She wonders what woke her, her senses slowly awaken from her slumber. She can hear the crackling of the fire, smell the remains of some cooked pieces of meat from some earlier feed. She doesn't open her eyes, she buries her face against His chest. This is where she always sleeps, sprawled on Him, her head, her cheek against His heart and her matted hair spread across His chest. She can feel His hand possessively resting in the small of her back and the warmth of the fur covering them.

Ahhh..she feels Him stir, His hardness against her thigh. Her skin is still marked from His earlier attentions after He returned from His last hunt His eyes shining with victory. He had used her savagely as He always did after a successful kill, in the dirt by the river her knees scraping on the rough ground and her fur wrap yanked up over her hips. His nails had scratched her thigh and she had howled like a wolf when He'd filled her. Afterward as she was heading to the stream to wash He had grunted indicating she was to wear Him on her skin. She had turned to glance at Him wondering if He might relent with her very best *doe eyes*. His stern glance made her quickly gather her belongings and head back to the cave while He tended to his kill.

She knew how the other women looked at her. Most likely they had heard her she wolf howls by the river after all they hadn't been that far from the well worn path. She also knew how the men looked at her. How their eyes roamed over her scratched flesh, her bitten shoulder. How she wore them with pride, her marks from Him, her Hunter.

It was her Hunter that now stirred beneath her. His flesh demanding attention. This was why she slept here. His property, to serve Him in the flickering light of the cave when He craves it. Her eyes slowly open. She is aware of the other sleeping bodies wrapped in furs, shapes in the darkness, breathing. The fire makes the light dance on the curved wall of the cave, the shadows flicker into unknown shapes.

She can see him watching from near the entrance, that man with the dark eyes who always watches her. His eyes trawling over her. She knows he is there, watching. She parts her thighs sliding her wetness against her Hunter. She knows He wants her wet, ready, eager. He grunts just starting to wake slowly aware of His own arousal as His hand instinctively reaches to grasp her matted hair. She gasps sliding her knees to either side of Him as He presses His hips upwards into her tight heat. She whimpers, He fills her so completely, her hands reaching to rest on His chest as He pulls her by the hair to a straddled position. She begins to rock her hips back and forward riding Him her walls gripping Him tightly. A calloused palm travels up her body and mauls her breasts, her juices drip down the insides of her thighs. She pants like a wolf her head pulled back framed in the light of the dwindling fire as they fuck hot wet and hungry.

She whimpers now. He can tell she wants release, her sounds have that pleading tone He knows so well. He knows she would not dare without His signal for fear of spending the rest of the night on the cold stone near the entrance of the cave. His hands find the earlier marks on her thigh and He grunts His approval as she yelps. His hand comes down in an unyielding crack that seems to echo in the cave. Her Hunter has her well trained, she knows this is her signal, to release, to offer Him what is most primal. She bites her lip the blood welling in her mouth to keep from screaming as she shudders and bucks wildly against Him, her hair remains firmly entwined in His fist as He explodes within her His hips lifting high from the furs they share.

The air in the cave is thick with lust. She stares down at Him with feverish eyes glowing in the darkness. He growls His approval and pulls her to Him. She nestles tight against Him, she can hear His heart pounding in His chest. She knows the man with the dark eyes watched as he watches most nights, she knows the other sleeping bundles heard everything, she even hears the muffled grunts of other less obvious couplings in the darkness fueled by their display of obvious blinding need. She feels the furs sweeping over her bareness and His hand returning to the small of her back, she breathes softly her cheek on His chest, she sleeps. His contented devoted shewolf.

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