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CFnm Store Tongue Slave


I have trouble becoming erect and staying that way in most situations. In the presence of—and under the power of—a Lady forcing me to do things for her amusement or pleasure it is more likely for me to be able to maintain an erection long enough to reach an orgasm. While in these situations it is possible, it is not guaranteed, it is actually a rare experience for me, unless the Lady humiliates me both verbally and by demanding that I perform humiliating submissive acts.

When I am alone I usually need the written word, sometimes augmented by video or still images, to masturbate. Hence I turn to the Literotica web site and search for stories that contain the ingredients which will produce a climax. Typically I need to read several stories, as there isn't a single one which is enough to stimulate me completely.

At some point I stop reading, close my eyes and begin to stroke myself slowly and gently to a tumescent state. The fantasy that I develop is a mix of the stories I have just read and the images I've just seen. I lay flat on my back, completely naked and with my legs spread wide.

One recurring fantasy involves being friends with a Lady that has a strong Dominant aspect to her personality and she demonstrates this by forcing men to humiliate themselves for her amusement. She allows me to serve her because she enjoys using my mouth and tongue for her pleasure and she can practice humiliating me in different ways. The humiliation can take many forms, but one of her particular interests is in cross-dressing masculine looking men.

Cross-dressing is a fetish that produces mixed feelings in me. I do not wish to be dressed, but I can paradoxically see the allure of being feminized to a slight degree, as a way of illustrating a Lady's dominance over me. For example, being "forced" to don a pair of female panties, or a wig and then give a blowjob to a Lady's husband, boyfriend or other acquaintance.

A variation on this is for me to be completely naked, but be ordered to spend several minutes French Kissing a CD gurl who is a friend of hers and then give him a blow job. He will be completely dressed, but I'll be ordered to lift his skirt, slide down his panties and suck him like it was my last meal.

What follows is a story based upon what she might do with me on a future visit.

You announce that we are going shopping and we leave forthwith for a shop you have patronized in the past. Upon arrival you introduce me to the proprietor, an old acquaintance of yours, and inform her that I am your "latest acquisition" and thus need to be appropriately attired for future service. I am led into a fitting booth and commanded to strip. The curtain to the room is left wide open so I am in full view as you and the proprietor stand there, chatting amiably while I undress. She makes a few disparaging comments amount the small size of my penis and my overall unappealing physique. She wonders aloud why a woman of your intelligence, beauty, and stature would bother with a poor example of manhood like me. Your response points out my tremendous oral skill and stamina and the Lady raises an eyebrow as if to say "Really?" You perceive her doubt and go on to assure her that I truly possess this talent.

She is intrigued, but is also aware of the purpose of the visit and proceeds to cast her appraising eyes upon me again, this time mentally determining my size in women's wear. After instructing me to wait - with the curtain open - the two of you walk back out into the store to find something that meets your requirements. It is only a few minutes, but it seems like an eternity before you return.

In your absence it has dawned on me that I am not only exposed to the two of you, but to any patrons and employees as well. I express my concern upon your return; not out of modesty since I would actually love to be "ordered" to display myself to a number of women. My concern is that someone would be frightened or offended by the sight of a naked man in the dressing room of a shop catering only to women. The proprietor assures me that the shop was closed upon our arrival and that there are no patrons about; only the two of you and her two employees working in the front. I hadn't noticed those ladies but you informed me that they were used to you outfitting your "bois" from time to time.

I am instructed to try on a pair of pink panties and to march out to the three-way mirror in the main part of the store. As I step up onto the small platform the two young salesladies saunter over for a closer look. As you dictate my movements on the stand, and have me pose in various positions, you bring out your camera to record my humiliation. Although I love having you to exercise your control over me, up until now I have been too nervous to become erect.

While you are ordering me to stand in various poses, one of the young salesladies begins to giggle and I relax a bit. With this relaxation, the sexual aspect of this rises to the surface, if you'll pardon the pun, and my soft penis begins to harden, transforming itself into a hard cock, straining against the fabric of my panties.

"Oh look" she says, "somebody is getting turned on!"

"Did I give you permission to get excited?" you ask in a stern voice.

"No, Miss F, I'm sorry but I couldn't help myself"

The other saleslady notices a wet spot forming where the head of my cock is pushing out the front of the panties. She turns to the proprietor and says "It looks like he just bought this pair, since we can't sell them to anyone else now!"

The proprietor confirms this and chastises me for not having any self-control. You agree and point out that this is why I am one of your "bois" - you have to control me since I can't be trusted to do it myself.

You want me to model another pair of panties so I begin to slide these down when you command me to stop. You instruct me to slide them down slowly, stopping every inch or so while you snap some images. When my cock has finally snapped free and is bobbing up and down lewdly in front of the four of you, you tell me to stop again. As you commence to capture more images, you demand that I pivot slowly on the platform, so that you can record my curving cock from different angles.

At this point one of the sales ladies inquires as to just how far my obedience will go. You respond by asking her what she would like to see. She replies that she has never seen a man masturbate and wonders aloud if I would do so under your command. You simply look at me and say "Well, Leo?" At this moment I wrap my hand around my cock and begin to slowly stroke the length of it, pink panties stretched tight across my thighs, just below my balls. After a moment of onanistic pleasure you command me to stop. You assure the lady that I will fulfill her wish, but you would like to humiliate me a bit more in other ways. I am instructed to remove those panties completely and accompany the four of you around the store as you examine additional merchandise.

As we move about I take in the magnitude of this incredible situation. Here I am, a middle-aged male, walking around the display floor of a woman's store completely naked. I am surrounded by four women who are completely clothed. The shopping experience is otherwise normal, and as we pass from rack to rack, the discussion isn't sexual at all. Size, color, and price are the aspects that concern you.

Sometimes I am told to model something, and this leads to more photos and giggles, with a bit of overt sexual activity thrown in. For example, when I am told to model some crotchless panties, you instruct me to turn around and bend over at the waist, holding my asscheeks as far apart as possible.

In this extremely vulnerable position I hear a bit of soft conversation and giggling going on behind me, but I can't make out the words. Finally, I hear you say in a clear and confident voice: "Sure, go ahead, he's my property and has no say in who I let touch him, no part of his body is off limits.". At this point a tentative hand reaches between my legs from behind and fondles my balls. In very short order this Lady gains confidence and begins handling my balls with self-assurance. She is careful not to hurt me, but her touch is no longer tentative. My cock, which had begun to soften, was suddenly rock solid. The other saleslady came around front and ordered me to stand as straight as I could. She then took hold of my cock and begin to give me a slow hand job. With the Lady behind me fondling my balls and the Lady in front stroking my cock, it wasn't long before some pre-cum made an appearance at the head of my cock. You also came around front and delicately wiped up the pre-cum and brought it to my lips. No command was necessary, I licked your fingers clean.

The proprietor said that we could have what we wanted, she wanted to test drive my tongue and see if I could last through more than one climax. After some discussion about the practical logistics, you ordered me to simply lie on my back on the floor. The proprietor reached under her skirt to remove her own panties and easily lowered her extremely hairy pussy to my face. I took my time building her up to, and over, the edge in a sloppy series of climaxes. While I was tending to her needs, you were capturing this on your camera, and the two ladies were stroking my cock and playing with my ass; not enough to climax, but just enough to keep me hard.

When the proprietor was satisfied she rolled off of my face and lay in an exhausted pile on the floor beside me. You wasted no time in replacing her soft pussy lips with yours. I lovingly and ardently applied myself to the task of pleasing you with my tongue.

Being able to demonstrate your absolute control over me made you wetter than I thought possible. Around your seventh or eighth climax you flooded my face with your powerful juices and the attention being paid to my balls and asshole combined to take me over the edge; to a blasting orgasm that covered my lower belly with hot, thick, milky cum. Cum which you would later feed to me in scoops with your finger.

But first one of the two young salesladies took your place. As is the style these days with some of the younger women, her pussy was a hairless bald mound that was already dripping with her juices. I barely had time to take all of this in before she descended upon my face and demanded that I get busy with my tongue. She came fast, writhing and moaning so loudly I thought a passer-by would call it in and we'd all get arrested.

I was being gently tortured at the same time. The other remaining saleslady had lubricated her finger with her own juices and worked it into my asshole. This is normally a hard-limit for me, because I don't want to ever experience any degree of pain, no matter how slight. In this case, there was a small degree of discomfort, but it only lasted a minute and then I began to enjoy the sensations.

After the moaner had rolled off of my face, this lady replaced her. She sat on my face facing my feet; her finger had never left my ass. She continued to play with it and adjusted her position so that my tongue was aimed at her asshole instead of her pussy. Without a word, I found that I was mirroring her finger motions with my tongue. Her own sighs of pleasure and moans told me that I was doing a good job rimming her asshole and using the tip of my tongue on her squeaky-clean anus. Apparently she was playing with her pussy and clit with her other hand, because it wasn't long before she too began to buck her hips and writhe in throes of a powerful climax.

By the time she rolled off of me, my face neck and chest was glistening in the light with the combined juices of four women, all of them laying on the floor around me in states of post-orgasmic bliss.

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