Ch. 04: Going Deeper

byWilson Spalding©

Rick slid his hands from her back to her waist to cupping her ass. He tried frantically to get the pants off... but she was wrapped around him. They weren't going any–

Janie unwrapped her legs and dropped her feet to the floor. Her arms were still wrapped around him, they never broke the kiss, but she stood on tiptoes as he yanked the sweats over her ass and onto the floor. Just as quick, she jumped back up, wrapping herself around him again.

Rick cupped her ass, a cheek in each hand – and suddenly the picture of her bare ass in Sally's flooded his vision. His cock was straining against his sweats, but even through the fabric, he could feel body heat radiating from her pussy. He hiked her a bit higher and ran a finger between her labia – she was just as wet as she'd been in Sally's.

Janie started kissing his face, her mouth making its way toward his ear. She was mumbling, whispering: "Take me... Take me now... Fuck me... I need it... I need you..."

Rick dropped his sweats just low enough for his cock to spring free. He grabbed his shaft, pulled her hips and maneuvered her right down to him. A heartbeat later, he slid her down, his shaft pushing straight up into her, impaling her on cock.

Once he was inside, he grabbed her firm ass and started rocking her whole body. He was in the zone – and she was feather light. He pounded her against his hips, driving his cock deep inside. He was almost light headed as he rocked and thrust. Why did it feel so fucking awesome now? Because he'd seen it earlier? Anticipation from the restaurant? Because two other guys had seen her – and didn't give a fuck who she was, but would give anything to fuck her?

Maybe it was all of it. Maybe there was more – but it didn't matter. Her pussy was stroking him, her tits rubbing against him. She was breathing in his ear, her breath getting shorter and shorter as he went faster. She was a living dream, a fantasy in the flesh – and she was here, riding his cock.

Rick felt the tingle deep in his balls. His own breath caught and he slowed his pace, pounding her against his hips. The tingle started reaching out, traveling up his shaft. He paused as he felt himself erupt inside her.

She felt it too as she squeezed herself around his cock. He circled his hips and she relaxed on the thrust – then she squeezed on the pull, milking his cum into her.

He froze in the middle of the hotel room, his fiancée wrapped around him, wrapped around his body, wrapped around his cock. He could barely move without shaking.

Janie slid lower, popping the cock from her pussy. She slid down the length of his body as if he were a living fireman's pole. His cock brushed over her belly and between her globes. She came to rest on her knees and very delicately took him into her mouth. In her gentle ministration, she licked the shaft, tasting their combined juices, cleaning the musky gel as if he was an emperor and she a chambermaid.

Rick collapsed sideways, landing on the bed.

Janie crawled up after him, kissing his body on her way up. "So... was it really that good?"

For a moment, all he could do was chuckle. It was a deep sound, a slow rumble that she could feel through the bed.

"Babe... I am the luckiest man alive."

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