tagNonHumanCemetery Summons Ch. 20

Cemetery Summons Ch. 20


Nyx was already gone with Helena to have the less-than-sane daughter be the centerpiece of a three-day concert for the gate guard of the Sanctuary of the Underworld. While she was off trying to secure the concert's success, everyone else was busy with virtually nothing. There wasn't much they could do really.

Everything was ready, and all they needed to do was wait for the concert to begin and draw attention away from the main gate. So, they chatted idly about everything and anything that had to do with sex.

It wasn't that they were all obsessed with sex, but that it was the only thing they all knew well enough to talk about collectively. Jack and Anthony were from an entirely different world, Anathane was just...different, Volna only talked about money when not running her hands and lips over Anthony's body, and Grymir and Kadae simply did not want to talk about anything else.

Jack didn't like the way that almost everything that they talked about was turned toward him eventually. Ekana, who was silent so far, licked her lips and stared at him intently with dark brown eyes, probably imagining what she could do to him if they were ever alone together. Jack averted his eyes as quickly as he could and refocused on the conversation.

"So, Volna, while we're on the subject; what's your most interesting encounter with the human realm?" Anthane asked, folding one leg over the other. Sometime between him spacing out and getting back into the conversation, Anathane had slipped back into her black dress and twelve inch high heels again.

The younger demon looked up from Anthony's chest. "Huh? Well, I don't know. It would probably be Anthony, right? My little King Midas over here."

"Un..." Anthony breathed, his chest just barely rising and falling enough to tell he was still breathing. Jack gave him a worried look, and then tapped Anathane on the shoulder.

"Is he okay?"

"Oh, I think he's fine. You see that Gorgon's Eye still burning? He's just tired from feeding it. Well, that and Volna's handy dandy jar right there. That thing just eats everything he gives, you know? Volna exhausted him to feed it." Anathane smiled at Anthony softly. "Yum yum," she murmured under her breath.

"Well, shit, he looks like shit. Isn't there anything you can do for him? Heal him like you did me?"

"Sorry, but unless you want him to be a demon too, I can't do that. The reason you ended up half-and-half is because I poured everything I had into you, more than a few times actually."

"I don't believe you were in the human realm when you two consummated your friendship. Choose a different occurrence," Grymir said, monotone and bored. He was chillingly similar to Fain in the way he talked and acted. Jack pushed back the mournful feeling inside him. Thinking of his lovers brought back a lot of hurtful feelings.

"Well then, if I can't choose this stud, then I guess...hmmm...that time in Munich...no. Well, I did seduce a man from Qatar and that got me more money that I could have asked from a wealthy king back in the day. Unfortunately, he kicked the bucket before I could collect in full and since I couldn't own his business, but I returned here with all his saved up personal money."

"How eventful," Ekana deadpanned sardonically. "Now it's my turn." She turned her gaze to Jack's face, but he didn't take much note of it. He was too engrossed in his own dour thoughts, or at least in the task of trying to push them away, to notice her lecherous eyes.

"I wasn't aware that you'd gone to the human realm," Kadae said.

Ekana grinned. "Oh yes. I have but one visit I can remember, but it was the sweetest, most treasured thing I have." Everyone stared in sheer disbelief that she could have said that something was dear to her, or had great value to her. Uh...a dominatrix had just said something was sweet?

"And that is...?" Jack said, suddenly focused more on Ekana than his own thoughts.

"I remember one night I took the place of a mistress in an S and M club and this young boy, only twenty years old, paid for a room and chose me. Oh, I was so enthralled by his haughty attitude and arrogance. Oh, it was like throwing meat before a starving man. It had been years since I'd even fucked, let alone this kind of man. He-"

"Just get one with it," Volna growled impatiently, a hand working between her legs slowly.

"So he led me into the room, led me! Oh, that boy was something else. All those piercings and tattoos. I took off my top before we even started and he sprang right up for me. So, I put him into a cock cage and squeezed his balls until they were about to burst! Then I pushed him down with a stiletto heel to the throat and put a collar around his cute neck."

"Hurry up," growled Volna again, frigging herself still.

"Fine. I clamped him into a chair and he started to think that maybe coming into my room wasn't such a good idea. I rubbed these in his face a little and he got ready enough to proceed, albeit a little nervously now. So, I pulled out my assortment of goodies and started having fun with him. I put duct tape over his mouth and burned his little nipples with a cigarette lighter. When he started screaming hard, I started whipping him."

"That it?"

"And then I got to his piercings. He seemed so proud of being a tough guy, muscled, gang tattoos, everything he could possibly have to make a macho persona. And he thought that he could best me? I clamped everywhere I could and then I pulled out his piercings with my bare fingers. I still have them, down here. You didn't see before incubus, did you?"


"I tore all his piercings out and he started wailing like I'd eaten his soul already. So, right in front of his face, I put all of his piercings on my pussy, and that made me horny. You see, I love pain, so much that I allowed myself to be shot later on, but that's for another day. I pierced my pussy right there in front of him and then I made a mistake. I let him out and made him promise to fuck me."

"And he ran?"

"No, he called his gang buddies while I was getting ready. So just when I was done playing with him and about to let him get some penetration, the door gets kicked in and ten of his friends come in with bandanas and guns and the same tough-guy looks. Friggin' Los Angeles. Well, anyway, that's where it got good. I barred the door and we played in there for three hours. By the time morning rolled around, all I had to do was walk out and all the other girls ran away. Hmph! Mistresses my ass! They were afraid of me."

"That was...interesting. How many did you say there were?" Anathane asked.

Ekana wasn't listening. She stared at Jack with an animalistic look in her eyes, like that of a hungry lioness about to catch her prey. She didn't give any sort of reply other than a low moan directed at Jack.

"Look too closely and he's liable to burn your eyes out with his stare alone," Anathane joked, smiling.

"Oh, I'd love for him to burn my eyes. And whip me too, with everything he's got," the succubus murmured sensually. Jack turned red at the thought of being in control of such a situation. Only once had he wanted to hurt a woman, and that was when Anathane had led Dalaria to his apartment to take everyone away.

"Jack?" Anathane sounded worried.

"Oh, so you are thinking about me? How a nice barbed whip would turn my alabaster bottom bright red? Punch me until my eyes are black and my lips are split like lumber? Or are you thinking about my pierced pussy?" teased the succubus.

"I didn't...no!" Jack protested.

One of Nyx's servants entered the room.

"I was told to warn you of any unexpected guests. Lady Anathane, Dalaria is here with her soldiers."

The world froze.

Jack's heart stopped and all eyes present exchanged stunned glances. For a moment, the world had come to an end. The enemy was here, and they had nothing planned, no defenses, and they were all in a prime position to be identified and taken out.

Ekana smirked.

"Get him a cloak," she ordered, pointing a finger to Jack. Anathane disappeared and came back a moment later with the item. "Get him out of here," she ordered again, her finger directed at Anthony this time. Footsteps echoed down the hallway as the demon grabbed his arm and sucked him into her body.

"Hurry!" Jack urged.

"Horns, now!" she snapped. Jack let his horns back out of his head and threw on the cloak, pulling the hood up and over his horns as the footsteps grew louder. Ekana gave the nearby hallway a quick glance and then licked her lips.

"Please do something," Jack pleaded in nothing more than a whisper.

"Come on now Ormus, I invited you here because we were to put on a show for Nyx when she arrived home today. I even invited all of her friends to watch me be abused."

Dalaria stalked in with a retinue of bodyguards, all armed to the teeth. "What's going on here?" she demanded.

"Oh, I was not aware that you had been invited for this get-together. Come, sit down and allow me to introduce you to the entertainment for today, Ormus," Ekana purred like she had rehearsed the lines a thousand times before.

"Get-together? I came here to investigate the reason Anathane has manifested out of her body, and why Grymir has brought his horde of darkness with him here. If I were suspicious, I would have thought there was something wrong here."

"Something wrong? No, I have a show to put on here. Come, Anathane, get everyone a seat, and more tables. And bring everything in my room too." She turned to Jack, her canine teeth short fangs now. "I apologize. I told you I would have everything together by the time you arrived, but I didn't expect you to be so...eager to begin." She raised her eyebrows and Jack balled his fists.

Her eyes said 'come on, hit me', so that's exactly what he did. Jack's fist hit her face and she staggered backward. She howled in satisfaction and stood back up to get hit again. So, at her nonverbal request, Jack cracked his fist across her cheek again. She fell this time, and he followed up by straddling her hips and punching her again and again.

She laughed as happily as anyone he'd ever seen. It didn't even seem like he was hurting her, and in fact, she looked like she was enjoying the abuse. Jack hit her harder and harder, but her face wasn't even scratched.

"Here we are. Um, sit down and...watch the...show." Anathane set everything down and sat down to watch the bizarre spectacle before her eyes. Even Dalaria, who was skeptical, sat down to watch.

"Allow me to give you a toy or two to play with. Let me u-"

Jack punched her again. "Did I say you could speak?" Jack snarled in the most demonic voice he could muster. Ekana looked genuinely surprised. So, while she was having a momentary lapse of thought, Jack picked her up and threw her against the table Anathane had set her things on.

"Take this. It's my favorite whip. Don't be gentle, because I've been a very naughty slut today," she teased, laying her upper body across the table. Ekana wiggled her ass at Jack as he reached for the whip and dragged it out of the clutter of stuff around it. He would have hesitated had Dalaria not been watching his every move.

The thing was horrifying. It was a thick black cord that tapered toward the end, where it suddenly fanned out into several loose strings, each with a curved hook on its end. Along the actual whip, there were small spikes, no larger than thorns on a rose. But they were sharp and he didn't want to know if they were poisoned or not.

Jack lashed the whip against the ground to fully uncoil it and prayed that he was doing the right thing here. It wasn't like he could just follow her orders without question and be the one in control. He glanced at Dalaria from beneath his cowl and saw that she was analyzing him instead of watching Ekana.

He had to try to make this look at least half way real. So, he dropped the whip and reached for another instrument on the table. He grabbed Ekana's arms and put them into the armbinder he had picked up, pulling the laces tight enough to keep her secured for as long as he desired.

"The whip, please!" she moaned, but Jack grabbed a strip of fabric and used it as a gag. She still pleaded with him, but he couldn't understand what she was saying, or so everyone else wanted to believe. He swallowed nervously and looked for another way to postpone the whipping and make it seem like he was just making Ekana wait to be given her eminent punishment.

He was trembling by the time he picked up a spreader bar and attached her ankles to the cuffs welded to it. She turned her head and tried to say something, but Jack couldn't understand anything she said it was so desperate. He picked the whip up again and leaned over Ekana's back so he could whisper into her ear.

"I have to make it look real. I've learned a lot from what Anathane showed me on the massage table in her room." Then he raised his voice. "And this is going to be the one thing you'll never forget for the rest of your life."

He leaned back up and cracked the whip once, causing Ekana to look back at him again, this time with less of a pleading gaze, but one of anxiousness.

Jack stepped back, raised the whip, and swung it hard. The barbed thong hit her backside and she gasped sharply. Blood welled from the wound, which didn't heal. Jack was momentarily stunned, and watched the blood trickle down her leg. Shit, this was something real.

He whipped her again, this time striking across her thighs. She screamed this time, and tried to pry her arms out of the armbinder. Jack made sure she stayed in place and swung again and again, causing gashes to spear all over her bottom, back, and thighs. When the whip started to become boring to her, Jack teased her spread pussy with the end of the handle, rubbing her clit with one of his fingers too.

If she hadn't already been wet, she was a torrent of sexual desire now. Her inner thighs glistened with her copious vaginal secretions and the spreader bar at her feet shined in the torchlight from above.

He suddenly tossed the whip down, acting bored with it, and moved beside Ekana to rummage through her numerous devices and toys lying about. He eventually found a red candle and pit it with the help of Anathane's burning, awe-filled eyes.

He stretched a wound on Ekana's back and let the candle begin to melt a little before tipping it to the side. Hot wax dribbled off the edge and plopped noiselessly against her blood-smeared skin. She wailed, but her thighs only grew wetter.

He dripped wax all over the numerous bloody streaks crisscrossing her back and butt, his confidence shaken with every scream and protest she voiced. He stopped when the candle was a third of the way wasted and removed the armbinder. Ekana's clawed hands peeled away curled strips of wood from the table's surface and she removed the cloth from her mouth as quickly as she could.

"Now! Now, something! Anything!" she barked, urging him to penetrate her with his stiff, bouncing prick. He shook his head and loosened the cloak clinging to his body. Damn, he was getting really hot under this thing. He wouldn't be able to wear it for much longer without having a problem with it.

Picking through Ekana's things, he pulled out a gas mask and tried to put it on. His horn got in the way, so he decided to just push it through the mask. He forced the garment on, his one horn ripping through the leather. He secured it and tossed his cloak to the floor, cracking his neck.

But before he could do anything, Ekana grabbed him beneath the arm and flipped him over her body and onto the table. He came down with a crash and she vaulted up, the spreader still holding her legs apart.

She let out an animalistic growl and slid her hips in line with his.

"Far too eager," Jack said. "Allow me to curb your desire." At his words, she stopped and waited for him to do something. He found a pair of rings with a silver chain between them. He removed the piercings on her nipples and replaced them with the new rings. He gave the chain a tug to test her reaction and she bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning.

"Now," she groaned, rubbing her clit against his shaft. Jack tugged at the chain again, causing her breasts to bounce in every direction when he let go. She gyrated against him, begging to begin.

"No, no, no. Begging will do you no good. You'll have to endure until I allow it to happen." But Ekana would have none of it, and slid her feet forward. The spreader ended up under Jack's knees, and when she leaned forward, his legs bent as the bar moved higher. The motion brought their sexes together hard and she hissed in pleasure.

'Choke her,' Anathane said in his mind.


'Put your thumb on one side of her throat and push. She'll feel like she's choking, but it'll be perfectly safe. She gets off on pain. Pulling out a few rings should make her scream.' Anathane watched with more intensity as Jack grabbed a lock of Ekana's black hair and yanked hard. She leaned down as an orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.


"Silence," Jack hissed. He wrapped his hands around her neck and pushed her larynx to the side with his right thumb and Ekana's eyes widened. She screamed at him, but the noise came out like a loud moan.

She clawed as his arms, but he held fast and started to choke her like Anathane had told him to. Ekana started crying, even as her hips continued to pick up steam. She begged him in a cracking voice to stop and let her go, but he only growled that he wouldn't let up until she had made him cum. She cried harder.

Jack's eyes wandered beneath the gasmask and fell upon Dalaria's half-interested face. Remembering what she'd done to him made him angrier than ever. His fingers pressed harder, from both sides of her throat now. He started choking her in earnest, and her face started to turn red. He sat up and pulled his legs back so that he was in the dominant position on top of Ekana.

She pried one of his thumbs away and stared at him in disbelief.

"Too hard," she rasped.

'What's the matter with you? Let up,' Anathane scolded in his head. Jack ignored her and found the whip again. He unlocked their bodies and moved back. Ekana lunged at him, but he swung the barbed whip and it wrapped around her midsection several times. She understood what was about to happen all too late. Jack ripped the whip back and it wore around her body, slicing her fair pale skin to ribbons as it unwound from her.

She opened her mouth to scream, but Jack kicked the spreader bar and she toppled forward onto him. He hugged their bodies together with one arm and tossed the whip aside for a second time. He slapped her ass hard and she yelped in pain, having so little energy left that she couldn't even scream.

They started fucking again, this time, hard and brutal. Jack propped himself up with one elbow and worked to pound Ekana into submission. And after a while, the amount of blood streaming out of her body began to take its toll. She swayed back and forth and hung her head low, eyes ablaze, but almost closed.

She shuddered as another orgasm enveloped her entire being. Jack grabbed her neck and ran his hand gently up and down her silky smooth skin. He didn't know how to stop himself now. He just wanted to get all his frustration out in one blow, and this was it. He couldn't hit Dalaria, even though she was less than a foot away. He wanted to, but that would doom his lovers.

So, Ekana was the only outlet he had. And she wasn't looking so good now. Jack felt guilty for doing this to her. Even though she was worse for wear, she looked content as he fucked her. There was no telling what was going on in her head, only that it was making her smile eerily.

Jack's climax hit him suddenly and he plastered her inner walls with semen. She didn't respond to the stimulation of being filled up, save for her eyes closing. Jack stopped after his ejaculation was done, panting hard. Ekana didn't even seem to have undergone any sort of physical activity.

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