Catherine's Joy


Then I was on the bed and he was between my thighs, his arms stiff and straight as if he was about to do pushups. The enormity of the realization that I was about to commit adultery with an African American had me nearly panting and my mind reeled with the intensity of my need. I looked down between us to see Andrew's swollen cockhead lightly intruding between my labia, my fleshy lips attempting to suck at his cock and draw it deeper inside me.

"I'm going to change your life, Catherine. Are you ready for me?" Andrew said in a serious tone.

"Oh god, yes, "Fuck me, Andrew...Fuck me now!" I moaned in reply, never needing to be fucked more badly than at that moment.

Andrew chuckled, his voice merry and deep and then with a simple flick of his hips, my black man plunged his long cock inside me and my world indeed changed. Andrew was big...even by the mythical standards attributed to black men, he was big – thick and long, dwarfing my husband's cock. I was a virgin again, my wet flesh spreading and parting as it never had before. It was painful and sweet. It was shocking and delicious. Andrew's cock speared me, never ceasing until he had completely filled me and then I could feel his thick, lengthy meat still driving into me – stretching me to accommodate his black cock.

I threw back my head and screamed as all sorts of sensations swept over me, carrying me nearly beyond the grasp of comprehension. It hurt and yet it felt so damn good. I felt the weight of this black man's cock settle lightly on me as Andrew's mouth found mine and our tongues joined together once again. I sobbed against his lips as I sorted the explosion of emotion and sensation out, overwhelmed by how I felt.

Then Andrew began to move...he began to fuck me and I tore my lips away from his and screamed again as the purest, most refined sexual pleasure I had ever known erupted from within me and sought exit. Every infinite fraction of movement brought me ecstasy that I could have scarcely believed existed. His cock...Andrew's magnificent black cock was the center of my universe and I had a crazed moment of believing that my entire purpose for being born and having lived these past fifty years was so my wet cunt could service his lovely, erect penis.

Carnal ecstasy grew into something greater...something akin to holy as my new black lover made love to me. His lips were everywhere...on my lips and cheeks, on my shoulders and in the hollow of my neck, on my breasts and nipples, his even, white teeth playfully nipping at the rock hard nubs and his cock never ceased it's patient, steady thrusts, burying himself deep inside me, filling me completely as black flesh scraped along my slick inner walls and probing my womb. I was beyond having children, but I felt a need to have Andrew's baby that was far beyond anything I had desired when Cliff and I were in our twenties and working on making our children.

My orgasm tore away all conscious thought, putting me adrift on an ocean of primal ecstasy, winnowing down my capacity to comprehend the universe to simple terms...Catherine loves Big Black Cock! As carnal pleasure relentlessly crashed through my body, I could only think of regretting that I had wasted my first fifty years without knowing the pleasure that a black man's cock could provide coupled with a growing resolve to dedicate the rest of my life to knowing the pleasure of black cock.

I seemed to pass in and out of conscious thought, sometimes determinedly fucking Andrew back, throwing my pelvis up to meet his continuous thrusts and other times, helpless and writhing with incredible pleasure at being impaled on his long and enormous girth.

I couldn't imagine that it could get much better and then Andrew thrust himself deep and roughly inside of me and began to cum. As his hot semen flooded my womb, a nuclear bomb of pure ecstasy detonated inside me and turned me into a wildly flailing mad woman, driven insane by pleasure on a scale never conceived. Andrew's sperm seemed to be boiling inside of me, awakening long dormant nerve endings of pleasure that could only be expressed by screams of carnal delight...screams of pleasure I thought would never end...screams of "NEVER STOP FUCKING ME WITH THAT BIG, BLACK COCK!"


I gasped with pleasure as I came back to myself, legs spread wide and three fingers buried in my wet pussy as my eyes focused and on the screen before me, I could see Big Al's ass cheeks flexing as he ground himself into Michelle's cunt, his testicles jerking as he emptied his seed into her womb as she screamed, "Don't stop fucking me. I love you!" while her leg muscles swelled as she tightened them around his body.

I envied her briefly as my mind still echoed with memories of my first experience with a lovely black cock. But Andrew was certainly not my last black lover. I found myself suddenly addicted to black cock, beginning with my lovely Andrew, but quickly expanding to include as many other African American men as I could find the opportunity for. Andrew and I began a love affair that continues to this day, but he too was married and loved his spouse and while we had many delicious and lusty moments together, there were still long gaps between our opportunities and I found myself craving the feel of a long, thick black cock buried in my pussy.

My first opportunity came about four months later when I found myself getting a traffic ticket in Albany while visiting my sister. He was maybe thirty years old and handsome with skin like ebony. When he handed me my ticket through the window and handed me my driver's license back, I smiled up at him, feeling a little crazed as I said, "Officer, what would you say if I told you that I'd love to take you to a hotel and see if you could fuck me unconscious?"

He paused and slowly removed his mirrored sunglasses as if to get a clearer look at me. I was wearing a light blue blouse that left one shoulder bared and offered up a generous view of my pert breasts. "Ma'am, are you trying to get out of your ticket or are you just a black cock slut?" His expression was serious without a trace of humor, his brown eyes staring down intently at me.

I licked my lips and impulsively rubbed the crotch of my white capris with the palm of my hand. "If it means you'll fuck me till I beg for mercy, I'll pay my ticket right now, Officer." I dropped my gaze to his gray uniform slacks, believing that I could see a prominent bulge growing there.

He chuckled then and glanced at his watch. "I get off duty in half an hour. You meet me at the Iroquois Inn in one hour and we'll see what we can do to get you off too." He tipped his cap to me and put his sunglasses back on. He started to turn away and then stopped to look back and give me another once over. He chuckled again and said, "You know, I always had a yen to feed Mrs. Brady all twelve inches of my black dick."

A shiver rolled through me at his words, "twelve inches," and I gasped, "I can't wait!" An hour later, Officer Timothy Ellis confirmed that I was indeed a black cock whore as he spent the better part of the next twelve hours fucking me in every conceivable position with his monster penis.

Unlike Andrew, Tim wasn't the least bit gentle, unafraid to treat me roughly, dominating me and taking me like a hard won prize. With his finger's curled in my short blonde hair, he fucked my mouth and came all over my face and then made me suck him to erection again after which he fucked me relentlessly, making me cum with him in the missionary position, then riding him and finally, on my hands and knees before he came in me, filling my cunt with hot, black man's seed.

He remained buried in me until he knew he would remain hard, his body heavy on top of mine, making my quivering body shake as he whispered his plans for me. Then Tim withdrew from my well fucked cunt, making me quiver with orgasmic aftershocks and took hold of my ass cheeks, raising and spreading them with strong, long fingers and then placing his pussy cream and sperm coated cock against my puckered asshole. Before I could protest, Timothy took my ass with a firm and steady resolve, my screams evolving from shrill expressions of pain to shrieks of unbelievable pleasure as he fucked my tight ass.

When he left me in the morning, he paused to give me a gentle kiss on my cum-smeared lips and leave his card on the table as he whispered, "Anytime, Catherine." I slept for another twelve hours, content and happy, stinking of a black man's sweat and cum which dripped from both my asshole and pussy and which I savored the taste of in my mouth long after he was gone, occasionally waking up to finger myself and sucking my fingers to remind myself of his sweet semen.

Andrew had showed me the loving, joyful side of loving black cock. Timothy taught me the glory of being a willing slut for a horny black man. I soon discovered the entire wonderful spectrum in between the two, seeking out black lovers, usually being careful and discrete and sometimes being reckless and following the demands of my own carnal hungers when opportunity knocked.

I fucked black men I met at fund raisers and symphony concerts. I fucked black men I let pick me up at some of the nicer nightclubs. I fucked black sales clerks in Bloomingdale's and Macy's and on three different occasions, black men at the health club. I became expert at the art of flirtation, glancing at a handsome black man in a restaurant and with a single look conveying my need to suck him off in a restroom stall or cloak room before returning to dinner with Cliff or friends. I spent most of a wonderful New Year's morning being fucked by two gorgeous young black men Cliff had hired to bartend our New Year's Eve party, my screams going unheard in the heavily inebriated ears of my husband.

And then, there was always Andrew. What we began on my fiftieth birthday, continued as a passionate affair for nearly three years and in some ways have never stopped. Andrew was and still is a successful businessman, importing fashions from Europe. For the first nine months, we kept our affair secret, but we both disliked the almost shameful overtones that the secrecy brought with it, but which we suffered in the light of the wonderful, lusty fucking that occurred when we were together.

Finally and by mutual consent, we sat down with Cliff and came clean. Much to my surprise, my husband was already familiar with my lover through business dealings and to my greater surprise, Andrew had already braced Cliff about our affair and then to my utter and complete amazement, Cliff proceeded to give us his blessing to continue. "Meeting you, becoming Catherine's lover has taken almost all the tension out of our marriage," Cliff had said calmly. "I know my wife loves me and now I know all her needs are being met...needs I frankly cannot provide anymore."

Cliff had stood up and kissed me then and said, "Catherine, you have my blessing to be happy.

Tears of joy and love were streaming down my face as I rose into my husband's embrace and I kissed him long and hard before saying in a halting whisper, "I cannot believe how lucky I am to be married to a man like you. I love you more than ever, Clifford, my darling."


"Catherine? Catherine, are you there?" Mandy's voice was in my ear, a mixture of concern and amusement coming through.

"Yes, dear girl. What is it?"

My young assistant giggled and replied, "If you're not too busy playing with yourself while watching our employees and clients, your ten o'clock is here."

"Really?" I answered in a slightly strained and amused voice. I stirred my still quivering pussy with my fingers and sighed as I slowly withdrew them from my wet hole. "First impressions?"

I could almost hear Mandy lick her lips. Very handsome...reminds me of that actor you like so much...Poitier...Sydney Poitier? Appears anxious and excited if the lump in his slacks are any indication. God knows it appears big enough to make me feel anxious and excited!"

"Down girl. Remember who signs your checks and gets first crack at every new male we employ." She giggled again and my interest level went up. When my Mandy gets excited, I knew there was real potential there. "Send him up, please." I started to remove my headset, but paused and added, "Keep your hands to yourself, Mandy."

I shivered and realized that I had four fingers deep within my cunt and that my nipples ached from being so hard while my body was lingering on the edge of orgasm. My face had a light sheen of sweat and I realized I was breathing hard. I moaned as I slowly withdrew my fingers, wondering how many times I'd made myself cum while remembered how Andrew and I had become lovers. Quite a few orgasms, I imagined as I eyed the thick coating of pussy juice on my fingers and hand – blobs of my cream pooling here and there.

"Give me five minutes, Mandy and send him up." I said huskily.

"Yes, Catherine...five minutes and if you need some assistance?"

I laughed and said, "You'll be the first to know, dear," I replied dryly and pulled off my headset and stood up on shaky legs...another sign of multiple orgasms. I walked to my private restroom and splashed some water on my face and brushed my hair out and touched up my minimal makeup. My labia were slick and swollen, sending quivers of carnal delight through my body as I moved, my thick lips slipping and sliding against each other in anticipation of my impending interview.

I was standing beside my desk when there was a knock at the door and a youthful, but deep voice said, "Mrs. Henderson?" The door opened and a lovely looking young man stepped in. He was dressed in a short sleeved white shirt with a blue tie and navy slacks that were immaculately pressed. He was wearing worn, but well kept Florsheims that were shined within an inch of their life. I gazed approvingly at how his dark skin, nearly the shade of a ripe eggplant, contrasted against his white shirt.

He came on in and stood up straight, his hands nervously fluttering around his sides, slipping into his pants pockets and then back out, as I studied him closely. He was very handsome. He was by my guess, six foot, two inches tall and maybe one hundred and ninety pounds. The sleeves of his shirt seemed to be distressed, pushed to the limit by his very powerful muscular physique. He radiated youth and strength and power and I could feel my already wet cunt respond. I had to struggle not to shiver and lost the struggle as his voice seemed to resonate in the most delightful way between my legs as he said, "I'm Vance Robertson, ma'am. Pleased to meet you."

I leaned on the desk for support as tingles of orgasmic pleasure rippled through me and said in a slightly strained voice, "I'm very happy to meet you, Vance. I've heard so much about you!"

He nodded his hand and said, "Thank you, Mrs., Ma'am." He was trying to smile but was clearly nervous.

I gestured to the sofa and said, "Please, have a seat, dear." I picked a file off my desk and followed him over, sitting within hand reach of him and crossing my legs, affording him a good look at my slender and shapely legs and making sure that I drew the hem of my dress up far enough for him to see much of my thighs. I dangled a high heel shoe off my right foot as I opened his file up and said, "So, I see that you're a friend of Marcus's."

"Yes, ma'am, we both attend NYU."

"What's your major, Vance?"

"Political Science, ma'am." He grinned and said with bravado. "I expect to be the first black U.S. senator from New York."

I laughed and I replied, "Excellent. I love a man with ambition." I glanced down at his file. "You're nineteen, yes?"

"Yes, ma'am," he answered again. "I don't turn twenty until Christmas."

"Lovely," I said and then looked up into his eyes. "But, let's get things straight, Vance. Please call me Catherine. We're going to become very close and while your manners are lovely, I think we need to approach things on a more intimate level, understand?"

Vance smiled at me, a lovely, broad grin and replied, "Absolutely, Catherine."

"Good,'re absolutely clear about what the job entails?"

His face darkened and he nodded slowly and said, "I'm...uh, you're going to pay me to fuck women."

I smiled and said, "Yes! Specifically, we specialize in meeting the sexual needs and fantasies of white women...usually mature white women. Does that sound okay to you, Vance?"

He stared at me and slowly nodded before he found his voice and said in a low rumble. "I think I'd like that." He swallowed and his eyes seemed to roam over my body before he added, "I have to confess, part of me thought Marcus was bullshitting me about, being with a bunch of white ladies."

I reached over and patted him on the knee, leaving my hand resting there as I replied, "No need to be circumspect, Vance. Your job will be to fuck many white fuck their brains out." I slid my hand up his thigh an inch or two and I eased myself a little closer to him, the hem of my dress sliding up a bit as I did so. "For doing that, you will be well paid, young man."

He grinned, briefly eyeing my hand on his leg. "I'd like that, um...Catherine. I'd like that a lot."

"Have you ever fucked a white woman before, Vance?" I asked as my fingers slipped a little further up his leg.

He laughed a little bit nervously. "I had a girl friend in high school. She...Janet was white."

"Mmmm...I bet she was a little hottie, wasn't she?" When he nodded, I smiled and continued. "Now, the real question is, will you be excited by an older, more mature white woman, Vance?" I scooted even closer, pressing my mostly bare thigh against his leg as my hand traveled up his thigh to nearly his crotch. "Our clients range in age from the early thirties up to ladies in their late sixties. Mature women are different from sweet, young things, my dear. We're not so firm and sexy."

Vance's eyes roamed over me again and he murmured, "You look plenty sexy to me, Mrs. Hen – um, Catherine."

I slid my hands into his crotch and as I found definite evidence that he was speaking the truth, I felt my heart begin to beat faster – my pussy pulsing in time with it as I managed to reply in a normal voice, "Oh my, Vance. Is that because of me?" I gave it a squeeze through his pants and was thrilled to feel it grow and throb in response.

"Yes, ma'am. My cock is hard for you."

I had to work to not tremble with excitement as I said, "Well...I guess we've come to the audition part of your interview." I eased myself up and into Vance's lap, my short legs dangling off his knees. "I am all yours, Vance."

Vance laughed and drew his face to mine, pausing before he kissed me to say, "You're in good health, Catherine? This might be a little strenuous." Then he kissed me even as his hands began to explore. I thrust my chest against one exploring hand that cupped itself around my small breast and then moaned around his probing tongue as his other hand slipped between my thighs, parting my hanging legs and palmed my very wet and open pussy.

His eyebrows rose up in slight surprise as his fingers slipped between my labia and stirred the wet, slick flesh that was my pussy. He broke the kiss, me sucking at his tongue hungrily before he said, " must be anxious for some black dick if you didn't even bother with panties!"

I squirmed atop his lap, feeling his enormous cock throbbing beneath my bottom while I replied, "Not anxious...starved. I love black cock more than anything on Earth."

I broke off speaking as he continued to finger me, making me moan as he added a third finger to the two already inside me and plunged them deep. "I'm not sure, Catherine," he answered, a teasing quality growing in his voice. "You're a little thing and you got a sweet, tight pussy. I'm not sure my big old black cock will fit in that tiny cunt!"

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