tagIncest/TabooCathy & Melanie

Cathy & Melanie


I knew my baby sister was curious about other women, because she had a book of erotic lesbian fiction under her bed. I knew because I had snuck into her room to read her diary and found the book instead. I had snuck back many times since to read it.

I knocked on her door and entered. "Melanie, I need to talk to you" I said as I locked the door behind me. She was sitting on her bed reading Vogue. She was a real cutie. She stood about 5' 3" and had b-cups but was a real hardbody. She had warm green eyes and honey-blonde hair. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and nothing else.

"What?" She asked as she put down the magazine and looked at me. I wore a sundress, because Melanie always complimented me when I wore them. I sat down on the bed.

"We need to talk." I said

"About?" She looked at me with those big green eyes.

"About the book under your bed." She was speechless. Then her eyes began to well up with tears. "Please," she pleaded, "please don't tell mom and dad?"

"I won't, Melanie. Tell me, are you a lesbian?"

"I-I'm not sure." She held her head down and looked up at me.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" She shook her head no. "well, the reason I came to talk to you is because because I have the same feelings you do. For both boys and girls."

"You do?"

"Yes, it's quite natural. You just need someone you're comfortable with for your first time. That's why I haven't tried it yet either."

"Really?" She asked.

"Of course." I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

"Don't worry, Melanie. Everything will work out." She laid her head on my chest and I kissed her hair. I ran my hand over her hip and she squeezed me tighter, so I lifted her head with my hand and I gazed into her eyes. I kissed the tip of her nose and she smiled. Then I kissed her top lip. I stopped to see her reaction, but I felt it instead. My little sister had slipped her hand up my dress and was caressing my inner thigh. We kissed again, this time, frenching. My little sister was insatiable! She nibbled my ears and even gave me a hickey.

Then, she grabbed my top and ripped it open! My large breasts spilled out. I lay back on the bed and my Melanie began to suck each nipple, while I shoved my strapped heel clad foot between her legs and rubbed her cunt. It must have been more than she could stand, because she sat up, arched her back and grabbed me by the calf and shoved me even harder against her cunt.

"Oh, God, Cathy!" She said as she humped herself with my foot. Then she took my other foot and undid the straps with one hand while she continued to frig herself with my other foot. I was so turned on that I lifted my skirt and began to rub my clit.

Melanie finally removed my right shoe and then began to suck on my toes. Who knew my little sister had a foot fetish? Melanie pulled my toes from her mouth and began to almost slam my shoe clad left foot into herself as she came. She let out guttural moans and she scrunched up her face in a most sexy way as she came. She lay back exhausted, but I was far from finished with her.

I crawled over to her and lifted her t-shirt to expose her breasts. Melanie giggled as she put her hands behind her head , closed her eyes, and stretched seductively. I began to rub my breasts against hers and she squealed with delight. "You're the best big sister a girl could hope for," she told me.

"Yeah, well it seems as if I'm doing all the work."

"I'm worth it." She said as she lifted her legs, grabbed my sun dress that was wrapped around my waist with her feet, and pulled it off. Taking the hint, I went for her pussy, wet with her juices. I spread her legs apart and kissed up her thighs until I was face to face with her sopping cunt. I took in the heady aroma and proceeded to slurp on her twat-meat. Her whole body shuddered as my tongue touched her panties. I desperately wanted at her fresh juices, so I covered her whole twat with my mouth and sucked. I was slurping on my 18 year old sister's cunt. It was so smooth. She must have been waxing her pubic hair off, or she didn't even have any yet. She began to play with her own tits. "Yeah, suck on my cunt, Sis!" She whispered harshly. "Suck on it!"

Then, to my surprise, she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to her face and kissed me, so that she might taste herself. The I decided it was time for my little pussy got some attention, so I sat on my sister's face. She licked my cunt up and down like a lollypop and I could barely maintain my balance as waves of pleasure shot through me. She took my clit in her mouth and my ass in her hands, and I couldn't stop fondling my own tits. I lifted them up and was able to lick my own nipples! I came right there, squirting out over my sister's face.

As I did, she began to finger fuck herself. I told her "You should always let me care of that for you."

"Will you do that whenever I need it?"

"God, I'd love to," I said as I frenched her. "Your tits are so firm and pointy," I said as I sucked on her nipples. "And your baby cunt is so smooth!" And with that I sucked on her twat until she came. Then we taught ourselves how to pussy grind. We rubbed our cunts clit to clit, mine nicely trimmed, Melanie's completely smooth. I took her leg and proceed to suck her toes, which she loved. Our tits mashed together and her cunt felt so good against mine. I loved fucking her.

"I wanna try sixty-nine." She told me, so I lay down and she crawled on top of me. We ate each other out, but it turned out my sister is a little kinkier than I am. She ran her thumb across my cunt until it was wet, and then inserted it in my asshole all the way, and, I must say, I loved it. Not to be outdone, I fucked her ass with my tongue. "Oh, God, Sis, I'm gonna cum!" she announced. "Yeah, fuck my ass with your tongue!" she said as she began to slap my ass. I drove my tongue into her asshole passionately and it began squeezing my tongue hard as she got her asshole off. She moaned beautifully. As she came she buried her face in my cunt and I started to cum also. I sucked her asshole while I fingered her clit and we came together. I then went back to my room and got a strap-on dildo I had bought, and lubed it heavily.

Melanie came to ask what I was doing, and I showed her. She got so excited! She ran back to bed and stuck her ass up in the air and begged me to fuck it. Her pink little blonde asshole looked so delicious. I sucked it a little, and drove the ten-inch dildo up her asshole, making her scream with pain and then go out of her mind with lust as the deep anal fucking started to feel so good.

I fucked her until she was limp, she had cum so many times. I was coming too, because I was rubbing my clit while fucking her little asshole, though sometimes I needed both hands so I could maul both of Melanie's little tits. The pain made her cum faster and harder and hurting her excited me deeply.

When I was done fucking her, I made her suck my asshole for a while till it was completely satisfied with several cums, and we took a nap. When we got up again, Melanie begged me to fuck her asshole some more, but I told her she'd have to wait until bedtime for ass fucking, because I wanted to rub pussies again. I came at least 10 more times fucking her that way. It's my favorite way to come, though I do love driving a dildo up Melanie's asshole too. Halfway through the cunt fuck I did shove the dildo up her ass again and she and I took turns fucking it deep up her asshole (sometimes switching to my asshole) while we rubbed cunts, rubbing clit to clit with her while sucking on her sugary little tongue and lips and feeling up her tits. Our cunts rubbing together made my puss feel better than anything else ever has. God, her sweet little pussy and pointy tits make me cum so hard.

I love fucking my baby sister Melanie, and I think she loves being fucked even more.

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