tagFetishCathy's Hamper Ch. 03

Cathy's Hamper Ch. 03


On the drive home I was absolutely numb. My head was spinning with visions of what had just happened. I had a knot in my stomach from the feelings of guilt, fear of being caught, and limitless desire to do it all again.

I couldn't go home, not yet anyway. I stopped in for a drink along the way. I needed to clear my head before seeing my wife.

The first one went down so well, I figured a second couldn't hurt. As I sat pondering the day's events I reached into my jacket pocket and found the panties she had given me. I had almost forgotten them. I then realized I had to get rid of them. How could I ever explain them if my wife found them? I'm not sure what Cathy had in mind but it was clear I couldn't play along. On the way back to my truck I regretfully tossed the bag into a trash can and headed home.

I poured myself another scotch as soon as I walked in and proceeded to see what my wife Patty was up to. I found her soaking in the tub in the master bath with a glass of wine. Only the candles she surrounded herself with lighted the room. Her eyes were closed and I realized she wasn't aware of my arrival. I paused to look at her. Her long blond hair was pulled up in a disheveled mound on top of her head so as to keep it dry. A few loose strands outlined her beautiful face. Her soft lips looked deliciously inviting, as did her long slender neck. The bubbles floating on top of the water blanketed most of her body but left one luscious nipple teasingly visible at the waterline.

I felt my passion for her welling up inside of me. Silently I backed away from the half open door. I sat on the edge of the bed sipping my scotch. I looked down at my swelling cock and wondered if there was any such thing as enough sex. I stood and removed all of my clothes.

I quietly returned to my previous vantagepoint. She appeared to be sleeping. Her clothes were in a pile next to the tub where she left them. I made my way into the bathroom to collect them careful not to disturb my sweet wife.

As I placed her clothes into the hamper I noticed her panties. My heart began to race and my breathing quickened. I wondered just how long it would take for this obsession to run its course.

I gently took her undergarment in my hand. It was a black thong; just plain cotton, no lace and she always looked so hot in it. I ran my fingertips up the length of my throbbing cock as I held the garment in my other hand.

As I fumbled with the thong I felt something drip into my hand. There in the palm of my hand was a pearl like drop of liquid. I turned her panties to better see the source of the moisture and discovered the crotch to be covered with a thick opaque fluid.

I ran my index finger through the fluid and rubbed it to my thumb feeling the viscosity. It still hadn't dawned on me. I raised my wife's thong to my nose, almost in slow motion. There was a familiar smell, beyond that of her sweet musk. It was somewhat acrid. My hands trembled as I breathed in the smell. In my mind I must have known, but in disbelief I stretched out my tongue and ran it through the juices coating the cotton panel. There was no mistaking the taste, my loving wife had fucked another man.

My heart stopped as I came to the realization. I could taste the seamen that had leaked from her sweet little pussy. Images of her naked in the arms of another man flashed through my mind. I could see his hands groping her full breasts and tugging at her long hard nipples as he thrusted his thick cock deep into my beautiful wife. My head was spinning as the picture played on in my mind. I could see her legs flailing in the air and hear her gasp with every thrust. His balls slapped against her ass over and over as her juices coated his shaft until finally he buried himself as deep as he could and filled her with his thick plentiful cum.

My hand was a blur, frantically stroking my painfully hard cock as I pictured the scene. My breathing was heavy and labored. I could barely hear the sigh escape her lips as she began to awake. I quickly threw the cum drenched thong into the hamper as she opened her eyes.

"Is that for me?" she coyly asked.

I stood before her completely naked with a raging hard on pointing directly at her. I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlight of an on coming car. She reached out inviting my cock to her hand. I stepped towards her and she wrapped her slender fingers around me.

She emerged from the foam into a kneeling position in front of me as she toyed with my aching cock. She looked up at me and smiled as the bubbles cascaded down her curves revealing her smooth skin.

In one motion she engulfed me entirely until I felt the back of her throat. Then just as smoothly she retracted my engorged tool from her mouth leaving it glistening with saliva. Patty then turned in the tub directing her smooth round ass at me. Her legs were spread barely enough to afford me a view of her adulteress cunt.

She looked back over her shoulder with a seductive smile as her hand reached back caressing her soapy ass. I stepped into the tub and knelt behind her, my cock resting between her glossy cheeks. Pushing my cock down along the crack of her ass I could feel the head pass over her anus and eventually into the velvety folds of her labia. I eased myself slowly and deliberately deep inside of her.

As I eased back out I realized she had slipped a finger into her ass and was moving it in a slow circular motion.

"Fuck my ass." She moaned sounding almost desperate.

She pulled her finger from her puckered little hole and I replaced it with my cock. The soft head mushroomed as it met with some resistance. I didn't press any harder for fear of inflicting too much pain possibly causing her to rethink her decision. Patty reached back with both hands cupping her cheeks, her fingertips slid between her cheeks almost touching my cock. She gently pulled at her ass allowing the head of my cock to penetrate her tight muscular ring.

Patty gasped as her muscled clasped down on my thick shaft. I paused a moment in order to allow her to adjust to the intrusion. She began to push herself further onto me and I met her efforts with equal force until there was nothing left to add. We started fucking frantically. I slammed my cock deep into her bowels as hard as possible. There were tears running down her face as she panted and whimpered. I wasn't sure if it was from the forceful assault on her ass or the excruciating pain of kneeling on the hard porcelain.

Patty pulled herself off my cock and spun herself around, sitting in the warm water. Her knees were bright red as she attempted to sooth them. She looked up at my cock bobbing just above the water. She gently cleaned it with a wash cloth and pulled me to my feet.

We made our way to the bed without even drying ourselves off. Patty pushed me onto my back and straddled me, offering her hard nipples to my hungry mouth. I sucked hard, causing them to lengthen even more. I slid my hand down her torso, through her dripping bush and came upon her erect clit forcing its way through her labia. Some gentle pressure and a circular motion combined with the stimuli her nipples were receiving pushed her into an intense orgasm.

Patty immediately impaled herself on my still iron like cock. She gyrated her hips grinding like it was her last fuck. The whole time staring deeply into my eyes. Her pussy was alive as it massaged my swollen sex. I felt her in a way I've never experienced until I couldn't hold out any longer. As I tensed Patty knew I was there and hastened her pace, grinding with such force it actually hurt. I erupted inside of her with ominous intensity spilling more cum than I thought possible.

Patty stopped her aerobics, her chest was still heaving as a playful smile bloomed on her face. She reached down and held her cream filled pussy closed as she lifted herself from my melting member. Keeping her hand in place she repositioned herself into a 69. I was surprised at her action, she generally doesn't prolong sex beyond orgasm.

My hands roamed Patty's long legs and tight round ass as she began licking the cum from my almost flaccid cock. Her fingers that clenched her glistening labia shut began to massage her puffy lips. The cum I had just deposited began to leak down her long fingers. I pulled her ass down to my face I ran my tongue along her fingers.

A quivering moan escaped her lips as she removed her hand from her overflowing pussy. I eagerly lapped at the juices, sucking and licking as she pumped her leaking cunt into my mouth. It was the first time I had consumed this much semen, I had tasted it before when licking her a bit after we had fucked but I never had her on top of me filling my mouth with cum. I kept swallowing until there was no more. I swirled my tongue around collecting all I could which brought her to yet another orgasm.

Patty turned to face me. Wrapping her legs around me I could feel her hot wet pussy pressing onto my thigh. She looked into my eyes as she ran her tongue across my lips catching what little cum remained. We held each other tight as we kissed deeply savoring the taste of our love.

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