tagIllustratedChange is Good Ch. 02

Change is Good Ch. 02


Note: the author expresses his gratitude to Literotica members webothliketoshow, aegis9591 and MrsAegis for their assistance with the illustrations used in this story.


The meeting, when it finally came, was just as sweet as we had thought it would be. The Bountifuls were real people and our personalities seemed to mesh right off. After the initial introductions with hugs and kisses or handshakes around, we sat in the room for a while talking and sipping on drinks that we had each brought ingredients for. They were Gene and Linda to our Ted and Denise.

The ladies had both come wearing very sexy dresses and from the moment I spotted Linda, I knew I would just love to sample her delights. The women were built along the same lines, although Denise's boobs were a little larger than Linda's 40C, which were still a major handful for either of us. They both had the luscious curves that both Gene and I liked and, while the Bountifuls were a little older than us, it wasn't enough to matter. We quickly cemented our friendship and went on to more delicious things.

The ladies really got things rolling. After about a half hour of talk, they were ready to start the action and Denise and Linda together lowered the tops of their dresses and bared their breasts, while encouraging us to remove our shirts. Linda teased me with her lovely rack, which I had seen pictures of many times but quickly realized that no picture did justice to, while Denise rubbed her boobs all over Gene's face. One thing led to another and all four of us were soon naked and migrated to the king-sized bed. I noticed that Gene and I were pretty much alike about how much stimulation it took to get a hard-on.

Both women started us off with some fondling, before using their mouths and tongues on our already hard cocks. However long before we were to the point of cumming, both ladies arranged themselves on their backs in opposite directions but side-by-side and spread their legs. Neither Gene nor I needed to be asked how to proceed from there. I settled in to get a taste of Linda's pussy and it was just as sweet as I knew it would be. Nor do I think that Gene was disappointed with the taste of Denise. Then we both found it rather smooth and easy to enter our lady partner's wet pussy, me in Linda and Gene in Denise.

I can't begin to describe the feeling of watching another man's cock plowing my wife's sweet pussy, compounded by the feelings of doing the same thing to his wife while he watched me. Although to the best of my knowledge Denise has never had any sexual contact with another woman, she and Linda were soon using their free hands to explore the body of their new friend. I watched Linda's hand fondling Denise's tits while her husband watched and fucked Denise and I felt Denise's hand gently massaging my balls and exploring Linda's pussy while my cock sauntered in and out of Linda's love tunnel. It was hard to imagine that we could have found a couple with whom we would have been more compatible.

After I had pumped her pussy for several minutes, I lowered myself over Linda and we locked lips in a long sweet kiss. I was delighted to feel Denise's finger penetrate my ass and begin to massage my prostate, even though I knew that would bring my orgasm on sooner. It did, but not before Linda had reached her own climax. Just a short time later, Denise and Gene followed suit.

After that we did whatever came to mind. We spent a recovery period kissing and fondling the other guy's wife and then Gene fucked Denise's tits while I screwed Linda doggy style, with a few variations thrown in to change things up. The girls proved to be insatiable, while Gene and I required periodic recovery times. When we were not up to the occasion, Denise and Linda occupied themselves with each other, doing things that I'm fairly sure were firsts for Denise but it didn't take them long to look like long time experts at it. Both of them kept moaning about how great it was to have another woman eating her pussy.

Gene and I got back to thinking alike when I pushed Linda's legs up high and worked my latest erection into her back door. I knew from our online conversations that they both like anal sex and it didn't take much persuasion for her to relax her sphincter until my cock slid into her without a strong effort. A sideways glance showed that Denise was holding her legs up beside her tits while Gene worked his cock into her ass hole and soon we were happily plying the girls tightest orifices.

By the time we finished it was early evening. We decided to shower and go out for something to eat; let's face it ... the guys needed the recovery time by then. With adjoining rooms, we used both showers, me and Linda going to the one in their room, Gene and Denise staying in our suite. Although we soaped and washed each other all over, including our most private and sensitive areas, nothing sexual really happened. However the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was as good, as sweet, as luscious as any kiss I had ever had. I began to wonder if it was possible to actually be in love with more than one woman.

We took our time at a local steakhouse, where I had to remind myself that their food was not worth missing out on a moment of the "food" I was getting at the motel so I didn't want to overeat, for sure! However the break did refresh our energy and we arrived back at the motel a couple hours after leaving, all four of us eager to resume our activities.

This time I started on my back with Linda riding me while Gene and Denise did the same thing beside us. For a while I used my hands on Linda's beautiful swinging hooters, partially to keep from being slapped every time she lunged forward. However after watching my wife's butt lurching up and down Gene's pole for a while, I became intrigued by her winking anus. I found enough of her dripping juices to wet my finger and eased it up inside her and for the next several minutes as she worked her self up and down, I could feel her squeeze my finger with her ass and Gene's cock with her pussy, all at the same time. Gene must have decided it was good for all and I felt his finger slide up his wife's chocolate chute and her reaction was almost the same as Denise's, albeit a little slower and less frequent.

Linda and I both climaxed and she lay down in front of me so we could watch Gene and Denise. That pushed me too far away to finger Denise's ass but gave me an idea. With a little encouragement (and some rubbing against Linda's smooth buttocks), I managed another erection. Careful to keep from upsetting Denise's rhythm, I eased off the bed and walked around to the other side, where I climbed up behind her, shoving Gene's legs apart. With Denise's anus still slightly open from my fingering, I pointed my cock at it and applied a little pressure.

Denise lost track of what she was doing and looked over her shoulder at me but didn't say anything. I felt Linda's hand push my own out of the way as she took my cock in hand and kept it pointed at Denise's ass. The head of my cock quickly popped inside her sphincter and I began to methodically and slowly work the remainder of my shaft into her bowels. By then Denise seemed to have forgotten what she had been doing with Gene and was now just clamped down on the root of his pole, letting me do the work.

When I finally felt my balls slap against her ass when she took the last of my cock, she threw her head back and almost yelled "Ohmigawd, YESSSSSSS! That feels SO fucking good. Oh, honey, I think I'll just die happy now!" Then she lay down on Gene's chest and let us have our way with her. As I pushed in, it shoved her up and off of Gene's cock; when I pulled out while holding onto her hips, it pulled her back onto his cock. Back and forth we went Linda busied herself by pinching and pulling on Denise's nipples and kissing Gene. I could feel Gene's spear rubbing up and down the length of my own almost as if the thin layer of flesh between our tools did not exist.

Although it was a little awkward working around Gene's legs and my own legs grew tired earlier than I wanted, I kept at it until Denise had hissed "I'm cumming! I'M CUMMING!" through three separate and distinct orgasms. I felt Gene pump his sperm into my wife's pussy before me and then I picked up the pace, slamming my cock as deep into Denise's ass as I could go before backing out and doing it again. Finally my balls contracted and spewed my cum into her bowels.

Linda disappeared for a few moments and came back with washcloths for all of us to clean up. I was spent and was grateful when she voluntarily washed my cock very thoroughly. For the next half hour, we lay in a tangle of arms and legs and bodies, everyone touching everyone else somewhere, and talked while Gene and I recovered. It didn't hurt my feelings that Linda absentmindedly fondled my balls and I noticed that Denise was doing the same thing for Gene.

We were both sporting new throbbing erections when Linda jumped up and said "My turn!" She pushed me onto my back about the middle of the bed and straddled me, lowering herself until she was impaled on my penis. She rocked back and forth and around in little circles for about a minute before she nodded at Gene and said "You're up, soldier." I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving Gene room to operate. He pierced his wife's freshly lubed anus in one steady push and released a long sigh of satisfaction as he settled down, balls deep in her ass.

We had barely gotten started when Denise slid up to me and planted a long wet kiss on my lips. When she broke it, she put her arms around me and whispered "I'm SO glad we decided to do this, honey." Damn, so was I! As good as our own sex life had been, this was the most fan-FUCKING-tastic sex I'd ever had, bar none.

By the time each of the three partners was satisfied this time around, it was already a couple of hours into the morning and everyone was feeling tired. We discussed sleeping arrangements and the possibility of husband and opposite wife sharing a bed for the night but then Denise reminded us of our agreement to all be in the same room when anything happened, just to prevent jealousy.

We talked about husband and wife sleeping together as normal and were leaning toward that, even though everyone thought it would be a waste of an opportunity. Then Linda said that the king-size bed was big enough for sex for the four of us and must be big enough for all four of us to sleep in. That sounded like the best idea and we snuggled down for the night, me and Gene on the outsides, Linda next to me and Denise by Gene.

Laying on my side I worked my legs so that I was perpendicular to Linda, her near leg over my body and her far leg between mine. That put my newest erection at her pussy and she made sure that it found the target. I was soon laying with my cock deep in her sweet cunt. Denise was laying on her stomach with her face and Linda's together. I could see their tongues exploring the other's mouth. I couldn't tell what Gene had done but he was somewhat contorted while the smile on his face said that his cock was in a nice warm place, I'm sure somehow buried in my wife's pussy.

My position was just too luscious to waste on a slam-bam-thank-you-ma'am fuck so I just rocked my bottom to give a little movement in Linda's plush pussy. I have no idea how long I was inside her but it seemed like hours. Every so often I would massage her clitty until she would have a mini-orgasm. It seemed to me that I was the only one still moving by the time my balls spit my last load of the day into Linda's pussy. I was already drifting off to dreamland as my cock slowly deflated and began the inevitable slide out of her twat.

Continued in Change is Good Ch 3

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