tagMind ControlChance of a Lifetime Ch. 01

Chance of a Lifetime Ch. 01


Lips curved in a seductive grin, Alyssa sauntered over to the corner table of the smoky bar. Leaning forward to give the gentleman a peek of her cleavage, she gestured toward the seat. "Mind if I sit down?"

Motioning with a gloved hand, he smiled back. "Please."

She set her glass on the table, sliding into the seat next to him at the same time. Making a show of looking him up and down, the smile never left her face. "Rumor has it that you ordered this drink."

"Rumor could be right."

He really was attractive; from the other side of the bar, it had been hard to tell. His face looked chiseled from stone; combined with broad shoulders and eyes that oozed confidence, he was just the type of man she went for. "How'd you know it was my favorite?"

"You look the type. Got a name?"

Eyes fluttering, she replied, "Alyssa."

Tilting her chin up with a finger on either side, he nodded faintly. She could feel the warmth of his palm as it slowly slid to touch her cheek. Unconsciously, the young woman nuzzled his hand. "Well, Alyssa," she jumped at that; the breathy whisper was mere inches away from her now, and she never noticed him move, "what brings you here tonight?"

Fingertips played on her shoulder, sending shocks of electricity coursing through her. She wet her lips, trying hard to think straight. Turning faintly, Alyssa looked him straight in the eye - and stopped cold. His eyes looked two different colors. Perhaps it was just the light…

"What was that?"

Shaking her head, Alyssa brought herself back to the present. "Uhm, what?"

"You were saying… something about the light?" He looked more amused at that moment than anything else. For a moment, she wondered what he was talking about; she hadn't said anything of the sort. Had she?

And then she could feel him rubbing her back. Gently at first, it barely registered in her mind until it turned into a massage. How did he get me facing this way?

"Relax… you're so tense." She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck as the man gently kneaded her back and shoulders. Alyssa's mouth felt dry; she found herself breathing heavily. It was almost as if he could see what she wanted, what she needed, and give it to her.

"So, Miss Alyssa…" the back of her neck tingled when he spoke, "whatever am I to do with you?"

She felt his lips, like soft velvet, on her neck and nearly gasped. It tingled, and she could feel him kissing up her finely formed chin, turning her head so that he could tease her more. Alyssa felt enchanted; she wanted more, and didn't care what she had to do in order to get it. And so, when he moved out from the booth and clasped her hand in his, she didn't even ask where they were going.

After what seemed like a few seconds in his car, his hand resting on her thigh, Alyssa found herself in a rather plush bedroom. Smiling, the man spun her around quickly, her dress fluttering up slightly to momentarily reveal red, lacy panties. Wrapping his arms around her, she stared into his eyes and pursed her lips for the kiss she expected.

"Do you always do this?" His lips were scant inches from hers.


"Go home with… strange men? Whose names you never knew?"

His lips grazed hers, and the question flitted from her mind. At first, their kisses were gentle, savoring the moment, but she wanted none of that. Wrapping an arm around his neck, she tried to pull him down onto the bed, but found he wouldn't move. She whimpered into his mouth.

Her small hands fumbled with the zipper of his slacks, and he did not resist. Kicking off her shoes, Alyssa fell to her knees as she tugged the offending garment, along with his boxers, down to the floor. It's so big!

The creature before her, while soft, was still nearly as big around as her wrist. Grasping it in one hand, she couldn't stop herself from planting a wet kiss on its smooth length. Sucking the tip into her mouth like the Breath of Life, her tongue danced in a swirl around it. The steady breathing of her partner would have worried her under normal circumstances, but she found that any thinking at all was difficult.

More of the monster cock slipped past her lips; she felt ravenous as she suckled the slowly hardening flesh, as though only he could sate her appetites. The man ran fingers through her scarlet hair, marveling at the feel of her mouth around him.

His shaft glistened with her spit, and he watched approvingly as she forced more and more of him down her throat. Bobbing back and forth, she worked most of its length inside her; whenever she drew back, her tongue spun around him like a top. One dainty hand worked his cock as she pulled back off him, but she never had more than a moment before she felt compelled to slam her mouth back onto it.

Alyssa nearly cried out when she was forced off his cock. Licking her lips, she tried with all her might to get back at it, like a woman addicted. Somewhere, in the back of her head, she could hear a small alarm going off, but ignored it; how could she think of anything with such a beautiful cock just waiting for her attention?

Moaning softly, she wrapped her fingers around it and started to rub the silky smooth skin. After a few precious moments, however, her fingers were pried off, much to her dismay. Looking into the his eyes, she whispered, "Please- please-" It was the only word she could manage to say.

"Tsk, tsk. Hardly becoming of a lady to be begging for a cock like a whore."

"Whore," she echoed him, "please, let your whore taste you again - please!"

"Why should I?"

Whimpering, her eyes reverted back to staring at the hypnotic bobbing of his flesh, so close, but too far for comfort. Smiling, he gestured toward her with one hand as he held her back with the other. "But you're fully clothed. Surely you want to change to something… more comfortable?"

Nodding, Alyssa moved like a woman possessed. Eyes still glued to his shaft, she let one strap of her dress fall down her shoulder to reveal more cleavage, and the fact that she wore no bra. Shrugging off the other strap, her evening gown slid down and off her body to reveal her body, bare save for the lacy panties he saw earlier.

"See," she breathed, "all for you… if you just let me - taste it? Please?"

Turning around, and preventing her from keeping her eyes on his precious cock, the man slipped out of his jacket and draped it on a desk chair. When she stepped forward, he waved her back without looking. "No. Stay."

Alyssa halted, mid-stride, desperate to please. A thin trail of juice dripped from her already-soaked panties, a blatant sign of just how much she wanted him. She watched, feeling as though she were being tortured each moment that she could not feel him inside her: in her mouth, or anywhere else she could.

He took his time. Each button on his shirt was an agonizing wait on her part, and she sighed audibly as he let it fall to the carpeted floor. Facing her once more in nothing at all, he made a show of examining each and every inch of her body.

"What can I do? Please, take me!"

Clicking his tongue once more, he approached her. As soon as he got within her range, her hand snaked to wrap around him; he did nothing to stop it. "Take this, and take me!"

"Lie on the bed." Even before he finished saying it, Alyssa found herself scrambling onto the thick comforter of his bed. "Remove the panties." They shot off instantly, landing on the floor next to her discarded dress. Two of her fingers, slick with juices, rubbed her pussy frantically; the desire to get off, by any means necessary, was foremost on her mind.

The mattress shifted as he slid next to her. "Stop that, as well." He was doing her a horrible injustice, in her mind; depriving her first of his cock, and then of letting her get herself off. It never occurred to her to disobey.

His hand, somehow ungloved, trailed down her face; she turned so that she could feel more of him pressed against her. Slowly, he traced a path down her breasts, which were covered in a faint sheen of sweat. The man licked his lips as he moved even lower, dragging fingers down the fine curve of her inner stomach. Wherever he touched seemed to light afire.

Alyssa gasped as she felt a finger slip inside her, without any form of warning. "Oh, please, don't tease me…"

He quirked his head. "I suppose… that you've been good." Leaning back against the headboard, the man smiled. "Claim your prize… if you'd like."

Letting out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding, Alyssa straddled his muscled legs. Licking her lips subconsciously, the woman inched forward until she was hovering above his now-hard cock. She eyed it lovingly, spreading her lips just enough so she could feel it slide inside.

Under normal circumstances, she would have gone slowly; the monster she forced inside was larger than any she had ever taken before. Under normal circumstances… she wouldn't be forcing her sopping wet pussy down on a stranger's cock. She didn't care; with one forceful push, she took most of his length inside her.

Moaning softly, Alyssa pulled herself up until only the tip of him was inside her, then slammed herself back down on it. There was no semblance of restraint in her actions; she rose then forced his massive organ inside her, filling her completely. Up, then smacking down.

The lewd sounds of their sex filled the room, and she gasped at each penetration. It wasn't like her at all, but there was no room in her mind for thoughts of propriety. She needed cock. His cock. And she got it.

She lost track of the amount of time she spent bouncing happily on his cock, but it had to have been a long time, because the warm feeling in her stomach swelled. Nearly screaming in exstacy, her toes curled as her first orgasm shattered any and all thoughts. Her pussy clamped down on him, tightening up like a virgin's first time. At that point, even his impressive willpower couldn't resist, and for one precious moment, Alyssa felt like their minds connected as he pumped spurt after spurt of cum inside her.

Panting, she slid off him; her muscles were almost water. An incredibly long time. Gazing into his eyes, she realized something.

"What is your name?"

Grinning, he winked at her. "You'll find that out when you're finished."

"When I'm-"

She stopped, cold, as the cool sensation of a piece of silk dragged against her arm. He dangled it in front of her, and for the first time she noticed what looked like a rack near the bed. If she had the energy, she would have screamed; she had never been into bondage. Opening her mouth to, at the least, protest, he smiled and pressed his lips to hers.

The argument died on her lips with that kiss.

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