Caught. What's a husband to do? How should he punish his wife for cheating?


'She's with him right now, sir. Do you want me to do anything?'

'Yes. Your job. We will put the plan we already discussed into action. We'll be attending the Company cocktail party tomorrow night at the Merriot. I've already booked a room for us and the one next door for your party. We'll be in room 1025, you're in 1023. Just pick up the room key under your own name. It's paid for. Is everything lined up?"

"Yes, sir. Are you sure this is the right way to handle this? It could get out of hand."

'It won't. I'll be there to see to that and so will you. Just be sure everything is in place.'

'Yes sir, good bye.'


William was sitting in the wing-back chair, scotch neat on the table, absently playing with his pipe and pretending to read the year end reports. He heard Deb come in the front door and throw her keys on the table in the foyer. Her heels clicked on the wood floor announcing her presence in the den.

'Hi honey, sorry I'm late! Did you get my message?'

'Yes I did, dear. Did you get your client under control?'

'Finally! But I'm beat, so if you don't mind, I'll grab a quick bite in the kitchen and then I'm going to bed. Thank goodness the weekend is here!'

'That's fine, darling. Now, remember, we have the cocktail party tomorrow night, but I have a surprise for you - we are just going to stay at the hotel for the weekend - a little get away for us - and then we can really enjoy the party and not worry about driving all the way home.'

'That's a great idea. They have a nice restaurant - can we get there early enough to eat? Then we won't just have the nibbles they serve, but real food.'

'That's the plan. Come give me a kiss and get yourself to bed. I'm going to be up for awhile.'

After she had left the room, William put down the reports and downed his scotch. He got up and refilled with a strange expression on his face. He recalled an earlier conversation with Sam. Remembered asking the usual questions of the cuckold. How could she cheat on him? And with that guy? She had always behaved as if he was her one and only. Well, he now knew for a fact that he wasn't, didn't he? But why? Was it the thrill of the taboo? Was it because she could? Was it the strange cock? Well, regardless of the reason, he told Sam that he was not losing her to some random guy. So, if she wanted more sex and strange cock, that is exactly what she was going to get! And when it was over, she would either be totally pissed or totally his. Either way, he was going to get what he wanted. Her. Maybe for the last time, he told Sam, but she would know exactly how he felt and what he expected of her. Tomorrow night was going to be an experience. Sam was completely on board with the plan. And Deb was totally in the dark. Perfect.


'That dinner was wonderful! I might have eaten too much though. Hope this cocktail dress still fits', Deb said, laughing. Her trim size 6 figure on her 5'6" frame was perfect for the cute little red dress. She couldn't go strapless though - her 38 D breasts needed the support of a good bra but the cleavage was worth it. She knew that the 'girls' looked good. And her butt wasn't bad either! The dress clung to the tops of her buttocks and fell about 6 inches below the bottoms. Short without being too short, sexy without being slutty. Her heels were nearly the color of her stockings and it made her look almost barefoot. Her gold jewelry was classic and understated.

William watched her digging around in the suitcase, bent over very seductively. She stood up with a confused look on her face and turned towards him.

'Not one pair of panties! I know I took them out of the drawer. How did I manage to not put them in here? With this dress I have to wear a thong but I don't even have panties for tomorrow. Sheesh!'

'I have a confession to make, darling. I took them out.'

'What? Why? I can't go to that party without panties on!'

'Sure you can! And besides, I think it's going to be hot! Only you and I will know and I have plans for later anyway...', he grinned with the open invitation.

'Oh? Getting frisky? Lately you've been too busy. But I'm glad to hear it. OK, it's a panty-free night then.' Deb smiled and winked at him just like old times. He thought about his plans for later, and could barely keep the smirk off his face. The plan would go forward. She needed a lesson and he was looking forward to getting what he wanted.

He followed her into the bathroom and when she picked up her lipstick, he slid his hand between her thighs and found her already a bit moist. She closed her eyes and let out a small moan.

'Spread your legs.' He said in a low growling voice. When she did, he inserted 2 fingers in her cunt, coating them in her juices. When he pulled them out, he bought them to her mouth. 'Suck them!' She opened her mouth, he placed first one, then both fingers on her tongue and she began sucking them with slow motions, her tongue snaking between his fingers. Turning her around, he plunged his fingers back into her and used his thumb on her clit, getting her more excited by the moment. He suddenly pulled out and dipped his fingers between her breasts. 'That's the only perfume I need. And all I want you to wear. Let everyone smell your scent and wonder.'

She looked at him with eyes glazed with lust, willing to do anything at that point. She giggled like a girl and he took her mouth in a passionate, possessive kiss.

'Time to go!' He stepped back and she reached for him with a moan.

'Hey! You can't just leave me like this! Finish what you started!'

'Nope, you'll just have to wait till later. And think about it. Think about a tongue and cock driving you over the edge - again and again - all night long!'

'Mmmmm - that sounds wonderful! You're on.'

He opened the door to the room and after she stepped into the hall, unlocked the door to the adjoining room. He could hear men's voices next door and it sounded like they were having a good time. Stepping into the hallway, he took Debs' hand in his and they headed for the elevator and the party. She was thinking about her first drink and the wetness between her legs. He was thinking about what was going to happen later and smiled. Yes, the night would be one to remember.


Three hours and three double 7-7's later, Deb was more than a little bit drunk. Will had brought her the drinks but hadn't mentioned that they were doubles. He knew that her inhibitions melted like warm butter on a hot stove when she got past two drinks. He watched as she danced with one of the firm's partners. He held her in such a way that made Will think that maybe he wanted more than a dance.... his hand straying from her mid-back to just above her shapely butt - not quite to groping position, but very close.

For her part, Deb's arms were around his neck, pushing her wonderfully full breasts against his chest. If he looked down, he got a full view of luscious cleavage. Will wondered if the scent of her cunt was still there and if this man could smell it and if he could, did he want her? Of course he did! Look at him. Look at her! She was very desirable and in her present state, gave off 'fuck me' signals like a lighthouse beacon.

Will caught site of his private detective, Sam, near the elevator. Nodding to him, he then turned his attention back to Deb. It was time. He saw Sam get in the elevator and saw Sam smile as the doors closed.

When the song ended, Will retrieved Deb from his partners grasp, laughing that it was time to go - before Deb could get a hold of anything more to drink. She looked at him and smiled. She practically fell into his arms.

'Time for play? I am so horny and it's all your fault! I hope you didn't drink as much as I did. I think you planned on getting me drunk so you could take advantage of me, didn't you?' Deb smiled up at him and winked. 'I love fucking you, so you could have just asked!'

He smiled at her and standing next to the elevator, he slipped his hand under her dress and grabbed her butt. She closed her eyes and just whispered, 'more!' The elevator opened and he guided her inside.

As soon as the doors closed his hand reached between her thighs and he soon had two fingers rubbing along her clit. His mouth found hers and he held her close. The ride to the 10th floor was short, but in that time, he had managed to make her very wet and wanton.

'Soon, my love.' Opening the door to the room, he noticed that only one light was on. The connecting door was opened and Sam stood there waiting. Deb's eyes were closed and Will took that opportunity to remove his tie and use it as a blindfold. Deb giggled and kicked off her shoes.

'Tonight will be different from any other night we have had together. Tonight I will show you exactly what I want. What I expect. What I will demand in the future.'

With that, Deb felt the silk around her wrists, binding them behind her back. Smiling at this new game, she allowed herself to be led to the bed.

'On your belly!', Will demanded in a low voice. She felt him guide her down onto the bed, face down and then felt him lift her hips and ass into the air, so that she was kneeling. He lifted her dress up so that it fell over her back and head.

'Alright. Do it!'

Deb felt hands grasp her ankles and shoulders. Hands wandered over her ass, pussy, thighs - a tongue started licking her pussy and another was thrust into her tight ass. She tried to cry out - fear made her nearly speechless. Then she could hear Will next to her ear.

'You want strange cocks? Well, tonight you are going to get them!' As soon as she tried to speak, he shoved his handkerchief into her mouth. 'You will take what you deserve. We'll decide the future later. OK gentlemen, have your fun.'

There were four of them. Will sat in a chair, smoking his pipe and watched as all of them took their turns with her. His only instruction was that they could not take her ass - that was his. One after another licked and then fucked her. All four men were young and had plenty of stamina. Her moans and forced orgasms becoming more and more arousing to him. His cock was at full attention inside his pants but he refused to touch it. He was saving it for her.

One of the men removed the gag from her mouth and shoved his cock in it's place. At this point Will knew that she was enjoying this punishment - she sucked that cock like a pro! When the other men saw this, they each lined up for a deep throat blow job that Will knew from experience was incredible.

As the last man finally exploded inside her well fucked, stretched out pussy, Will stood and unzipped his pants. Walking over to the bed, he grabbed Deb's hair and pulled her head around to his cock. She sucked it with the enthusiasm of a $5 whore. Thinking of her punishment kept him from shooting it down her throat. He wanted her ass.

Until now, her ass had been off limits to him. Not anymore. Tonight he would take what he wanted. She had been taking her pleasure elsewhere, now it was his turn to use her like the whore she was.

He pulled out of her mouth. 'Hold her tight', he told the men. Deb felt the hands securing her, ass up, totally exposed. She could feel their cum running down her legs and pooling on the bed. She tried to move to the side, but was held in firm hands - there was no escape.

Will ran his cock down her ass and watched as her sphincter spasmed. He knew she would be tight. A little saliva for lube and then he laid the head of his engorged cock against this tight little opening. She started moaning and he could hear her pleading, 'No, no, nooooooo!'

'Shut her up!' Deb felt a hand over her mouth - The blindfold had slipped and her eyes were now open in fear, anticipation and just a little bit of excitement too. Will, steeling himself against her protests, began to slowly slide into her. He felt the resistance but once the head was in, he stopped and waited for her to relax around his shaft. As soon as he felt her relax he entered her in one swift stroke. She bucked against her captors, but this didn't help her to get away from the intense feelings of fullness. He started to pump in earnest. He had never felt anything so wonderful! Within a few minutes, he knew that he would not be able to hold out for long. With a final pause, he then stroked in and out in a steady rhythm - pulling nearly out with each stroke and burying himself to the balls with each thrust. After just a few of these he could feel his balls tighten up and then he exploded deep inside her - pulling her hips into himself, he held on for all he was worth.

After a minute, he finally stopped spasming and withdrew his spent cock and admired her gaping asshole. Then he slapped her on the ass and sat down heavily on the bed. He motioned for the men to release Deb. As they stepped away, she fell over onto her side, breathing hard.

'Untie me.' She said softly. Reaching up, Will untied her wrists and watched as she brought her hands around and began to rub her wrists. He reached up and removed his tie - it had slipped down around her neck. Her dress was probably ruined. There was a puddle of cum on the bed, running out of her pussy and now, her ass.

The men all slipped through the connecting door and closed it quietly. They were alone. Will stood up and zipped his pants. Without looking at her, he walked to the table that held a bottle of scotch and glasses. Pouring 3 fingers worth into the glass, he finally turned towards her. And smiled.

'Is that what you had in mind, darling? None of them knew that this scenario was fantasy fulfillment for both of us. Sam is convinced that you have been having an affair. You did a good job of looking disheveled coming out of Dr. Zami's office. Too bad your treatments are over.'

'Yeah, who knew that acupuncture would really work? But I haven't had a cigarette for 4 weeks.' She stood up, a bit unsteady and feeling every muscle. 'I'm going to shower now. And you do know that I will get even with the you for the butt fucking! You knew that has always been a no no. You better let Sam in on the secret.'

'I will. Of course, he may be willing to participate in future 'punishments' if you'd like. And as for your ass? I told you that you would know what I wanted and would expect in the future. Your ass is mine from now on, do you understand?'

Smiling a devilish grin, she winked one last time. 'Yes dear!'

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