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CEO Sex Slave


This story is fiction. I do not know of a company named DataTech. If such a company exists, I'm sorry. There is a little less sex in this story than usual. If you like this story, vote. Fives are appreciated.

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The CEO of DataTech was a beautiful woman. She was also a bitch. I am Mike Smith, an investment banker and a hypnotist. My stage name is MasterHypnotist. Wilbur Kelly was a client of mine. He was also the husband of Suzanne Kelly, the CEO I just referred to. Wilbur was in my office.

"I don't know what I am going to do. DataTech is going to tank and I am locked in by the insider trading rules. I wouldn't be surprised if my wife goes to jail. She knew those books were cooked. Now the dumb broad tells me. That locked me out of the market. They are going to announce that their earnings will be restated this afternoon. The bottom will fall out after that. I will be upside down by millions. What can I do, without going to jail?"

"What is Suzanne going to do?"

"She is going to quit and blame the CFO for misleading her. Her options are now valueless, in fact she will owe tax on some of the valueless options. Our house is hocked to the hilt and my portfolio is right at margin."

"If I could get you five hundred thousand, would it help?"

"Would it! You bet. Free cash. How would you do that?"

"Sell your wife."

"What are you talking about? Last time I looked that was even more illegal than insider trading."

"Well, I exaggerated for affect. I have an immensely wealthy client who always thought he could buy anything. He tried to buy your wife several years ago and was shot down. He actually shared the story with me."

"What do you mean, 'tried to buy her'?"

"He met her at a meeting and tried to get her to go to his island in the Caribbean with him. He offered her five hundred thousand to spend a week with him and she laughed at him. He has a long memory."

"How would we work that out and what do I tell Suzanne?"

"He suggested to me that he would pay me the five hundred thousand if I could hypnotize her and deliver her to him. This man is absolutely amoral."

"Can you do that?"

"I suppose it might be possible, but I wouldn't do it exactly the way he wants. I would have to have Suzanne's consent to be hypnotized and to do what I command. It would have to be in writing. I would be paying her the five hundred thousand. If she is a good subject, it will work."

"I'll invite you to the house and we will see what happens."

Wilbur invited me the following night. Their house was a mansion in the most expensive part of town. I lived on my ranch outside of town. Their house was ten thousand square feet with a magnificent entryway. I was ushered in by a housekeeper.

"Hello, Mike. I'm glad you could come over. Suzanne and I were talking and I suggested you might have some suggestions for us. As I told you, we are on the verge of bankruptcy. After yesterdays announcement DataTech went from ninety to less than one dollar. The company is on the verge of BK and so are we. I told Suzanne, you had a specific suggestion and only you could discuss it."

Suzanne looked haggard. She also looked beautiful. She was wearing a blue business suit. "Hi, Suzanne."

"Mike, what is this shit that only you can tell us how you can save us?"

"Well, it is very unorthodox and very confidential. I am writing a book about sex, hypnosis and business. My publisher is looking for something that would be a killer in the book. If you are a good hypnosis subject and if you will agree that I can hypnotize you and command you to do anything at all, I am authorized to pay you five hundred thousand."

"That's bull shit. First how do I know what you mean I will do and who would pay that kind of money?" She was angry and agitated. Wilbur, was just looking on.

"Suzanne, the money will come from me. If I determine that you will work as a subject, we will sign an agreement tonight and I will give you a check. Wilbur will take it to the bank tomorrow and clear it."

"Why Wilbur?"

"You will be out of circulation for two weeks as part of the deal." Wilbur sat there with his mouth open. I don't think he expected me to pay that fast. I wanted to move while I could. I stood to make two hundred thousand from the book I was writing and the fee my client would pay to participate in my research.

I had never seen Suzanne look like she was at a loss for words. Suzanne was at a loss for words. She stared at me nervously. "How do you determine whether I am suitable?"

"I hypnotize you and test you. I will have you do some things to satisfy myself that you will be a suitable subject. You would have to sign the agreement first."

"If I sign and you determine that I am suitable, you will pay the half mil tonight?"


"Can I change my mind up to the time you pay the money?"

"You can change your mind up to the time I leave your home with you."

I had never seen her looking scared, she looked scared. "Let me see your agreement."

I gave it to her. It provided that she would be hypnotized and would be given commands. Everything that happened during hypnosis was deemed to be with her consent. Everything would be on video tape and she would be given a copy. The tape would not be sold publicly, but the original was my property. No drugs or physical coercion would be used. I was doing this as research on a book about hypnosis, sex and executives. The agreement took eight pages to say that.

She spent a half hour reading the agreement. "How will I know what you will do?"

"You won't. You will be able to look at the tape so you will know what happened after the fact. You are being paid a large sum of money because we can't tell you what will happen."

"What if I fail as a subject after you pay me and we start?"

"If you have not committed fraud by faking in the beginning, that is my risk."

"What will you ask of me tonight?"

"There are no limits and I can't tell you. That would destroy the integrity of the test."

Heck, she knew the name of the book. She gestured to Wilbur and they left the room. They came back in a few minutes. "I'll do it. How do we start?"

"I fill out a questionnaire and then I hypnotize you."

"Can Wilbur stay?"

"That's up to him."

"I'll stay."

"Okay. Have you ever been hypnotized?"


"Are there any sex acts that you will not do?"

"I only do straight intercourse. I don't do anything else." I looked at Wilbur and he nodded.

"Have you ever been naked in public?"


"What are your sleeping arrangements with your spouse?"

"We have separate rooms. Wilbur snores. Is all of this necessary?"

"Suzanne, this is a book about sex. We have to have a benchmark."

"Benchmark? Oh, well."

"When is the last time you have had sex with your spouse?"

There was a pause. "Wilbur, I can't remember."

"It has been almost a year."

"Have you had sex with anyone but your spouse in the last five years?"


"Have you ever had sex with another woman?"

"Absolutely not."

"Have you ever thought about it?"

There was another pause. She was supposed to tell the truth or the agreement was breached. That was provided in the agreement she signed. "Yes, I have thought about it."


"I don't know. Various times."

"Do you ever pick your clothes to look sexy?"

"Not in a long time."

"When is the last time you were in a bathing suit?"

"Over five years ago."

"Were you a virgin when you got married?"


"Do you masturbate?"


"How long have you been married?"

"Six years."

"How old are you?"

"Thirty eight."

"Do you workout?"


"How often?"

"Every day." I added the last two questions because she looked much younger than thirty eight and she looked very tight.

"Do you consider yourself to be modest?"

"I don't know. I'm never in a position where it matters."

"Would you be upset if someone, accidentally saw you naked?"

"If I knew about it, probably."

"What size bra do you wear?"

"Thirty four B."

"How tall are you and how much do you weigh?"

"I am five feet six and I weigh one hundred twenty."

The questions had two purposes. One, they let me know what she wouldn't do in a waking state. That means if she will do those things in a trance state she could be controlled. Second, the questions put someone like a CEO in a cooperative mood, rather than a resistive mood.

"All right we will start. Sit in this wooden chair and hold the back with your hands. Hold as tight as you can. Now make your entire body very stiff. Very stiff."

Her knuckles got white as she held the wooden back of the chair. The rest of her body was just as tight. I felt her arms. They were like wood. Hard. Her neck was tight and her eyes were open but they were glazed. She would be a good subject. I just needed to know how much control I could get. She was motivated and she probably was amoral. I suspect there was nothing she wouldn't do if she thought it was necessary and would not cause her immediate problems. She probably closed her eyes to the accounting problems until it was too late.

I had her stay in that tight position for several minutes. That was designed to gain credibility and soften her resistance. "Now, go completely limp!"

She dropped her arms and sagged. She almost fell off the chair. I caught her and put her on the couch. Wilbur was looking bemused. He had never seen Suzanne controlled in any way. He was going to see a lot more.

"Suzanne, your trance is getting very, very deep. I am going to count to twenty and with each number it will get deeper. When I get to twenty you will be in my total control." I counted to twenty, slowly. Her body seemed to melt as I counted I needed to do one more test before I went to the difficult stuff.

"Suzanne, lift your right hand straight up. Lock it straight up. You will not be able to move it until I specifically tell you to put it down."

Her right hand went up and she stiffened it. "When I count to three you will wake. In the future when I say wake you will wake and when I say sleep you will go back into an even deeper trance and your body will be completely limp. One, two, three."

She sat up. Her arm was still sticking up. "Was I hypnotized? What happened? How did I get on this couch?" She didn't mention her arm.

"Yes, you were hypnotized. Why is your arm in the air?"

"I want it that way." That was interesting. That is one of the ways some people compensate for hypnotic suggestions. They adopt them as their own thoughts.

"Sleep." She collapsed.

Her arm was still in the air. "Put your arm down and take your jacket off."

She put her arm down and took her jacket off. She laid it next to her.

"Now, take your blouse off." She took it off and put it on top of her jacket. Wilbur was licking his lips. He seemed to be getting aroused watching the show.

"Now take your bra off." She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She pulled it off and laid it on top of the blouse. Her breasts were very firm with hard little nipples. They seemed stiff. I suspected this was getting her aroused.

"Now take off your skirt." She stood up, loosened her skirt and stepped out of it. She was wearing a half slip, pantyhose and panties. She put the skirt on top of the pile.

"Now your panty hose and slip." She stepped out of the slip and pulled off her pantyhose. Now she only had her panties on .The slip and pantyhose went on the building pile. Wilbur was getting flushed. I was getting a slight whiff of a familiar musky smell. I thought I saw a small spot in the crotch of her panties.

"Take your panties off and spread your legs."

She pulled her panties off and spread her legs very wide. She was very limber. Her cunt was glistening with moisture. "Freeze." She froze in position. I walked over to Wilbur.

"I have to test her much further. Has she ever given you a blow job?"

He smiled. "Mike, like she said, missionary, that's it."

"If you will cooperate, I am going to tell her to give you a blow job."

"Right here?"

"Right here, in front of me and God."

"For a half million, I'll do it."

"Suzanne, I want you to go over to Wilbur and take his penis out of his pants and hold it."

She got up and went over to Wilbur. She kneeled down and unzipped his pants. She took out his penis. It was erect. It was about six inches long.

Wilbur looked like he was almost in pain. "Put it in your mouth and suck on it."

This was one of the tests. She hesitated, slightly and put it in her mouth. "When Wilbur ejaculates, you will swallow it. It will taste like strawberry soda."

Very soon, Wilbur started to jerk his hips and he ejaculated into her mouth. He went on for several seconds. I suspect it was the first time in a long time. She swallowed the whole thing.

"Wilbur, how well do you know your maid?"

"She has been with us for twenty years. She lives here."

"Would she let Suzanne make love to her?"

"I don't want to ask her."

"Are there any men on the grounds?"

"Martha has a son that lives with her."

"How old is her son?"


"I want to have him have intercourse with Suzanne."

"Mike, I don't know. That could get around and ruin us."

"You are right. We will have to go to my estate. We'll use my man Robert for this experiment. He is very discreet." All this was said in front of Suzanne.

"Okay, Wilbur, do you want to come along or do you want to stay here. If the experiment works, the check will be honored tomorrow at the bank." I had given them a conditional check when we signed the agreement.

"Mike, you go without me. Let me know what happens."

"I'll call you either way."

"Thank you, Mike."

I put slippers on Suzanne and put a robe around her and led her to my car. She was very docile. "Suzanne, you understand that you are under my complete and absolute control, correct?"

"Yes, Mike."

"From now on you will call me Master, unless I tell you not to."

"Yes, Master."

We quickly got to my estate. I had thirty five hundred acres with a main house near the road and a cabin secluded in the foothills a mile away. I drove up to the main house. Robert greeted my car as I drove up to the front of the house. He opened my door and waited for instructions. This was not a new experience for Robert.

"Robert, I have a new slave. I want you to fuck her when we get in the house." That was said in front of Suzanne, who was sitting there impassively. I went to the passenger door and led Suzanne out of the car and into my house. I led her to the den.

"Suzanne, take off the Robe."

She shrugged it off. "Get down on the floor on your hands and knees. Robert is going to fuck you in the ass." I figured if she did that she would do anything. I felt her cunt. She was wet. This domination was getting her aroused. She got on the floor as I instructed. Robert was very large and I was afraid he would hurt her. I whispered to him to actually put it in her pussy, not her ass. I was impressed that she took the position for a stranger. She was the perfect submissive sex slave. Quite a role reversal.

Robert got behind her and plunged in. She gasped and pushed back against him. He pumped and, soon came. She seemed to come. She jerked a little and moaned. "Robert, do you think she came?"

"I think so, Mr. Smith. I'm not sure."

"Robert, I'll be flying out tomorrow on our Cessna. Will you have it ready?"

"Yes, Mr. Smith."

"Robert, you may retire for the evening."

I wanted to play with my new toy.

"Suzanne, from now on you will respond when I call you Slave. Come here and take my cock in your mouth." I quickly took my pants off.

She took my cock in her mouth. She did nothing with it. "Now, suck it."

She started to suck. This was not something she was experienced at. I was getting a strong smell of musk from her. I decided what she really needed was a good screwing. After a few moments of desultory sucking I had her lay on the floor and spread her legs. Using my prick as a tool, I rubbed her clit. She made funny noises. Finally, I thrust my cock into her. She gasped and started to shake. I felt her vaginal walls quivering on my cock. She was thrusting her hips in synchronization with me. The pulsing got stronger and then she screamed. I bucked my hips and shot into her.

We lay like that for several minutes. I pulled out of her and stood up. She didn't move. She was still breathing deeply. Her pussy was dripping fluid.

"Slave, I am going to wake you. You will remember our having sexual intercourse and you will know you were hypnotized and the hypnosis facilitated the sex. The thought of the sex will be pleasing. You like the idea that you are being controlled sexually. We will sleep together tonight and tomorrow we will fly to a meeting where I will demonstrate my control over you. That is the basis for the payment of five hundred thousand that I made to your husband. You will be gone up to two weeks. During that period you will do everything I tell you, trance or not. If I say wake you will come out of your trance and if I say trance you will go into the trance. You will not do anything to show anybody watching that you are going in and out of a trance. The only difference in your behavior during a trance will be that you will not remember anything that happens during a trance, unless I let you. Do you understand all of that?"

"Yes, Master, I do."

She no longer looked haggard. She looked very sexy. Very beautiful. I knew what attracted Phil Knox, the man we would see tomorrow. He would not be disappointed.

"Wake." We slept together and awoke early in the morning. Robert drove us to my private air strip. Suzanne was quite animated. She did not discuss the deal at all, nor did she discuss DataTech. She talked about the airplane and her experience in private planes. We talked about the economy and the stock market, no specifics. The flight took less than four hours. Phil had an air strip on his island. I radioed to his staff and they prepared the strip. I landed without incident.

We were met at the plane by Phil's plantation manager. "Welcome to the Plantation. We will do everything we can to make your stay enjoyable."

He had a limousine that whisked us to a secluded cottage. "I will give you an hor to freshen up and then I will pick you up for tea with the master."

"Is there more than one master here?" She was right in more ways than one.

"Yes, everyone calls the owner the master. Small m. Trance. When we go to the main house you will meet Phil Knox. Do you remember him?"


"What do you remember about him?"

"He was the owner of a private conglomerate and he wanted me to have sex with him. That's the way he put it. He told me we could do great business together and we should seal it by copulating. That was his exact words. I told him no. He told me it would be worth a lot of money to me. I told him that money didn't matter that much."

"You are to forget you ever met him. When you see him, he will not be familiar to you. You will be very gracious to him. He will seem attractive to you. You will stay in a trance and do everything I tell you. Now put on one of the outfits I brought. Do not wear underwear or a bra."

"Yes, Master." She put on a loose fitting, silk pant suit. Very soon the plantation manager came for us. He told us his name was Jorge. He took us to the main house. Phil was waiting for us in his garden room. The room had a green house in the middle, with tables and chairs around it. The idea was you could have food and watch the garden through the plexiglass. The three of us sat down at a table. Jorge excused himself.

"Mike, it is always wonderful seeing you. I see you brought a friend. Yes, Phil, this is Suzanne. She is my latest hypnotic sex slave. Isn't that right, Slave?"

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