tagGroup SexCaught on Video Pt. 02

Caught on Video Pt. 02


Last weekend changed something inside of Annabelle forever. She knew she needed to feel those guys inside her, know what the gangbang was all about. Jason found her on campus that week, and asked her out for drinks.

They went to the local sports bar, Jason ordering a pitcher for the two of them. Annabelle smirked, she knew that Jason was trying to get her tipsy so he could get off later. She had other plans for him. She knew he hadn't gotten in on the action on Friday, but she wasn't going to let him have her again. Not after the way he tricked her.

As for the other guys, her carnal needs had taken over and she wasn't mad. She needed them to come over for a repeat performance so that she could get a taste of what she had only watched on the video, her memory blank from the actual events.

She just wasn't sure why Jason had staged it. Was is a rush requirement? Was he getting paid? She would have to find out more details.

Terrance stopped by their table, winking at Annabelle.

"You got a little wild there on Friday, huh girl?" Jason turned green from this comment, but Annabelle innocently played along.

"Oh I know! I am so embarrassed. Just can't hold my liquor. Luckily Jason took care of me." She smiled sweetly and patted Jason's hand.

"Well, are you going to be at the party on Saturday?" Terrance looked at her, kind of hopeful.

Bingo. Of course she was on board.

"Oh, I don't know, guys, maybe I should be grounded this weekend?" Annabelle demurely replied. Jason and Terrance at once, "No!" Jason recovered, "Come on, babe. It will be fun!"

"Oh I guess so!" Annabelle said in her most innocent sweet voice.

The rest of the evening, Annabelle put off Jason's advances, he was NOT getting any tonight. She wanted to save herself for Saturday, and she was still angry at Jason for keeping the gangbang from her and thinking he would get away with it.


Annabelle prepped for Saturday, she could barely wait. She rewatched video segments that got her hot, but didn't dare let herself have a release, she wanted to save it all up for the late night bang.

Annabelle stayed at her dorm while her sorority sisters pre-partied. She wanted to stay focused, and maybe find clues to clear up Jason's motives and if he might have slipped something into her drink the weekend before.

She practiced in the mirror giggling, and wore towering heels that she looked drunk in even sober. Prepping herself for the evening, she but on her cutest panties, and hit the party.

They were all there, in a group in the kitchen. The guys that gangbanged her the weekend before. Hurriedly discussing something, Annabelle clearly saw one of the white boys that rode her hand folded bills to Jason. So that cleared it up. Jason was probably pimping out freshmen girls without their knowledge!

Jason saw her staring, and rushed over with a drink in hand, that he already had on the counter. It was too much of a coincidence. She must have been roofied the weekend before.

Annabelle felt betrayed, but tried to focus on the task at hand, she still wanted all of those guys inside her tonight. Minus Jason. His days fucking Annabelle were over for good.

Pretending to drink her drink and get drunk throughout that night, at one point Annabelle was able to sneak up to Jason's room in the frathouse. He sure wasn't very good at hiding evidence. Right there on his desk was a little black book.

Annabelle flipped through the pages, lists of names of older frat brothers with dollar amounts next to them, newer pledges with 'first free; marked. There was even a name and number for 'rape drugz' in the book. What an idiot. Annabelle snuck the book into her purse and went downstairs, keeping up her act.

"JASON!!" She squealed, wrapping her arms around his neck. BABE. I am so horny. Let's go HOOOOOME!!" Jason smiled at Annabelle, "Sure babe. I think you need to get into bed." Annabelle kept up the act, while Jason motioned to Terrance across the room.


Annabelle pretended to be semi conscious on the walk home, and flopped down on her bed hard. She was buzzing inside. She still wasn't really sure how everything was going to play out, and she liked it that way.

Jason rubbed her back, and then tried to make sure she was out for good, pinching her arm (wince!), slapping her ass (nice.) Annabelle kept still and quiet.

Just like the last weekend, all four guys shuffled in on Jason's command. She opened her eyes the tiniest bit, couldn't tell through her lashes. To her surprise, the pump-and-cum freshman had been replaced with another big black dude. Terrance quickly introduced him to Jason,

"Dude, this is JJ. Toby freaked out at the last minute. But JJ is good for it. He'll even pay for his first." She saw Jason nod, and she knew the gangbang was about to get underway.


Still pretending to be passed out, Annabelle played along as the same guy from the other night went in first. So eager. He was pulling up her skirt, and rubbed her clit. She knew she was wet, and she hoped he wouldn't think much of it.

"Bitch, are you ready for this?" Annabelle heard the familiar sound of pants unzipping, belts unbuckling. It sounded like everyone was getting their cocks out for her to take.

The first guy pulled her panties aside and started to edge into her. it was unbelievable. She felt like a sex spy, she was fully there but no one knew it. Right when he was gaining speed and rhythm, Annabelle knew she couldn't keep it in any longer. Having five sets of eyes on her while she was getting fucked was sending her over the edge.

Annabelle arose from the grave and started pressing back into the first fuck. She could feel his shock.

"No, don't stop. Keep that hard cock coming at me." Annabelle whispered. He listened, and rocked her harder.

"ooh ooh ooh OHH!" Annabelle gasped with the rhythm of his thrusts. she cocked her head and winked at Jason, the same color green and look of fear on his face she had seen earlier in the week.

"That's right. Fuck my pussy. FUCK IT!" and Annabelle gripped her pussy around the freshman's dick, he didn't stand a chance. He came inside her and let out a whelp, the whole thing took five minutes. A mixture of his cum and her juices dripped off onto the bed. He backed off, and Annabelle turned around.

"Boys. Things are going to be a bit different tonight. I make the rules, but I think you are going to like them." The other white boy that had had his way with her the week before shuffled for the door.

"Not so fast. Phil, is it? You aren't going to regret this. Stay. And on that note, you're all staying. I have a video of your performance last week, and I have Jason's black book." Everyone cringed, and JJ, new, just looked stunned.

"From here on out, you'll pay me for these types of things. I get it if you are into the passed out girl thing, we'll figure that out. But tonight, give me a try. Except for you Jason, you can just watch." Annabelle, who felt like she was in a trance or on stage, was so excited for what was to come she could feel her pussy pulsating in excitement.

"JJ, come here." She wanted him to feel at ease, not like he had done anything wrong in her book. He came to her by the bed, and Annabelle helped him undo his pants further. His black cock was huge. Not as big at Terrance, but something that was going to be hard to take. She gulped, and went in to suck the tip of his cock to get started.

Working JJ with her hand, she motioned for Phil, the other white guy to come around. He already had his cock in his hand, and flipped up her skirt and went after her. It was quick and dirty. Which was fine, Annabelle was losing it herself with all of the action, it was thrilling. Phil pumped into her roughly, pulling her by the hips. Moaning, and was done after a matter of minutes.

Annabelle focused on JJ's cock. She wanted him to have a good first time, and was excited he was in the mix. He had seemed timid initially, but that had all gone out the window once his carnal urges took over.

"Bitch, how much CAN you take?" JJ asked, staring down at Annabelle. He grabbed the back of her head and roughly pushed her mouth down on his cock. Annabelle opened up her throat and took it. Encouraged by Annabelle's expert deepthroat, JJ grabbed her hair and started face fucking her with abandon.

Slamming her face onto his cock, he was balls deep. Annabelle could feel his cock twitching and pulsating in her mouth and throat as she focused on breathing through her nose. She didn't want to disappoint him, but she felt like she was drowning in his cock. Her thoughts clouded as he reared up and slammed his dick down into her throat again.

From across the room, this unleashed something in Terrance. He came around to the other side of the bed and re-hoisted Annabelle up so she was on all fours. She hadn't been released of her mouth grip on JJ, animalistically she kept sucking him off. Terrance started rubbing her clit. She knew she was wet and ready for him.

Spreading Annabelle's cheeks wide, she was still a bit sore from the first and second round, but a numbness and tingling sensation started up when Terrance began to try to squeeze his massive shaft inside her still small opening, this really was only the seventh time she'd had a cock penetrate her.

THIS is what she knew she was waiting for. JJ could sense her excitement, set something off in him, and he slammed her face harder and came down her throat. Terrance still trying to ease into her from behind, Annabelle came off of JJ's cock, cum drooling down her chin as she smiled sweetly at him.

"JESUS! Bitch! Holy FUCK that was, DAMN! Bitch!" JJ was obviously at a loss for words, contented in his conquest. Annabelle was now available to focus on what she was quickly realizing she had been waiting for this whole time.

"FUCK me, T! Fuck me!" Annabelle was wriggling and was so excited for it.

"Bitch, I am gonna get all up in you, fuck you PROPER." Annabelle was leaning into Terrance, she needed him in her. She had been saving her release for this. She knew the other guys were all watching, and she liked it. She felt like a lioness, on all fours on her bed, hair wild, fucked by a huge black cock.

Terrance really started slamming into her. And it hurt. She didn't know it was going to hurt? But her body recalibrated, and all of a sudden all of the pain turned to pleasure. Terrance was all of the way inside her. She was up on her knees but buckled at the waist, face down on the mattress, already half spent from the others.

"Babe, I am gonna come in your sweet pussy."

"MMM HMM" Annabelle muffled, she was way too busy in her own head at the moment. The orgasm she had been waiting for finally started washing over her. She was enveloped in endorphins, and her body vibrated with exhilarating sensations as Terrance kept relentlessly pounding her from behind.

All of a sudden a guttural moan came out of Terrance, the same time that Annabelle's pussy and body shocked with an orgasm. Both let out moans, the others in the room were almost in a trance.


Annabelle let the others go, but held Terrance and Jason back. Jason still seemed speechless, watching the entire gangbang that she finally could orchestrate, but without him. She figured she would go first.

"Jason, I'm taking over your business. I have enough proof with my video and your black book to send you to jail." Jason just looked at the ground. He shuffled out of her room, defeated.

Annabelle locked eyes with Terrance, starting up at him, his frame so much larger than hers.

"I'm going to need a partner if we are going to keep this up. You supply the guys, I'll supply the girls."

Terrance smiled down and squeezed her ass, which let out a final shock to Annabelle's spent body.

"Babe, you are a gangbang dream. I am in business. Fuck Jason. He was always such sleaze."

Annabelle let this one go. They were all a little bit sleazy. But she figured her and Terrance might as well make a business out of it...

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