tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCatholic School Girl Sex Ed - Day 01

Catholic School Girl Sex Ed - Day 01


Having just turned 18 I was finally able to sign up for the optional sex education class offered at my school. I sat eagerly waiting for class to begin. There were only 5 other girls in the class, I guess not many people opted for extra school.

Mrs. Cook entered wearing a loose top and long gray skirt. This conservative dress is typical for the teachers here. She closes and locks the door, making sure the blinds are closed.

"Good morning girls, I'm Mrs. Cook and I wanted to thank you for opting for the class. Let me begin by assuring all of you that this is a safe space. As you can see there are no men, and none will be allowed to see what happens here. This is a place free of judgment, feel free to ask any question at any time. Before we begin ... Are there any questions?" Mrs. Cook says with such bubbly enthusiasm, it's hard not to instantly like her.

I raise my hand. "It's Laura right?" She asks smiling at me.

"Yes ma'am, I was just curious do the boys have their own class or is it just not offered to them?" I ask

"They have their own, I teach that one as well, but they don't have as much fun as we will." She says with a wink.

Mrs. Cook pauses for a few seconds, looking around for more questions.

"Ok today we are going to start by ensuring you all feel safe, and maybe braking some misconceptions." As Mrs. Cook says this she starts to unbutton her blouse. Showing her chest covered by a white bra. "Before you can have healthy sexual relationships you need to be comfortable with your own body." She says while unclamping her bra, and laying it on her desk. Her tits are huge at least a D cup which makes me feel insecure about my tiny A cups. "Some of you may have been under the false impression that touching yourself is bad in someway." She says slipping her skirt and panties on to the floor. "I assure you, that whatever you choose to do with your body is only the business of you and your lovers." She says, standing naked and reaching into her desk drawer. She pulls out a small purple dildo maybe 5" long, and points it at me.

My eyes go wide with panic, "holy fuck what is she doing! And what is she going to make me do" I think to myself."

"Sweety come sit on my desk please." Mrs. Cook tells me. My brain bouncing between excitement and panic, I go sit on her desk.

"Now place your hand right here on my neck, I would like you to tell the class when you think I have had an orgasm." With that she starts sliding the dildo inside her pussy, while biting her lower lip.

I feel her pulse quicken, as she continues to move faster. I see a gleam of sweat on her back. With her left hand she starts rubbing her clit. Her pulses speeds up even more and she starts breathing heavy. Her huge tits heaving with her effort, the dildo in and out slick with her sex. Suddenly her muscles tense, and she lets out this grown that is somehow both savage and feminine.

"Now! Now!" I shout caught up in the excitement of her orgasm.

The hole class was completely wrapped up in her, my shouting seems to have woken people out of their trance.

"Very good Laura." She says while licking the dildo clean. "Your homework tonight is to take a nice warm bath, and let your hands wonder, be prepared to talk about your experience tomorrow." With that she got dressed and walked out of the class room.

That night I took a warm bath as per my assignment. I was a virgin, but masturbating was nothing new for me. I picturing Mrs. Cooks body, her tits, the juice on her dildo, while I began to rub my own pussy. I closed my eyes pictured myself nude in front of the class. Mrs. Cook working the her toy in and out of me instead of herself. The class watching for me to cum.

The next day in class I sat in the front row eager to see what would happen today. The other girls and I shared glances, clearly we were all excited. Mrs. Cook walked in, again locking the door and drawing the blinds.

"Before we begin, any questions?" Mrs. Cook asked cheary as ever. The blond girl next to me raised her hand. "Yes Carrie."

"Will we learn about the.. Umm... The different sexual positions?" Carrie asked a slight tremor to her voice.

"Great question!" Mrs. Cook encouraged patting Carrie on the head. "Good sex is like a dance, with the positions of you and your lover constantly changing."

"Oh! That analogy is no good, wait right here I'll be right back." She said quickly left the class room. We all waited with nervous excitement for her to return.

A few minutes latter Mrs. Cook returned leading a blinded folded boy by the hand. "Class this is Tom, he was my best student in the boys class last semester, he is going to help me with a demonstration.

"Strip!" Mrs. Cook barked at Tom suddenly dropping her bubbly tone. Tom stripped down showing a well toned boy and think 7" dick. Mean while Mrs. Cook side her panties and skirt down but left her top on. "Girls this is doggies style." She said bending over her desk and pulling Tom by the balls to her. I started to understand what she meant by dance as I watched her gracefully moving between various sexual positions. After about 20 min she look to us as said. "Ok Tom's ready to cum, who wants do drink it?"


1st swing at writing a story here. I know it's short but wanted to see if people liked or not. If you do I have a whole semesters worth of more story.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/16/18

The atrocious spelling...

...has got to be put on. If it isn't, that's ok too. It's fucking hilarious! Entertaining story, though. Keep going!

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by HardXsRHere05/10/18

can't wait for the next installment

I'm Getting Hard As My Cock Is Growing
I Can't Wait Until I'm Going Into A Tight
Virgin White Pussy

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by Anonymous01/10/18


U can't just stop. U have to tell me more and soon.

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by KeepItHot12/09/17

Great start

It moves a little fast, but the concept is VERY arousing. I like it. Please write Part 2. Those girls will not forget those lessons. Don’t worry about the anonymous commenter that refers to “cuck shit”.more...

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by Anonymous12/06/17

Tell me more!

You Catholic tease! You got me all hard and leaking precum and then BAM. Maybe later? Please please tell me more!

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