tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 07

Cemetery Summons Ch. 07


Jack opened his eyes and felt a burning sensation in his head. It felt like someone had just forced all the blood to his head and then drained it out in seconds. He felt dizzy too, and stared at the multicolored ceiling above his head.

Wait. Multicolored ceiling?

Pushing himself to his elbows, Jack found that he wasn't in his apartment anymore. In fact, he barely felt like he was even in a real place any longer. The walls looked as if they were contorting to his body movements, and the ceiling's strange plethora of color shifted and changed as if alive.

He felt something slimy under his hand, and looked down to find some kind of worm wriggling between his fingers and opening a sucker-like mouth as it turned up to face him. Jack withdrew his hand immediately and pushed himself away from the sucker-worm. And shortly thereafter, he fell off whatever he was sitting on.

Well, rather, he was pulled off. He looked down at his ankles as he hit the floor and saw a big, writhing red tentacle snaking around his legs, spiraling up toward his torso. Jack kicked with all the power he could, causing the large, slimy tentacle to tighten around him. Jack resorted to grabbing the thing's end with his hands to stop it from returning to its work of snaring him.

It slipped through his hands with ease and wrapped gently around his neck. Jack reached up and dug his fingers into it, hoping to make it relinquish his neck back to him. At first, it worked, and he managed to get one loops of its form from around his neck.

Then the thing fought back and rewrapped itself around his neck and then his hands. Being as thick as his wrist, it was surprisingly soft, the tentacle. It slapped him across the cheek and he thought that teeth were going to come out of it or something.

Jack fought back by squirming with everything he had, trying to break free. It really was hopeless though. The tentacle seemed to possess immeasurable power of its own, and whatever it was connected to had to be even stronger. Still, he didn't want to go down without a fight.

The red tentacle forced his arms above his head and his head down against the floor. His legs were pulled so that his body couldn't move any longer, and then spread out. The tip of the tentacle came close to his face, and waited silently for a reaction of any kind. Jack did nothing. It lowered itself to his face and vibrated slowly.

Jack felt it vaguely as his eyelids started to become heavy. He forced himself to stay alert as it pushed against his teeth, and he bit down on it as the red intruder made its way into his mouth. His head felt heavy, so he tried not to lift it. The tentacle opened up and smaller, cilia-like things protruded from its tip. Jack barely registered the little things playing with his tongue and caressing the inside of his mouth like there wasn't a thing wrong with it.

He knew something horrible was happening, that he was being violated by some foreign, demonic thing from somewhere in hell, but he couldn't fight it. Something felt so...so strange. His limbs felt heavy. He registered something moving down his throat, cold and sweet. He couldn't care less if he had known what to do.

The thing retracted from his mouth and he saw its gaping mouth-like tip. Four flaps of red flesh parted to reveal a hollow cavity lined with dozens of little feelers that dripped blue liquid. Where it fell on his neck, Jack felt a cold, tingling sensation that made shivers run up his spine. The tentacle pushed down on his chest and roved over his skin with the smaller cilia-tongues.

Jack felt it wrap around his stomach now as it removed itself from his chest. A burning sensation crept outward from where it had pushed against him, and a wave of coldness swept across his entire body. The thing pushed against his navel and the tongues came out again, searching furiously for something.

Another tentacle appeared above Jack's head, swishing around gently. His eyes followed its movements lazily, unblinking, uncaring. It entered his mouth without resistance and opened up like the other had done. But this one had not dozens of little tongues, but six or so large, flat ones. It forced something warm and tangy down his throat.

Jack's eyes went wide when the first tentacle, which he had almost forgotten about, started fondling his cock. He looked down and it allowed him some leeway to see what was going on. It had stripped him of any clothing he might have been wearing, and was sucking his fully erect cock into its weird maw.

The cilia-tongues wrapped around him and tickled every place he could have though of. It appeared to know every part to touch, every nerve to tickle, his every pleasure point. It impaled itself on him down to the base of his erection, where it withdrew an inch and forced itself down again, as if trying to get him to penetrate farther.

Jack groaned. Beyond the tongues there was nothing but slick, tight flesh pulsing around him like it was trying to eat him. He closed his eyes finally and his eyelids became extremely heavy. He didn't even try to keep them open as the tentacle in his mouth pushed more liquid down his throat. The back of his head tingled.

And after a while, Jack felt his body becoming lighter, like whatever was making his limbs heavy was gone and he was miraculously healed. He cracked his eyes open and saw a shape straddling him at the waist. He groaned as his cock was stimulated extra hard.

Opening his eyes completely, his mouth was agape and he was awestruck.

There was a woman straddling his hips, beautiful, exotic. Her tanned skin glistened with sweat and a red flush was spread across her cheeks. She had odd red eyes, with black irises. Breasts the size of her head bounced up and down on her chest, and a waterfall of teal hair cascaded down her back. She arched her back when she drove her pussy down on his hard cock.

Her hands held him at the wrists, and her feet kept his legs spread apart. Jack had no idea who she was, or how she had gotten here. In fact, he didn't even know how he himself had gotten here in the first place! His eyes spun. He felt lightheaded.

This must be a dream. This couldn't really be happening to him. It was impossible. He was in his bed or something, with Elassa and Fain sitting next to him and waiting for him to get up. Elassa was probably doing something to him though. The dream woman on top of him smiled, the look in her black eyes predatory and amused.

"This is no dream," the woman said in a voice that sounded like a thousand funneled into one. She smiled, revealing a pair of fangs on her upper and lower rows of teeth. She licked them and rode him even harder. Jack groaned and squeezed his eyes shut.

Upon opening them, he found her pussy in his face and her mouth engulfing his cock. Jack's arms were held out to either side of him by her strong legs. All he could tell was happening was that this was an impossible dream and that he was enjoying it. He began licking her pussy with his tongue and she moaned contently. She sucked his cock even harder, slurping on it when she came up. The teen felt something strange down there, but he couldn't see.

It was like something was going down his...thing. He moaned as her tongue seemed to fondle his cock all over. This had to be a dream. In the course of a single blink of his eyes, Jack was now being smothered by a kiss that had his tongue tied against the roof of his mouth. He strained to move, but the exotic dream woman exerted impossible strength and continued to make him her plaything.

She switched two more times before Jack had the sudden urge to release. He held it in for as long as he could to prolong the pleasure he was feeling. The woman now had him completely enthralled. Jack's back arched and he splattered his cum across her insides, pumping her full. His cock, still hard, jerked and pulsed as she removed herself from him and stood up. Amazingly, she wasn't dripping at all, save for her own juices.

Jack lay there on the floor, his cock still as hard as a rock. He panted slowly, deep breaths escaping his violated lips in a deep rhythm. Jack had just been raped by a dream woman. Was this some kind of signal? Was he into this kind of stuff now? That would suck. Elassa would definitely get way too into that fetish and send him to the hospital again if she got the chance.

"I see that you're awake now. Sit up and we'll have a look at you," came a voice from off to Jack's right. He let his head roll to the side and watched a naked, purple-skinned beauty stroll across the room. Two horns protruded from her head and her feet didn't look quite right, but that was about it when it came to Jack's skills of odd observation.

"Another dream woman here to rape me?" Jack questioned. The presumed demon rolled her eyes.

"I can see how you would think this is a dream. But you are very much awake. Stand up and I'll bring in your succubi. Otherwise, I'll leave you here to be Anna's plaything once more."

"I'm awake?"

"Stand up or I'm leaving. You humans are so very foolish sometimes. Especially men," the purple woman groaned. A tail flecked around on the floor impatiently. Jack pushed himself to his elbows and the floor suddenly raised itself beneath his body. Something looped around his neck and slammed his head against the table the raised floor had created.

More things wrapped his ankles and wrists up tightly, forcing his arms and legs to be immobile. Jack didn't even struggle this time.

"So where am I?" he asked after a few moments of silence. The purple woman raised her eyebrows.

"Hell, or at least in Anna. Where else would you be able to be examined by a demon in the bowels of another?" she replied. Jack blinked in confusion and the purple woman shrugged. "Fine. Don't believe me, human. I am simply here to bring in your summoned succubi and advise you on how to and how not to use them."

"Who's Anna?" Jack asked. Presently, the woman snapped her fingers and a tentacle slithered up in front of Jack's face. The ceiling warped like a puddle having a pebble dropped into it, and Jack was met with a reflection of himself restrained to a fleshy altar by several red and purple tentacles. There was a solid red one stroking his cheek gently. It vibrated against his cheek.

"Anna is the demon you are being housed inside. She is very large. In your terminology, she is a celestial body, about the size of your solar system. And she has taken a very deep, intimate liking to you," the red woman replied. Jack saw cilia-tongues emerge from the tentacle, and he felt them enter the corner of his mouth.

"So Anna is a big demon...that I'm inside?"

"Yes. I would take care not to struggle. She is still moving your semen through her body. Eventually, she'll realize that you are not a human and she will proceed to remove all visitors from the room and close off all entrances to this room."

"Why?" Jack asked, trying to turn his head away from the loving tentacle.

"Your semen is very potent, and your ability to pleasure demons and demon spawns is immense. Anna does not have the most self control, and she would probably try to capture you to essentially milk you dry."

"Meaning kill me?"

"No. Anna is very special in the fact that she can feed you necessary energy to keep your soul from collapsing into your partner, which is why you're here in the first place. Anna would be able to keep you alive and continue to milk you for as long as she desired. Oh, can you see anything odd on me? Such as horns, or cloven feet, or fangs?" the woman added, completely off the subject. Jack shrugged as best he could.

"You're a demon, I can see that much. You've got a tail, big fangs, hooves, uh...piercings, black eyes, and big horns. Is that what I'm supposed to be seeing right now?"

"Yes. Very good, you're coming off Anna's sublimation," the demon woman said as she walked toward a large circular section of the wall. It opened up like a sort of organic hatch. The bottom of the apparent doorway stretched up and the demon walked through it. Jack sighed as the doorway closed, leaving him with the tentacle fondling his face.

With nothing better to do, he talked to it.

"So...Anna, could you lighten up on these restraints?" The tentacle paused for a moment, and then shoved itself into his mouth. It spit warm liquid down his throat and Jack closed his eyes. He gagged and the thing suddenly retreated.

"Would you like me to do anything else?" asked a familiar voice. Jack opened his teary eyes and saw the tanned woman with black irises from before. She smirked down at him, holding him in place with her arms and legs.

"It's you, those tentacles, isn't it?" said Jack.

"How nice of you to recognize me. Would you like to be pleasured again?" Anna asked, a ravenous quality to hr gaze. She was grinding her wet sex against his, her clit rubbing on his shaft with every little rolling motion of her hips.

"No. I'm quite fine already."

"Would more of me change your mind?" three more voices said as their bodies manifested in the blink of an eye. Anna, well, the four woman that Anna had chosen to look like, waited patiently for his answer. Each one of them stared at him with such lust that he was almost convinced that they were real instead of the weird tentacles he had been subject to fucking earlier.

"Uh, while the offer is good, I'd rather not. I just want to get out of here and get back out of Hell if I can," the teen replied truthfully. All four Annas looked disappointed.

"Would larger breasts, or more backside convince you otherwise?" she asked hopefully, the quadruplets in front of Jack's eyes suddenly possessing breasts the size of his head and assets bigger than Fain's.

"Uh, well, I really want to but I can't...you see-"

"Found yourself a new fuck buddy? You- Sweet Fuck! Look at the size of those tits! Damn baby, I didn't think you wanted 'em that big." Elassa yelled from the organic doorway. Jack whimpered.

"Help me Elassa. Do something to get her off m-" One of Anna's copies sat down on his face and grabbed his head with her hands. She pushed his face against her hot, wanting pussy. Two more grabbed his hands and pushed his fingers into their bodies. Jack heard Fain talking to Elassa. Jack looked up at Anna's face, and a dark red flush spread across her cheeks.

"Oh, I can feel you everywhere. I have never tried this before. It's so good," she murmured. The purple-skinned demon woman from earlier strode over to Jack and the floor greeted her as she sat down. The floor was now a chair that molded to the contours of her body. She watched the process of Jack's unwilling sexual encounter with surprising lack of interest.

"Let's begin shall we? You two," she motioned to Fain and Elassa still speaking with each other at the door. "Come here. This is very important for all three of you."

"What exactly is she doing with him? I thought you demons weren't slaves to your libidos like we succubi are." The purple demon shrugged at Elassa's statement.

"You have a dispersed lust for men, succubus. You are the intertwined duality of angels and demons. You have wings and you love because of the angels that fell from grace to make you. Your lust to create the perfect sex machine and wanton need for him come from us demons. And I am very much a slave to my libido. What they are doing is testing my self control more than you could ever imagine, succubus. My want for him at the moment is far beyond anything you have ever, or can ever feel."

The demon pushed two fingers into her wet pussy like it was an ordinary occurrence to finger oneself in the presence of strangers, one of which was being fuck from two angles and pleasuring others from two more. Meanwhile, Anna continued to fuck Jack like there was no tomorrow, going to far as to have her first copy double over backwards and kiss the second, who was leaning forward, still rolling her hips on Jack's cock.

"So why is master here?" Fain said finally, mesmerized by Jack's ordeal.

"That is why I brought you three here. You see, while Anna is able to squeeze every last drop out of him and never endanger his life, you two cannot. That lovely scene in the shower, that almost killed your primary benefactor. You two are draining him of his soul too quickly, and you are doing it unevenly."

"What do you mean by unevenly? I've fucked him three times. Fain blew him three times."

"You may have slept with him three times, but her three are split between another aspect of her body. His soul may burn bright right now, but it was barely a smolder when I was sent to rescue him. And...Anna! No! What are you doing?!" the purple demon screamed. All four Annas threw their heads back.

"I can feel it! I can feel it! I can feel it! He's not whole! He's not whole! He's not whole!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. More copies of her form appeared around the room, all of them on the floor and pleasuring themselves.

"Mmmmfffph!" Jack's cry for help was lost as Anna's core was pushed so hard against his face that she forced his jaw open with the force.

"Anna! You'll lose control!"

"He's not whole! He's not whole! He's not whole!" she roared in ecstasy. The boundaries of the room rippled like water, bubbled like oil, and jagged tears and rifts appeared everywhere. Elassa was flattened against the rolling ceiling as a pillar of flesh spraying green liquid slammed her up. The chair holding the purple demon engulfed her and she fought to stay out of it entirely. Fain's face was blank. Her eyes glowed different colors.

"Oh yeah, baby. This is what I've been waitin' for. Master, you just sit pretty and fuck her like ya mean it," Niaf said.

"I will help you," Fain chimed in.

Their shared form was suddenly engulfed by a wave of the warping room and disappeared completely. Jack watched in horror as the space where she had stood became suddenly vacant. He glared daggers at Anna.

"Anathane! Stop! You're losing it!" screamed the purple demon.

"He's not whole He's not whole! He's not whole!" she cried, screaming with pleasure as she impaled herself on Jack's cock against and again. The other copies of her disappeared and she grew somehow fuller, like she was coming back together again. Even though she was still falling apart.

"Fain!" Jack thundered. There was no answer. Anna had eaten his succubus whole. Anger and rage flew through his body and he bit down as hard as he could on Anathane's clit. It was like biting steel. His entire jaw went slack as a wave of electricity passed through him, and not the good kind.

"Oh! More! More! More!" Anathane was losing her lucidity by enormous pieces every minute. She had devoured Fain whole. His succubus was gone, forever. In the blink of an eye. He wouldn't even see her again.

Jack strained with all his might to pull his hands away from Anathane's copies. They held fast, and he took a deep breath. He pulled even harder. Cables of sinew and muscle rose on his arms, and his veins pumped blood double time. He used every bit of strength he could muster to pull his arms free. The demons held fast, locking his wrists in their hands. Jack could feel that they were no longer just tentacles. They were real manifestations of the demon's form.

He tugged so hard the two demon copies left the floor. Jack slammed them together and they fell apart like two water balloons popping against each other. Red and purple and green and every other color sprayed in every direction. Jack roared his defiance as Anathane quickly pinned his arms above his head again, towering over him as she forced him to continue pleasuring her with his tongue.

"Succubus! Succubus! Succubus!" she cried. Elassa was slammed against the ceiling again. Jack saw her grin widely.

"Baby! You're about to see a real monster!" she stated. The purple demon, who was now trying to gain her footing on the moving floor, looked at Jack warily.

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