tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCatwoman Caught Ch. 01

Catwoman Caught Ch. 01


Selena Kyle looked out from her prison, the heat of the cameras beaming down on her as they had for so many months now that it was almost unbearable. Incarceration was nothing new for the blonde bombshell; she’d been captured by all of the caped crusaders, Batman, Robin, Night wing, and Batgirl (and even Barbara’s other alter-ego Oracle). The lights that lined her cell were nothing new, Selina also knew that in the far corner of the room, there were several other cameras that were recording her every move, just incase something did happen and she did try to do the impossible and escape.

So little time, and the fact that she knew that people were watching her, made it almost impossible for the former cat burglar to do anything.

Because of her propensity for violent crimes, Selena knew that she was being watched.

And she didn’t care. It had been so long since she’d had anyone even touch her, in any way, not to mention sexually. Her prison grays felt horribly, horribly tight, and she had to get out of them and now!

She set down on the bed and slowly began to unbutton the uniform, letting it slowly ease down her arms and back. Her body aching for any kind of release; the buttons sprung open inch by painful inch as she worked at them, letting more of her pale white skin be revealed.

In moments she let down her top entirely, her pale creamy breasts freed from their confinement. The warm air felt cool and soothing on her skin.

She wasn’t done yet and went scrambling after the ties to her pants as well. She slid this open and let her pants fall to the floor.

Underwear was forbidden, as it was seen that the criminals could use it as weaponry, and or a suicide device.

In moments the Woman of Cats was nude. Her hands slowly went to the center of her legs and she began to touch herself.

Cat woman smiled as she slowly worked a finger into her aching clit. She always did have a thing for pussies. Her bush felt soft and furry much like that of her feline friends, and she played with it for a few moments.

She stroked the warm fur along her body, she could feel as her balance on the world started to slip away and she was transported out of the dark, metallic, prison room of Arkham. Soon the warm vibrations along her inner thighs drove her to her knees, letting her collapse upon the floor, lying in a puddle.

It was only when she got up did she realize that she had another set of eyes looking at her besides her own.

“that was beautiful love.”

Selena’s eyes narrowed as she kicked her pants off and stood up looking around trying to stand and at the same time, trying to pinpoint exactly where the voice was coming from.

She turned slightly and realized that just to her left was the woman known as Pamela Isely or rather, Poison Ivy.

“What do you want Ivy?” Catwoman asked coolly. “Did you come here to ogle me?”

Poison Ivy laughed. “No, nothing of the sort my dear. That was simply beautiful, and I wanted to show my appreciation.” Before catwoman could dsay another word, Poison Ivy stripped off her own uniform and started to slide up and down the prison bars seductively. Selena could see the wetness that had gathered there in just a few moments. “Damn, I must have turned you on big time.”

“You don’t know anything yet.” Pamela surprised Selena suddenly by sticking a breast through the bar. “I know kitties like milk, you can have some of mine.”

Selena looked at her questioningly. “You’re pregnant… how?”

“By a certain Batman that we all know and despise.”

“How on earth?”

“That doesn’t matter, what does matter, is revenge. Listen to me and we’ll get out of here. Are you in or not?”

The lights suddenly darkened and the ladies were pitched into darkness.

“How are we going to do this Pamela, I mean this is Arkham, and we’ve been in here so long that they know all of our tricks.”

Pamela smiled in the darkness. I have something here that might be able to get us out, the only problem is that I need another woman to use it.”

“Why what is it?”

Pamela groped around in the darkness for a second.

“Ow, hey watch what you’re doing, that’s my breast!”

“Sorry, its too dark in this goddamned cell, I was reaching for your hand.”

“Here I can see you just fine.” Selena thrust her hand through the bar, close enough for Pamela to feel her. Pam thrust a vial of something into her hand. “Swallow this and it’ll be able to get you out, and then when its incubated inside you long enough it will be able to get me out as well…”

“What is it…”

“Just drink it, you’ll find out later.”

Selena saw that she had no other alternatives, except for fifteen life sentences, so against her better judgment, downed the thick salty concoction. It tasted very familiar to her, and Selena wondered whose cock, Pamela had to milk to get it..

“In a few days you’ll start to feel slightly ill, and then your body wewill take it from there.”

“So whose seed did I just swallow?” Selena asked, wiping her lips with the back of her hand.


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