tagNovels and NovellasChallenging Deirdre Pt. 02

Challenging Deirdre Pt. 02



The first words glittered across the screen. Evening, darlin.' Welcome to my virtual home.

Hi, lover.

The cursor flickered a moment as he typed. Missed you.

It was funny, but I'd actually missed him too. I wasn't going to admit that, though. Is that a fact?

His response was swift. You betcha, sweetcakes! What are you wearing?

Well, if he wanted cyber nookie, I could certainly oblige him! A sleep-shirt and some freckles, lover man. Care to count them?

Another short pause. God, I remember those freckles baby. Each and every one of them! Are you comfy?

The masseuse had just left. I was relaxed and my muscles were liquid. Umm... Very... What are you wearing?

Again, a quick response. A smile... Are you tucked up in bed yet?

I snagged a sip of wine before responding. Not yet... just lazing about...

The cursor blinked a moment. I'd give anything to see you. Don't suppose you have a web cam on your end?

I smiled. Little did he know, but I had all kinds of goodies in my bag of tricks. Just a minute... brb... I quickly set up my web cam and positioned my laptop on top of the table in front of me. Grinning ear to ear, I shucked my clothes, struck a pose and hit the enter key.

"Hot damn, babe!" Gabe's husky voice emanated from my speakers.

I leaned over so the mic would catch my voice. I knew my full breasts were clearly on display. "You like?"

"Oh, yeah. I like. Give me a minute here..." I could here scuffling in the background on his end, then suddenly my screen was flooded with color images of his rangy body in all its naked glory.

I dropped my right hand to my lap, drawing his attention to my body. I'd spent the entire morning at the hotel's spa and was sporting a new 'look.' "Notice anything different?"

I watched Gabe scoot closer to his screen. "What'd you do, darlin'?"

I spread my knees, exposing the smooth, clean surface of my pussy. "I tried something a little different." I stroked a finger across my labia. "It's called the Brazillian look." I tilted my head and blinked innocent eyes up at him. "What do you think?"

Gabe swallowed and his penis, already semi-hard, twitched upwards. "Ahh, damn..."

I leaned slightly backwards into the overstuffed chair, bringing my heels up to rest on the edge of the cushion and splaying my knees even further apart. My foraging fingers delved between my lips, stroking. "Of course, that's not the only new thing. I had this little item done right after I left." My fingers spread wide, exposing my clitoris--and the small gold ring I'd had inserted there.

I glanced toward the screen, noticing that Gabe's eyes had turned molten and he now had his left hand wrapped tightly around the base of his penis. Teasingly, I flicked a fingernail against the ring and made it quiver. I shivered and my eyelids half-closed. Once the pain had worn off, I'd had a hard time keeping my hands off of it. It was absolutely amazing what the little piece of jewelry could do for me.

"God, babe. I wish I was there with you. Or you were here with me." He stroked his hand upwards, caressing himself. "Touch yourself, Dee. Let me watch you find your pleasure."

"Hmm..." It was a little strange. I'd done many things, but I'd never masturbated in front of an audience. I'd only done it solo. My lips quirked as I thought of the things I could do in front of the camera.

Slowly, I slid my left upwards to caress a breast. I let my mind wander, imagining Gabe's large hands stroking, pinching, pulling. "Mmm..." My right hand caressed my labia.

I could see movement on the screen. Gabe had shifted on the bed to lay on his side. He'd tucked one hand under his head and was using the other to stroke his engorged member. "You look so hot, babe. Are you thinking of me? Thinking about my touching you, tasting you?"

"Yes, Gabe." I rubbed the tip of my finger across my clit. I pushed a finger into my vagina, burying the digit as deep as I could. I groaned softly. I was wet and oh, so hungry. "God..."

Gabe licked his lips. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes glittered. "Talk to me, Red. Tell me what you want, what you feel."

I blinked. "Umm... ah, Gabe." I pushed another finger into my sopping cunt. "Unh... I want you to bite me." I pinched my nipple hard, surprising even myself how effectively simply saying the words brought about a reaction in me. Goose bumps spread across my skin. I shifted my hips a little, trying for a better angle. "I need your hands on me." I stroked my palm downwards, across my belly. "I need your length deep and hard inside me." I began pulling and pushing my fingers in and out in a slow, steady rhythm.

"I'm with you, babe. Can you feel my teeth against you, grazing across your nipples? Can you feel my hot breath across your neck and shoulder?" He paused, drawing a deep breath. "I'm so hard, babe, I could pound nails. Aah..." He shuddered. "I can see how wet you are, how ready you are for me."

I whimpered. "Oh!"

"It wouldn't be gentle, Red. It would be hard and it would be fast. But you're so ready, you could take me." The speed of the strokes over his penis increased. "Can you see it, baby? Can you see me mounting you, taking you. God, pounding deep, deep inside of you?"

My lids flickered. I could see a glistening sheen forming on the end of his shaft. I stroked my fingers harder, faster, lifting my hips in rhythm to the thrusts of my virtual lover. I cried out, "Aah!"

"I'd have your knees hooked over my elbows, spreading you wide. Your dainty feet would bounce against my back as I pounded into you."

I could almost feel the way his balls would slap against the cheeks of my ass as he rode me. I slid my other hand downward, pressing my index finger hard against my clit. "Yes, oh yes. Ahh, Gabe. I can feel you... feel you inside me."

His hips jerked spasmodically. "Hurry, baby. I don't want to cum without you."

I opened my eyes wide and stared at the screen. I watched his hips move, matching my rhythm. I pushed my fingers harder, faster. My finger flicked rapidly across my clit. My cheeks flushed. My lips fell open softly. My breathing and heart rate increased. I was so close... so close. My head dropped back and I groaned. "Ohhhh! Oh-oh-oh... oh, my God."

There was some furious grunting from the computer in front of me. Then I could hear Gabe's answering groans. "Ahh! Oh, yeah... that's it.... unh... uh-huh! Shit!"

The room grew quiet. My breathing calmed as I came back to myself. I brought my hands up, resting them on the swell of my stomach. I brought my knees together and dropped my feet to the floor. My eyes flickered open and I saw Gabe sprawled across his bed, his stomach and legs covered in cum. He was beautiful. My lips tipped up in a satisfied smile. I'd been right earlier. Oh, the things I could do in front of a camera.


I had a devil of a time concentrating on business later. I had come to Belize to negotiate a purchase of real estate for a U.S. based manufacturing company. Thankfully, my staff was quite capable as I'd spent most of the last couple of days wearing this huge, goofy smile and staring blindly out the window. I'm certain they thought I'd lost my mind. Two days and a solidly negotiated contract later, I turned the entire project over to Jace, called it quits and headed for home.

I'd called and left a message for Gabe providing my arrival information. I didn't really expect him to meet me at the gate, but thought he might like to know when I was due back.

I was extremely surprised when I stepped off the plane to find a limo waiting for me. I occasionally used a car service, but couldn't think of a single reason why anyone would send a limo for me today. The driver tipped his hat as I approached. "Ms. Bennett?"

I smiled and nodded. "Yes, I'm Deirdre Bennett. Were you waiting for me?"

He nodded. "Yes, ma'am. Are these your bags?" He pointed towards the curb.

"Oh. Yes, they are." I was still recovering from my initial surprise. "Did Tess, er I mean Ms. Klein, arrange for this?" I was certain that after talking to Jace, Tess and the rest of my staff were fully convinced I was in need of a little pampering, and quite possibly an extended vacation.

The driver shook his head, opening the door to the rear compartment for me. "I'm sorry, miss. I'm not privy to the details of the arrangement. My supervisor simply told me when, where and whom to pick up. Perhaps the gentleman can tell you?"

Gentleman? I popped my head through the door. "Gabriel!" My face broke into a smile.

Gabe reached out a hand, pulling me into the car. "Hello darlin' girl." He slipped me onto his lap and wrapped his arms tightly around me. "Welcome home, Red."

I dropped my bag on the seat next to me and completely melted into his embrace. I was home.


An hour later, I was comfortably ensconced in the large garden tub in Gabe's apartment. I tilted the glass of champagne up to take a drink.

Gabe leaned over the edge and tapped a strawberry against my lips. "Open up." He instructed.

I did as I was told, biting into the firm, sweet flesh of the tender fruit. The flavors of the berry and the wine combined on my tongue were wonderful. "Mmm... you're spoiling me."

A hand grazed lightly across my shoulder. "I think you need a little spoiling, Red. All work and no play leads to burnout."

I rested my head against the edge of the tub. "Hmm..." Maybe, but the 'all work' bit had been a habit for so long I wasn't really sure I knew how to do anything else.

He dropped his lips to mine, kissing me softly. "I'm thinking I'd like to take a little vacation. Maybe a week or two. It's a slow time of year and I could probably get away with it on short notice." He tilted my head upwards to look into my eyes. "Don't suppose you'd be interested in keeping me company, would you?"

Dating and sleeping together were one thing, taking a vacation together was something else entirely. I searched Gabe's eyes. I think he knew he was pushing the envelope of our 'relationship,' but I could see this was important to him. I sighed. "Gabe, I..."

"Think about it, okay? That's all I'm asking."

I closed my eyes. There really wasn't anything preventing me from taking a vacation right now. I owned the firm and made my own schedule. I had a responsible, capable staff. It's not like I couldn't delegate the projects I was currently working on. I drummed my fingers against the bowl of my wine glass. "Alright."

He went still for a moment, then leaned in to kiss me again. "Thank you."


I was mellow from the wine, warm and relaxed from the bath and cozily comfortable wrapped in his oversize terry cloth robe. I sat on a barstool, my bare feet dangling from beneath the hem of the robe, watching Gabe as he prepared and cooked our evening meal.

It was odd. Gabe had touched and held me almost continuously ever since picking me up from the airport. Though, he hadn't once pushed for sex. I dropped my gaze to the front of his jeans. He wanted me, that was more than obvious. But he was holding his needs in check, concentrating instead on mine. 'Why?'

"Do you like mushrooms, Dee?" Gabe asked as he stirred something that smelled absolutely wonderful.

I brought my thoughts back to the present. "Umm... I love mushrooms."

He pulled a tray from the oven, removed a mushroom, dipped it into the sauce he'd just finished stirring and handed it to me. "Here, try this."

My eyes closed. "God, that's good!"

"Stuffed mushrooms and marinara sauce." He dropped several onto a plate along with crisp slices of pan fried bread and a small bowl of marinara. "Here, Red. This'll tide you over for a bit."

"Mmm..." Maybe he figured he'd pushed too hard earlier and had decided to back off and give me some breathing room. I tilted my head. 'Could be.' Somehow, though, I thought Gabe was more direct than that. "Gabe?"

He pushed the plate closer to my elbow and smiled at me. "Eat, baby."

I glanced at him thoughtfully as I chewed. "Gabe, you've been every inch the gentleman today." I sipped my champagne. "Why?"

He leaned over the counter to drop a quick kiss on my lips. "I'm courting you."

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. "What?"

He smiled and his eyes twinkled. "Shh, darlin'. No pressures, okay?" He wiped his hands off and came around the counter. "C'mon. Let's take our nibbles into the living room. It'll be a while before dinner's ready."

I slid off the stool, gathering the hem of the robe up so I could walk without tripping. "Gabriel, I really think we should talk about this." He'd walked off without paying me any attention. I stomped my foot. "Oooh! That man!" I hurried after him. "Okay, fine. We won't talk about it. But you are not courting me Gabriel Jarmon!"

He set the plate and our drinks on the coffee table. Turning, he swept me up into his arms and plopped onto the couch. "Whatever you say, darlin'." He latched his lips onto mine and deftly slid his hand up under my robe all in one motion. His fingers found the smooth skin at the juncture of my thighs. "Ahh, it feels like I've been waiting eons to touch this. You're so smooth here, so soft."

"Mmm..." God, I'd wanted this from the moment I got off the plane. Hell, I'd wanted this ever since our night of virtual nookie three days ago. "Please..."

He sought out my piercing, deftly finding the head of the stud I'd put in this morning. "Hmm... not a ring today..." He rolled it back and forth, making me groan. "What's this?" He loosened the belt of the robe and dropped me backwards onto the couch. He tapped my knee lightly. "Open for me, baby. I want to see my present up close."

I smiled broadly, opening my thighs. He'd gotten a peep when I'd disrobed to step into the bath, but not much more than that.

I watched his eyes darken in pleasure. "Ahh... Red." His hands reached down to me, stroking and massaging. His left hand spread my labia. "God." The right hand went to the stud. "That is so very, very sexy love."

I bit my lip, shifting my hips, trying to get closer to those fingers. "Gabriel..."

He pushed a finger up against the stud, making it rub across my clit. "I've read about these." He glanced upwards, watching my reactions as he played with the stud. "But I've never known a woman who actually had one." His flicked the jewel with the end of his finger, making it vibrate against me. "Tell me." He turned his gaze away from my cunt. "Does it make you feel good when I do this?"

"Yes." I panted. Oh, God yes it felt good.

He slipped two fingers inside of me, stretching me. "You're already wet." His tongue licked sensually across his lower lip.

I arched my back off the sofa. Damn, I'd had enough. I didn't want foreplay. The whole evening had been foreplay. "I want you. Inside me. Now! Please, Gabriel. Please come inside me."

He grasped my wrist, bringing my hand to his zipper. "I'm hard, Red. Rock hard. It's going to hurt if you're not ready."

I reached frantically for his button and zipper, nearly ripping his pants off him in my haste. He could rip me in two and I'd let him do it, if only he'd come inside me.

He shifted my hands. "Easy, honey."

"No!" I shoved him backwards, hard. I didn't want easy and I didn't want slow. Standing, I reached down, grabbed his pants and pulled. "Oh, yes!" Finally, the man was naked! I dropped onto my knees beside him and swung a leg up and over his lap.

He shivered when I rubbed against him. "Ahhh, baby girl..." His hands settled on my hips. "Slow down just a little, darlin.' Just a little."

I looked into his eyes as I reached my hand down between us. "No." I grasped the head of his penis and positioned it right where I wanted him. I kept my eyes wide open and focused on his face as I slid downwards along his silky shaft.

Hot color slashed his cheeks and his lips parted. "You're so tight." His hands tightened on my hips, forcing me downwards, making me take all of him at one time.

My eyes watered. Ahh, shit. It hurt! "Mmm... don't move... please... Just... give me a minute." I took a deep breath and shifted my hips.

Gabe shifted his hands, cupping my breasts. Dipping his head, he sucked my nipple into his mouth. The hard, pulling, moist suction sent a shaft of pleasure straight to my loins.

"Mmm..." I began to move, slowly, rocking my hips against him. I liked this position. I could take as much or as little of him as I wanted or needed. Using his hard body for leverage, I pushed upwards--lifting until only the head of his shaft was still in me--then slid back hard.

He grunted, turning his head slightly so he could take the other breast.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and increased the tempo of my hips. Harder and faster I rode. I was starting to pant. God, I couldn't get enough of him!

His hands fisted in my hair, pulling my head back. He buried his lips in my neck, biting and sucking. I knew there'd be marks there tomorrow, but I didn't care.

I could feel his thigh muscles tighten. Once again his hands dropped to cup my hips, trying to tame me, to control the speed and depth of my thrusts.

"No!" I grabbed his hands, pulling them upwards. I held his hands tight in mine and pressed them against the couch behind his head. I was in control tonight. This was my game and we'd play by my rules.

"Dee... Baby... Please, I..." His eyes were wild. He was helpless in the throws of passion.

Now he knew how I felt every time he took me. I looked deep into his eyes. "Let go, Gabe. Let go and fly for me." I whimpered softly as I continued to thrust. I was so close... so close to heaven. But, I needed to wait for him. I wouldn't fly alone tonight.

He shifted slightly, moving deeper into the couch. The new angle increased the friction inside of me. Beneath me, I could feel his balls tighten and his penis lengthen just a bit. "Ah, damn.... Babe, I'm gonna... Ungh!"

As soon as I felt the first hot jets of cum begin to spurt deep inside me, I relaxed and let myself go. Together, Gabe and I soared.


I could hear a faint beeping coming from somewhere on my right. I raised my head from Gabe's shoulder, confused for a moment.

He reached up and kissed me. "Dinner's done."

Ah. I snuggled back down and let the world melt away once again.


Thursday was awful. I worked like a dog to clear my schedule. Tess was in absolute shock. I think in the five years she'd worked with me, I'd taken only a handful of days off--and that included holidays.

I spent a hurried fifty minutes on the phone with Jace, wrapping up the details on the Belize contracts. Jace was worried that I was taking two full weeks out in the middle of negotiations. I told him I was fully confident he could handle it. He was very good, just hadn't had enough time in the trenches to establish a solid sense of what he could do. And, of course, I'd leave information with Tess so she could reach me if there was an emergency.

Noon came and went without my ever leaving my desk. Tess took pity on me and ordered Chinese. I'd really have to give her a raise... again.

Freedom came around 7:30 that evening, after all calls had been returned and the staff had gathered for a quick booster session. I was tired, but pleased with my progress.

I had just picked up the phone to make a quick call to Denny when I heard the outer door open. I'd sent Tess home to her family and was basically alone in the office. I stood, keeping the phone in my hand in case I needed to make a call to security. "Hello? Can I help you?"

Much to my surprise, it was my own personal Viking . He was grinning ear to ear as he turned to lock the outer door and then pushed his way into my office, carrying a blanket and a large picnic basket. "Hey there, darlin'. I talked to Tess a couple of hours ago. She said you'd probably be here 'till 9:00 or 10:00 tonight wrapping things up, unless I decided to come down and drag you out forcibly." He chuckled and the sound poured over me like warm whiskey.

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