tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMrs. Cheng Pays the Debt

Mrs. Cheng Pays the Debt


Anne Cheng was furious with her husband. She knew he had a gambling problem when she married him but the extent of his current losses was almost beyond comprehension. Charles had had problems back in China but he had promised Anne that those days were behind him when he had accepted a wonderful job with an American tech firm.

Anne had naively believed that a new start in a new country would change her husband for the better. For a time he was indeed a very responsible man. He settled his wife, mother and two small children in a charming house just outside the city. Anne had made many new friends both Asian and white in her new mixed neighborhood. Anne's English had progressed in in the four years they had been in America from passable to superb. On Saturdays she occasionally gave English lessons to the other Asian immigrants and their children. Her own children, a boy and girl attended a local preschool. Anne loved her new country. Things went very well for a few years Then, to combat stress at work, her husband had begun gambling again.

Lured by the higher odds and greater risks of non-licensed casinos and betting parlors he had been attracted to places like Randall Acosta's member's only casino. The Cheng's were both as a matter of fact in Mr. Acosta's office. The big man who was Randall Acosta was not happy. Charles was seated next to his wife and both were seated before Acosta's desk. Her husband's usually immaculate business suit was disheveled and Charles was drenched with sweat from fear. Like a machine he nervously chain smoked cigarettes. Charles' confession had just spilled out of him. Behind Mr. Acosta, two hulking, ugly men each slowly fondled the gripping end of a baseball bat.

The salt and pepper curly haired Acosta began to speak once more. "You can tell , Mrs. Cheng, how serious your husband's shortfall is. We thought is important that you hear his confession in person. That is why we called both of you to this office. The presence of my men here helped ensure that your husband's confession would be full and total."

Anne eyed her husband contemptuously and then found her voice.

"But SO much money! That is much much more than my husband makes in an entire year! I am sorry, Mr. Acosta, I had no idea that my husband was gambling once more. He had told me that he was working nights on a special project. Unfortunately it is not the first time he has misled me. He had problems of this sort in our old country. I appreciate that you have made my husband confess his deceptions but I am a bit confused as to why I am here. I am certainly in no position to cover my husband's debt."

Randall Acosta took a long look at Anne Cheng. She was ravishing. Her jet black hair framed a lovely face with a pert nose and beautiful languid brown eyes. To Acosta's eyes she seemed especially well built. She wore a close fitting red dress which accentuated her flawless skin. The dress was of a conservative cut and length but Acosta could tell that Anne Cheng's legs were very nice indeed. Although the same age as her husband, 32, Anne Cheng looked a good decade or so younger than her husband. An idea began to unwind within the gangster's mind.

"I had first brought you here," said the gangster, "so that your husband could not weasel out of his confession. The wife is always the last to know. There are several courses of action we can take. Nearly all result in you and your family losing their possessions. You husband's very life is also in the mix. I could report your husband's activities anonymously to the authorities, depending upon the mood that the INS is in they could deport all of you back to China. I am sure that none of you want that."

Tears came to Anne Cheng's eyes. "Please Mr. Acosta do not do that!"

Randall Acosta leaned back in his chair. Before him Charles Cheng was still cowering and smoking, afraid to make eye contact with the man he was so greatly in debt to. Anne Cheng stared intently at the wall behind Acosta, her eyes welling up with tears. Acosta knew that he could never hope to recover the debt the husband owed. The wife however had no way of knowing that.

"There is an option, Mrs. Cheng but I don't think you will like it."

"What do you mean?" Asked Anne Cheng, as she met Acosta's penetrating gaze.

"Perhaps you CAN settle your husband's debt. Oh certainly not all of it but enough of it to satisfy me and preserve your husband's life and leave you with the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to."

Anne Cheng began to feel some unease. She understood in which direction the conversation was about to go.

"What must I do Mr. Acosta?"

"I was thinking of two weeks as a "personal" servant to persons of my acquaintance, my son and his best friend actually."

"What do you mean by '"personal'' Mr. Acosta?" asked Anne Cheng with trepidation.

"My son is a wonderful lad. He neither looks like me nor shares my disposition. He takes after his late mother. He is an excellent student and does very well in college. If he continues on his studies he will be a doctor or surgeon. I really do not want him to follow in my footsteps. First he has no temperament for this job. Were he to try and fill my seat he would last perhaps a week before he was eliminated by my rivals. In fact my son has no idea what I do for a living. There is no need to eliminate his ignorance. Anyway, my son is handsome enough, but he and his best friend are cut from the same cloth. They love women but have no idea how to approach them. What those boys need more than anything is confidence. Last year they went away to spring break and returned home with their virginity intact. Spring break is not far off; if the boys were to spend the two weeks after that at my cabin in the woods with a completely compliant and submissive beautiful woman who would be willing to fulfill ALL of their fantasies and make men out of them..."

Anne Cheng's draw dropped.

"Mr. Acosta Please DON'T ask that of me!"

Randall Acosta withdrew a picture from his desk and set it before her. The picture showed Charles' mother pushing the family stroller towards the park near their home. Walking next to Anne's mother in- law was Anne and Charles' oldest child.

"It would certainly be a tragedy Mrs. Cheng if a car were to speed though this intersection one day soon while your children and your mother in law JUST happened to be midway across the street. If I were to prefer to accept the insurance money from such an unfortunate event to repay your husband's debt; that COULD be my prerogative. "

Anne Cheng's eyes turned pleading.

"Mr. Acosta that is positively evil!"

Acosta's face twisted into a sinister horror.

"Nice men don't exist in my line of business."

Mr. Acosta's vicious appearance drained the marrow from Anne Cheng's bones.

"Mr. Acosta! Please! I will do as you ask. Leave my family alone!"

The gangster's countenance became pleasant once more. "I thought that you see things my way." He said. "Of course I will have to see the goods first to make sure that my son will be pleased with his gift."

Anne Cheng looked quizzically at Acosta.

"I have to see you naked to see if what's inside the dress is as lovely as what is outside of it."

Anne swallowed hard and said, "Do you mean now?"

"So long as you are here. It is as good an opportunity as any."

Anne looked first at her husband who was still paralyzed with fear and then at Acosta's two goons.

"Can your men leave the room?"

"Certainly." Acosta nodded to his henchmen and they stepped out of the room.

Anne stood up turned to her husband and said, "Your actions have brought shame on yourself and on me. I am to be reduced to little more than a prostitute because you cannot stop your stupid gambling! Our childrens' very lives are endangered by you! You sorry excuse for a man!" Then she let loose a long string of invective in Mandarin at her husband.

Charles Cheng could offer more than a sidelong glance at his wife. He felt humiliation mixed with relief that he would escape Acosta's office with his life. He thought about his wife and what Acosta would compel her to do but Charles' focus was solely on self-preservation. Better his wife suffer a few indignities then he himself be compelled to undergo a beating or humiliations. In many ways Charles still shared the attitude of Chinese men from a previous century. Despite everything it was very probable that Charles Cheng would begin gambling once he thought sufficient time had passed no matter the opinion or attitude of his wife.

Randall Acosta eyed Anne impatiently. She took a deep breath and reached behind her back to lower the zipper of her snug red dress. Trembling with fear she drew it down her arms and her white brassier came into view as she slid the dress down to her waist.

Acosta was pleased with what he saw. Anne had not one ounce of fat. Her breasts were just right for her five foot four frame; they looked to be the largest C cup. Everywhere her skin was smooth and even. After catching her breath Anne lowered the dress the rest of the way. She was wearing sexy black panties and no stockings. Her legs were just as long and lovely as Acosta had envisioned them. Anne looked pleadingly at Randall Acosta. He was unmoved.

"I didn't tell you to stop." was his only comment.

The gangster's words took the last ounce of fight and resolve out of Anne, She bit her lower lip and unhooked her bra. She had the darker areolas and nipples of many Chinese women. Acosta thought that her tits were fantastic. If one did not know that Mrs. Cheng had birthed several children you would never have been able to tell it by the body on display. Acosta was attuned to his son's tastes. He had surreptitiously examined his son's cache on his computers and knew full well that his only son spent many hours perusing page after page of beautiful Asian women. Jacob, his son, had once confided to his father that one of the attractions of studying medicine were the many spectacularly beautiful Asian women who also entered the field. Acosta realized that Jacob would be very pleased indeed with Mrs. Cheng.

The color draining from her face, Anne then lowered her panties. Her black and thick but nicely trimmed bush came into view. Acosta was blown away by the beauty standing before him. Randall Acosta knew that if HE were Charles Cheng he would do anything and everything to keep such a marvelous creature happy. Why in the world would a man gamble when he had such a fine woman to go home to?

Anne's tears flowed as Acosta instructed her to turn around, bend over, spread her legs and perform other tasks so that he could assess her from all angles. She was just as attractive from behind as she was from the front. Her ass was among the finest Randall Acosta had ever seen. When he was satisfied, the gangster permitted Anne to redress herself. He had Anne write down all of her clothing and underwear sizes and determined that her period would be over before the scheduled spring break adventure was set to begin. Answering THAT question caused Anne to wail loudly. At length she was able to get a hold of herself.

Acosta informed Anne the day he would send a limousine to pick her up. There would be a stop along the way where she would get changed into the attire Acosta would pick out for her. Acosta himself would drive Anne to his cabin in the woods. The boys would already be there and the cabin would have already been provisioned.

"I want you, happy, compliant, eager to please and sexually adventurous. If you disappoint my son and his friend your family just MIGHT have an accident."

At long last, the Cheng's night of horrors concluded. Husband and wife drove home in silence. Anne could not even stand to look at Charlie. It was not even worth wasting the breath to berate him. Anne seriously doubted if she would ever again willingly sleep with her husband. She could not risk divorcing him however because her presence in this country was completely reliant upon her husband's technical skills. Without her marriage she would be sent home. That realization made her the most miserable she had been the entire night.

The rest of the week crawled like a slow motion nightmare for Anne. Since Charles refused to leave the bedroom, Anne moved to the couch. She explained to her mother in law that she had to go away for two weeks but kept the details as vague as possible. Charles stepped gingerly about the house, terrified of angering his wife and ashamed of his failings as a man that resulted in his wife's situation. He plunged into work and was home every night for dinner. The children were happy to have him home so many nights but they were puzzled and a bit angst ridden at their mother's obvious antipathy towards their father. Anne did the best to reassure them and spent as much time with her children as she could. However no amount of time spent snuggling with her children could prevent the passage of the days. Despite Anne's constant mental preparation the arrival of the limo in front of her house caught her almost by surprise. Anne left the charge of the children to her mother in law and made her way to the door. Her thoughtless husband Charlie had found an excuse to not be home today. Not that it made much of a difference the two had exchanged hardly two dozen words since the horrible night in Acosta's office.

Mr. Acosta had sent a letter to Anne explaining in detail what he expected of her and informing her that she need not bring anything with her. Anne kissed her children and gave final instructions to her mother in law. Anne brought only the letter from Acosta with her when she entered the limo. She was dressed in a simple, deliberately, unflattering dress and sensible shoes. The limousine came stocked with a mini bar. Anne was not much of a drinker but she helped herself to enough liquor to quiet her nerves.

Eventually the limo came to a halt outside a large and lovely home. The Limo driver informed Anne that it was one of Acosta's homes. The chauffeur held the door for Anne and led her to a side entrance.

Acosta was waiting inside the room. He was dressed casually and was smoking an expensive, aromatic cigar.

"Ah, Mrs. Cheng! Right on time! My son Jacob and his friend Bobby are already at my cabin. If you go into the next room you will find the outfit I would like you to wear to the cabin. I have a raincoat to go over it. Please remove ALL of your clothing and jewelry and place it in the bin provided. Yes that includes your wedding ring. I will return them to you when your two weeks are finished."

Despairing yet determined to do as excellent a job as she could for the sake of her children, Anne forced the sadness from her face and smiled. She stepped into the next room. The outfit and the bin for her clothing were on a dresser in the room, which was a small bedroom. When Anne saw the stark white garment she gasped. After a moment of reflection and several gulps of air she set to the task of stripping out of her clothing.

At first Anne was surprised that everything was her size. But the she remembered that she had given Mr Acosta her sizes. After fits and starts, nearly twenty minutes later, she strode back into the room where Mr. Acosta waited. He gave an appreciative whistle, had Anne turn around a few time and then slid a concealing raincoat over the white lacy outfit. Anne was grateful for the cloak.

Acosta handed a small cosmetics kit to Anne. Mrs. Cheng did not need much makeup. Her lovely skin eyes, lips and cheeks required little adornment to make them stunning. Using a mirror on the wall,Anne applied just the lightest touch of color to her countenance. The result was dramatic, Anne's already beautiful features became smoldering and infinitely more desirable.

Mr. Acosta picked up a large suitcase and said. "Knowing the imaginations and fantasies of college boys, there are several quite enticing fantasy outfits and some makeup in this suitcase. Everything is your size; however what you wear, or do not wear, will be decided by Jacob and Bobby. The three of you will be largely on your own but I will be stopping in periodically to make sure everything is going as described in that letter I sent you."

Acosta took a moment to allow his words to sink into Anne and then he offered the beautiful Chinese woman his arm and said, "Shall we make our departure, Mrs. Cheng?"

Anne took the proffered arm and was led to late model, high end sedan. After securing Anne in the passenger seat, Acosta loaded the suitcase in the trunk of the car and then slid himself behind the wheel of the car and began to head out of the city and onto the highway. Anne was quite for quite some time and then asked.

"Mr. Acosta, I understand the needs of your son and his friend but why did you choose me? Surely a man like you can afford professional women, ones far more skilled than me."

Acosta looked at Anne and then turned back to face the road.

"Yes I CAN afford "professional women" but I don't want a business woman for this job. I want a woman who is experienced yet has an air of innocence. I want a woman who is closer to the boys' ideal. Do you think a prostitute would be willing to show the patience and sincerity that a mother has? If you relax and try to enjoy yourself I am sure that you will have a very good time. Also, and most importantly, I could not be exacting any revenge upon your husband by hiring prostitutes. Your worthless husband owes me considerable amount of money. I could kill him but what's the point in that? By giving you this assignment I show him in no uncertain terms that I can take away the things that mean the most to him. Your husband seems oblivious to the amount of debt he owes. PERHAPS he will change his ways if he realizes that there is nothing of his that I cannot take away. However I doubt even this will change his heart."

Anne realized the wisdom and truth of Acosta's words. She also realized for the first time that she no clue as to the boys' appearance. Silently Anne hope that they would not be hideous ogres and that they would not be overly perverted. Mr. Acosta put on some relaxing music on the car stereo and Anne tried to ease her anxiety by focusing upon the gentle notes.

The ride was long but uneventful. Anne watched as the scenery became more mountainous. They seemed to be driving deep into the woods. Mr. Acosta tried his hand at small talk but Anne could do no more than respond briefly and in generalities to his inquiries. Anne's mind was focused on the enormity of the task before her. She had not been with another man since her marriage. According to Mr. Acosta's letter she would be expected to preform fellatio and allow the boys anal sex if they so desired There were many other scenarios mentioned in the lengthy letter which also included some basic illustrations.. Anne hoped that she was capable of all the things asked of her. She realized that it would be a very good thing for her that the boys were so inexperienced. They perhaps would not notice her own inexperience and limited number of sex partners. Even though the car was warm, Anne shivered beneath her coat.

After several hours the car pulled to a stop outside a simple yet obviously well apportioned cabin. The view was spectacular. A red jeep was already parked in the driveway. It was just past mid-day. Acosta took the large suitcase from the trunk and then held open Anne's door.

"It's show time!" He said in an attempt to lighten the mood. Anne forced a smile to her lips and took Mr. Acosta's arm when he offered it. Game music could be heard coming from the cabin. Anne realized that there was no turning back now. As they strode up to the front of the cabin Acosta said,

"Jacob and Bobby are generally nice boys. They will probably be in awe of you. I don't think you will have any problems with them. However, if things become difficult, think about the safety of your family and whatever the boys have in mind will seem minor. Under those circumstances you should sail through."

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