shut down. We exchanged some emails via her home account, but I was certain my parents were going to be monitoring it, so I stuck to safe topics and so did she. I put my effort into getting ready for the first day of classes and trying to let Abby and how it felt to make love to her fade from my thoughts, not very successfully, I admit. The way things ended only served to make those moments together more vibrant in my memory.

I dated here and there during college, got laid occasionally, but never really formed a lasting relationship with any of the young women. They simply didn't measure up to Abby in my mind or heart. I didn't know if anyone else ever would.


In the end, Mom and Dad's conditions for my return to Tennessee were having my college diploma and either Abby or me being married. So, when Abby announced her engagement to recently graduated policeman Jack Henfield before our Junior years, with an intention to marry after her graduation, I was able to get my parents to relent enough that I could move home just before the wedding so I could attend it, on condition that I stay away from Abby until the actual wedding day.

My accounting degree would make it fairly easy to go into business for myself as a consultant, once I was back in state. I took a series of short gigs in Portland over the summer, then had my meager possessions shipped back to Nashville and started drumming up business as I set up an apartment.

Standing in the church during the wedding march, I got my first glimpse at the maid of honor, Jan Henfield, Jack's younger sister and Abby's roommate throughout her college years. My first impression was of a slender brunette, beautiful in a vivacious way. She made eye contact with me and gave me a big smile.

Then, I saw Abby. Four years had made her even more beautiful than she already was at 18. She glowed with happiness walking on our dad's arm, but both avoided looking at me.

During the reception, Abby finally approached me, with Jan in tow, and introduced us. My second impression of Jan, side by side with Abby, was that they were about as close to opposites in terms of body type as I could imagine. Abby, maybe a little curvier than at 18, was clearly still as fit. Jan, as I mentioned, was slender but still womanly, with an infectious laugh and a sexy flirtatiousness she exercised on me for several minutes as Abby looked on without a trace of jealousy.

Under the suspicious eyes of our parents, I managed to get a dance with Abby, awkwardly holding her at a distance. She leaned in as close as she dared and whispered, "Jan's perfect for you, Dave. Besides being my best friend, she'll help convince Mom and Dad that you've moved on from me. Ask her out at least a couple of times. For me?"

I whispered back, "Anything for you, you know that. Even pretend that I don't still love you, desperately."

Abby squeezed the hand holding hers in warning, before making eye contact and whispering, "I could never be your wife and we both knew it from that first day. Jan's the one woman you could be with who won't make me jealous of her, so give her a fair chance at your heart. It would get Mom and Dad to trust you more, because they already trust Jan. Just like being with Jack finally got them to let up on me."


Abby was right. Falling in love with Jan helped to heal the wounds my heart had suffered over the previous four years of separation from Abby, although Jan knew nothing about our one liaison or the true reason I had stayed in Oregon throughout my college years. We married almost exactly a year after Abby and Jack. We successfully socialized with them, in the presence of my parents and without. Abby and I were never really alone together, though. I felt I had moved on, finally.

At least, that was the case until both of our spouses changed jobs in 2016. Jan took an IT consulting job requiring travel about one week per month, while Jack left the Nashville P.D. to start a private investigation business and had to increasingly do surveillance at night, usually two or three nights in a row.

The first time that both of those coincided, about six months after the job changes, Abby showed up at my doorstep, carrying a bottle of red wine. She said, "I thought I'd keep you company, rather than both of us being home alone. Usually, I can arrange to swap shifts at the hospital so I can work while Jack does surveillance and have more time off when he doesn't, but I couldn't arrange it this time."

"C'mon in," I said, taking the bottle from her and heading to the kitchen to open it and pour two glasses. She followed me as I said, "You do realize this is the first time we've actually been alone together since I moved back."

When I turned around to hand her a glass, her blouse was off and her skirt was already sliding down her legs. "I think you can guess why I'm really here," she said, as she stepped closer and put her arms over my shoulders.

I set both glasses down on the counter and took her in my arms for the first time in over eight years. So much time, yet it felt like hardly any, once I kissed her again. "Is this a good idea?" I asked, after three minutes.

"The worst ever," she answered, smiling and picking up one of the glasses to take a sip. "But, it's the choice I made eight years ago, never to stop loving you, wanting you. I never stopped imagining what would have happened that summer if we had only been more careful, if Mom hadn't come home that lunch break, just because of a run in her damned pantyhose. But, I also swore to never put us in a position to get caught again and not being suspected was the first step."

"That's why Mom was home? I never knew, never had the nerve to ask her."

Abby nodded. "Yeah, dumb luck meets a lack of caution, right? Maybe if we had gone inside when you were worried about sunburn, we might have had enough warning to scramble apart or maybe not. I've played every 'what if' scenario possible. Anyway, they're not here right now, are they? Jan won't be home until Friday, and Jack's on a stakeout until about 2 AM, he said. The coast isn't going to get any clearer for us to finish what we started."

"And then what? Sneak around behind our spouses' backs? This is cheating now, too."

Abby said, "I know. If I thought we could be open about our relationship, I would be. Jan and I at least have a history of sharing guys. But law-and-order Jack? I can't see him doing anything but reporting us, if he knew."

"Secrets it is, then," I said, taking her hand and leading us into my bedroom.

"Not your guest room?" Abby asked.

"No," I answered. "If we use that bed, even if I wash and put back the same sheets, Jan would still notice that I remade the bed. But changing the sheets in here before she gets home from a trip is actually routine for me, so she won't notice anything unusual."

I disrobed as Abby took off her undergarments and I pulled the covers down. I marveled at how her boobs had retained their shape, with no hint of sag from what I remembered from that day we were caught. Her hips had gained maybe an inch, but her abdomen was still muscled and her waist seemed the same. Her pussy was totally shaved, now, making my mouth water at the thought of finally tasting her.

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