tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 13

Cemetery Summons Ch. 13


After a short wait at the top of the stairs, Anthony told him it was okay to come back down if he wanted to, and he hesitantly did so. When he reached the cement floor, he was thankful that they had somehow cleaned up the splatter of cum on the wall. He didn't want to know what it had looked like, but his mind betrayed him.

He pushed the thought from his head and sat down on the floor next to the two lovers sitting in their redrawn circle. Anthony was again, or still, seated with her in his lap. Though this time she wasn't sporting an enormous erection, but a flaccid, only slightly less enormous cock. He didn't want to know whether or not Anthony was hard or not, or if he was inside of her.

"So, I heard the good news," Kan began. "You finally became an incubus, eh?" Her tone was one of slight expectance, like she had been awaiting the moment for a while. Anthony looked back and forth between his friend and his blue lover, and then sighed.

"I suppose I can safely say that you're not going to be seeing any of us anymore?" He sounded a little dejected. Jack shrugged.

"I honestly don't know what's going to happen. I'm a little afraid to show you what I really look like now," Jack admitted nervously, trying to keep his eyes away from the two lovers. He was already hard from his hospital visit, and had been so for a couple of hours. His boner was throbbing hard at the thought of fucking Kan. Shame on him for thinking about his friend's woman like that. He needed to get a hand on this.

"Kan licked up her own jism from the wall just now. You really can't show me anything that would scare me more than that did," Anthony deadpanned dryly. Kan smiled wickedly and licked her sharp teeth sensually. Her manhood rose past her womanly hips and began throbbing as Jack took a deep breath and wiped his sore brow of sweat.

All at once, Jack let go and out flushed his wings, his horns, and his tail. He blinked, and his eyes crumpled into two white flames, teeth already long, curved fangs. He could feel his sharp fingers scratching anxiously at his palm. Nervously, he waited for Anthony's response.

Unfortunately, it was as he expected. Anthony sat before him, slack-jawed and in complete shock. Kan looked very pleased however, and very horny as well. The incubus saw his reflection in her eyes, and was afraid of her again. Kan began rolling her hips, very slowly and gingerly. Her eyes never left Jack's face.

"Now that's some hot stuff, Anthony. You have some pretty sexy friends. You have to talk to me again. Talk like you did before, like you said your heart did," she commanded. Anthony blinked to tear his eyes away from Jack's demonic visage and then closed his eyes.

After a few moments of silence, he swept away a lock of her hair and kissed her ear. He began whispering softly and slowly.

"Kan, roll your hips against mine. Just like that. Softly, softly, that's it, good. Now feel my hand on yours, and feel me squeeze your hand. Now feel your pulsating self, and feel your soft, wet hand. Good, and slide it up, and then down. And then up again, and down. Let the feeling ride between us. Move with the feeling. Up and down, roll, roll, up, down, keep rolling your hips. You feel me inside you? Keep going, up and down, up and down."

"Anthony," she breathed.

"I'm still here. I'm taking my hand from your hip. Up your ribs. One two three four five six, and you feel my hand on your breast. Your soft, tender breast. I'm rubbing your areole very gently, in little circles. Keep stroking, up and down. Roll, and roll, and up and down. You smell so nice. I'm going to be quiet now. I'm going to kiss and lick you, Kan, my lover. Feel me. I feel you, and your energy. Feel mine. Calm, controlled. Feel my pace. Keep that pace, and breath deeply."

"Oh, I can feel you, and Jack too. I'm so hot. I feel like I'm going to explode now," she murmured. Anthony was too busy licking her cobalt skin to answer. He kissed behind her ear and took a deep breath in, taking the scent of her body in. Jack hadn't seen something like this before. Kan barely moved, and her hips were so gentle, like calm blue waves rolling onto a beach. The incubus needed to get off somehow, and fast, or get out.

He stood to leave, but neither one of the lovers noticed that he was doing so. He didn't think that they even heard him pounding up the steps to get back to his car.


"Well, she left and went home, baby. I made sure she was satisfied and she said that she couldn't take you right now, so she went back to her place. So, you're stuck with just me, and I can tell you now that you're not going to school tomorrow. Not under my watch," Elassa said. Jack watched her as she skipped around his apartment, fresh as a spring daisy.

Jack, on the other hand, was horny and tired. His cock refused to fall and had been throbbing all day since his visit to the hospital. Kelly and Candy had only admitted to giving him three Viagras and a Cialis. He was sure they'd given him quite a few more, and this erection was lasting far longer than a scant four hours.

"Fine, I'll skip school again. I'm too tired to argue right now. Just, can you make me something to eat? I don't feel like doing anything tonight." Jack collapsed onto the couch and Elassa appeared behind him. She adjusted herself so that his head was lying in her lap. Jack looked up at her tiredly and she gave him a motherly smile.

"You don't look so good, baby. Maybe you should just skip dinner altogether and go straight for dessert?" she offered, trailing a finger down the center of his shirt. Jack grinned.

"And might my dessert be a certain succubus who took my virginity?" he asked cheekily.

"If you have the energy to eat her, then yes." Elassa's voice was dripping with anticipation. Jack watched her cheeks flush with a slight pink color and then turned himself over. He could just fall asleep right here and not care at all as long as it was Elassa's body he was lying against. The succubus moaned huskily as he ran his tongue across her labia.

Elassa could just tell that this was going to be good. She hadn't gotten anything from him in nearly two weeks, and she was always horny because of that. Getting eaten out was going to be the last stop on the abstinence railroad before she could go ahead and fuck him again. She wanted to save up for that moment and be perfectly ready to fuck him for as long as she could stand it. And she was going to do that, one way or another.

And after a couple of minutes of fantasizing about him, Elassa realized that Jack had dozed off while eating her out, and now lay nestled between her thighs, sound asleep like a baby. Elassa gingerly lifted him up by the armpits and pulled him up so that he was lying against her with his head over her shoulder. She stood up hefted him back to his room.

After depositing Jack on his own bed and putting a pillow beneath his head, she left the apartment and walked down the stairs to the ground level of the complex. She walked over to the pool and sat down on one of the long chairs. She could see her breath, but she didn't feel cold.

Gone were the days where she felt anything when she wasn't in the middle of feeding, long gone in fact. She wouldn't be able to feel it if someone stuck her with a red hot poker...unless that someone was Jack and it happened to be his personal red hot poker. Elassa giggled at the thought. If Jack ever had the guts to come out here and fuck her silly, she'd be speechless.

What am I doing here?

She had no clue what to do now. She was falling in love again, and everything was going as they should. In fact, things were going better than she could have ever imagined. Jack was as strong as he could possibly become. He had pleased all of his succubi and managed to keep them content by himself. Anathane was a backup for any sexual thrill he might have when his primary lovers were incapacitated or busy.

But this was what had happened last time.

She was scared for him. She didn't want to lose Jack. She was far too in love with Jack to ever let him go, and sharing him took every ounce of willpower that she possessed. Even now, thinking about someone else having him alone for even a second made her fangs begin to show. She whimpered and tucked her knees up to her chest.

She felt a familiar presence behind her.

"Anathane, I'm worried," she whispered. The demon sat down in front of her and ran a tanned finger through the succubus' white hair.

"I know you worry for him, but he is a strong boy. What has happened before is of no consequence now. Elassa, I know how far he's able to keep up with you. And now that he has...an advantage, he will make it. Please Elassa, don't be afraid to show your love for him."

"But the last two times I did that, he almost died," Elassa began to weep. "I'm not killing another one! Not after what happened last time! I couldn't bear it! Don't let him die, Anathane, don't let him!"

Elassa beat the demon's chest with her fists, crying openly. Anathane could barely take seeing Elassa like this. She had always been a fragile woman at heart, even though she had a strong and overpowering nature outwardly. Anathane rubbed Elassa's back in an effort to calm her down. There was no way they could avoid the eventual need for Elassa to have sex with Jack again. And there truly was nothing anyone could do to help Jack any more other than to hope that things turned out for the best.

"Elassa, it's not for me to decide whether or not he lives or dies. It's up to you. If you bring him in like your last one, then I can't do anything." It was harsh, but Elassa had to hear it straight. Anathane shivered at the memory of Elassa's first and only other attempt at creating an incubus.

Elassa had come to Anathane in tears and clutching a ragged, torn, and bloodied incubus in her arms. Anathane had been appalled at the man's condition. Almost every artery in his body was slashed and most of his bones were broken, not to mention a few were missing altogether. When asked what had happened, Elassa had simply wailed until she was no longer able to answer, and then curled up into a ball and cried herself to sleep.

Unfortunately, the incubus had died a few minutes prior to being brought to her, and Elassa had been devastated by the loss. It wasn't often that a succubus of Elassa's magnitude came around. No, she was a very rare, very unfortunate catch. Her capacity to love Jack was infinitely vast and she could very easily keep up with his endless sex drive.

But, like only a handful of succubi before her, the depth at which her soul felt emotions was unfathomable. Mortals could barely feel the effects of emotions upon them. Emotion to them was something of a joke, a passing fancy. Anger, especially, was one such emotion that barely skimmed the surface of mortal souls and left no trace at all.

Love was different, because it could delve deep. Mortal men throughout history had lived and died for love alone, and many more had acted foolishly out of love for one thing or another. Most commonly nowadays was the love for money. But for Elassa, every emotion she felt pierced her soul all the way through and left a profound hole to be filled by the thing, or person, that had inspired it.

And all of her love was directed right at Jack Archer. Anathane felt sorry for both of them. Elassa knew exactly what was going to happen, because she was going to go overboard and attack him with everything she had. It was ironic really, that she loved him so much that having sex with him again would probably make her go insane. But, it was how things were going to be.

There was no avoiding it.

"I don't want to kill him. Please, do something. You're hell's handmaiden! You have the capacity to heal anyone! Please save Jack. Please; I don't want to lose him. I'm begging you," she sobbed. Anathane looked up at Jack's apartment and pushed back the urge to cry with her friend. She felt horrible. The extent of her power only went so far. She couldn't heal a man already beyond the threshold of death.

"It's all up to you, honey. I love him too, but I can't heal him if you kill him before putting him in my arms. I can't bring back the dead," Anathane explained as gently as she possibly could. Elassa's claws bit deep into her breast and she cried even more fiercely.

"If you can't bring him back, then I'll go ask Satan himself!" she declared. Anathane's heart skipped a beat at the sheer absurdity of what this girl had just said.

"N-Now Elassa, don't, don't be hasty here. Satan can't make a miracle come true unless...you put your heart on a silver platter for him." There was more truth to Anathane's statement then there was fiction.

"Then I'll go ask the only person to hand out miracles like chocolate! God!"

"Do you even know what you just said?"

"I'd do it if I could! I'd fucking do it in a heartbeat! I love him that much, Anathane. I love him more than I want to live! I love Jack! I don't want him to die! I'd cut my own throat if I killed him. Anathane. Please...please save him. Please. I don't..." Elassa fell unconscious in Anathane's arms after a bit of poison from a certain red tentacle detaching from her navel. Anathane held the white-haired succubus close to her and warped to Jack's living room.

She laid Elassa down on the couch, seeing that her sedative was completely effective, and stomped into Jack's room. The lack of a door allowed her to skip slamming it open with all the force she possessed, so she went straight for her objective. Anathane tore Jack from his bed and grabbed him by the shoulders.

He was awake in an instant, and he was very annoyed. Anathane took him into the bathroom and tossed him into the shower. She reached out with a tentacle and turned on the cold water as full as it could go. Jack yelled his complaint and then shut off the water himself. He rose to his feet, steam rising from his body he was so filled with hot, boiling rage.

"What. In fuck's name. Was that for?" There was pure malice dripping from every little word. But Anathane wasn't turned on this time. She reached out with a long arm and choked him like she meant to kill him.

"I swear to everything that's holy and unholy, if you hurt Elassa, I will hurt you. No, you don't get to talk this time, boy! If you do anything to hurt that girl, I'll kill you! Damn what she does, I'll do it myself!" She forced a tentacle out of her chest, a long spike at the end of it.


"I'll fucking do it myself! You'd better give her the time of her life tomorrow! Or I will kill you! I'll kill you until there's not even a pile of mush! Do you hear me? You will cease to live! There'll so little left of you that the Virgin Mary's tears won't be able to bring your sorry ass back to life! Wrong that girl, and I'll do more horrible things than God did to unfaithful fuckers in the Bible! Fucking hell...I'll kill you!"

In a furious storm that cracked several of the floor tiles and the shower door glass, she disappeared. Jack was left to his own effects, and was entirely speechless. What in God's name did she just demand from him?


It was three fifteen in the afternoon, and Jack still hadn't come to see her. Elassa waited impatiently across the street from Jack's highschool for him to get out. So far, she'd seen just about everyone imaginable come out of the building, save for her Jack. When she saw his friend Rob, she couldn't resist the urge to find out where he was. She hoped he wasn't fucking one of his classmates. Gods, he didn't need another girlfriend besides Alina.

Stealthily, she warped behind Rob and put her hands on his shoulders. He jumped in surprise and spun around. His fist came out toward her head, but she caught it in her hand and smiled at him cheerfully. She squeezed a little before realizing that he had done it out of reflex.

"Sorry about that, reflex," she said to excuse herself. Rob took back his hand a waved it gently about to dispel the pain. He smiled embarrassedly.

"Ow. Hey, Elassa, right? What's a hot girl like you doing up here again? Jack's gone."

"Oh really?" Elassa arched a brow. "And just where might he be?" She put her hands on his shoulders and purred into his ear sensually. If he didn't say Jack was on his way home with a bottle of whipped cream...

"He said he had to take someone's shift at work today and wouldn't be able to do anything online until ten. Did you two have plans or something? I'd be more than happy to fill in for him if you want." Elassa would have giggled promiscuously if she hadn't been seething with anger.

"That's very sweet of you, but no. I'm afraid I'm going to tear his arms off and beat him with them," she said. She brusquely walked away, and once she was out of sight of the teen, warped back to Jack's place. There, she collapsed to the floor and began crying. He was supposed to be with her today! He was supposed to have skipped school to be with her! And he was working?

Didn't he love her? She loved him so much that she could barely stand it! And he'd abandoned her in her time of need! What...why? Why had he left her like this? Hadn't Anathane done something to help? Elassa suddenly grew cold and angry. She balled her fists.

Fine. If he didn't want to spend any time with her, then she'd spend some quality time with a bottle of liquor in her hands. Lots of people drowned themselves in alcohol to feel better. And even though it was a form of very slow, tortuous suicide, it seemed like a good idea at the moment. So she grabbed Jack's wallet off the table and warped to a bar not too far out of the way. She walked in, still in high heels and a body-hugging black dress.

She sat down at the bar and put her head in her hand. The bartender stood in front of her and she glanced up with sad eyes. The girl looked back down at Elassa and then realized that the succubus wasn't going to initiate conversation.

"What'll you be having today, ma'am?"

"However much this'll get me," Elassa replied as she tossed the wallet up onto the countertop. The bartender opened it up and looked at the two hundred dollars inside of it. There was a slight hesitance to her movements, like she was debating on whether or not to let Elassa drink herself to death at three in the afternoon. After a shrug, she removed the money and pulled out a tall glass and filled it.

"You know I'll have to stop serving you once I've given you a certain amount of alcohol, right?" the girl warned. Elassa glared daggers at her.

"I don't care. Just let me drown myself today."

Elassa gulped down the first of many glasses and watched with dour sadness as it was refilled.


Several hours later, the front door opened and a teenager walked into the bar. His eyes scanned the bar for a woman of great bust and white hair like snow. He wasn't at all pleased with the fact that she'd crawled away to a bottle of liquor instead of coming to get him. He would have quit his job if she'd asked him to.

Jack Archer walked past a couple of tables toward Elassa. He was still in his work clothes, but he didn't give a damn, nor did he have the luxury of time to change into casual stuff. He shook his head slowly when he saw her, entirely hammered and laughing as drunkenly as possible.

"Elassa," he called.

"An' I'll tell ya what really gets me! He's so hot, an' he makes me so wet all the time, but he never starts anything! I haven't gotten any in two weeks 'cause he's off running around with his other five or ten or however the hell many other girls he has. Fuck, I need another drink."

"Elassa," Jack called again, this time almost next to her. She didn't notice him, and was brought out another drink. The barman...barwoman, turned to Jack and arched a brow.

"You Jack?" she asked.

"I guess it was you that got me off work to come get her, wasn't it?" he joked. The barwoman shook her head and then glanced at Elassa as she downed her drink in only a second. She let her head fall back and let out a deep, depressed sigh.

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