tagTransgender & CrossdressersCaught in the Toilet

Caught in the Toilet


Kneeling on the floor beside the toilet, dressed in lingerie and wearing pink lipstick waiting for the door to open, my mind kept going around in circles to what led me here, wondering if I could have done anything different to prevent it.

I remembered sitting on the toilet earlier today looking at my bright pink nylon and white lace panties, resisting the urge to play with myself. They looked so arousing against my pale, shaved legs above the stocking tops and garter straps. I blushed slightly and smiled at what a dirty little pervert I was wearing slutty lingerie under my suit to work.

It wasn't something I did often, but this morning, after taking off my pink baby doll nighty and satin panties I thought how shameful it would be to do that again. At first, I dismissed it, as there was always the chance that someone might notice the garter straps or panties when I bent over. You never knew who might be watching around the office. After the shower and shave I felt particularly horny looking at my totally shaved body in the mirror. I ran my hands over the slight, soft swelling on my upper chest.

They looked and felt like young girls titties with large, round nipples, a slightly darker pink than the rest of my chest. I guess that was when I decided to wear lingerie, shivering slightly as I put on the bra, teddy, garter belt and stocking, thinking how sissy and faggy I looked dressed like that. The last item of course was the 'boys cut' pink panties, smiling to myself as I thought of that name. 'Boy cut', or 'boys shorts'.

It sounded like all boys and young men should be wearing them. Now there was a thought. How about a law that said you had to wear them until you were 18, wouldn't that be something. All those pretty boy and young men, all male and macho like me, walking around in sissy pink panties and bra under their street clothes. I guess they wouldn't be calling anyone faggot or queer then with everyone knowing what they were wearing. Just to be on the safe side I wore a tee shirt over the bra and teddy as I didn't want them showing through my shirt even though I was wearing a lightweight vest over my shirt. That should hide any tell-tale outlines or visible signs of what I was wearing.

Sighing as I remembered feeling the tightness of the bra, and the soft feel of the lace around the top of the teddy, unable to resist the urge to touch myself after that, letting out a soft moan as I stoked my cock. It felt so good, and I sat on the toilet a little longer, reveling in the feeling between my legs and smell of the toilet. Somehow, the smell made it feel even more shamefully erotic and depraved. With a sigh I stopped, knowing that if I didn't I'd jack off until I climaxed, wanting that feeling to go on as long as possible.

Standing, I turned to flush the toilet and reached down to pull my panties up. As I did, the toilet door opened. I froze in shock. I my haste to go for a pee I'd forgotten to lock the door. I was so petrified I couldn't move, not even to look around to see who it was. I heard movement, the door closing, and the click of the lock. The next second the light went off. I heard myself moan in panic and the sound of my heart beat pounding in my ears, hardly able to breathe. I turned, but couldn't see who it was, only the sound of his soft footsteps coming towards me, and the rasping sound of a zip. I wanted to run but was too petrified to move, and run to where? I felt him stand close, his hand touching my crotch, stroking it with rough fingers. His breath brushed my ear as he leaned closer.

"Nice panties, bitch!" He whispered in a husky voice.

Between the pounding of my heart and my gasping for breath I couldn't tell who it was. Someone from my office was all I knew. Someone who now knew I was a panty-wearing sissy masquerading as a real man. I couldn't help myself and let out a sob. Between his man smell, the darkness, the toilet smell and his hand squeezing my cock I started to get hard. How perverted was that? I should be screaming or fainting, something, anything but stand there and get hard while he played with my cock.

I felt movement and knew he was playing with his cock. He stopped and using both hands pushed the vest off and unbuttoned my shirt. I wanted to stop him, wanted to say don't, but I couldn't. He pushed the shirt off my shoulder and ran his ran his over my body as the vest and shirt dropped to the floor. Without a word, he lifted my tee shirt and pulled it over my head, dropping it onto the floor I suppose. I head him sigh as his fingers ran over my body again, feeling the bra through the teddy and down over my hips. Gripping the waste band of the panties he pulled them down and freeing my now hard cock.

One hand returned to squeezing me while the other return to jacking himself off, and I thought for a wild moment that would be enough. He stopped for a moment and ran his hand up my body until it rested on my shoulder and began to push downward. I let out another small sob, knowing what he wanted. I tried to tell myself not to do it, to refuse, to run, to scream no... but I couldn't.

Slowly, unwillingly I sank to my knees, tears of shame running down my face. He'd seen me, knew who I was. If I didn't do this I knew he'd tell everyone. My knee hit the damp, cold concrete floor and I could smell his manhood, right in front of my face. I sobbed again as he reached down, using his thumb and forefinger squeezed my cheeks until my mouth opened. The moment it did, he pushed the head of his cock between my lips and into my mouth.

"Suck it you filthy little panty wearing faggot!"

Crying in shame I started licking and sucking his big cock and it wasn't long before he started gently pumping it in and out of my mouth. I shuddered in disgust at the taste of his cock, feeling the silky smooth texture of the skin as it slipped in and out of my mouth, tatsing the little shot of musky pre-cum that leaked from the tip. At first, he just stroked my hair, gradually moving his hand to the back of my head so he could push my head forward as he pushed his cock in and out.

Then he had both hands on my head, holding it tight, gradually speeding up his stokes and beginning to pant. I couldn't take his cock out now even if I wanted to, and I did. "Wrap your fucking lips tight around the shaft, bitch." He panted as he drove his stiff cock deeper into my mouth. I sobbed and di what he said, tightening lip wet lips around the meaty shaft of his cock.

"That's it. Now suck it hard you disgusting little cock sucking faggot bitch!" Sobbing around his cock with hot tears of shame running down my face I did.

"That's it you filthy little crossdressed faggot, suck my big hard cock!"

Crying in shameI did what he told me, sucking his rock hard cock as it slipped in and out between my wet lips, ashamed and humiliated that I let him do this to me.

Suddenly I felt his cock swell, and with a loud groan of pleasure he shot his load into my mouth, filling it with hot cum. I gagged and choked as it hit the back of my throat but he didn't stop, he just kept fucking my mouth. In desperation I swallowed, and kept swallowing as more and more cum filled my mouth. With a last thrust he stopped and I felt him shiver as he slowly withdrew his cock from my mouth.

"Ummmm good," he murmured, hearing the rasp as he zipped up his pants. "Yeah, you are a good little cock sucking cum swallowing faggot."

Without another word and turned and walked across the toilet towards the strip of light coming in under the door. For a moment he stopped.

"Hey bitch!' He whispered loud enough for me to hear.

I looked in his direction and caught the flash in my eyes. He'd taken a picture of me. I sobbed again and dropped my head as he opened the door and left, closing and locking the door behind him for which I was thankful. I don't think I could have move right then.

Wiping the tears from my eyes I turned, thinking to throw up in the bowl, but I didn't. As disgusting as it was I didn't feel in the least bit sick. In the end I stood, pulling my pants up enough so I could go over and switch the light on. Checking first to see if the door really was locked. I dressed, rinsed my mouth, washed and dried my face and hands and stood there looking myself in the mirror. I couldn't look at myself for long, still feeling the shame at what I'd done. I'd just been used like a cheap faggot slut.

I knew I should have stopped him but didn't. What made me blush ever more was the fact that throughout the whole ordeal I was as hard as a rock. Thankfully, he, whoever he was hadn't seen that, not sure if that would have made a difference anyway. What would I do now? Someone out there knew what I was and had a picture of me. Would he tell? Would he say something to anyone or show then the picture? I didn't know. After combing my hair I walked slowly back to my desk as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened and continued my work. Or tried to, shivering every so often as someone walked by my desk as I tied unsuccessfully to concentrate on invoices and filing. I looked at the other guys in the office and wondering which one of them it was, but none of them appeared to take any special interest in me.

The day progressed, depressing hour after hour. An orange juice lunch couldn't get the taste of his cock and cum out of my mouth no matter how much I tried. It was still there, at the back of my throat, a constant reminder of what I'd done. At three, I took a break and went outside to get a breath of fresh air, thinking it might help. It did for a moment, until I got back to my desk. Tucked under my nameplate was an envelope with my name on it and something bulky inside. I sat down and turn away so no one could see and with trembling fingers opened the envelope. Inside was a simply note, a picture and a lipstick. Checking to see no one was looking at me I opened the lipstick, sucking in my breath as I saw bright pink. The note was simply.

'5:00 pm -- bathroom -- lipstick -- on your knees - lights off - be ready -- or else'

There was no signature and the note could have been written on any computer in the office. As poor as it was the color picture said it all. A recognizable me, kneeling in front a toilet dressed in slutty, faggy underwear with my cock sticking out. He knew!

The office closed at 4:30 and by five pm I was in the darkened toilet stripped down to my lingerie, wearing bright pink lipstick and kneeling on the floor as ordered. The door opened but I didn't look up. I didn't want to know who it was. He walked over and stood in front of me, unzipping his pants as he did.

"Stand up and bend over the toilet, fuck bitch."

I moaned softly and did what he told me, feeling his hands traveling over my body as I turned and bent over. His thumbs hooked into the waistband of my panties, and with two quick jerks he ripped them off.

"Good. Spread your legs pussy boy!" All I could do was moan. He laughed, and reaching around he forced my mouth open and stuffed the dirty pink panties inside.

"That should keep the little fuck faggot quite while I fuck him."

His hand slipped between my open legs, caressing my crotch first, then my tight balls. While he was doing that, his other hand wandered over my body finally reached my little titties. He squeezed them hard, first one, then the other through the material of my teddy and bra. That wasn't enough, and slipping the shoulder straps off he pull the teddy and bra down, exposing my girly breast to his hand. This time he squeezed hard, making me moan louder, then pinched the nipples, making me draw in a hissing breath of pain.

"Oh yeah. What lovely fucking titties you have bitchboy."

His other hand soon found the butt plug, teasing it a moment before gentle pulling it out. He didn't take it all the way out, but began slipping it in and out, moaning softly as he did.

"Oh yes. You gona feel a real one in there soon, sissy cunt. You're going to love it. So much better than a dildo or a butt plug."

"Please.... No... I'm not..." I wanted to say, but couldn't. A moment later he pulled the butt plug out and substituted the tip of his cock. "OH god no...." I moaned around the gag.

With a quick thrust he had the head of his cock inside me. I tried to move forward and pull away, but he quickly grabbed my hips in both hands and pulled me back. As he did he rammed his cock in deeper. I squealed in pain, but that didn't stop him pulling me back and he thrust his cock in deeper. It was horrible and I started crying in shame. He was going to fuck me like a girl and I couldn't stop him.

"Yeah! What a lovely tight pussy you have cunt! I'm going to love fucking you!"

Saying that he did, sliding his huge cock in and out of my ass. It hurt, God how it hurt, but he didn't care. I clamped one hand over my mouth to stop from screaming as he gradually fucked his way inside me. With my face burning with shame I could only stand there and let this unknown man fuck me like a dirty little crossdressing faggot bitch.

His hand came up and grabbed me by the hair, jerking my head back as he pounding his cock into me. His other hand slid up and grabbed my titties, squeezing then, pinching the nipples hard. I could hear him panting for breath, moaning, knowing he was enjoying every second of my rape, and being raped I was. He let go of my breast and his hand landed with a resounding slap on my ass cheek. I tried to scream around the gag as he kept spanking me, harder and harder.

"Work it you filthy little cunt! Work that fucking faggot pussy!"

He slapped me again and again, and sobbing and crying I did, hoping he would stop. He didn't. The faster I pushed back on his cock, the more he spanked me. At least the pain in my butt slowly diminished as my ring relaxed to accommodate his huge cock.

That did nothing to reduce the shamed and humiliation I felt. He was using me like a dirty little ally slut and it was my own fault. I knew then that that was what I felt ashamed about, his fucking me was just icing on the cake. Just then he reached around and grabbed my cock and I gasped in surprise. I was as hard as a rock. I never got this hard, not matter what I did, yet now my little cock felt like a stiff bar.

I sobbed even louder; I was starting to enjoy it. I started panting, wiggling my ass on his cock. Suddenly I wanted him there, wanted him fucking me. Like some erotic dream come true, I was really getting raped like I fantasized about so many times. I was all the things I thought it would be and more. I could feel it building inside me and knew I was about to cum without even touching myself. My hard throbbing sissy cock had a mine of its own, straining for release as he fucked me, and no matter how many time I told myself I wasn't a cock craving faggot bitch, my cock told me the truth. I was a sissy fag, I wanted this, wanting the feel of a real cock in my sissy bitch pussy and my mouth.

With a final lunge he rammed his cock all the way in and held it there, gripping my hips and pulling my onto his cock while he shot his load inside me. I could feel his cock pulsing, imagining his hot cum filling my ass in some perverse initiation into faggothood. I was a cross-dressing sissy fag now, whether I wanted to be or not. The nights of just dressing up in girls clothes and fantasizing about what might happen, or what a guy might do to me if he caught me wearing girl's clothes were over. Now I knew exactly how it felt to suck cock and get fucked like a cheap whore. With a final sigh, he pulled out, hearing him wiping his cock before zipping up his pants. Then, without a word he left, setting the locking latch before closing the door. I sank to the floor and knelt there sobbing at the image of myself doing this again and again. He had me, what with the picture. No matter how much I tried to tell myself this wasn't my fault, that's he'd forced me, raped me I knew the truth. Whether I wanted it or not I was his crossdressing faggot slut bitch now. He owned me.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/18/18

Wish it was me

I am a closet sissy faggot. When I travel, I wear crotchless panties under my suit. This is so hot. How I would love to be caught and forced to suck cock. WOW!!!!

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by Anonymous03/26/18

fuck that was hot

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