Cecilia Gets Her Wish


"No can do, Honey," was the reply. "It's feeding time." The redhead started running around desperately trying to free her hands and avoid the oncoming serpent, which was huge, several times her size with a girth that rivaled a trash barrel and a head nearly twice that size. The animal advanced on its prey, methodically cutting down the angle until the horrified victim found herself backed into a corner. Terrified, her bladder released a stream of urine which shot out in front of her forming a small pool of fluid which quickly disappeared as the dirt floor absorbed the liquid like an enormous brown paper towel, leaving only a dark stain. She quivered and shook as she squeezed herself flat against the wall and stood on her tiptoes. Her pink-nippled breasts rose and fell as she drew in the huge frantic breaths that abject terror brings. The snake, taking its time, advanced to within six feet and ever so slowly rose up as it prepared to strike and secure its meal.

With blinding speed the enormous serpentine head shot out and struck the hapless victim in the shoulder spinning her away from the wall. Before she could gather herself together to sprint away, it struck again, this time curling its long muscular body tightly about its victim. From a distance the stunned girl looked a little like the Michelin man's wife wearing a snakeskin suit. Within moments the monster began squeezing the air and the life out of the girl. No more screams, no more haughty taunts, no more sounds of any kind came from her mouth which was frozen open in the terror of suffocation. In a couple of minutes, after a long close-up of her agony, the girl's head slumped. Almost immediately the colossal animal relaxed its grip and she fell, unconscious, to the dirt floor. As she lay motionless on the ground the animal wasted no time beginning its feeding ritual. First, it maneuvered its enormous head directly behind the hapless victim's body. Its long tongue flicked back and forth to sample the air, searching for any unusual scents and signs. There were none.

Over a matter of five minutes or so the snake opened its now dislocated jaw and advanced towards the young woman's head. The dark red-headed beauty had regained consciousness but she lay in a disoriented heap, unable to right herself just yet. She could not see any sign of the beast which had nearly squeezed the life out of her. Soon, like a giant spatula, the snake announce its presence by wiggling its lower jaw under her head and shoulders. The mortified girl twisted and tried to roll away, screamed again and again, but was unable to do anything to extricate herself. Her bowels emptied themselves on the floor. Once the snake achieved sufficient leverage it effortlessly lifted its head and accepted gravity's assist. With her arms secured behind her back, there was little the inverted beauty could do in her defense except kick wildly. Her head slammed against the upper pallet of the inside of the snake's mouth. The stench of its breath was gross, stultifying. Seeing only by the small bit of light entering through the gap in the snake's jaws created by her own body which flopped about half in and half out of the monstrous mouth, she bent her head back and faced the rippling rhythm of peristalsis, like a conveyor belt to eternity. A quick flick of its head and her head was buried in the esophageal tube. The hapless woman continued to kick for a minute or two until she ran out of air. Then, her entire body went limp. The snake rested its jaw on the floor, knowing that from this time forward, there would be no further resistance. Before long her shoulders and then her beautiful breasts were drawn into the cavity that was the entrance to Hell. The camera did not budge as it recorded each moment, each peristaltic pull of the limp and lifeless body of the "naughty girl." Her beautiful legs were drawn, flopping and dragging through the dirt as they advanced inexorably into the reptile's open maw. Before too long she he had disappeared, feet and all. She was gone. The beast curled up for a long digestive nap. After a few more minutes, the screen went blank.

End part one.

Anthony turned to Cecilia and spoke. "That film made me $150,000, Cecilia. That's tax free American money, CC," he emphasized. Look around you; there's good money in snuff films, especially the niche fetish snuff films I make. Believe it or not there's an entire underground community of people out there who get off on watching beautiful women being eaten alive by all sorts of creatures. These folks are twisted, not totally insane. There's a difference. Some of them are exceedingly rich and are willing to indulge their fetish by commissioning my little 'art' films. And," he continued, "it's not just dirty old men either. I have several female patrons as well. They get off imagining themselves to be the victims. It has taken me half a dozen years to establish my position as a trusted member of the community. I am, of course, very discrete. I am extremely careful at every stage of the production process, from choosing my leading lady, that would be you, Cecilia, to disposing of any and all evidence which might lead to my true identity or to indicate even that a crime has been committed. My leading ladies literally just 'disappear without a trace.' Not staying in one location too long is important. Now that winter's coming, it's time for me to pack up my operation and head to warmer climates. Snakes prefer heat."

Listening to Anthony weave this incredible tale of cold-blooded serial murder, Cecilia stared up at her captor, her lover, her soon-to-be killer, dumbstruck. This was not happening, she thought to herself. Anthony carefully knelt next to Cecilia and nonchalantly stroked the inside of her milky white thigh with his left hand while he continued his monologue. The bastard even manipulated her pussy, which was still soaking wet by the way, probing inside with one and then finally two fingers. He withdrew the twin digital invaders and stuck them in his mouth, licking them clean as if he were back in his mother's kitchen and she had given him a pair of old fashioned metal egg beaters fresh from a bowl of newly made cupcake frosting. "The hardest part was finding the snake and getting him here without attracting attention," he explained. "I've had to become quite an expert on herpetology in the last few years; It's not like you can just bring a snake that big to the local veterinarian's office out of the blue, so to speak. I keep the building heated to a temperature he likes and he gets visitors like Susannah, the girl you saw in the film on a pretty regular basis. He doesn't dine exclusively on humans, but I suspect that he prefers them."

"I'm not a greedy man, CC. I could do a film a month, no problem. Demand is high, but I generally do four, sometimes five films a year, depending on how I feel. Mostly the women I film - I call them 'Happy Meals,' are carefully chosen in advance, like you were. I don't do snatch and grabs off the street- way, way too dangerous. Too many things to go wrong. Besides," he said as he slowly began unbuttoning Cecilia's white blouse from the top down, "I enjoy the chase as much as my clients enjoy the films, I suppose."

"You would be amazed how easy it is to get women like you to trust me, literally with their lives. You guys are really suckers for a halfway decent-looking guy who is willing to sit quietly and listen. All I have to do is dress appropriately and choose the right wine at the right restaurant or the right whatever and it's over. For Susannah, it was cowboy boots, a couple of days growth, and a pick-up truck. I wrapped that entire film, from "Hello, Darlin' can I get you a beer?" to depositing the check in my offshore account in less than a month. If it makes you feel any better, CC, you took me the longest to seduce, four months, of any of my film stars to date. That damn job of yours tested my patience and made my approach more than a little bit tricky. For a while I considered throwing in the cards but, that night you confessed your secret desire to be tied up to me I knew that I was at the endgame stage with you. And now, well, here we are."

Pure accusatory hatred flashed from her eyes as she listened to Anthony, or was it 'Steve,' explain his methods to her so nonchalantly. Adding insult to injury, he had already unbuttoned the second and third buttons of her blouse and had reached in to fondle her pendulous breasts while he spoke to her. Hefting, rolling and squeezing each massive tit like a 1920's corner butcher sizing up a piece of calf's liver or flank steak for weighing while some little old lady fished through her pocketbook for her change purse, Anthony continued his tale. "It's mostly just 'luck of the draw' as to who I invite to star in my little productions. Once I did agree to film a specific woman, but only once. One of my most trusted clients had run afoul of his second wife and was convinced that she was going to leave him, taking half his family fortune with her, a considerable sum of money I might add. So, he contacted me and asked me for a favor. In my business, well, in any business I suppose, favors are the ultimate currency. I try to stockpile as many as I can. In addition he doubled my usual fee and it was all just too much to turn down so I agreed to seduce his wife and bring her to my studio. Well," he said, "enough about me, are you ready for your close-up Cecilia?" With well-practiced ease Anthony reached behind Cecilia's head and deftly removed her aqua scarf, which had been serving as a gag.

"You fucking sick mother-fucker!" Cecilia screamed at her captor who had moved just out of range of her newly freed teeth as he allowed her to bare them. "Let me go you asshole!"

"Nice mouth," was all Anthony said in return. Then he added manner-of-factly " I suppose a blow job is out of the question."

"Oh, not at all, Shithead," CC roared in sarcastic reply, "I would just love to get you in my mouth just for old times sake. Come on over here and give it to me. Here," she said opening wide, "I'm waiting for you."

Anthony chuckled. "Somehow I think I'm gonna have to pass on this one, but, thanks for the offer. You know, been there, done that." Their eyes met and Anthony lowered his voice to a menacing undertone. "OK, CC here's the lowdown. We both know that you won't be returning to the city Sunday night. You have a date with a camera."

"Fuck you if you think I'm going to put on a show for you and your sick fucking pervert rich asshole clients. I'll be god damned if I'm going to dance like some little marionette for you and your fucking pet snake, No way! No fucking way!" Cecilia was resolute in her defiance. Her white hot, adrenaline-fueled anger had transformed her to the point where it seemed to Anthony that at any moment steam would start coming out of her ears. She meant it and Anthony knew it, but he had played this particular scene many times before and he just stood at a safe distance, calmly taking in the show and secure in the knowledge that he held the ace of trumps already in his hand.

He calmly laid it on the table.

"You know, CC, I'll just bet that you have what it takes to do exactly what you say, but I too am determined. Listen very carefully because you have a choice to make and if I were you I would think long and hard before voicing that choice, because you are only going to get one shot at this. Listen up and don't interrupt. One way or another, these beautiful tits, that lovely face, that magnificent ass, and that tight, soaking wet pussy are going on film tonight. I can provide you with enough tranquilizers and pain killers to make it more or less bearable, provided that you agree to act for me the way that Susannah did, or you can refuse to co-operate in which case we go to 'Plan B' which is no pills of any kind and instead of a short session with my reptilian colleague out there, you get to make your feature film debut in "Cecilia Meets the Three Stooges." Moe, Larry, and Curley, my pigs, are each well in excess of a hundred pounds and right now they are hungry as hell. They are very messy eaters, especially when they're dining together. Although I prefer to film my guests with the snake, I must inform you that no matter what movie I make, I have a client waiting to make the necessary deposit to my account. In fact," Anthony emphasized, "I have a backlog of requests for both kinds of films. You've already seen my snake in action; would you care to see a selected short film featuring three ravenous pigs and a very uncooperative and extremely penitent former cocktail waitress?"

Hearing her very limited options spelled out with such cold-blooded clarity, the formerly defiant Cecilia deflated like a punctured blow-up doll. His words held the unmistakable ring of truth about them. She had seen the video. Anthony was crazy, but in total control and she was in no position to bargain. Her head sank low, silently bobbing back and forth in the negative while the beautiful blonde vision in white, swooning like some silent movie queen, slumped backwards onto the rug. Her naturally beautiful and heavy breasts, which Anthony had recently been fondling and was now content merely to watch, bounced and jiggled like twin aspics dumped from their containers, their oscillations quickly dampening to stillness. Defeat flooded through her body as if she were taking it directly through a wide-open intravenous drip. She lifted her head, all defiance and bluster absent for the first time since her gag had been removed. Staring into his deep, brutally cold eyes, Cecilia spoke calmly and barely above a whisper. "Anthony, please, I'm sorry I said all those things to you. I was scared and angry. I'm scared to death right now. I don't know if this is some kind of elaborate ruse, a sick joke, or the real thing. All I know is that I don't want to die and I will do anything, anything to make this all go away. Please take these ropes off me. I don't want to play this game anymore. I'm exhausted.

"No game," was his curt reply.

"This can't be really happening," Cecilia sobbed. "Why did you pick me? I never did anything to you."

"Business. Nothing personal. It's what I do."

Cecilia looked up. "But, I could help you, Anthony. I know lots of pretty girls. I could help you get them. We've had great sex and it could be only the beginning. I could be anything you ever wanted, do anything you wanted. For God's sake just don't kill me, please."

"I work alone. Besides, Cecilia, we both know that what you are proposing is totally impractical, a non-starter. How could I ever trust you? It's time to choose," he said as he walked behind her supine body, stooped down hooking his arms under her armpits and lifted her to her feet. Anthony was careful not to do things too quickly. She'd been through a lot in the last hour and he needed her to cooperate if he were to get the performance he wanted from her later on. As she rose, and he could feel her standing more solidly on her own, his hands moved from the task of support to groping the helplessly bound woman's breasts which now hung heavily under their own weight. They were magnificent to the touch, truly perfect, firm yet soft and pliable. He could feel Cecilia react, more from blind hope than anything else, he imagined, hoping that this had all been an elaborate, though misguided prelude to her innocent bondage fantasy becoming real.

Cecilia was bound and helpless with her ankles tied and her delicate hands tied behind her back, exactly as she had described her fantasy to Anthony. She was wearing white, Anthony's favorite. Her disheveled appearance, skirt askew, blouse unbuttoned nearly to the waist with her former lover holding her from behind, groping her and squeezing made her look like the heroine on the cover of a romance novel. She moaned and leaned her head backwards as her handsome but cruel captor continued to manipulate her emotions via her massive chest and erect nipples.

"Well, CC, he whispered into her ear, have you made up your mind?"

Cecilia spoke haltingly. "Oh, Anthony, is there nothing I can say or do to get you to change your mind? I could devote my life to making you happy if you just give me a chance," she pleaded.

"You will," he replied softly, "tonight."

"There's no hope?"

"None whatsoever I'm afraid," was the reply.

"Then I choose... the snake," she said softly, "but may I make one request before you take me out to the shed?"

"Such as...?" Anthony asked as he released her breasts, putting his hands on her soft shoulders and twisting her around so that they now stood facing each other.

"I don't want to be heavily sedated yet although I would like the extra painkillers before I... before I... before the end," Cecilia asked.

"I can do that," he replied.

"That's not all, Anthony," she continued as she looked up into his eyes. "I have come to accept that I will not survive the night so I want to finish what we came here to do. I want to live out my fantasy, even if it has to end according to your plan."

"What do you mean, CC?" asked Anthony.

"I'm completely under your control, Anthony. You've been rubbing and squeezing my breasts and fingering me off and on for the last fifteen minutes. I know that this is going to sound crazy, but I need to finish the fantasy. I don't want to die horny and unfulfilled. I want you to get me off one more time before the end. Will you do that for me? If you agree, I will do my best to see to it that your customer gets his money's worth."

Anthony released her and took a step back. "What? After all this," he asked slowly shaking his head, "you still want to have sex with me?"

"No," Cecilia said, "I need you to have sex with me. Actually, I need you to take me; take me exactly how you have me, tied, helpless and under your power. It isn't too much to ask, is it? I can't believe that for all this time you've been just 'working.' Haven't you enjoyed being my lover?"

"Yes, I have, Cecilia," he earnestly replied. "You have one of the finest female bodies I have ever encountered. You are exceedingly beautiful and, to be frank, you have never looked more beautiful than you do right now, like this, except for the tears. Not matter what you may think of me and what I do for a living, I'm still a man. Why don't we sit you down in a chair? I'll get you a couple of pills; and you can take them. While we wait for them to take effect, we'll see what unfolds. He stepped into the kitchen and returned with a straight-backed chair. Carefully lowering his victim into the chair, he quickly untied and then retied Cecilia's hands, this time securing them to the sides of the chair. He went for the pills and gingerly placed two of them into Cecilia's open mouth, cautious to avoid giving her the opportunity to bite him. He'd learned to be very careful the hard way when one of his leading ladies had caught him unawares, almost losing the tip of one of the fingers on his left hand. The offending lady ended up as swine food, ripped apart screaming without the benefit of any mitigating painkillers.

Cecilia made no such mistake, calmly swallowing one and then the other with a little water. She settled back into the chair. "I'm ready, Anthony," she said. "Do with me what you will."

"I already am, Lady," was the reply. I have you and your titties as well as that sweet pussy of yours completely under my control and if you know what's good for you you'll do what I say." Anthony had seamlessly slipped back into Cecilia's fantasy as if the revelations of the past hour had never occurred. Without missing a beat he stepped over to his trophy and firmly grabbed the chin of the disheveled blonde and drew his own face to within half a foot of the beauty. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you, lady," he said with malice dripping from his words. With his free hand he reached down and grabbed her left tit and twisted the nipple, just hard enough to make her feel it, but not hard enough to really hurt her.

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