tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCelebrity Foot Therapist Ch. 01

Celebrity Foot Therapist Ch. 01


'I'm gonna head off now Mr Davis.' I looked up from my desk toward the sound and smiled at Emma, my secretary.

'OK then Emma, have you filed all the paperwork?' She nodded, 'see you in the morning then.' Emma smiled back and then closed the door behind her, her peachy little ass bulging in her tight work skirt. Evil thoughts begone, I thought to myself with a smirk as I felt myself stiffening at the thought of slipping her some of the good stuff.

I finished off signing the invoices I had piled up on my desk, I owned my own little physical therapy studio in LA; pretty small time with a few clients. A couple of local sports players recovering from injuries, a high-ranking lawyer and a few regular Joe's; I made enough money, I was by no means rich, but I definitely wasn't poor.

After finishing up my paperwork I cleaned my workspace, grabbed my coat and headed for the door. A few beers and a night in front of football on the TV awaited me at home. I walked out of the glass-fronted door to my building and looked up and down the strip. Fairly quiet, a few people milling about, but it had been busier. Looking to my left I caught sight of a stunning blonde walking down the street about fifteen yards away. She seemed to be glowing at first, a trick of the sunlight on her back, but she was still an absolute stunner. Long blonde hair that fell freely down past her shoulders and what looked like absolutely huge breasts on a solid, curved body. Long slender legs, their beauty emphasized by the tight denim mini-skirt she wore. I recognized her after a second. Pamela Anderson! I couldn't believe it. Since moving to LA from England a couple of years previously I'd still not gotten over the novelty of seeing A list celebrities walking down the street like regular people, and seeing one of the most beautiful women in the world in the flesh, not ten feet away from me was still a complete shock to the system.

She obviously noticed me staring because she looked straight into my eyes and flashed me a smile. She must get this all the time, I thought, embarrassed at my rude staring. I flushed and looked away. When I gazed back up Pam was walking right past me, still looking at me and smiling. I returned the smile this time. Her smile altered suddenly and broke rapidly into one of shock as the heel of her shoe caught in a crack in the sidewalk and she was sent sprawling, rather ungracefully, to the floor. The contents of her purse spilled out and rolled across the asphalt.

I hesitated only a moment before I dropped down to grab her possessions, gathering them up and placing them back in the bag, before stooping down to offer her a hand. 'Hey, are you alright?' I asked as she took my hand and stood gingerly to her feet, now standing lopsided in front of me as the heel of her right shoe had snapped completely off.

'I'm not sure.' She replied, leaning on me for support as she bent down to rub her ankle, as she lowered herself I caught a glimpse right down her top and was given a crystal clear, bird's eye view of her world famous cleavage. I felt stirrings in my trousers as she gripped hold of my wrist with her soft, cool hands. 'Ow' she said as she tenderly rubbed her already swollen ankle. It looked painful... Not broken, but probably sprained, needed looking at straight away really.

'Hey, you should come inside you know. You need to take the weight off of that straight away.' She looked up in my eyes and flashed me a grateful smile.

'You sure? You looked like you were closing up.'

'It's not a problem trust me. And I'm a physical therapist anyway. I'll give you a free consultation.'

'Thank you.' She replied as I let go of her momentarily and unlocked my door, she wrapped her arm around me and allowed me to lead her inside, 'my name's Pamela by the way, or Pam, whichever you prefer.'

I chuckled softly, 'Pamela Anderson doesn't need to introduce herself you know. But it's nice to meet you, my name's Dave.'

'Hey, that's a great accent you got there. You English?' She asked as I led her into my parlour and helped her sit down on my leather massage chair.

'Yeah.' I replied as I stepped away and sat down opposite her for a second, 'let me have a look at that.'

She slipped her broken shoe off and lifted her dainty little foot into my hand, 'I adore England,' she spoke as I gently pressed on her ankle feeling for anything that seemed out of place. She winced with pain as I hit the sore spot.

'Sorry,' I said, flashing her a sympathetic smile. 'The ankle's not broken so don't worry about that, just sprained. You'll just need to stay off your feet for a couple of days. Needs an ice pack straight away though to take the swelling down. I can get one for you if you're not in any rush.'

'That would be too much to ask.' Pam spoke, 'you've already done a lot for me already.' I assured her it was no problem as I tenderly rested her foot on a stool and left to get an ice pack and a glass of water for her. I returned and applied the ice pack to the affected area and handed Pam the drink. She sighed as the pack cooled down the swelling, 'ohh, that feels good Dave.' She spoke as she gulped the water down, 'I'll pay you for this service, however much you want.'

'Don't be daft,' I replied, 'I'm only too happy to help. I'd do the same for anyone.' We sat and chatted for a while as the pack continued to help take the swelling down. She had been in town to do a modelling assignment at a studio up the strip and was walking back down to meet up with her agent at a local bar when she had taken the tumble. After mentioning this she realised she would have to make a quick call to her agent to let her know everything was ok. I handed her mobile phone to her from her bag and sat back and collected my thoughts while she made the call. Pamela Anderson was sat right in front of me in my office. The woman every man fantasizes about; the woman who everyone has seen being fucked by Tommy Lee, the woman who made Baywatch watchable. This was the queen of fantasy, and she was sat here in my massage parlour. Those long slender legs and dainty little feet within touching distance. I began to stiffen as fantasies began to play in my head.

She finished her call and we continued to chat, she turned out to be really nice and easy to get along with, which came as a surprise considering her status. I fought back the urge to tell her how much of a fan I was; she probably got it all the time. 'Let me have a look at that ankle again for you.' I said as I lifted her ankle and unwrapped the pack. The swelling had gone down considerably, 'lift your other ankle so I can compare them.' I said, not really needing to see her other ankle, just wanting to hold them in my hands and fantasize about wrapping those sexy little feet around my shaft. She took off her other heel and lifted her foot into my waiting hand. I held her ankles, subconsciously massaging with my fingers.

'Wow, that feels great.' She said as she felt the gentle sensations soothing her. 'Keep going.'

I did as requested, realising that a massage to the affected area might help get the blood flowing again. I watched as Pam leaned her head back and closed her eyes, arching her back and pushing those fantastic breasts out as she did so. I was iron stiff in my trousers at this point and began to really work her ankles in turn. I realised that I was probably over-stepping a boundary at this point. If she objected for any reason, she could probably sue me for malpractice or taking advantage of her or whatever, but I just couldn't help myself. And to be honest, she looked like she was rather enjoying the massage.

My eyes were fixated on those beautiful little feet of hers, the soft curves of her arches; those dainty little toes. By this time, I had moved on from the ankles, I was knelt down in front of her feet, her left foot was back on the stool and I was massaging the sole of her right foot, really pressing my thumbs into the arches, working out the tension in there. I swapped feet and looked up momentarily. Pam was perched up on the seat, looking down at me with a smirk on her face.

'That feels so good.' She said as I worked on those pretty little toes. 'Tommy used to love to suck on my toes.'

'Really?' Was about all I could manage.

'Do you think I have pretty feet?' She asked coyly.

'I think they're beautiful.' I replied honestly.

'Would you like to suck on them?' Before I could reply, she had lifted her right foot from the stool and was wiggling her toes mere centimetres from my lips. She teased me by placing her big toe on my bottom lip. As I opened my mouth to take it in she pulled it away. She smiled mischievously at me. 'Do you want to suck them?'

'Oh God yes.' I replied, wanting to do nothing but suck on those pretty little tootsies. Again she teased me by stroking her big toe on my bottom lip, as soon as I opened my mouth to suck, she pulled away. Still I continued to massage her left foot, loving the feel of her soft skin in my hands. Again she teased me with her big toe, but this time when I opened my mouth, she slid her big toe in and onto my tongue and sighed as I circled the dainty little thing with my tongue. She left it there and I began to suck on it passionately, loving the feel of it in my mouth as my tongue danced around on it. It was nice and clean too; now, I love feet, but to me there's nothing more a turn off than smelly feet. Luckily though, Pam's still tasted mildly of shower gel, fruity and clean.

'Mmmm... That feels nice.' She whispered down at me, 'Massage the foot you're sucking Dave.' She spoke. I obeyed, releasing her left foot and raising my hands to her right foot so that I could rub her sole while sucking on her toes. By now I was sucking each of them in turn, allowing my tongue to roam in between them, licking and sucking for all I was worth.

I felt her toes on the head of my cock and grunted softly. 'You like that?' She asked. I could only nod as I felt her gripping at my cock through my trousers with her toes. 'Keep on sucking, it feels amazing.' She whispered as she circled her big toe around my cock, wiggling her toes about in my mouth, something that I found so highly erotic that I nearly came there and then. After a few minutes of sucking, licking and rubbing, Pam swapped feet around, so that now I sucked her left foot and she stroked my cock with her right foot. After sucking her toes for what seemed like a blissful eternity I began to snake my tongue up and down her sole, Pam elicited soft giggles at the ticklish sensation.

'Lie down now.' She spoke. 'This has been the best foot massage ever, time for your payment. Take off your trousers, let's see what you've got for me.' She cooed softly as I took down my trousers and boxers, letting my throbbing cock spring free, pre-cum oozed from the head. I was no Tommy Lee, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I was proud of what I had, and Pam seemed impressed too. I lay back on the cold hardwood floor and looked up at Pam as she wrapped those sexy little size sevens around my aching member. She smiled down at me wickedly. 'You don't know what you've let yourself in for.' As she said that, she began.

I could not believe the sensations. This was a woman who had clearly given a few footjobs in her time. Her dainty little feet were everywhere at once, my whole body tingled, my cock twitched and throbbed with appreciation. One second she had my shaft in a vice-like grip between her toes, the next she was toying with my balls, then she was rubbing my head with her toes, then with her sole. I lasted only minutes, but the memories will last a lifetime. As I felt my orgasm approaching my eyes bulged out of their sockets and I swear my whole body went flush. She gripped my shaft hard between her soles and began to jerk me off with a fury to finish me off.

When I came everything went black for seconds, all I was aware of was wave after wave of euphoria as my sticky love fluid erupted from my member, coating those long slender legs with trails of warm sex solution. Pam laughed with glee and milked my member for all it was worth as I shot wave after wave of ejaculate onto her legs and feet.

'That was... unbelievable!' I said, when I could finally speak again.

'I warned you.' She replied with a smirk as she wiped herself down with one of my towels she had picked up from the table.

'What made you do it?' I asked, still completely baffled as to how all of this had happened so fast.

'You give a great foot massage. I always get carried away when somebody plays with my feet that way.'

'How's your ankle?'

'It feels great thanks. You're really good.' She said as she tossed the soiled towel into the corner of the room. 'I'm in town again on Friday. I think I'll come in for a full body massage then if you're free.'

'Anytime.' I said, being genuine. Fuck anyone else; even if I was booked up, they were being re-scheduled.

'You think today's been special... Wait until you see how carried away I get when I have a full body massage.' She winked at me, picked up her heels, walked out of my office barefoot and was gone. Little did I know, but this was to be the beginning of something unbelievable.

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