tagLoving WivesCavendish a Fine Cut for a Hot Wife

Cavendish a Fine Cut for a Hot Wife


I surprised my beautiful wife with a nice sterling-silver ankle bracelet adorned with the female and two male symbols, a visual cue of my fantasies about her being a Hot Wife. Dressed in a see-through white teddy her soft silky leg formed a perfect arch with toes pointing like they do when she cums. She blushed slightly as she clasped it around her right ankle.

Like many couples, my wife Kay and I had explored all that the internet could offer and over time our home base became the hot stories on Literotica. My fantasies running more in the direction of Hot Wife while hers included a fondness for Daddy stories. My cock twitched as I thought about how tonight we would be playing hot wife with a real ankle bracelet.

Over the next couple of weeks she wore her bracelet almost continuously, taking it off only for work. At first I thought she was doing it for me, and it sure kept me horny, but I finally asked her why she was wearing it all the time. Lifting her sexy leg to teasingly dangle the bracelet before my eyes, I caught a wonderful glimpse of her sheer white panties which gave me a twinge. She smiled and said, "I thought if I wore it enough I would become a 'real' hot wife."

911 -- man down!

I felt like I was punched in the stomach. Terror, panic and excitement all at the same time. My mind was buzzing as I heard a small voice yelling through a bullhorn, "Tim get a grip man!"

"Ahh, yep I think that might work," I replied casually hoping she had not perceived my near death experience.

She giggled and pulled up her t-shirt exposing her perfectly shaped alabaster tits and said, "Maybe these won't be just yours anymore."

Had the many nights of hot wife role playing actually become part of Kay's conscious desires?

"Pushing it in, he felt her muscles tighten deliciously around him, her asshole now gripping his cock. But rather than pump her, he lifted his hand and brought it down hard on a cheek of her ass with a loud slap. She jerked, moaned, and nearly pulled herself away from him. But then he did it again, and this time she jerked and pushed herself back against him. "The little slut likes being fucked in her ass and spanked hard, doesn't she?"

My hand felt cool against my hot hard cock as I read through the story "The Transformation of Betty", swelling my desire to see Kay become more like Betty. I need Kay to find a dominate lover, I thought. She's a little shy and definitely submissive in bed, but how?

We had been members on AFF for a few years now posted as "Looking for Couples" but really I used it primarily to watch live video of amateur hot wives and looking at their pictures. Kay mostly ignored the sight. I decided to change our profile to "Looking for Men" and see what happens.

By the next day we had several emails, winks and friend requests from an eager audience of men. The emails were filled with complements raving about her perfect petit body, killer tits and sexy ass. Some were more graphic about what they wanted to do with and to her. It was just so damn hot thinking about these guy making it with my wife.

Later that night I called Kay over to my computer and told her about the profile change and showed her the response. She was amazed. I told her to login and browse for a hot boyfriend. She looked at me with a serious face and asked, "Would you really want me to have a boyfriend?"

She knew enough about the hot wife and cuckold stories to know the many potential paths this could take. I responded by telling her that when I'm jacking-off at night it's never over other women it's always about her fucking other well endowed guys. I also reminded her that our love is so strong it could never be broken. She agreed. It was true, we were truly a perfect couple.

Over the next few months AFF became her primary playground. Sitting at her computer typing, giggling and occasionally calling me over to read some hot emails or show me the size of some hot guy's big dick. By the end of the night her shaved pussy was always swollen, red, and moist. Just watching her flirting with these guys, usually dressed in a sexy teddy and adorned with her ever present ankle bracelet, fueled my nightly fantasies.

"Kay, Friday night at 8:00 be sitting in front of your webcam wearing something slutty that will get my cock hard. If you don't have a webcam or it is not High Def then get one. Your husband may be present, because I'm sure he'll want to rub his little dickey while he watches you perform for me, but he is not to show himself or speak at any time. Cavendish"

She had printed the email out and presented it to me like a little girl handing her father a bad report card, head and eyes lowered and fidgeting with her hands. It had happened! I knew she had a submissive streak and would be attracted to an alpha-male.

"Who is he?" I asked. She went on to explain she has been primarily talking with him (Cavendish) online over the last couple of months. She showed me his profile and photos and he was a very well endowed black man. A little rough in the face but otherwise all the features a girl could want.

"Are you going to do it?"

She said "I think I have to."

"Have To." That's an interesting choice of words I thought as I reflected on our new development later that evening. She didn't ask me if it was OK, it was just "Have To." I spent that night poring through their emails. He handled her masterfully, starting slow and building a bond of trust and authority.

"Daddy will teach his little girl how to please a man. You want to learn don't you?"

"Yes, daddy I'm here for you. I want to make daddy happy."

Wow, he had found her daddy spot.

"Good girls need spanking so they never do bad things."

"Oh yes daddy! Keep me good."

"Have you ever been used by a black man, slut?"

"No Sir but I hope you're my first."

"Good girl."

"Sexual contact by your wimpy husband is forbidden for the next seven days. You must learn how to obey to become free."

"Yes Sir."

He was definitely taking some control and that explains that week without sex.

By the time I finished it was 3:00am and I had blown two loads. These were just a few snippets of their conversations and as you can see they're hot. All except the "wimpy husband" parts but hey he doesn't know me and if it helps the cause...

Fast forward Friday 6:45, I walk into her bathroom and take a seat as Kay showers. I notice her deflated enema bag on the counter and wonder if she thinks her first video date would go that far. Nah, I think it's a woman thing and she's just being prepared.

Stepping out of the shower with a freshly shaved pussy and slightly startled Kay says, "Just like your stories, you're here to watch me dress for my date aren't you?"

My cheeks turn briefly red, "Uh... yeah," I stammer with a weak impression of a confident man.

"Ok, have your fun. It is all very exciting don't you think?"

Yes, very exciting. Watching her primp and prepare for another man made me hot. Her hands combed over every inch of her body. Even taking the time to caress areas that really didn't need any attention all, just for the sheer physical pleasure. I could tell as she looked into the mirror she was seeing him looking at her.

This is no problem. I thought I would have a little more angst about it all but letting my wife show her stuff will be easy. Hell, all he can really do is look.

"Daddy's little girl looks so fine," Cavendish booms through the computer.

She's wearing a tight semi-see-through white t-shirt with the words "Hot Wife" in pink across the chest. Its cling amplifies her tits hidden beneath while her quarter size areolas peek through to say come get me! A neon-pink pleated mini skirt, hiding white lace open crotch panties, spill out the most beautifully curved pair of legs you'll ever see. The absence of nylons only helps highlight the come fuck me pink, silver spiked, high heel shoes. And of course punctuated by the, perhaps magical, sterling-silver ankle bracelet. I sat out of camera range mum as told.

Kay was lying sideways on the bed supported by pillows and propped up by her left arm. As they talked she was subconsciously stroking her breasts with her right hand while one leg swayed back a forth like a cat's tail when stoked by their master. Her nipples now hard and poking through her shirt. Cavendish wasted little time with pleasantries and was already addressing her as "his slut" which she apparently adored.

"Show me your cunt," he said.

"Yes Sir."

Kay's shirt was already pulled up reviling her ample breasts. She seductively leaned back and slowly parted her legs wide, really wide. That position that draws the eyes down the thighs inward to the pussy which is thrust forward begging to be mounted. Her crotch-less panties framed her clit engorged pussy which was parted slightly reveling a hint of her nectar.

As Cavendish continued to talk dirty to her she used her finger to slowly circle her velvety lips which exposed the last pink element of her outfit, her inner flower. Cavendish sat shirtless with tight jeans that strained to contain his, I have to admit, massive cock. Kay was staring intensely at the pornographic beast, her heart pounding, anticipating her very first live look at his manhood.

"Sir, please, may your slut see your penis?"

"It's a Cock, slut!" he commanded.

"Please let me see your cock Sir," she panted.

"Why should I?"

"Sir, because you like showing little girls your big cock and I want to show you how much I love it."

After a little more teasing, he slowly slid his jeans down revealing his hard black shaft capped with a swollen pink mushroom shaped helmet, anchored by loosely hanging balls. And I mean Balls. The moment his cock came fully into view I saw Kay's middle finger quickly stab violently into her pussy five to ten times. It was nearly imperceptible because her hand did not move but the savagery of the finger exposed the animal lust she had for him.

"Oh Sir!", she squealed as he took the massive tool in his hand, "It's so beautiful!" Over the next few hours Cavendish used her as his whore. I had never seen her pussy so red and swollen, almost cartoonish in proportion. Her pussy lips we double or triple their thickness and forget about lube, which she always uses with me, her juices soaked the bed. At points it would flow out of her cunt like a translucent version of a man's cum.

Me? I was nothing. Even though I was less than five feet away I didn't exist. I had pulled my dick out about an hour in but it nor me received not even a passing glance. I shot my load shortly thereafter. Now here I sat watching my wife give herself to this man. The carnal display became overwhelming and the green eyed monster, jealousy, set in. Is this what I wanted? Will I be able to satisfy her ever again? God Damn, did I ever satisfy her? He hasn't even touched her and he has beaten me.

"Bitch I'm going to fuck you."

"Yes, yes fuck your bitch! Fuck my cunt Sir! Shoot you cum into my fuck hole!" she screamed.

My god where did she learn to talk like that?

Her legs spread wide, she was jamming four fingers in and out of her sopping hole. I actually think she was trying to get past her knuckles so her whole hand would slip inside. The abuse was incredible.

"I'm cumming bitch!"

"Huunnb," she released a strange low pitched guttural sound. Frantically she hooked her index fingers inside her pussy and pulled her cunt wide open. Open enough to see her cervix! Suddenly his massive pink helmet swelled and obscenely spewed forth the largest quantity of cum I've ever seen directly toward the webcam. And as if to punish me it was followed by three more thick ropy jets of pure white sticky cum. Suddenly a deafening scream pierced my ears and I quickly looked over and saw Kay's pussy literally making a sucking motion, as if sucking on a huge straw, fighting the fingers that where holding it so wide open. She was receiving his cum and she was cumming hard!

His webcam went black. Not so much as a "bye". Kay collapsed or passed out, I don't know which. I sat there in the quiet stunned, shaken, confused and scared.

I don't know how long I sat there looking at her. I didn't know what to do next. Her legs were still open and I could still see the signs of abuse her pussy had taken. Her hand laid over her hip resting next to her pussy and gleaming in the light was her wedding ring, the symbol of our love but no longer fidelity.

I awoke the next morning to Kay sucking my dick. It felt great and she didn't stop until she had swallowed my load. She crawled up next to me and said thank you for last night as she held me tight. Last night's angst had pretty well dissipated or it might have been the blowjob.

"I've never seen you so excited," I told Kay as I served her bacon and eggs.

"I don't think I've ever cum that hard in my life. I... I mean except with you."

I burst out laughing, "Ok, don't worry about me let's stick to the truth like we always do."

"Your right. I'm sorry," she said. She went on to describe how different it was having Cavendish in charge. "It was freeing. I was his to use and I think I would have done anything he asked."

I said, "I think you pretty much did."

She blushed and laughed, "Yeah I guess so."

"How about you? How are you feeling about me having a boyfriend?"

I have to admit that visions of last night were parading through my head and I was starting to get horny all over again. "I'm good. Remember I'm the one that bought you that ankle bracelet," I said like I was the conquering hero.

In the days and nights that followed we had some of the hottest sex ever. She was insatiable. We recounted parts of her hot night. She would pretend I was Cavendish and show me exactly what she would do to him. She was constantly telling me how badly she wants to really meet him for a night of hot sex and she must of used the words "my boyfriend" a zillion times.

It was exciting for me too. All my dirty talk during play times focused on how it was going to feel when she is with her boyfriend. Details like how hard it will be for her to swallow his huge load. How his hard muscles will feel against her hands as his body engulfs her tiny frame. And the exquisite pain her pussy will experience as he penetrates her non-childbearing pussy. It set her on fire.

Kay and Cavendish were in constant contact since that night. They were acting like, well, a couple in lust. To my dismay the emails slowed to a halt. I assume it was because the texts and phone calls were faster and more convenient but it did occur to me that maybe he knew I would be reading the emails. It was minor but it did make me feel out of the loop.

Wednesday Kay came busting through the door home from work. "We're going out Friday!"

"We are? Where?" I said.

"No, Cavendish is taking me out for dinner and maybe dancing." I looked at her wide-eyed. "Oh honey, I'm sorry I didn't even think about you being here all alone. Well you'll be all right, you're the one that wanted me to have a boyfriend in the first place." She kissed me and said, "I love you." and then practically glided upstairs to change out of her work clothes.

Wait, what just happened? This wasn't exactly the vision I had of boyfriend. I was thinking, I guess, more like a threesome boyfriend type of thing. There was that tight feeling in the pit of my stomach again.

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