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Cell Phone Text Messages

bytry life crisis©

A few months ago I hooked up with a couple that I had met on an online swingers site. ((He is D and she is K.)) It was my first time being with a woman and only their third time in a 3-some. We are from the same area and are all the same age and had a really great time. We promised to do it again soon, and to keep in touch in the meantime. I’ve talked to D almost every day since. K’s job is very demanding so we don’t get to talk much. Anyway, one day I sent D an erotic text message to his phone. He called me immediately stating it was hard to work with a tent in his pants. I loved the fact that I could turn him on like that, with just a few words on his phone. Soon the three of us made plans to get together again. As the days got closer I became more and more frustrated. I had to take care of myself one night before I ruptured. The next morning I decided to text D about my night. Most phones have a limit as to how long the text can be, and his is 270 characters per message, including the ‘subject’. Because of the limit in text size I playfully numbered the messages as chapters – just in case some of my messages got crossed out there in airspace, he could put the story in order. I waited about ten minutes between each message to really drive him nuts.

The message was:

XXX- Did I ever tell you what really gets me horny? Reading erotic stories. Like the Forum section in Penthouse Mag. I love to just picture myself as the character in the story. Well, I have a story for you about last night:

Ch. 1- I have been so worked up about seeing you again. All of this pent up frustration - I needed some release. After hubby and kids were all in bed I logged onto the computer and my favorite website = www.literotica.com

Ch. 2- I grabbed my 'toy box' and stripped down to my oversized t-shirt while waiting for the site to load. I clicked to see what new stories had been added and started to browse around looking for one that was promising.

Ch. 3- First I read a story about a housewife who got gang-banged by 3 of her husbands co-workers. I was already wet before I started reading. My pussy lips were swollen open, glistening with my moisture.

Ch. 4- I hooked my middle finger into that silky wetness and grinned with the realization of how wet I was. As I read I brought my fingers to my lips and spread the moisture on my lips like a sheer gloss. I sucked my finger clean and slowly

Ch. 5- licked my lips. The story I was reading was good, but I really wanted to find one with some anal penetration. So I surfed some more while repeatedly applying my pussy juice to my lips and licking it back off.

Ch. 6- I tasted so good! I wish it was possible for me to eat my own pussy; I love my taste. I browsed a few more stories and finally found one that looked really good. I applied some of my wetness to my puckered asshole, spreading it in circular

Ch. 7- motion, gently applying pressure. My thighs began to shake - my breathing already ragged. The woman in this story was getting double penetrated - something I really want to try, have a man in my cunt and a man in my ass, both of them fucking me

Ch. 8- I slowly inserted a finger into my tight hot ass, gathering more of my cunt juice to lube it up. I fingered that hole faster, closing my eyes, hanging my head back. With my other hand I spread my labia open wider searching for

Ch. 9- my little love button. One touch sent me over the edge. I gasped loudly, fingered my ass faster and pinched my clit as hard as I could grab the slippery little knob. I felt the walls of my pussy convulsing as I started to cum.

Ch. 10- I calmed for a few seconds, then licked all of my fingers clean. I selected my favorite toy from the box. You know the one, it's supposed to slip over a mans cock and it has an anal probe and a vibrating clit egg. Oh, how I wished I had

Ch. 11- a large jelly dong like K's to use with it and fill me up completely. I inserted the anal probe into my pussy and swirled it around to coat it with my juice. Then I placed it on the chair and put the tip of it at my asshole.

At this point my cell phone rings in a tune that is only set for D. I grin as I push TALK and say:

“I’m not finished yet.”

“You’re not? Well I almost am. Mmmmmmmmmm.”

“What are you doing? Where are you?”

“I had to drive 15 minutes to get home. I’m touching it now.”

I grin. “Really? You’re yanking yourself? You like my story then?”

“oooohhhhhhh yeah”

“It’s all true baby, this is what I did last night”


I groan lightly to him, trying to push him over the edge.

“I’m about to cum now . . .”

“I wish you could cum in my ass,” I whisper to him.

That did the trick. We talked for another minute then he asked me to finish the story for him.

The message was:

XXX- hmmmmmmm, it turns me on so much that you called me on the phone to masturbate. I'm glad that you are enjoying my story . . . . I'll continue now.

Ch. 12- I pressed slightly, then released, pressed, released - like jumping on a trampoline - pressed, released. I grabbed my butt cheeks, spread them wide and lowered myself down onto the tool until it was all the way in.

Ch. 13- I found where I had left off in the story and started reading again, getting right back into it. I put my hand under the base of my toy - using my fingers to push it up while my rectum tried to push it back out. At the same time

Ch. 14- I pushed the egg against my clit with the ball of my palm. I grabbed the remote and turned the egg on to a slow buzz just as the story men buried ball deep came into the woman. Electricity jolted through me. I increased the vibrations

Ch. 15- and started rubbing my clit harder with the egg while rocking back and forth with the probe in my ass. The hole where the man's cock is supposed to be started trapping my juice as it ran out of my pussy

Ch. 16- I ground my clit harder onto that vibrating egg, flipping the control from fast to slow at the same rhythm. I grabbed the table with both hands and rode on waves of pleasure for what seemed like forever.

Ch. 17- I couldn't breathe as my legs clenched the sides of the chair. I ground my clit harder and faster as I finally started to cum. I slowed my rocking and turned off the egg. I contracted my muscles and felt the probe in my ass. God, it felt

Ch. 18- great in there, I wanted to sleep with it there. I wondered what king of dreams that would invoke? I smiled slyly as I stood, my legs quivered. I lovingly washed my toy and packed it back into its box.

Ch. 19- I went back to the table to shut down the computer and saw a small puddle on the chair where I had been sitting. Not wanting to leave a mess or waste anything so precious, I got on my knees and licked the chair clean.

Ch. 20- I stumbled off to bed completely satisfied . . . for the night anyway! As I drifted off to sleep my thoughts were of you and K and what sort of fun awaits me this Saturday night when I see you again.

Thank you for reading my first submission. I hoped you liked this true story. Please rate me and let me know, if you liked it I may write another!!

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