tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 09

Cemetery Summons Ch. 09


Anathane crushed her lips against his and a long, strong tongue forced its way into his mouth. Jack fought to pull his head away, but she grabbed his shoulders with both hands and held him down. On the floor, Cyrindil lay unconscious, being hauled to her feet by Niaf and Fain. Cyrindil's mother was trying to get up off the floor, holding her head as if she had nearly been bludgeoned to death. Anathane paid no attention to anyone but Jack.

Her black eyes were locked on him, a devious smile on her lips. She looked almost frightening the way she was gazing at him, her kiss still invasive as ever. Jack tried to push her off, and almost succeeded until she grabbed his hands and pushed them down flat on the bed. She put a knee in each of his palms to prevent any further escape attempts.

"So, whadda we do with these two, now that Jack's safe and Anathane is about to go nuts?" asked Elassa, turning her eyes over to the elder of the two vampires, grinning evilly. Jack drummed his heels on the bed, and Anathane quickly sat on his thighs, effectively silencing him in every way.

Angry that she wasn't even listening to his repeated attempts to get off, Jack bit down on her tongue hard enough to split it in half.

Which is exactly what it did.

Her long, pink tongue split in two and the severed half disintegrated into his mouth. His entire jaw tingled, and then erupted into a burst of burning agony seconds later. He screamed into the demon's mouth as her blood flowed down his throat. It felt like he was being electrocuted! Every muscle in his body strained, but his partner was impossibly strong compared to him.

Blood ran down his windpipe and his breath hitched. He coughed violently, her blood running down his jaw line as well. Still, she kissed him with all the vigor of a tigress in heat. Jack's skin felt like it was on fire, and a constant thrum of electricity seared his lungs and his chest, causing him to jerk spasmodically in the throes of a horrible seizure.

Fire burned in his lungs, and he gave up on trying to breathe much. If he passed out, she'd let up...right? If she wasn't too engrossed with trying to drown him in a kiss to notice that he was in trouble, that is.

Suddenly, she pulled up and Jack spit out a mouthful of blood. Red, crackling mist came out of his mouth like steam, and hung in the air. The taint of ozone was rather dense. Sticking her tongue out at him, Anathane smiled broadly and pushed her breasts together.

"Like the kiss?" she asked as Jack wheezed and coughed uncontrollably. Red mist erupted from his mouth and his nostrils, shocking him to tears. Pain! This was pain, being shocked half to death by a girl's rotted tongue. Jack sucked in a deep breath and his lungs pulsed angrily, telling him to stop.

"Why didn't you get up?!" Jack yelled.

"Because it was so fun to watch you squirm, incomplete boy." She flashed him a impish look and he growled painfully, grimacing as her misty red blood seeped out of his nostrils.

"What about her?" asked Jack, nodding over to the vampire getting up from the floor.

"Nothing you need worry about," the demon replied, even as the vampire stomped over to her. Jack tried to squirm away, but Anathane kept him tethered to the bed with her knees and her backside. She regarded the vampire with a curt nod and then began stroking Jack through his boxers. The vampire pulled back for a swing with long, curved talons.

As soon as her arm moved, the vampire's entire body was captured in a flurry of purple and red. She was subsequently picked up and held aloft above Jack's head. She squirmed, but several tentacles had her wound into a tight, fleshy prison and refused to give her any leeway. Anathane smiled happily and reached up, stroking the vampire's pussy from behind with two long fingers.

"Stop that," ordered the vampire angrily. Anathane forcefully spread the undead woman's legs and ripped off a pair of silken undergarments. Two tentacles skimmed up the woman's body and groped her breasts, causing Jack's arousal to double. This was sickening and hot. Jack would have felt ashamed of himself for liking this had he not been already committed to screwing three succubi and apparently a demon too.

"You think to order me around, young one? You are how old? Let me see...oh! You're a young one, yes? Only barely centenarian, poor girl. Don't think to order me around so quickly," the demon snarled, lowering the vampire's body to Jack's face.

Hands bound above her head and legs spread out as wide as they could possibly be spread, the vampire was helpless, and Jack wasn't in much a different position. Looking for help, he turned to his three succubi. He found Elassa and Fain locked in a deep kiss, pleasuring each other on the floor. Niaf on the other hand, was busily teasing Cyrindil, who had awoken to find herself bound with rope.

"Let me go, summoned whore!" snapped the vampire. Anathane forced her hand into Jack's boxers and began teasing his cock with feather-light touches. She effortlessly played with him as she groped and violated the vampire.

"You think I was summoned? To hear something so absurd, poor vampire...ah, so your name is Izma? Well, Izma, I was not summoned at all. I returned to my lover when he called for me," she explained, grabbing Jack's manhood hard as she said lover. "And I find you trying to kill him. I find you trying to demean him before his other partners. I find you trying to seduce him and take him for your own, selfish, desires," she growled menacingly, snaking a tentacle around Izma's neck and choking her.

"Anahane! Stop it!" Jack demanded, feeling a bit of blood mist wafting over his cheek and searing him with pain. He cringed. The demon lifted Izma up over her head so she could look at Jack again. She was confused, or at least appeared to be so.

"You do not desire her dead? I assumed that your plea for help was for me to destroy your enemies..." She looked like a puppy that'd just been kicked by its owner. Jack felt guilty for denying her the pleasure of killing Izma. Wait. What? He shook his head and refocused his thoughts.

"No, now stop choking her."

"You overcame my influence, very good. As expected of my incomplete boy," she giggled, slapping a long, slimy tentacle down across his chest, its mouth a toothless orifice dripping with sweet, odorous juice. Jack's eyes went wide as it moved toward his waistline.

"No, Anathane, no! Stop that...thing! Quit it!" Jack cried as she slid back to allow the thing access to his lower body. She let go of his hands, and he immediately grabbed the oddly pink tentacle with both arms, hauling it back away from his crotch.

He was not into tentacles, especially not after that little experience inside of Anathane's body where he'd been violated no less than three times. He wrapped the crook of his elbow around the huge pink snake and grabbed further down its length with his opposite arm. He groaned with effort as he managed to arrest the movement of the thing. It turned around, the orifice at its end fanning out widely. It lunged at his face and he turned his head to the side just barely in time to avoid it plunging into his mouth.

Instead, it hit his jaw and then turned back around, sucking his left hand in. Anathane bit her bottom lip and put a hand over her mouth. She screamed into her hand, back arching.

"Oh ye gods! I'm full! I'm full! I'm full!" Jack tried to get his hand out, but only made things worse as the thing sucked his arm in up to the elbow. Anathane curled forward and flung Izma into Elassa and Fain's little session, and she was soon absorbed into it.

Jack fought to free his arm and Anathane moaned noisily.

And then the door buzzer rang.

Everything in the room suddenly stopped, as if time had been paused. Jack's heart thudded in his ears. There was only one person that could possibly be here. Jack looked at everyone else in the room, and found them staring back at him with blank, wide-eyed expressions. They looked like deer caught in the headlights.

"Everyone, stay quite and hide." Jack pulled his arm out of the pink snake thing and Anathane removed herself from him. Jack hurried to his apartment door as he adjusted his boxers to cover up his rock-hard erection and tried to get some of this slick, warm stuff off his arm. The buzzer rang again and he threw open the door, glaring down at Melissa as she looked up at him, annoyed. She gave him a once-over and sighed.

"What exactly are you doing in here? I keep smelling this weird thing, like you're burning something. I'm coming in." She pushed Jack aside and stepped into his apartment. Jack grabbed her arm and then wrapped his own arm around her stomach. He pulled her back to the door.

"Everything is fine in here. Now run along and wait another week and I'll do whatever you want me to." Instead of listening to him, Melissa broke his grip and walked to his bedroom door. Jack hurried after her, but she opened the door before he got to her. She stepped inside, and Jack grabbed her again.

This time, he leaned forward, turned his head, and kissed her fully on the mouth. After an initial moment of surprise, she sank back to him and grabbed his ass with both hands. He jumped in surprise and broke their kiss accidentally. Melissa snickered.

"I didn't expect you to come around so easily. You're such a naughty boy," she scolded playfully. Jack thought he was going to be sick if she said anything more, so he resumed kissing her. He dragged her over to the kitchen nook and leaned her over the countertop. Melissa slipped her hands into his boxers and pulled them down. Jack's erection sprang free and he growled with annoyance as she pulled out a condom from her pocket.

He pulled her skirt down and traced her pussy through her green panties. God, why did she have to come over today of all days? Fuck! Even as he thought this, Jack pulled her panties down and prepared to let her get it a week early. Though it pained him to do this, he had to keep the six people in the next room a secret from Melissa.

Melissa pulled a condom out of her skirt pocket and pushed the garment down from her knees to the floor. She started ripping it open, but Jack grabbed her hand and tossed the condom away. Melissa looked back at him and furrowed her brow.

"You're going bareback?"

"I won't need it for the hole I'm using," Jack replied, spreading her cheeks.

"Wait! At least let me lube it first you fucker," she said. Jack stepped back and Melissa turned around, stepping out of her clothes on the floor. She pulled off her shirt and bra as well, tossing them to the ground. She dropped to her knees and Jack grabbed her head with both hands as she leaned forward.

He pushed her down to the base of his cock and she gagged audibly. He didn't care. She came back up and then went down again, about half as far. After lubing it successfully, she stood up and leaned back over the counter, spreading her legs.

"Try not to scream," Jack said as he pushed into her body. She balled her hands into fists and let out a long, deep moan in pleasure. Jack pulled back and then smacked their hips together. God, this was so much different. It was so much tighter than what he was used to. And it was harder to actually move.

He started at a slow rhythm, trying to find a pace that he could hold and still reach a satisfying climax. But Melissa had other plans. She pushed against him at her own pace, forcing him to match it and push her harder against the counter.

Jack ran his hands along her sides. Though he didn't like her at all, he had to admit that she really was attractive for a short girl. She had a nice pair of tits, which his hands were currently trying to grab. She also had nice legs and wide, sexy hips, and a pretty smile. If she wasn't such a nymphomaniac, a picky one at that, Jack would have considered going out with her a long time ago.

Jack squeezed her breasts hard, pinching her nipples. Her body tightened and Jack grit his teeth. He didn't stop though, and he kept pace with her. He released her breasts back to her and stood straight up, throwing his head back. And then something wet landed on his face.

That something happened to be a bronze goddess' wanting pussy. Jack glared up at Anathane as she smiled down at him, held up above him by three tentacles that came out of her back and wrapped around the back of the fridge. She grinned happily and Jack reached down to make sure Melissa's head wasn't going to move. Unfortunately, that meant leaning forward, and bringing Anathane closer to his landlord and potential victim of mental trauma.

'I'll be careful, silly,' said Anathane's voice in his head. Jack didn't even want to know how she had just spoken to him. He didn't care either. All he needed to do was get Melissa off, get Anathane off, and make sure that Anathane didn't get noticed.

And he had to do all three things at the same time while both women were within arm's reach of each other. Jack brushed his tongue over Anathane's clit, very softly stimulating it. Instead of what he thought was going to be a silent moan, she very abruptly wrapped her thick thighs around his head and pushed her womanhood into his face.

He gave up trying to make a tentative approach, and went all out. He stuck his tongue as far into her as he could and began trying to find a weak point or two. By now, Melissa was moaning rather noisily, and there was an abrupt stop to her moans every time he thrust into her.

Anathane doubled over as he ran the tip of his tongue over a particularly sensitive spine of nerves and nibbled on her clit. Now, her thighs were around his neck, her stomach was smothering his face, her chest was resting on the crown of his head, and she was biting the nape of his neck. Jack found himself lucky that he didn't have to support her full weight on his shoulders.

He was getting near his peak with Melissa. Anathane was barely keeping quiet, and Jack could feel the vibrations from her voice on the back of her neck, so low that it was only just audible. Jack kept on going, his tongue still keeping up pace as it had been the entire time. His hips were sore from constant abuse, each and every day of his life.

Still, someone had to climax and end this. Jack doubted that Anathane was going to cum quietly, which was going to reveal her to Melissa. Anathane's body weight suddenly increased and Jack steadied her with both hands to keep from falling. Melissa cried out.

"Oh, fingering too? I'm about to cum!" Melissa began screaming his name with every thrust of his hips, one of Anathane's tentacles teasing her pussy. Jack was nearing his climax. Melissa was about to have hers. Anathane however, was literally ready to explode. Jack gave his horny landlady a few more good thrusts before he plastered her insides with his cum. Not long after, Melissa climaxed with a scream and put her hands under her head, panting as the motion of her hips came to a slow halt.

Anathane on the other hand, had no such luxury of pleasure. When he had come, Jack had retracted his tongue from her body and clamped his mouth shut. Presently, she was urging him on, drawing blood with her teeth. But Jack refused. If she was going to endanger everything that had happened thus far, and expose everyone and everything going on in his life to a woman who would use it as blackmail, then she deserved to get put on hold.

Jack stood there, trying to keep himself steady after a wonderful orgasm and a head-spinning ordeal. He managed to pry Anathane off his head and she retreated back to wherever she had come from after Jack gave her a demonic glare that could have come from Satan himself.

Jack leaned down and let his sweaty upper body rest on Melissa's back. She gave him a nudge and then gave up on trying to get him up. Jack put his chin on her shoulder and she glanced at him, a wry smile on her lips.

"That was an awesome fuck. Goddamn, I didn't know you had it in you to try something like that with me. Jesus that was incredible."

"Two weeks," Jack said as he knelt down and pulled her skirt and panties back up for her. He gave her back her shirt and bra before putting a hand over her eyes and guiding her to the door. After she was gone and he made sure she wasn't coming back in, Jack ran to his bedroom and found his succubi and the vampires and Anathane waiting for him at the bathroom door. Jack growled for them to get into his bedroom, and they all obeyed.

"Nice work boyo. Fucked her real nice, now let's us two fuck," Niaf suggested, sauntering toward him. Jack glared.

"You two, Cyrindil and Izma, get out," he demanded, pointing toward the door.

"You think you can talk to us like that?" snapped Izma, fangs ever present and menacing. Jack's voice was very calm and very authoritarian when he spoke again.

"Get out of my apartment. And do not come back." This time, they left without a single word. After he made sure they too were gone, he turned to his succubi and the demon remaining in his room.

"I swear to God as my witness, if I have to do that again, I will forsake all of you and you'll find someone else to feed off of. Now, anyone care to tell me who let Anathane go out there and try to fuck everything over?"

"Well, she kinda just went on her own," said Elassa.

"But you didn't finish with me in here!" protested the demon.

"Quiet!" Jack thundered. Anathane fell silent. "I don't care. Now the four of you, get some clothes on. We're going to school." Jack walked over to his dresser and grabbed some clothes to put on.

"Why there?" Fain asked.

"Because there's nobody up there, and you can scream there all you want." Anathane furrowed her brow and stood up straight, allowing her full height to overtake Jack's by nearly eight inches. Three tentacles emerged from her lower back and waved around in front of her like they were kept caught in a gentle ocean current.

The bronze goddess put a hand on her hip.

"Why should I be taking orders from you? I'm I not a greater demon from Hell?" she asked. Jack was still over at his dresser, and gave her a flippant answer.

"Because you are in love with me." Anathane thought on it for a moment, and then grabbed him with her unnatural extremities and threw him onto the bed.

"That may be true, but sometimes love hurts, and I love you a lot. So, in light of our current predicament, I'm going to rape you. You can either turn this into consensual sex and have a good time, or resist and make it all that much more interesting." She clambered onto him, straddling his hips like before.

The long, pink snake tentacle from before appeared above Jack's face as his hands were bound by the other two. It dribbled familiar, sweet fluid from its maw.


"Eat me out," she ordered, folding her arms under her huge tits. She shoved the pink tentacle into his fac,e and he recognized the scent now. He gagged at the thought.

"This is your- Jesus Christ. I can't."

"You can," Anathane countered, pushing the tentacle into Jack's mouth and making the end fan out. "And you will."


Jack woke up the next morning and even more tired than usual. He was also very irritated. Anathane had demanded that he eat her out for nearly an hour, and then she had literally raped him half to death. Jack had been lucky enough to remain conscious through the entire ordeal, as many times as he was slammed against the wall and had his head cracked on the bathroom sink. He growled.

The back of his head still throbbed painfully from every blow she had delivered to him on the shower floor as well. He groaned as he tried to sit up. His face hit something soft and wet, and he opened his eyes.

His head was lodged between Anathane's breasts, covered in sweat. He opened his mouth wide and then bit down on her flesh. She immediately jumped with a start and fell.

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