tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAn Avenger's Initiation

An Avenger's Initiation


(This story takes place during the movie Iron Man 2 and contains the characters Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts and Maria Hill)


A lone personal assistant walked hurriedly through the entrance hall at Stark Industries, her heels clacking in the silent space. The massive corporation was empty this late into the night and the throng of visitors and staff that normally clogged the reception area were now long gone.

The young redhead climbed the central open stairway, ascending quickly. Once she had reached the highest level she turned left, continuing along a dimly lit corridor. Every office was dark, each door closed. Moving brusquely the girl headed for the large, impressive double doors at the end of the way.

As she drew closer to her target the woman self-consciously checked her appearance, tugging nervously at the hem of her short charcoal skirt. The young woman's appearance gave of a professional, yet non-threatening impression. Every item of clothing was tight and soft, emphasizing her voluptuous curves and pert assets. Anyone who laid eyes on her could have guessed the girl's occupation simply by viewing her outfit. But the redhead was in actuality capable of far more than delivering coffee and typing memos.

Arriving at the double doors, she pressed an ear to the expensive wood, listening intently. Unable to detect anything, she pulled a pin from her hair, allowing long, red strands to swing loose down her neck. This was when her façade faded, albeit momentarily. In less than 5 seconds she had the lock picked and slipped inside.

Natalie Rushman quickly scanned the room for her boss, or any potential booby traps, before pulling the door closed. In a heartbeat she was across the space and behind the large desk, bringing the computer atop its surface whirring to life. Pulling a USB from the dummy folder beneath her arm she soon began hacking into Stark Industries more classified files.

At this point it would have apparent to any observer Miss Rushman had no right to be there, her nerves obvious. The girl was in fact a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, an expert in covert operations, a spy. Her mission from the very beginning of her internship at Stark Industries had been to gain access to the corporation's weapons research program, data that was only available to the most senior members of staff. Hence her current position as the assistant to the CEO of the company, giving her all the access she needed.

Natalie placed the file she had been carrying on the desk, opening it to find her mobile phone inside, which was in sync with the hacking tool. Glancing at it she cursed silently, the download was only at 6%. If she were caught breaking into the Stark computer system her whole cover story would unravel, her mission would be a failure. It was important that she remained close to Tony Stark, to monitor his work and assess his potential for another, even more important assignment. Personally though, Natalie would have chosen a boxing match with the hulk over this mission. How could she keep up her persona in this compromising situation, with over 2 months of deep cover work now on the line? Desperately the undercover agent thought back to the beginning of her covert operations training.


(2 months earlier, aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier)

Natasha Romanoff stepped into the dark training room, adjusting to the dim light within the space before allowing the large metal door to close behind her. She felt at home here in the state of the art gym; here, where she honed her martial arts skills aboard the massive floating air base. Over time she had even come to find that the constant muted drone of four giant propellers oddly comforting.

Tonight however, she had come to the room under different circumstances. A shadowy superior had ordered her to report to the training space for 'additional instruction with potential for promotion,' via her secure communication channel. Natasha had not required additional incentives and as always, arrived early. Although she had fulfilled every demand of the message, now that she was here the order felt strange.

The young redhead had been reminded to report to the training space shortly after her return to the helicarrier. Natasha was exhausted after another dangerous mission, but was a professional and hid all signs of her discomfort.

However with nothing else to do but wait, the agent ran through a mental itinerary of her equipment, as always preferring to have a pre-prepared escape strategy. At the moment Natasha was wearing a tight, form-fitting garment that was dark navy and segmented with black protective padding. This combined with a flexible PVC blend in the joints to ensure the suit never rustled, allowing her to achieve near silent movement. The one-piece uniform fitted her like a glove.

Around her waist Natasha wore a utility belt, an item she practically never left home without. The leather strap was as always overburdened with equipment and hung loose around her hip. On her feet she wore knee high combat boots. Sadly a gun had been out of the question. Natasha bit her lip, thumbing her belt as she stared into a corner of the room. The redhead felt light, almost naked, without that cold steel pressing against her hip.

The young agent sighed with frustration and used a hand to swipe wavy red hair from in front of her eyes behind her ear. After a successful mission Natasha had a ritual involving; loud music, a hot shower and where possible a shooting range. Anyone who knew her would not have disturbed that process. Disgruntled, the redhead leant against a vaulting horse, her patience for the chain of command running short as ever.

Minutes later a metal door leading into the room clanked open and bright light from the corridor poured in. The young agent quickly composed herself upon seeing her superior; Agent Maria Hill stood in the doorway.


"Miss Rushman! What are you doing in here!?"

The young assistant froze, a spy caught red handed. The brand new CEO of Stark Industries, Miss Pepper Potts, had unexpectedly stepped into her office to find the girl there, standing awkwardly beside the woman's own desk. Luckily she had been able to dim the screen and stand upright before her 'boss' had entered. But now what? Her instinct was to takedown the threat, but she knew that course of action would be counterproductive. So then what where the options? The faux-personal assistants ulterior training kicked in:

"As your executive assistant I have access to all areas of your working life. I was just... putting this file on your in-tray. " Miss Potts eyed Natalie warily as she gesticulated to the tray delicately, but the young agent was sure the woman would accept her excuse. Her strawberry blonde hair, despite being tied back, was unkempt and from the way she stood Natalie guessed the CEO had been on her feet all day, attending meetings, calling shareholders and researching investment opportunities. People this overworked tended to except what they wanted to hear.

"Ohh, of course, sorry I'm not used to having an assistant and I didn't expect anyone else to still be on duty. Shouldn't you have left hours ago?"

Natalie gave Miss Potts her sweetest smile, still attempting to disarm her superior: "Actually Miss Potts, it is my job to make sure your as comfortable as possible, whilst doing whatever it takes to ensure your working to the best of your ability. So I cannot leave until you do."

Pepper's heart softened, touched by the meaningless sentiment. Even if Natalie served her on hand and knee, she could not have helped the young CEO, after all the redhead didn't make the million dollar decisions around here. But she appreciated the thought nonetheless.

The strawberry blonde gazed at the redhead, who looked so much better than Pepper felt. Miss Rushman's appearance was, as always, perfect. The girl wore an impossibly tight, charcoal coloured skirt that was way too short, just reaching her mid thigh and designer heels that further emphasized a delicious round behind and those long, porcelain legs. A short sleeved, peach scoop-neck top complimented the skirt whilst emphasizing her next best assets.

The flustered CEO subconsciously experienced a twang of annoyance. Here was this girl, getting by on her looks, whilst Pepper had worked tirelessly to reach the top. The woman decided she had seen enough eye-candy for one evening.

"Well I'm fine at the moment Miss Rushman, there is really no need for you to stay here all night. I'm just going to send a message from my computer and be on my way."

Natalie blanched, eyes widening. The upload had only begun 2 minutes ago, whilst it required at least 15! For the first time since the big change over Natalie bitterly wished Tony Stark were still in charge. His working hours were lackluster to say the least. She could have strolled in and done this at midday with him on the job. The redhead knew she needed to stall.

It didn't take a keen observer or a spy to notice where the CEO's eyes had chosen to linger for the past 30 seconds and during that period of awkwardness; Natalie's mind came up with her only viable response. Sensually, she stepped around the desk, exaggerating the wiggle of her hips, to first distract and then hypnotise her stressed boss.

It had been a long day for Pepper and Natalie suspected all she wanted was to get home and take a long, hot bath, to finally get some release.


"Mam" Natasha said, somewhat surprised by the presence of her superior agent, who's appearance within the room caused the redhead to straighten up and stand to attention.

"I was unaware you would be meeting me here personally", she added before continuing nervously: "This is somewhat unorthodox, isn't it?"

Agent Hill just smiled back coolly; very aware that the young woman had not saluted as was appropriate under the circumstances. She was second in command aboard the Helicarrier, after all. Maria expected more respect from her crew. However, the brunette elected to give no hint of her annoyance, instead simply stepping around the redhead and further into the room. The door closed and locked automatically behind her, separating the two women from the rest of the ship.

"You are sort of right agent, Agent Romanoff" the brunette replied, meeting the redhead's curious green eyes with her crystal blues:

"This is, in a sense, a test. I intend to evaluate whether you have the potential for more..." The woman paused, calculating, before continuing: " in-depth piece of undercover work."

Natasha blinked. A new assignment? But with a test of what?? Did her record in Russia not speak for itself? Why should she have to prove anything to this woman that she had not already demonstrated for Nick Fury? The Redhead pushed down her annoyance, into her belly, before replying calmly:

"I thought what you know of my past as a mercenary would be proof enough of my skills?"

The brunette's smile twitched as she tensed her jaw, continuing to move around the girl. Natasha made sure to continue to stand at attention, in-spite of her superior's lack of patience. The moment the woman had entered the room the redhead had registered every detail of her 'opponent':

Whilst Natasha's clothing was designed for stealth, Agent Hill was an officer aboard the hellicarrier and as a result was dressed in a blue uniform that highlighted her status. The garment was also necessarily protective and tight, showing off the woman's ample curves whilst presumably being more comfortable than her own suit. Subconsciously Natasha could not help but register the impressive bust and sumptuous round behind of her superior in the uniform, factors she somehow could not ignore.

Maria's glossy hair was tied back in a bun, although her long fringe was free, hanging loose and swept across her forehead. In Agent Hill's hand she carried a duffel bag whilst under her arm she carried a file stamped with the S.H.I.E.L.D logo. Natasha's codename, 'Black Widow', was also printed there. Most importantly to the paranoid soldier however, was the presence of a firearm in the other woman's holster. One of the perks of being in command upon the Helicarrier; you were allowed to carry a gun.

"This engagement is off the record," Agent Hill began, "although you should know I have no intention of torturing you, at least... not in the conventional sense. Nor do I intend to drug you. This test of character is actually going to cover more deep cover techniques, as we intend to put you on a long term covert mission."

Maria's words had the intended effect on Natasha. The young agent was now nervous and her body language, however subtle, reflected this. She rolled backwards slightly on the balls of her feet as Maria moved nearer still. The older agent smirked; this redhead's emotions were far too obvious. They would have to iron that out of her.

Maria knew Agent Romanoff would never back down from a challenge. What the redhead did not realize was that this one had been designed specifically to break her in.

"So you need my consent? To make this all legitimate?" Natasha said, her tone still somewhat aggressive. "Just tell me where to sign, I can take anything you throw at me."

Maria turned away from the redhead, her brow furrowing as she inhaled deeply. The hotheaded agent had become increasingly difficult ever since she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Unlike herself, this girl's motivation had nothing to do with patriotism. Natasha had defected to join the intelligence agency, naturally creating a rift between her and other S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Romanoff had something to prove, an agenda which if left unchecked could eventually cause the failure of an operation. This Agent Hill would not allow.

"So you do consent?" Maria asked, still facing away from her subject: "Do you accept that during this test you must not disobey my instructions, no matter what I require?"

Natasha nodded, grimacing determinedly. A camera caught everything.

"Well then listen closely, this part is important. The code word is 'APPLES'. If I can get you to state that word during the exam I will stop. But of course you will automatically fail as a result. Do you understand?"

Again, the young redhead nodded, tight lipped but nonetheless confident. 'Apples'? she thought inwardly, finding the situation incredulous. Everything about their encounter seemed suspicious. After all, she had never broken under torture, how could she fail this simple lesson?

Agent Hill dropped the duffel bag she had been holding onto the gym's training mat, opening the file in her hands, as again she began circling the helpless redhead:

"The record itself suggests high competency, an excellent mission success rate, both for S.H.I.E.L.D and other, less reputable agencies. Ultimately you have never failed an engagement."

Natasha smiled, proud of her record, but quickly reverted to a straighter face when Agent Hill abruptly continued:

"But what you need to understand, Agent Romanoff, Your not a soldier anymore, you're a spy. If we needed to have someone killed we'd hire an assassin."

As Maria continued to circle her prey she observed the agent closely. The girl's body was well toned and yet still undoubtedly feminine, even when the redhead's demeanor suggested the girl was coiled and ready to strike at the slightest hint of violence. Whilst the brunette relished the chance to fight the younger agent, she had no intention of setting the woman off.

Natasha watched Agent Hill cautiously as she passed, observing those striking blue eyes roaming over her own body. The redhead found this whole experience unnerving, like she was being hunted and the slight quaver in her voice reflected this:

"So if S.H.I.E.L.D doesn't want me for my combat skills, why am I here?"

This time Maria smiled, glad to hear Natasha was smarter than she was arrogant. On her next pass behind Agent Romanoff the brunette honed in on her target.


Pepper was on edge. Natalie had moved out from behind her desk and had then sauntered, casually, right into the strawberry blonde's personal space, the redhead's eyes never leaving her face. Pepper could not help but suspect the assistant was emitting a decidedly over-friendly vibe, one that made the CEO nervous.

"Miss Potts, you look stressed. Everyday this week you have worked over time. It is my job to help you relax, to loosen up after all that administration. Let me help you find some release."

Pepper noted her assistant's voice had taken on a breathy quality and that she had gotten worryingly close. Soon she found herself lost in the redhead's big, forest green eyes, looking up at Pepper from a position mere centimetres away.

The CEO coughed: "And how exactly do you intend to help me let go of my strain?"

Natalie just smiled knowingly, perplexing the older women. Leading her by the hand, the redhead drew the CEO across the room. Spun around by the waist, Pepper found herself sitting on the rim of her own desk, their positions now reversed.

Just as quickly the girl went to Tony's old drinks cabinet and prepared her a scotch, all whilst the dumbstruck CEO watched, unsure how to react; Pepper couldn't help but stare as her assistant bent low to retrieve a glass.

Closing her eyes, the strawberry blonde sighed deeply. It was nice to be waited on hand and foot. However, when she opened them again the woman blanched; somehow the girl was once again directly in front of her, so close now she filled the CEO's vision. Pepper could now see every detail of the young girl's pretty face; from her perfectly sculpted cheekbones to her ruby red lips. God they were so plump and fresh... She felt a cold glass being squeezed between her fingers.

"Natalie... there is really no need, as I said I was literally just going to finish up on my compu...ter."

Natalie, pressing her index finger to the strawberry blonde's lips, cut off Pepper. The redhead could not allow the women to finish that chain of thought. Distraction through seduction was her only option and so she pressed forward, even closer to her boss. Gently, Natalie pried Pepper's knees apart, straining the woman's skirt as she sensually slipped between them. When their bodies were flush Natalie leant in, whispering in the CEO's ear.

"Your frustrated, believe me I know. And you need this... So just relax, let your inhibitions go... Leave the rest to me."

Pepper gulped, eyes wide, as her assistant slowly dropped to her knees before her. The redhead then reached for her left leg, hands soothingly slipping down the back of her bare, tense thigh. Reaching the ankle, Natasha's skilled fingers began deftly unclasping the high heel before pulling the shoe free.

And then she began. Pepper groaned, amazed, as her new assistant began kneading her sore foot, massaging her aching limb perfectly. After a day spent tromping between various departments, each more weaponised then the last, this act of kindness was pure bliss. Soon the hands rose up her thigh once more, washing away the woman's pain.

Soon Pepper was leaning back on her hands, eyes closed, as the young girl worked her magic. It was only when she began purring like a cat that, once again, she began feeling self-conscious. To drown this notion she downed the scotch in her hands, allowing her head to swim with pleasurable sensations. After all she deserved this, didn't she?

Natalie was pleased to see her massage was having its intended effect, watching as the CEO slumped lower and lower, her inhibitions disappearing. Even when she reached the back of Miss Potts' knee the woman didn't freak out, actually skooching her bottom forward on the desk to allow the assistant access to her upper thighs. Pepper was too lost in the pleasurable sensations coursing through her muscles to realize how intimate things had become. Soon the decorated agent's hands were slipping beneath the expensive fabric of her boss' skirt.

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