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Jeffrey's Game


Chapter 1 - Jeff

After fifteen years of marriage I introduced my wife to a new game. We'd go out on our monthly date nights like usual, but make a special stop on the way home. The game was a natural outgrowth of a typical male fantasy, that of watching your wife flirting and acting sexy around other men. We played my new game a handful of times over the course of a year and we both found it to be exciting.

To play the game, we would go out for a weeknight date. After dinner and perhaps a movie I'd drive by a large hotel that was only a couple miles from our house. I'd drop my wife off at the lobby entrance and go to park the car.

We picked this hotel because it was a frequent stop for business travelers and at about ten o'clock on any weeknight the hotel bar was sure to have a few bored businessmen in it. Their nights got a whole lot more interesting when my wife would suddenly walk in.

My wife is a very pretty 37 year old woman with a petite firm and fit 5'2" body. She has pretty brown hair with striking green eyes. We were married pretty young when we were just out of college and we had two kids right away. It was nice having the kids reaching their teen years so we could slip out for weeknight dates without the hassle of a sitter. Nicole would always dress up and do her makeup for our nights out, and she'd really go the extra distance to look sexy on the nights we played the game.

The first time we tried my new game I watched Nicole in the hotel bar for a half hour after I dropped her off. The bar fronts the parking lot on one side of the lobby and one entire wall is glass. I sat in my car and watched as Nicole walked in. There were six or seven men sitting around in the bar watching Monday night football and sipping beers. When she entered the room, they all stopped to watch her.

Nicole walked over to the bar, her hips swaying slightly in that way that sexy women walk without even knowing it. Every set of eyes in the place were fixed on her firm ass. She took a seat and waited for the bartender to come over. When he finally did, I could see her talking to him. The bartender also looked at a guy sitting at the end of the bar. I could guess that this guy was offering to buy my wife a drink. As the bartender turned to fill a glass, the guy at the end of the bar slipped off his stool and walked over.

The guy looked to be about my age, maybe mid-thirties. He also looked to be pretty fit and he certainly didn't lack confidence as he had offered to buy my wife a drink within a minute of her walking in the door. The guy chatted with Nicole, doubtless flirting pretty hard. She was wearing a simple black dress with a low cut front, and he did a reasonable job controlling his staring. His eyes only rested on her breasts every few minutes.

I checked my watch, surprised to see how much time had passed. I adjusted my hard cock in my pants and climbed out of the car.

The Player, as I thought of him, was leaned in close talking to Nicole. The other guys in the room had all mostly given up after seeing his move and were alternating between watching the football game and watching my wife. I think everyone was surprised when I entered the bar and walked straight over to where Nicole was seated. The Player was on her right, and I took the bar stool immediately to her left.

The bartender looked a question to me and I ordered a beer. I looked to Nicole and asked her what she was drinking. Her drink was nearly empty and I ordered her a new one as well. As I laid a twenty on the bar I caught The Player looking daggers at me.

My wife and I chatted a bit and she fed me some of her fictitious story about being a travelling businesswoman staying at the hotel. I played right along, acting as though I too was from out of town and did not know her. Finally I leaned in and, just loud enough for the player to hear, told her I was staying at the hotel and asked her if she'd come to my room. She nodded her assent, and I helped her from her stool and walked her out. We left The Player sitting there wondering how a sexy woman had been stolen right from in front of his nose.

I drove us home and in ten minutes we were tearing each other's clothes off. Nicole's pussy was soaking wet and I didn't bother with any foreplay. I laid her naked body back on the bed and entered her with a single thrust. Her arousal told me how much she had enjoyed the game. Having every man in the room watching her was flattering and arousing at the same time. I wondered if she had been fantasizing about going back to her admirer's room as she had sat talking with him.

We repeated the game a couple more times over the next year. I felt a little badly about the way that we were teasing these unsuspecting travelers, but really, all they were out was the cost of a drink and they got a little conversation with a pretty woman in return. I also didn't see much danger as Nicole and I were the ones dealing the cards, so we had the game firmly in control. I continued to think this until we somehow dealt ourselves a joker from the deck.

We left our eldest daughter to babysit one Wednesday night and we went out for an early dinner. The restaurants are not real busy early in the week, especially if you eat early enough to catch a 7:30 show at the cinema. I could tell that Nicole was feeling a little horny as she was lingering in touching me and rubbing against me subtly when we walked in to the restaurant. She must be close to the middle of her cycle I thought. She held my hand across the table as we talked over our drinks and I felt a shiver of anticipation. I was already dying to fuck her and we hadn't even started on our salads.

After dinner we caught a movie at the theater. When we left I started driving us home. Without any discussion, I turned off into the Hyatt. Nicole glanced at me with a sly, knowing grin and I knew she was in tune with me. She was horny and tonight was perfect to play the game. I dropped her off and turned into the parking lot. As I pulled in the space I looked up in time to spot Nicole entering the bar.

She walked in and started to make her way over towards the bar in the middle of the room. I saw her suddenly stop and turn to face the back wall of the bar, away from the windows. What was this? After several seconds, Nicole walked further back into the establishment, out of my sight. I couldn't imagine what she was doing, and I sat nervously in the car for another ten minutes trying to decide what to do next. Finally I decided I better head in.

I got out of the car and walked to the hotel lobby. I entered, turned right and walked another fifty yards to the door of the bar. I peered in through the windows but I could not spot my wife anywhere inside the room.

I pulled open the door and walked in. As I headed towards a stool at the bar proper I finally spotted Nicole. Relief flooded though me, followed by consternation. Nicole was sitting in a dark booth against the back wall of the bar. She was sitting so close to her companion that their hips were touching. As I stared for a moment, I heard her laugh.

I grabbed a seat at the bar where I could study them. I could not puzzle out what Nicole was doing. There was no way I could simply join the two of them in a private booth, and so Nicole had no way to extricate herself from her admirer easily. I ordered a beer from the bartender and studied my wife's new friend.

Chapter 2 -- Nicole

When my husband first suggested his 'game' of dropping me off to get picked up by strange men at a hotel bar I thought he'd lost his mind. I mean, sure, I think I understood the attraction for him. First he gets to watch all these guys hitting on his wife, which is probably a nice ego stroke. Then he swoops in at the last minute, gets the girl and leaves the other men standing around like chumps.

But I also had a lot of misgivings. I didn't feel quite right toying with these men who didn't even know they were playing the game. I also worried a bit that there could be a fight. But Jeff was so interested in trying the game that I finally relented and agreed to try it once.

The first time we played, I had barely gotten the bartender's attention when a guy at the end of the bar stepped in and ordered a drink for me. His name was Jack, and he was on the road for business. Jack was about my age and he was very good looking. He was warm and funny and I found myself really enjoying his company. I started to find it hard to stay in character.

As we talked I even let my mind wander to what it would be like if this was no game. I have to admit, when you've been married for fifteen years you don't think of yourself in terms of your sex appeal very often. I found it very flattering that a good looking guy like Jack was immediately interested in me. Jack made his intentions pretty clear and I imagined letting him take me up to his room to make love to me all night. I'd never really thought of sex with anyone other than Jeff since we'd been married, so the thought was like a new and strange thing to me. I felt a surge of arousal at the naughty idea.

After Jeff interceded and pretended to pick me up we headed to the car. I was inflamed with arousal, and I kept shifting my legs and feeling the wetness in my crotch as Jeff piloted the car home. I could scarcely wait to feel him inside me as I fell back on the bed. We played the game a few more times over the months. One evening as we headed to dinner I was already wondering if we'd be stopping by the hotel. I'd woke up that morning already feeling aroused and I didn't really need to check my calendar to know that I must be near the peak of my cycle. I made small talk with Jeff over dinner but I was already thinking ahead to when we got home.

We saw a movie and then we started for home. I actually wanted to play the game without being prompted for once, but I decided to sit tight and see what my husband would do. It was like Jeff was reading my mind. Without even asking he turned in to the hotel. The game was on.

I was feeling very sexy as I walked across the hotel lobby towards the bar. I was wearing my favorite dress, a pretty simple black one with a bit of a low cut. The dress was tight around my thighs and only reached a third of the way to my knees. My hair was up and my nails and makeup were perfect. I felt more confident than the previous times as I pulled open the door and walked in. I made it ten steps when a voice called to me.

"Excuse me, Miss?"

I don't get called 'Miss' very often so I stopped and turned. A man was sitting in a booth against the back wall of the bar looking at me expectantly. I waited to see what he wanted.

"Could you come here for a moment?" he asked me in a pleasant tone. I walked over. "Why don't you sit with me for just a couple minutes?" he asked as if this was perfectly normal.

I licked my lips nervously as I looked him over. This wasn't part of the script and I wasn't sure what to do. I briefly considered just turning and walking to the bar as I'd intended, but that would be rude.

The man was a little older than me, perhaps as old as his mid-forties. Still, he must work out regularly as he appeared to be very fit. His hair was immaculately groomed and he was wearing a perfectly tailored dark blue suit. He was quite striking, really. Against my better judgment I slid into the booth with him. "I'm Scott" he told me, "and you are?" I gave Scott my name.

"Let me get you a drink" he said after we were introduced. He motioned the bartender over and I saw an acknowledging nod. "I know many things" Scott continued as I looked at him in puzzlement. "Here is the first thing." He said as the waiter appeared at my side. "I'll take another drink, and the lady will have a sidecar" he told the bartender.

I did start a little at that. A sidecar is not a real common drink for a woman to like, and it was unusual that this stranger would know that they are my favorite. I gave him a little smile then and said "Fair enough. What other 'things' do you know?"

"Like I said, I know many things" he said. "Will you agree to something?"

It was crazy to agree to anything without knowing what was going on, but I found myself nodding at this perfectly handsome stranger nonetheless. The waiter delivered our drinks and left.

"I'll keep telling you things" he said, "and each time I'm correct then you agree to play along and wait for the next thing."

I nodded again, as if this made any sense. "I know that your husband is sitting in the parking lot, probably wondering why he can't see you right now." Scott said. I flushed red. I thought about getting up to flee the bar and run to the safety of our car, but then I remembered my agreement with the stranger.

Scott could see I was uncomfortable. "Don't worry Nicole" he told me, "I understand perfectly the game you two are playing. And since I was right about that, I'll tell you the next thing."

I looked at Scott expectantly. This was certainly turning out to be interesting.

"Your husband likes this game because he likes to see you flirting. It makes him feel more manly to have such a desirable wife. Make the game more exciting for him by flirting with me." With that Scott put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. We were sitting so close now that our hips were touching. I could smell the rich scents of the man next to me then, his cologne and scotch and whatever else about him combining to make some earthy male scent. I could feel his arm that had pulled me to him still around my waist with his hand firmly on my left thigh.

"Your husband usually waits out there for a good long time, doesn't he?" Scott asked me. I nodded. "But tonight he won't because you disappeared. Your husband is going to walk in here in another three minutes" Scott said, showing me his watch. We sat together watching the second hand sweep around the dial. It was almost exactly three minutes later that Jeff walked into the bar looking a little nervous. I couldn't help but laugh. It was like I was sitting with a magician. Jeff finally settled onto a barstool and ordered a drink. He was watching me and probably wondering why I was in a booth. I tried to ignore the change in our script and so I talked a little bit with Scott about our previous adventures playing Jeff's game. Scott was interesting and funny to talk to and I shared more details than I normally would with a perfect stranger. I also started to become aware how close I was snuggled to Scott.

I glanced back at Jeff to gauge his reaction. He was smiling at me now over his beer and I could see excitement in his eyes. Doubtless he had no idea how he was going to extricate me from the booth, but for the moment watching me act flirty with Scott was turning him on. I was feeling pretty turned on myself, and I shifted my legs uncomfortably. My inner lips were swollen with arousal and I was starting to leak my juices into my panties.

"So I think I was right about the three minutes." Scott announced. "So here is what I want you to do next. Lean in close to me and nuzzle my ear as though we are getting very friendly."

I was a little uncomfortable with this next step and I hesitated.

"Don't worry Nicole," Scott reassured me. "Your husband is becoming very turned on. But it isn't just watching men hit on you that he likes. He likes the little loss of control from watching you flirting right back." I can't explain it, but Scott's series of correct 'things' was making me trust him. I also felt some sense of obligation to our loose agreement that I would keep playing along so long as he continued to be correct.

So I leaned in close to him and nuzzled his earlobe. I could tell he liked it because it made him shiver slightly. I found myself enjoying giving him pleasure. We snuggled close like a couple of lovers. My arousal was climbing another few notches and the crotch of my panties was headed from damp to downright wet. Incongruously I wanted to make out with Scott and I wanted to leave soon so that I could go home with Jeff and get screwed. I had an urge to throw my leg over Scott and really kiss him while rubbing my wet panties against him.

Instead I pulled back and glanced back at Jeff once more. His eyes were large in the dark of the bar, but he was certainly not looking angry. He looked more excited than I have ever seen him before. Scott was right again.

"I think that you enjoyed that, and not just because it gave your husband a thrill." Scott told me. I could only nod. Right again.

Scott took a pen from his jacket pocket along with a scrap of paper. He wrote something out and folded the paper in half. Then he pulled his electronic key card from his pocket and slipped the note into the little paper envelope that contained the key card and had his room number written on it. "Take this, but don't read it." he said as he handed it to me.

"How many times have I been right about things so far?" he asked me. I shook my head, not knowing. "I think the number is six thus far" he recollected. "My lucky number is seven."

I continued to watch him. This was the strangest and most erotic evening I'd ever had.

"So I will tell you one last, lucky seventh thing" Scott told me. "This one is important."

Once again I nodded. I was still under the spell of our agreement.

"Right now, your panties are so wet with your arousal that they are growing uncomfortable." Scott told me. I blushed furiously. He didn't even wait for me to acknowledge that he was right.

"Take this key card and go to the ladies. Don't read the note. Remove your panties. Then go to your husband and hand him the panties and the key card before you return here to me. Don't speak to him."

I hesitated, confused. Giving my panties to Jeff would seem to tell him I was going leave with Scott and have sex with him. I suppose that Scott knew this would really blow Jeff's mind, but I was afraid it might also give him a heart attack. And what was the key card for? I was certainly not going to leave the bar with Scott. Was Scott giving his room to Jeff and I? Did he hope to watch us go at it in his room? This was all getting to be a little weird.

Looking back, I still can't believe that I continued to play along. All the same, I did get up and walk to the ladies room as Scott had asked. I was sorely tempted to read the note but I didn't. It was almost a relief to peel off my panties. The crotch was literally wet with my juices and I could imagine Jeff feeling and smelling my arousal on them.

I almost chickened out in the restroom. The only thing that kept me going was that I knew that I was never going to be out of control. At any time, I could just walk back over to Jeff and say "Let's get out of here." We'd have a huge laugh about the strange magician in the hotel bar.

I exited the restroom and walked towards Jeff. He smiled, doubtless thinking that now we were going to leave. As I reached him I grabbed his right hand and then pressed the items into his palm. I saw his confusion as I walked on past him and continued back to Scott.

Scott was standing by the time I reached him, and he took my hand and led me from the bar. He walked me a short distance across the lobby to the hotel convenience shop. I could feel the air currents blowing cold on my exposed pussy, but nothing could cool the flames of my arousal.

When we reached the little store, Scott handed me a ten and told me to go inside and buy a package of condoms. My mouth hung open a second before I remembered and closed it. I walked into the store and did as I had been told. As the clerk rang me up my mind was whirling. I was not going to have sex with Scott, and I needed to make that clear to him right away.

When I left the store Scott grabbed my hand and walked me over to the elevators. I held my tongue for a moment because there was an older lady walking across the lobby and I didn't want to make a scene. The doors opened and we stepped in. The old lady got on with us and we rode up to the 9th floor in silence.

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