tagBDSMCeran Wrapped

Ceran Wrapped

bySean Renaud©

Katrina grumbled slightly struggling to get free of her bonds. She knew of course that she couldn't free herself but part of her wanted to try anyway. It was laughable that such mundane items could render her completely helpless. The only thing her husband had used was saran wrap but several layers of saran wrap was enough to wrap her from tits to toes and keep her from moving even an inch. To keep her from making any noise he'd jammed an apple in her mouth and wrapped with a single layer of saran wrap so even if she could bite through it she'd have a hard time spitting it out.

Bret had then left her alone for while he went to the store for some toys and how long it took him was impossible to say for sure. Katrina was mummy wrapped on the floor while the television was turned up drowning her in the moans of porn with white women being gang banged by blacks. Some of them were willing victims but others were clearly pretending to be raped begging her captors not to fuck her between moans. It was psychological warfare and it was working well. Katrina could feel her thighs getting slicker with each moan from the television. Her nipples were getting harder and pushing against the saran wrap. With the apple stuffed in her mouth she couldn't moan but it didn't stop the lustful sounds from rumbling in her throat.

When the garage door started opening Katrina's entire body heated up with anticipation. That initial anticipation turned to dread when she heard several car doors slam shut immediately followed by several voices. She recognized the first as her husband and then two of his friends, Chris and Sean but the other voices were completely foreign. She hadn't agreed to be shared!

Bret walked in from the garage to find Katrina trying her best to slither into the bedroom like a giant caterpillar bringing her knees up to her tits and pushing forward from there. "No no no, you can't leave. You're the show after all." He grabbed her by the ankle and dragged her back into the middle of the living room. "You already know Chris and Sean, and this is James and this is Wes." The two strange men nodded as their names were called out. Both quite handsome men actually. "So now you remember how I told you that you had to be punished for spending so much money on your purse? Well now is your punishment." He grinned slightly and despite herself Katrina shuddered.

Katrina's eyes widened as she saw the men setting grocery bags all around her undoubtedly filled with the things they intended to use on her, well in her to be more precise. "I think we should start though with just some fun after all I kinda like having you so helpless." Bret said and then tore the saran wrap from around Katrina's breasts and started pinching and twisting her nipples. "Hey guys do we have anything we can use to teach my wife a lesson with her tits?"

"Yeah we do. Let's start through with this." James said pulling a small tub of Ben n Jerry's ice cream out. Katrina shuddered before he'd even dug his fingers into the stuff and smeared it over her nipples. When the actual cold hit her back arched and a whimper echoed through the apple jammed between her teeth. The cold only lasted a minute before Chris and Scott replaced it with their warm tongues greedily eating up the ice cream and occasionally nipping at her breasts as well. As soon as that was finished though they pulled out the actual goal, a chip clip. They squeezed her tits as tightly together as they could manage and with the single bright yellow clip got both of her nipples. It wasn't tight enough to really hurt, just enough to make Katrina wince.

"Well that looks like it was fun, but I think we should move on to something more fun, like say her twat." Bret said. While he was speaking the rest of the men were busy stretching and ripping the saran wrap from Katrina's groin sneaking the occasional finger through her trimmed pubic hair or over her clit until she was freed. "I think it's time we played with some food." He reached into one of the bags and pulled out a cucumber that was easily twice the size of his own cock. Flipping her over she was face down ass up Bret started screwing the cucumber into his wife's cunt and inch by inch it vanished into her.

Katrina twisted and squirmed as the cold vegetable was forced into her slick slot. She couldn't for a moment deny that it felt great being stuffed like that. Her eyes were shut trying her best to block out the humiliation of four men watching her but her body was pushing back against the invader trying to get more. The moans rumbling in her throat weren't complaints either. If she'd been free to speak she would have begged him to push it in faster instead of the agonizing pace he was using. She could feel every ridge and bump as he twisted it farther into her until finally it couldn't go any deeper and he started pulling it out and fucking her with it. Katrina didn't even remember that she was being watched as she shamelessly humped the cucumber trying her best to get off.

"Look at the little slut. She's actually enjoying being fucked by a cucumber." Katrina felt her flesh blush at the crude language but it didn't stop her from enjoying herself. Each time one of the ridges ground over her clit she got that much closer to her orgasm. Bret must have sensed how close she was because just as she was about to cum he pushed it as far into her as he could manage and then stopped. "Well that's enough of that. I think it's time we moved on to her ass. What did we get for her ass anyway guys?"

Wes reached into one of the bags and pulled out a carton of strawberries. Giant strawberries nearly the size of small plums and grinned wickedly. "I think these'll do nicely don't you?" He smiled and moved over to where Bret was and pushed the first of the fruits against Katrina's asshole.

She wasn't certain what she'd expected but the strawberry felt odd as it slipped into her ass. A good kind of weird as she felt it slightly fill her ass and press against her already stuffed cunt. Then a second and a third were pushed into her bottom each one filling her just a little more. She couldn't stop the moans from rumbling in her throat as Wes finished literally stuffing her ass with the strawberries. She could feel each one and even the gaps between them and suddenly she was back at the edge trying to grind her hips against the carpet but Bret wasn't allowing her to.

"Sorry you've still got one hole left that hasn't been used and that's unacceptable. I'm going to ungag you now, and you're not going to speak, you're just going to do as your told and once your finished we'll let you cum. Understand?" Katrina nodded eagerly. One by one the men dropped their pants revealing their hard cocks and then each reached into a bag and pulled out some kind of bottle. "You are going to clean us up." Chris went first covering his cock in honey and then jamming it in Katrina's mouth. Katrina groaned happily around the cock slurping and sucking doing her best to get all of the sweet sticky honey off his cock and secretly hoping that he'd come before she was able to finish up and luckily got her wish gulping down his load. Wes was second with chocolate syrup that was cleaned off entirely too quickly. James had gone with caramel and granted Katrina with her second load. Scott covered his cock in strawberry syrup that cleaned off after just a few strokes.

"You know how I told you she was a nasty slut and she'd do anything? Watch this." Instead of coating his cock Bret leaned over and smeared an entire cup of vanilla pudding over his ass and pushed against his wife's face. She didn't even hesitate to dig in licking the cream from her husband's ass as eagerly as she'd sucked off his friends. It wasn't the first time she'd rimmed her husband, she actually enjoyed it particularly the way he'd leap a bit every time her tongue dipped into his ass just a bit. If she'd had her hands free she would have jerked him off, it was one of the few ways that never failed to get him off. "God that felt great." Bret groaned as she finished cleaning him. "You guys think she deserves to cum now?" Each of the men nodded.

Bret smiled and knelt down grabbing the cucumber and screwed in any out of Katrina's cunt like a giant dildo. "Tell us all what you are baby, speak." The filth that poured from her lips would have made most porn stars blush but it every word of it felt true as a five men stood around her watching as she fucked a cucumber until she came. "That's right you are a whore." Bret snarled lustfully as his wife orgasmed.

The humiliation wasn't over yet. He pulled the cucumber now completely soaked with her juices out and pushed it against her lips. "Clean it." Starting at the base she treated it the same as she would a cock, licking in long drags and occasionally sucking on the tip until it was coated in only her saliva. "Good girl. You did very well."

"Bret, I'm still horny. Would you mind if?" Bret smiled.

"You heard her guys, let's finish unwrapping her and then have at her." Bret smiled and walked out of the room as the four men tore the plastic coating from his wife.

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