tagNonHumanCat's Night Out

Cat's Night Out


Thanks to Lady_Poisyn for inspiring me and helping me with this one. I hope you enjoy it!

Halloween is usually a fun time for a college guy. Costume parties mean a lot of hot girls to flirt with and lord knows how many guys get laid with the girls they'll never meet again. That's not me, though. I prefer making the little kids smile, since they're always out and about wanting candy.

So, cat costume donned in my head and $30 of candy ready to hand out, I passed the campus on the way to the suburbs on the other side at about six o'clock. A few of my friends were walking to a party or their rooms. A few more of my friends gave my cell a call asking if I was going to this or that party. Nobody volunteered to join me for the handouts, but this is the second year in a row it's been like that.

I didn't really mind, it's just one night a year. So I was feeling happy as I bobbed my head side to side, letting the bell on my collar ring as I got to the suburbs. I could already see the decorations and a few families getting ready for the onslaught of kids. I smiled and found a good bench on an intersection, just next to a garden dividing the three-way.

It was a pleasant sit, really. The leaves were reflected in the little light that was left before it turned to darkness. The lights, both indoors and outside decorations, came on, and only the brightest lights in the sky remained visible. The moon wasn't full; it was actually a new one. I looked up and saw it anyway, smiling at the darkness that still stood out in the black sky.

Immediately a chocolaty cat, probably someone's let out for the night, came over. It meowed and nuzzled my leg with its head. I couldn't resist; I was in a cat costume myself because of my affection for the breed. So I picked it up gently around its belly and pulled it into my lap, stroking both its cheeks and the back of his head with my thumb and fingers.

It purred and collapsed against me, looking up at me with purple eyes. I figured it to be a genetic defect of some kind, since it was harmless enough, and kept stroking through its fur as it purred my lap into submission.

The lights down the road snapped on and the kids came out, whether with their parents or not. There were many princesses and a few faeries, as well as a lot of random costumes you'd expect to find in any given Halloween town. Most of what I had to give out was purely chocolate, since kids could be picky about what else was in it.

I was shocked at how many people were around and coming through for candy. The whole neighborhood seemed to come to life as it lit up more. I guess my night vision was finally kicking in mostly. Two hours passed and the cat in my lap never left. It meowed and raised itself up, licking my cheeks playfully.

I laughed and poked its nose gently. It shook its head and flopped on its side... So this cat was a girl. It wasn't spayed, but was definitely female between the legs. Whoever she belonged to probably missed her, that's for sure. She was incredibly affectionate and cute.

"Hey, little girl. You need to go home sometime."

She opened her eyes and looked up at me. I saw a huge glow in her eye. The street light maybe? "Cats are smart, I'm sure you know where your home is... Don't you want to curl up on your favorite kid's bed?"

To my surprise, the cat shook her head side to side very briefly before sprawling out, looking out at the road. Her fur was incredibly glossy; she was probably spoiled from being pampered. I was surprised she was even let out. "Heh. Why not, silly?"

"Mreow" was my response. She looked in the corner of her eye at me, and I saw the glow in it again. It was milk white, not the street light's yellow. I looked up and saw the moon again. It was full, almost glowing. "Wasn't that... was it hidden by the clouds?"

I felt the cat get up and hop up my body, landing on my shoulder. I jerked my head down, but that didn't even phase the cat. A furry little head bumped my cheek before she pawed to my other shoulder and flopped against my neck, wrapped around me about like a scarf. To keep her from falling, I tilted my head forward, which blanketed the furry thing in my hair, which was shoulder length. "You sure you wanna come with me?"

"Meow" this time. It was quieter and a bit higher than the first... I didn't know what else to do. Force her away? She'd be able to follow me? Wait it out? I had a class in the morning... All I could really do was take her home. Picking up the very few remains of the chocolate, I stood up, and the little cat meowed at the jingling bell.

It was surprisingly pleasant. She kept my neck warm on the way home and didn't claw at all. There was only purring from her, and the occasional meow when I said anything to her. I couldn't help but wonder how long I could keep her, or if campus homes even allowed pets. The entire way home, one hand was holding the bag as the other was stroking softly over the cat's fuzzy head.

It might have been my eyes, but the ground seemed to get brighter the whole way home. Well, duh, there were party lights around instead of suburbs. Still, it was pleasant to be able to see where I was going as I kept talking to the little cat the whole way home.

The moment I got in, I heard a happy meow from the little cat. She fidgeted a bit on me, which about tickled, but then held still until I could get to my bed and lower myself for her to slide down on the blankets. She sat herself up and stared at me as I put away the chocolates before flopping on the bed, too lazy to get out of the costume.

She crawled over to me and sat on my chest, meowing at me as she stared at me with her eyes. The glow never left her eyes, which was starting to lead me to believe that they were damaged; the glow was nearly pure white. "You've got interesting eyes... Do you have a name?"

"Meow." I smiled and stroked her cheek gently and she tilted her head into my fingers. As I went down her back, she stood up for me to scratch the spots I knew made cats purr the most. "You're a ragdoll... Heh, that's great, I love your breed. How's Mitzi for a name?"

I felt her shake her head against my arm, as if getting something off. I took it as an objection and went through more names. All I could do was laugh at the cat's intellect and personality before it crawled up to me and curled up at my side. I rolled on my side, too, and stroked softly over the back of the cat's neck as I started to drift myself.

Her purring became regulated, and I could tell she was asleep. "Sweet dreams if you can dream... Laura." My eyes closed as hers opened, and my hand absentmindedly stroked over her fur the entire time. I never saw her eyes glowing, the shining spot within them turning its brightest. I never noticed the moon practically exploding with light. All I could do was sleep soundly.

I never felt Laura expand and mold against my body. The only thing I could do was dream of being caught in something soft, warm, and gentle, like a friend's arms...

I woke up to a louder purring than I remember falling asleep with. Lauren must be really happy, I thought, as my thumb kept stroking over her fur... fur? Where was it? What I felt was skin-soft, but no fuzzy.

I opened my eyes and was looked down. A head of brown hair was tucked under my head, and a fuzzy ear was brushing over my cheek. It was way too big to be a cat's, but the shape matched... "Laura?"

All I got in return was a regulated purr. She was asleep. One of my arms was under me, and the other was still against her skin. I let it roam a bit and felt the skin curving... I was on a breast. The purring got louder as I traced softly down her belly, feeling it squish in a bit but smooth as silk. She was slender, but healthy.

I got down to where her pubes were... not. She was shaven. Her ear twitched and batted me in the face, which snapped me to reality. Laura was a cat girl. She was naked, in my bed, sealed against me, and felt extremely gorgeous. The idea of it sent tingles between my legs and my dick stiffened, pushing aside something equally as thick as it elongated. "A tail..."

"Mow?" I raised my hand in shock, almost jerking my body completely. Laura raised her head and looked around before realizing I was behind her. She instantly turned around in place and smiled up at me. Her eyes were the same purple as last night, she had whiskers popping from above her eyebrows and her cheeks, and... I couldn't help it, she looked cute.

My eyes were open in shock, but she could only smile up at me. "Duh yee nnew wit you've den?"

I blinked a few times. "I'm sorry... what? This is your first time speaking, isn't it?"

She nodded and kept trying. Her voice was sultry, and gentle. "I'm the cot you war potting lest night..." She played around with her mouth for a second, trying to get used to it. "Every Hallooween I wait for a hew-man to find me and do what y-you did."

I smiled at her improvement and wrapped my arm softly over her back. She smiled and immediately hugged me, no stranger to affection. "What exactly did I do?"

"You were nice. You took me in here and named me and cared for me and the entire time the moon got brighter I'm sure you saw it gloweeng more and more..." She took a moment to catch her breath. The excitement of speaking right had caught up with her. "Every Halloween I wait for a person to do what you did. The closer they get, the more the moon glows and it shows in my eyes, and I know you saw it that they got brighter. When you went to sleep and named me the moon turned its brightest and let me become yours!"

I stared down at her eyes and felt my heart pounding. I curled my arms around her and hugged her in tighter, and she smiled and purred as she sank into my arms. Her head turned so her ear was on my chest. "Hehe... Your heart is beating so loud, you must be excited. And you reek of desire."

God, there was no denying that. I'm surprised it hasn't jumped out of my pants. I instinctively started tracing my fingers up and down her back, stroking her spine gently. Her purring magnified as I stroked outward, still running across her back as she smiled in comfort.

She pushed into me so I was on my back and crawled on me, facing away from me. I felt two perfect bubbles on her butt sinking into my crotch, hiding my bulge between them as she purred happily. "You can feel if you want to..." Her arms crossed under her breasts, lifting them as she lied still for me.

I nuzzled my head gently over hers as my hands started tracing over her skin again. I curled my fingers around her arms and rubbed up and down, a silent thank-you for her being with me. I got a quiet "Mmm" in return as my fingers slid onto her breasts, soft and round. I cupped my hands around both of them... One was larger, it felt, but they were both incredible. I couldn't resist, I had to squeeze in and feel how soft they were.

Her moan got louder, and I felt her nipples rising slowly into my palms. I swallowed hard, thinking she was getting horny, too. My hands traced down, fingers flicking over her nipples as my hands left her breasts. I traced over her folded arms and found her belly again. I cupped my hands over the sides of her belly, my fingers leading in as I slid as light as possible down her belly, feeling her soft skin against mine.

Running over her belly brought out an "Oh-hoh-hoh" from her, and she raised her back as I went toward her legs. Her butt pressed harder into me, arousing me more. That made me more daring as my hands slid in, finding her thighs as far down as possible. I started tracing up, blushing as my dick twitched, knowing where my hands would end.

Just before I got to it, Laura sprang off me, too fast for me to react to. I sat up as she crawled, on all fours, in a circle around me. "Laura, are you okay?"

A purr was my response as she kept crawling around. Her eyes were still soft and kind, but I saw her tail twitching and her ears folded as I breathed. The entire time she locked eyes with me, and I couldn't help but worry about her. "Laura"

She got in front of me and paused for a second. The moment I started blinking, she launched herself at me, tackling me instantly. "Gah!" I wound up on my back with her on top, her head sinking to my neck. I felt her teeth sink in, and I was dead still. They stopped biting in before it could hope to hurt, but there she was, pinning me down and in a position to end me right there. "What was that...?"

She pulled carefully off my neck and started kneading her hands into my chest as she looked up at me, as innocent as ever. "Males have to beat the females before they can mate, darling. You know that, I know you do."

I blushed, not thinking she would have been THAT feline. My hand reached out to her head, and she watched it intently until my fingers stroked through her hair to scratch softly against her head. She smiled and purred the entire time I pet, even as I tugged her head closer to mine the entire time. Eventually I got close enough that our lips met in a soft kiss.

I heard her moans again as she fell into my arms with the kiss. I kept her lips sealed against mine as my hands traced across her neck and back. I sat up, bringing her with me in my lap until we sat up together. I traced my tongue into her lips, finding hers to rub against. Her purring got louder as her rough tongue rubbed back against mine... God, what else could be feline about her that could be so right?

My breathing became faster as he tongue curled around mine, rubbing back and forth as our heads tilted so our lips sealed together. I had one immediate, bright idea and put an arm between her spread legs, clutching her shoulder with my other arm. I broke the kiss abruptly and cried out loudly in my effort to heave Laura up above me.

"Ahh!" She flailed as I raised her up, using all of my body possible to heave her up before getting her down on the bed, on her back. She instantly tried to spring up, but I was on top of her and holding her down by the arms. Her nails, sharp as any cat's, scratched over my skin a bit. She controlled herself to not draw blood, but realized I wasn't going to let go anyway and stopped, purring quietly with a smile.

I lowered myself slowly onto her, letting go of her arms so she could guide me down by a hug. Our lips met again, just as deep as before I wrestled her down. Her hands and claws kneaded into my back, scratching occasionally and pulling me down every time. She smiled in the kiss before she bit into my lower nip playfully, nibbling it before tilting her head into my neck.

She kissed the skin softly before nibbling into it, gnawing her way down to my shoulder before bumping her head softly against my chin, nuzzling me gently. "You win. I'm all yours." The thought of the idea made my dick twitch as she purred quietly.

I raised myself up and she laid down again, smiling at me with her ever-innocent eyes. I kissed her softly before trailing kisses down her cheek, getting to her neck, licking in the kisses and suckling the skin gently. I didn't want to leave a spot on her throat untouched, and I loved the way it vibrated as she purred and moaned in the tease.

I finally got to the nipples, smiling as I took one whole in my mouth and started nibbling into it very gently. Her moan turned into a light cry of pleasure as she ran her fingers through my hair and latched me to her breast firmly. My face was buried in the softness as I sucked on the nipple in my mouth, doing so harder and harder as if I wanted it to come straight off the skin.

She hugged me all the tighter until she broke her grip and wiggled. "Those clothes are uncomfortable, I want to feel your skin... Please?"

I smiled and looked at her. The face made me smile, there was no way I could deny her anything. I slid off the jet black vest and pants, leaving only my boxers hiding the bulge and my collar. I bent over to try to take off the last bit of clothing and my novelty ears fell onto the floor. Soon to be completely exposed, I hoped Laura wouldn't laugh.

I'm definitely not tiny. Eight and a half inches was good as far as I was concerned. But I didn't know how Laura would react; she was part feline. As I stepped out of the boxers, I looked at her face. She was in longing. She was gripping the blankets and puncturing them in anticipation as I smiled and crawled back onto the bed. "You really are mine?"

She nodded and purred quietly. "As long as you'll keep me."

I slid my hands to the back of my neck and undid the collar that was still there. Then I lowered it down and wrapped the piece around her neck, securing it so it was snug but not binding. Once I turned it so the bell faced out front, I smiled and stroked her cheek with the backs of my fingers. "How does forever sound?"

She purred and tilted her head to clip her teeth around my finger, very gently. Our eyes met as she held onto my finger as softly as possible, purring as long as she kept my finger gently in place. I pulled my finger out and straddled over her body. "What do you want me to do?" The question came from my own lips; I couldn't think of anything to do. The sight was too perfect to think of myself.

Her hand raised up and her fingers curled very gently around my dick, stroking softly as she smiled up at me. "Please yourself. On me, in me... use my body, let yourself feel good." Her voice purred out in a sultry whisper... God, this was going to be great. I lowered my hands to her breasts, fondling them softly and massaging them with tender squeezes that brought out moans that only lead me on more.

I crawled up against her, fitting my dick snug between her breasts. Her hands curled over her chest, keeping her boobs in place for me as I propped one hand at her side and the other in her hair, petting at her neck gently as I started humping back and forth. Her soft breasts slid with my dick, massaging it while tugging at the skin.

The whole time she watched my face. She knew it felt better when she held them tighter together, and she giggled at my gasping breath as she started rubbing her breasts up and down to match my thrusts. I was panting once for every push against her until I felt her teeth touch the head of my dick. She was looking up at me as I stopped, holding onto it the same way she did my finger. "Let me."

I nodded and she scooted under me so my dick was as far up against her as could be. Her teeth let go as her lips took their place, hiding the head of my shaft in her mouth to be drawn upon and licked against, all while she rubbed her breasts around my dick. I could only double over and try to keep my eyes open, still locked with hers as she moaned quietly against my dick.

I couldn't help it. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as she squeezed in her breasts, and I lost contact with her eyes. The moment I did, my dick started throbbing uncontrollably in her soft chest. I was spraying cum deep into her mouth, splashing and seeping it across her tongue as she swallowed it down.

It took everything I had to not pull away from her as I writhed in pleasure, feeling the best orgasm I'd felt in a long time brought on so effortlessly by Laura's gentle body. She kept sucking and squeezing my dick upwards, working out every bit of my cum she could.

Exploding by my hand was one thing, but that was amazing... I dropped on my side, nearly tilting over the edge of the bed after falling. Laura nuzzled up against me, molding her back to my front as she snuggled herself in close, purring in happiness as her tail flicked and traced over my chest. "That was the best milk I've ever had, darling."

The innocence of the comment made me chuckle as I hugged her into me. She meowed at the embrace as I said, "You can have as much as you want when you want, hun. Hell, I'm still hard."

She purred, knowing what it meant after decades of watching men and couples. She bumped her butt against my dick, trapping it between her soft cheeks again. "Do you want to take me again?"

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