tagNonHumanCatgirl on the Prowl

Catgirl on the Prowl


It was a glorious early spring Sunday morning in the park and I was enjoying it by sitting on a park bench dressed in a black silk sheath dress, an outsized black brimmed hat with a yellow bird feather accent, nylon stockings attached to the garters of my black girdle, my favorite black satin pumps, with a copy of Cosmo and a huge plastic cup filled with a very volatile vodka and tonic I mixed at home. Yes, drinking on a Sunday morning. But it turned out that my morning was about to become even more decadent than I had planned.

I had the magazine up to my nose reading with great interest an article titled "The New Orgasm...And How to Get It." As I licked my finger to turn the page in order to discover the big secret, I felt a soft but insistent rubbing sensation against my calf. Without really looking down from the fascinating article, I moved my arm to brush away whatever it was that was pestering me. When I did so, I felt fur and jumped in my seat.

"Meeeeooooowwwww!" sounded a piercing screech below me.

I looked down in my frightened state and saw a truly astounding sight. A kitten, no, a full-sized cat...but no, not that either, really, curled below me. In fact, it was a young woman, with ginger-colored hair, two small cat ears pointing up, a sly grin (dare I say a Cheshire grin?) upon her lips, sprawled on her haunches and forelegs, er, arms, clad in black vinyl boots and an obscene black vinyl garment that was akin to a body harness. I saw a long fluffy ginger-colored tail peeking from under her hindquarters.

"Meeooowww" she whispered in a much more friendly way now that we were making eye contact.

"Good morning, puss-puss" I said, feeling somewhat silly.

My newfound friend smiled, giggled, and rubbed her head against my leg.

"Careful, my dear, those are expensive stockings." I said.

The pussycat merely nodded, continued rubbing her cheek along my calf and I could feel the vibration of her purring as she did so.

I took a long sip of my vodka and tonic. I realized that I was shaking with nerves. Was I hallucinating? Was my vodka mix a bit too strong? Or was there a beautiful young semi-nude catwoman stroking my leg with her soft cheek in a New York City public park on a sunny Sunday morning?

An old gentleman in a long overcoat shuffled down the pathway in front of us. "Nice little cat" he said as he tipped his hat to me. So it was true. I had found – or been found by – a cute little stray kitten.

I looked down at the kitty cat. "Would you like to join me here on the bench? The ground must be so cold."

"Meeeoooww" she whispered and slinkily got to her feet. I drank in the sight of her. The gleaming black vinyl ensemble was quite striking and left little to the imagination. The contrast of the ginger hair, her creamy skin and the shiny black vinyl was very becoming. I noticed that her ginger tail seemed to grow naturally from between the twin globes of her voluptuous derriere and its fur hung down to where her black boots just covered her knees.

From somewhere deep inside me and beneath the layers of my own feminine articles I felt the unmistakable stirrings of lust. "Oh, pussycat" I whispered to myself as I let my eyes run over her from ears to tail.

The catwoman curled up on the bench next to me, her long legs folded beneath her hindquarters and she adjusted her tail so that it fluffed across her naked thighs. She leaned against me and I could again feel the vibration of her purr. She looked at me, slowly batted her eyelashes, and smiled again in that coy fashion.

I stroked her long ginger hair and asked her name.

"D" she barely whimpered the single sound.

"Are you lost, dear?" I asked her and realized that I was now petting her bare back and beginning to feel very protective toward this adorable creature.

She merely looked down and began to stroke her ginger tail. Finally, she whimpered a weak "Meeooww."

"What am I going to do with you, my little kitty-cat?" I asked out loud, wondering to myself...what indeed does one do with a full grown catwoman? As kittenish as she appeared, the ASPCA would probably be reluctant to accept this stray. And I can hardly leave her here to fend for herself in the city. Lord knows what perils could befall a kitten in a black vinyl body harness in the middle of New York City.

"Sweetie, how did you get here?" I asked, as my hand drifted down her smooth back to the place where her soft buttocks flared to a perfect roundness.

D-cat in answer simply walked her fingers over her bare thigh.

"You walked (in that outfit?, I wondered to myself) but is anyone out looking for you? Surely you must belong to someone."

D-cat purred more vigorously and rubbed up against me. "You" she whispered softly and burrowed her head into my shoulder.

I felt myself inhale a deep breath and my heart raced. "Oh, puss-puss, yes, I'll take care of you." At that moment – perhaps even when I first saw D-cat – I knew that she was mine to keep and care for. "Come with me, dear, I'll take you to my place. Our place" I corrected myself.

I gathered my magazine and vodka cup and realized that it would be a very neat trick to walk this semi-nude stunning pussycat across the park and up the busy avenue to my apartment building. But it simply must be done, I said to myself, trying to steel myself for the expedition. D-cat scampered in front of me, skipping around swishing her tail, not at all uneasy about her exhibitionism. As I walked along the paved park trail, my own high heels making a clicking, scraping racket in the quiet Sunday morning, D-cat playfully hid behind trees and sprung out at me as we made our way to the avenue exit from the park. Oh, what a delight it was to watch her as she unabashedly sashayed, ran, playfully chased a squirrel, and vamped around with the bright morning sunlight glinting off the buckles and studs of her body harness, the black vinyl of her high boots gleaming, the soft roundness of her bottom bouncing as she moved, the golden ginger of her long hair flowing in her own breeze, and of course the hypnotic sway of her dancing ginger tail as it swished with each of her movements. She really was a feline - graceful and extraordinarily sexy.

At last we reached the broad pavement of the avenue. I looked in the direction of the apartment building. The traffic was rather light (good) and the pedestrian traffic was minimal. Perhaps we could somehow survive the ridiculous spectacle of D-cat on a Manhattan avenue. I felt a little ashamed of my embarrassment but I quickly put on a pair of big dark sunglasses and took my first steps uptown with D-cat still dashing about me as we progressed. We ran a gauntlet of bagel shop customers, a couple of vagrants, some startled Sunday strollers, and crossed an intersection in front of a delivery truck from which issued a caterwaul of horn honking and wolf whistles. None of which were directed at me, I noted enviously. Walking with a nearly naked D-cat was an assurance of anonymity akin to sheer invisibility.

As we neared my building I corralled the playful kitty and told her to stay near me. D-cat finally calmed down and walked snuggily next to me as we approached the canopied doorway. Blast! My building's uniformed doorman came popping out to open the door, then halted, mouth agape.

"Oh. Miss Penny, you know there's no, uh, pets...allowed upstairs" he said haltingly all the while eyeing my new pussycat up and down then back down and up again.

"I just need to give her some milk and call her owner, Johhny" I said hurriedly and slipped him a fiver for his cooperation. "Come along, kitty."

We slipped into the lobby and quickly trundled into an elevator before the doorman could get loquacious. I pushed my floor button and slumped against the elevator's back wall, shaking like a leaf and breathing heavily. D-cat nervously paced inside the cramped compartment as we ascended, her tail flicking quickly with her skittish movements. When the doors slid open, she ran down the hallway, instinctively stopping right outside my apartment's door. "Meeooww" she cooed softly as I fumbled with my keys.

When the door cracked open, D-cat quickly pushed inside and immediately began racing around the apartment, over my expensive furniture, slithering over the coffee table, finally assuming a kittenish (and devilishly sexy) pose on my kitchen counter. I collapsed on the couch, exhausted from this fantastic escapade. D-cat simply watched me from her sexy perch and smiled with that enigmatic wrinkling of her lips.

I was mesmerized by the sight of this sexy catwoman – now mine - my own D-cat – on sexy display on the kitchen countertop. My girdle suddenly felt tight in a place where no woman's girdle should ever feel tight. I took a long sip of the vodka mixture and watched her with a mixture of interest and growing lust. At last, I patted the sofa cushion next to me. "Come here, puss-puss" I said.

D-cat saucily uncoiled herself from the countertop and jumped down to the floor, landing on all fours (that is to say, hands and knees) and began to slink towards me on the couch across the empty expanse of living room carpet. Somewhere in the middle of her journey, D-cat began racing around in a tight circle. She ran faster and faster, snapping her sweet little mouth in the direction of her flying tail behind her. "Jeezus-Christ, she's actually trying to catch her own tail!" I exclaimed to myself. I watched the spectacle of D-cat running in surprisingly fast tight circles, her eyes bright with the thrill of the chase after her own wildly flying ginger tail. After a dozen or more circles, with D-cat becoming obviously more and more frustrated by her unsuccessful chase after her own tail, I clapped my hands sharply. "D-cat!" I shouted.

D-cat stopped in her tracks, looked at me with wild, wide eyes, then smoothly continued her sultry slink towards me on the couch. In a cat-like posture before my heels, she quickly sprung up to land on the sofa cushion next to me.

I snatched her up in my arms and maneuvered her onto my lap. I petted her long ginger tail and looked into her bright eyes. "Puss-puss" I cooed as I stroked her.

"Meeeooow" she sweetly cooed back at me and laid her head on my bosom.

I allowed myself the luxury of running my hands over her bare flesh. I reached the softness of her round bottom and gently flipped her tail about with my fingers. D-cat was staring into my eyes and I felt it as though it was a burning arrow into my secret thoughts. I returned her stare as I cupped the softness of her bottom on my lap.

"Can you speak, my dear?" I asked.

"Meeoooww' she whispered.

"Is that a 'Yes'?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, owner" D-cat finally answered in a soft voice.

I held her a little tighter around her slim waistline. "You're a very sexy kitty" I said almost whispering and never taking my eyes off hers.

"Meeoow" D-cat breathed softly.

"Sweetie, why don't you go and freshen yourself up...take a bath or a quick shower, touch up your makeup, and feel free to use my perfumes or oils...When you come back, all refreshed, we'll have some fun, alright, my pet?" I said and gently patted D-cat's bare thigh.

She purred vibrantly and quickly leapt to her feet, tail swinging saucily as she slunk her way towards my bathroom. At the door, D-cat stopped, jutted her right hip and buttock, turned her face to me over one shoulder and slapped her bare ass with a sharp crack. The little kitten-vixen giggled hysterically and disappeared into the bath.

I realized I was shaking with anticipation and lust and took another long pull from my vodka and tonic. "Get a grip, get a grip, for chrissakes" I whispered to myself. I heard the shower splash on in my bath and imagined D-cat, naked, beneath its warm caress. I took another sip of vodka and formulated a plan.

Lifting myself from the deep couch, I repaired to my bedroom and began unzipping the black sheath dress. It floated away from my shoulders and slipped to the floor at my feet. I kicked it aside and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I was clad only in my black one piece open bottom girdle with the garters holding up my expensive stockings. I turned around to look at my bubble butt in the tight black girdle. Even with my own self-critical eye, I had to admit that I was –yes – hot...and I hoped my new kitty cat would like my girdle ensemble also. I sprayed some of my perfume on my neck, cleavage, and inner thighs, gave my hairdo a quick spouf and slipped back into my satin pumps.

I could hear the shower go off and some muffled movements behind the bathroom door as D-cat dried and put herself back together again. The clinking of her harness buckles and the scrape of her boot heels on the marble tile was like an aural aphrodisiac.

Back in my living room, I assumed my own vixenish posture on the couch, curling my stockinged legs up and sitting back in semi-repose awaiting my pet's return. When at last D-cat reappeared at the living room entrance, I gulped and breathed harder. She stood there looking radiant, glowing, and slightly pinkened from the warm shower. Her hair was teased out a little, giving her a wilder look that was accented by her cat ears and she had done some work on her eye makeup and lipgloss which only made her look more feline than when I first saw her slinking around in the park after her all-nighter. Even from across the room, I could detect the smell of musk (I knew she would choose the musk, ah-ha!) and she wiggled her nose and smiled with pursed lips in my direction. Her vinyl harness and boots gleamed fresh from the steam and rubdown she must have given them. She had disconnected the bottom part of her harness and her genitals were exposed below a neatly trimmed "v" of soft pubic hair. It was a devastatingly cute sight, this small brown-pink appendage swaying softly above the smooth, puffy twin roundness of her ballsac. D-cat adopted a bashful demeanor and for the first time I noticed that she was holding her tail in her hands. She began a slow undulating walk towards me on the couch, and I couldn't take my eyes off her swaying hips or gently dangling centerpiece. When she was before me, I finally tore my eyes off her sex and looked up at her.

D-cat presented the tail apparatus to me in both open palms as though it was a present. "Help, please?" she asked in a small voice.

"Oh, yes, of course, my dear, let me help you with that" I said and rose from the couch. D-cat handed the tail to me and I saw how it was constructed now. The long flowing ginger tail fur was woven into the base of a shockingly thick butt plug. D-cat had lubricated the butt plug with the jelly I kept in my bathroom. The plug gleamed and felt slippery in my hands as I took it from her. "My goodness, D, it's gigantic" I wheezed as I felt its heft.

D-cat smiled. "Meeeooow" she cooed and turned her back to me and bent at the waist presenting her gorgeous ass to me.

"Dear, open your legs a little, it will be easier" I advised.

She simply wiggled her ass, keeping her thighs together and said "In. Me. Now."

This little pussycat was full of surprises. I guess she liked it screwed in tight. Her ass was so full and round, I couldn't even see where I was supposed to aim the pointed end of the conical butt plug. I ran my index finger between her cheeks and found the slick spot where she had pre-lubed herself. D-cat whimpered at this soft touch. I squeezed the thick cone into the sweet spot. There was immediate resistance to my attempt to push it into her. D-cat rolled her hips a little to center the cone on her tight asshole. "In. Me. Now" she said again.

I wrapped my free arm around her waist for leverage and pushed the cone – hard – into D-cat's asshole. "Weeeoooowwww" she cried as a wounded alley cat might. But she did not squirm away from the relentless insertion. I just kept pushing the thick black cone into her and D-cat rotated her ass to accommodate the huge object. The thickest part of the cone was nearing her entrance and D-cat wailed as I tried to screw it into her tightness. The final centimeters of the black object disappeared into her ass and at last I heard the "thwock!" of her asshole closing over the plug. Now only the long ginger tail was visible, unfurling from between her asscheeks as though she had grown it naturally.

D-cat turned around to face me and her eyes were heavy-lidded, she was licking her glossy lips and she was scooching around trying to get comfortable with the plug-tail firmly embedded in her. "Ooooh, ooooh, oooooh" she moaned. And then she was back to normal – or as normal as any boy-cat-woman can ever be. She quickly walked around the room, letting the tail swing with her movements. Her little pecker was semi-stiff and her balls seemed even more fulsome than before as they swung with equal freedom to each of her rapid movements. At the far end of the living room, she got on all fours and began slinking towards me, licking her lips, and never taking her eyes from my face.

When she reached me, she licked my ankle and, in a continuous motion, ran her tongue up my stockinged leg, nibbled at the front garter, and continued upward over my bare inner thigh until her head was beneath my open bottom girdle hem. Then I felt her mouth on my balls and after what seemed a glorious eternity, she sucked my semi-hard cock into her mouth in a seamless, effortless manner that made my knees wobble.

I watched from above, and it all came together, the visual stimulus of her gently bobbing head, the sway of her rump and tail as she worked, and the liquid full-on blowjob D-cat was administering to me. Now, I was the one making whimpering kitten-like noises as D-cat's insatiable mouth worked its magic on my needy, sex-starved organ. When I heard D-cat make a muffled squeal as my cock drooled out a line of pre-cum into her mouth, I lost all semblance of control and went into a breathless trance as I exploded a long-held reservoir of semen into her. D-cat stayed with it and I could feel her swallowing the first load and then the second and third spurts and all the smaller eruptions until I was spent and there was nothing left for her to take into her.

D-cat emerged from under my girdle hem, ran her tongue around the perimeter of her lips and slowly got to her feet. "Meeeoooowww" she whispered and smiled the Cheshire cat smirk.

"I guess all you really needed, pussycat, was a little cream" I said, and collapsed in her arms.

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