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Caught in the Act


(A word of warning before you read this: I write as I speak and think. You may find points in the story where I speak to you, the reader. I hope this doesn't distract, but this is just me! Enjoy.)

You are at my place. Never mind how you got here, go with it.

You are waiting for me to come home, but I called and told you that I'd be late. You have been horny all day. Lately, work has been busy, so I've not paid you the physical attention you need in a day or two.

Thinking to take matters... into your own hands... you decide to take a quick shower. After all, if you're deliciously clean when I get home, perhaps you can greet me at the door and help things get started.

So, you peel your clothes off and chuck them in the hallway intending to pick them up right after the shower. Plenty of time until I come home, after all....

You turn the water on, just as sizzling hot as you like it. You turn both showerheads on. )Yes, I have two showerheads. Crazy!!) You climb in and lather yourself up, skin on fire under the combination of hot water, good soap and a shower scrubby.

The water feels so good on your skin. It is almost as if your skin is soaking up the heat and moisture. You slide your soapy hands around on your breasts, gently pinching both nipples at the same time with your soapy, slick fingers. You can feel yourself getting wet. You feel ... SO naughty for doing it, but you just can't help sliding your hands down your sexy belly and soaping up your pussy. Your eyes roll back. God do you need a dick right now. Stupid work!

You take the showerhead off, the one on the long hose and you begin rinsing yourself. You start with your hair, then down your back and move to your front. The water pulses across your oh so sensitive breasts... you shudder. Your nipples are incredibly sensitive. You nearly come, but stop yourself just short of it.

You shake your head to clear it and being moving the showerhead further down your body, rinsing the suds away. You get to your pussy... feeling deliciously decadent... you turn the shower head on massage and then on yourself... your pussy nearly explodes at the exquisite pleasure from the water.

SUDDENLY, I fling the shower curtain open. Caught, you give me that deer in the headlights caught masturbating when she's under strict orders not to come without her Sir there look. (Dear reader, please read that last part again! Sex should always be mixed with copious amounts of humor. Forgive my warped sense of humor!)

"WHAT are you doing, Pet?" Unable to answer, you just stare at me for a moment.

"I was just washing, Sir" you say.

"Ma'am... it looked like you were doing more than washing to me" I say. "It looked like you were about two seconds from having an orgasm. Am I right?"

You lower your eyes. You nod your head up and down. My eyes flare. You can tell that you're in a bit of hot water. (oh punny!)

"Get out." I say.

You stand, flabbergasted, soap still running down your legs and back.

"GET... OUT." I bark.

You step out, not even bothering to turn the water off.

"So, you need an orgasm so badly, so so badly... you can't wait until I'm home and ask for one? Disobedience is not a beautiful trait, lover" I say.

You stand on the mat; dripping water and a little ashamed of yourself and yet... strangely turned on.

"So you need an orgasm, do you? Well, Lover, let me see if I can help you then. You must be in terrible straights! Need more? Come with me."

I lead you into the living room of my apartment.

"Get on your hands and knees" I say. You comply. You hear me leave the room. You wait, patiently. I walk back in and you hear me drop some items to the floor, but you know to stay as you were instructed.

Suddenly, my hand is on your pussy, fingers probing for your depths. No warning, no warm up, just fingers sliding into your already wet pussy. I finger fuck you, roughly, for a few seconds. You moan and push back against my hand. I withdraw my fingers and push you forward while holding your stomach up.

"Lean forward" Ii tell you. You do and I put my face behind you, sliding my tongue where my fingers just vacated. My tongue slides into your pussy a bit, lapping at the delicious juices. I move my mouth down to your clit and lick it, the staccato rhythm of my tongue driving you over the edge in a fast orgasm.

I slide two fingers back inside of you, pull your clit into my mouth and suck gently, my tongue increasing the beat on your clit. A second orgasm rocks you and your legs shake a bit. I continue to finger fuck you while i remove my mouth from your clit.

I work my mouth upward, licking and kissing your inner thighs and ass cheeks. I move past my fingers, up until I find your asshole. I slide my tongue out and lick around it, gently licking that bundle of nerves on your asshole. It feels so wrong... so dirty... me licking your ass... and yet... so right.

My fingers continue to probe you; my tongue licking... another orgasm shudders through you. Your pussy juices are just flowing now. I stop licking, withdrawing my face from your sexy ass.

I grab a vibrator and trade it for my fingers that were recently inside of your pussy. I turn it on, medium speed and it begins thumping inside of you. You can feel the beat against your G-spot and on the underside of your clit.

Using my fingers, I lap up some of your loosely flowing pussy juice and use it to lubricate your asshole. I then slide my index finger inside, gently - allowing you time to stretch and get accustomed. After a minute or so, I slide a second well lubricated finger in beside the first one in your ass. You have another orgasm as the vibrator inside of you continues its battery discharging work.

I remove both fingers after your orgasm. Standing, I move to the front and tell you "Put my cock in your mouth you little slut. Taste my precome. Taste how fucking hot you make me."

You stick your tongue out and lick just the end of my dick, the slightly salty-sweet precome showing you just exactly how hot I am for you.

"I said, put my cock in your mouth", I say.

You happily comply; sucking, blowing, working up and down my shaft while the vibrator inside of you works you to another orgasm. I moan and reach over the top of you to slide my two fingers around your sopping pussy. Stealing more love juice from you, I slide them back into your ass and being working them in and out, slowly, gently building your tolerance while you suck lovingly on me.

Another orgasm rocks you. Moaning, near orgasm myself, I finally have to pull out of your luscious mouth before you make me come. I walk around behind you and pick up a flogger. Teasing you, I use the handle end to slide up and down your pussy. The ribbed handle makes you jump and shiver. The vibrator inside of you continues to rack you with pleasure.

Turning it around, I gently drag the tassels across both of your ass cheeks. This teasing, gentle, almost tickling continues for a minute, building the suspense the.

Now the tassels are gone but you know they'll be back. I deliver a soft blow on your ass with the flogger. It barely even stings. It feels good actually! I do the same to the other cheek and again, again, again and again. Each blow is just ever so slightly more than the last. By now, they are more like light slaps, but delivered with many tiny hands.

You can feel your ass heating up and reddening. You moan and come hard and begin pushing back - needing more of the lash. I stop and return to dragging it across your ass. The sudden change in sensation is maddening. You had just accustomed yourself to the other, now this?

I reach down and quickly finger your clit to another powerful orgasm. By now you are having difficulty staying on all fours. I order you to stand.

"Turn around and put your hands on my couch" I order. "Bend over and do not move, you dirty little masturbating slut." You feel me come behind you and place a medium sized dildo against your asshole. Gently, I slide it in. I turn it on, very low and it pulses powerfully inside of you, rocking in a totally different beat than the first one. Your ass is so beautifully red, desensitized and ready for anything. I'm standing behind you, flogger in hand and my dick rock hard from how sexy you are.

"Turn around and look at me, but just with your head." I say. "I want to see your eyes and I want you to watch my face and arms. I want you to know when the lash blows are going to land and I want you to see my desire."

I start again, gently. Barely flicking my wrist, the tassels tease your ass. You can't take your eyes off of me. It's so easy to see the excitement, see how turned on I am by you. You moan and push backwards, indicating you need more.

I pick up the rhythm, using a bit more force now. The blows land over and over, reddening your ass and maddening your mind. You come, again and then again. The lashes only serving to enflame your desire, the two vibrators driving you crazy and the passion in our locked eyes....

After a few minutes of the lashes, I stop. Your ass is delicious on fire. There is a dull ache, but the endorphins are coursing through your body like a drug. I pull both vibrators out and drop them on the floor and then I lift you up and carry you to the bedroom, passion in my eyes. You know that I want to fuck you so badly now.

We enter the bedroom and I gently set you down. In one swift motion, I rip the sheets and comforter off the bed and deposit them onto the floor.

"Lay down on your side" I tell you. You do so and I lay behind you and slide my dick into your sopping, beautifully wet pussy. You shudder and come almost instantly.

I wrap my arms protectively around you and hold you close, feeling your body rock against me. You are almost in tears from the pleasure and the endorphins. I kiss you over and over, mouth, cheek, neck, ear, cheek, forehead, lips.

Holding you for a couple of minutes, I barely move, just allowing you to come down from the high. Then, slowly, I begin pushing into you. Half an inch at a time, I move in and then back out. You, deep in your own space, feel the thrusts and begin reacting automatically. You thrust backwards, hungrily, against me.

I being working more and more of my rock hard dick into you. You are so incredibly wet that your ass and my front are both soaked. Neither of use care! It feels so incredibly good to have our entire bodies head to toes touch this way. I pull you in closer to me, gently pinching your nipples and rocking behind you. You can feel a monster of an orgasm rising up inside of you.

I'm curved, in just the right way - my dick in this position continues to caress your G-spot. As we move, I begin growling, low and deep in my chest. You know after many times of being together that this means I'm nearly ready to come. I begin long stroking behind you. My dick slides all the way out and then I slam it all the way back into you. My arms aid this and pull you to me with each thrust.

My cock slamming into you like this drives you over the edge and the most powerful orgasm of the night erupts through you. You scream, LOUDLY. Moaning and groaning, your pussy thrashes around my hard dick I begin moaning and speaking in ancient Latin (hey, what can I say, I come in crazy ways) behind you as my orgasm arrives.

Semen erupts through my shaft to explode into you. We continue moving together, each second slowing our movements, making us relax until finally we are completely spent. Exhausted, we lay in one another's arms.

Exhausted, content and well fucked, we cuddle. I say "Sweetheart.... next time you need to come, ask me. I think I know how you need to come."

With that, we both laugh and in seconds we are asleep in one another's arms.

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