tagMind ControlChanged Ch. 03

Changed Ch. 03


This is the continuation of the "Changed" story, I recommend that you read chapter One and Two first. This is a work of fiction and all the characters and events are fictional. If you are under the age of 18 or are in an area that prohibits erotic fiction then leave now. This story depicts lesbian sex and mind control, if that's not your thing then leave now. You've been warned...

I woke up the next morning before Julia and sneaked quietly into the bathroom so as not to wake her. I looked back at her as I closed the door. She was lying on her side facing away from me and the only thing covering her was a sheet over her legs and bottom. Her perfectly toned and tanned back was exposed to me. She was so beautiful it made my heart ache.

I quickly closed the door and turned on the shower, not now, I told myself, later... later. The room warmed up as it filled with steam and I stepped under the hot water. It felt good on my tired muscles. I hadn't realized how sore I could get just having sex. I must be more out of shape than I thought. I thought with something like envy that Julia probably wasn't sore, she worked out for at least an hour a day to keep herself looking firm and toned. The thought of her tight little body made my pulse quicken and I felt myself getting aroused again.

Stop it! I mentally yelled at my self. Think about something else, like what to do about my new body. It's not like people wouldn't notice that I went from plane Jane to swimsuit model overnight. Well I guess at work I could wear my hair up for a while now that it was a foot longer than before. The color change wouldn't matter, they would just assume I colored it, I had done that before. I could wear baggy clothes for a few weeks, maybe a month or two and slowly transition into more normal things, sexy things. People would just assume that I was dieting or exercising or something. But Julia would certainly notice, I couldn't hide it from her. How would I tell her?

After considering my alternatives, I decided to play it straight with Julia. I would tell her that I found a magic ring and that it let me control women's minds and bodies. I would let her know that's how her hair grew, why her tongue was so much longer and why she was now bald between her legs. I would also tell her that was how I had changed myself.

I wouldn't tell her that I had made her into my lesbian nymphomaniac lover. I figured that she didn't need to know that.

She probably wouldn't believe me but I could use the ring to influence her thoughts and make her believe in my new powers, and to like them. In fact, I would use the ring to make her love the idea of me controlling other women. When I was done with her mind she would want me to get beautiful women for us to share!

I had a mental image of Julia and I walking around the mall looking for a couple of tight young college girls. She could pick them out and I would make them walk over to us and start flirting, trying to seduce us, even if they weren't lesbians. They would come home with us and Julia and I could share them all night long.

I was getting so turned on just thinking about making Julia want me to get other women for us that without even noticing at first my hand wandered to my crotch and I started to finger my slit.

The foreign feel of my newly hairless pussy brought me back to reality. It felt so different than it used to, but it actually felt better, kind of naughty. A soft moan escaped my lips as I pushed my middle finger up inside. I reached my other hand up and cupped one of my new breasts. It felt huge and heavy in my hand, so different from just yesterday. I figured I had gone up at least two full cup sizes, maybe three.

The hot water pounded on my back as I sank to my knees and started to seriously get on with it. The tip of my finger found my clit and started making gentle little circles. Waves of pleasure flowed through me and I moaned louder. My other hand found my very hard nipple and started to pull and twist, driving me even higher.

In what seemed to be only seconds my first orgasm struck with a speed and force that shocked me. I rocked back and forth on my knees as the passion coursed through my veins. I pushed two fingers up into my pussy and the pleasure surged upward again. I bit my lip so I wouldn't wake up Julia, but little squeaks and grunts filled the shower stall, I just couldn't keep them all in, it was so intense.

I continued playing with myself for several more minutes and several more orgasms until I decided that was enough for now. I didn't want to spend all of my energy first thing in the morning, it was going to be a long day!

I lay down in the shower stall for several minutes, letting the hot water wash over me and trying to calm my racing heart. This new sex drive was going to take some getting used to. I had never had an orgasm that fast by playing with myself, actually I hardly ever played with myself, it never really satisfied me before. But now, well, that had certainly been very satisfying! Five orgasms in just a few minutes, I had never done that before the ring. The ring had changed me. It had allowed me to have more orgasms than I could count on the two occasions I'd had sex, both with Julia, since I had put the ring on. Before the ring sex had never been as fulfilling as it was now.

With the best male lover I had ever been with, the most climaxes I had was four in one night, and at the time I thought that had been incredible! Then my first time with Julia I had cum at least eight or ten times in less than an hour. Then yesterday had been just as good. We didn't play for as long so I hadn't had as many climaxes but the ones I had seemed to be more powerful and last longer. It was as if my body was still being changed by the ring, like my sex drive was still gearing up. I wondered how much higher it could go. The thought made my heart race again.

I had to stop thinking about sex! Standing up I started washing myself up. I marveled at how long and full my hair seemed now, it didn't even feel real to me, it was so strange, like I was washing someone else's hair. I finished washing up, got out and dried up. I admired my new body again in the full length mirror behind the door, did I look sexy or what!

Stepping out of the bathroom I saw Julia sitting naked on the edge of the bed, she must have just woke up, her hair was tousled and she still looked a little groggy. She smiled when she saw me but her eyes quickly went wide as they trailed down my new body, she looked up into my eyes, confused and a little scared.

"What happened to you? You look so different, so... so... sexy! How did you do that?!" Her eyes were still very wide ad she scooted back on the mattress a little.

OK, here goes, I thought to myself. "Calm down and I'll explain everything to you." I pushed on her mind to be calm.

She took a deep breath and sat back, her alarm disappeared immediately. She looked at me waiting for me to explain.

"Friday I found a ring when I was up on a jobsite in Maine. When I put the ring on it turned out to be a magical ring. A woman, a sorcerer named Marcellene, is bonded to the ring, her soul is trapped in it. This woman in the ring gave me the power to control women, all women, completely." I explained as calmly as I could. That was a pretty distilled down version of the story but I figured it would do for now, I could always tell her more later.

"What do you mean 'control', how do you control women? Any woman? Are you controlling me?" she asked with maybe a little bit of worry in her tone.

I pushed on her mind to be calm and accepting about it then I continued, "It allows me to control any woman's mind completely. I can make her do anything I want, think anything I want, anything at all. I can also change her body in any way at all, into any shape I want, well, within limits I guess."

She still appeared calm and now looked on with interest so I decided to take it to the next step. I pushed harder on her mind, pushed her past acceptance, past liking the idea on into loving the idea of controlling women. Her eyes immediately went wide with a fresh surge of excitement. I saw lust flare in her beautiful dark eyes and wondered for a moment if I might have gone a little too far.

"Does that mean you can just walk up to any woman and make her strip on the spot? Could you do that? Can you just make any woman have sex with you?!" She was leaning towards me and her words came out in a rush as her excitement grew.

"Yes, I can make any woman do anything." I said simply. "Does that give you any ideas?"

"The redhead." She said, obviously thinking that was explanation enough.

"What? Who do you mean? You mean the new girl down the row?" I asked, figuring the answer.

"Of course! She is really hot, and she has a twin sister, a TWIN! Can you imagine how kinky it would be to have lovers who were twins? Ooohhh, I'm getting so wet just thinking about it!" She leaned back on the bed and started to play with her cunt, stroking it with long slow motions. "Wait a minute!" She said sitting up, "What about your new body? That long hair, those huge tits, and that killer ass. How did you do that! You can change yourself too?"

"I can change any woman. How do you think your tongue got so long, and your hair. And remember how you don't have any hair on that tasty little snatch anymore? I changed you!" It last I said with a little smirk.

"You changed me? I don't remember that!" She said, her hand still working between her legs.

"I made you accept it and like it." I said simply.

"That is soooooo cool! I don't remember it at all! It really does work, oh, I'm so hot just thinking about it! Can you imagine what we could do!" She laid back down and spread her legs wide, showing me her bald cunt, she was soaking wet. "This is making me so hot, come over here and help me, I need you, please! Make love to me!"

Already very turned on, I was more than ready to help out my friend. I crawled onto the bed, in between her legs and gave her a gentle kiss on the hand that was working away there. She slid her middle finger out of her pussy and rubbed her juice on my lips. I opened my mouth and eagerly sucked the juice from her slender finger, she tasted divine. She tasted even better to me than the first time I had licked her.

The taste of her juice made my need flare up even more and I buried my face in her. I slid my tongue into her and twirled it around, savoring her taste. She started moaning loudly and bucking her hips, rubbing herself my face. My hands wrapped under her legs and I grabbed a hold of the tops of her hips to keep from getting thrown off.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and holding it with my lips, began to rapidly flick the tip of it with my tongue.

"Oh, too much... too much... AAAAHHHH!!!!" She screamed as she came in a intense rush. She was bucking wildly as she came and I could barely hold on but I still managed to push on her mind to keep her cumming. She kept arching her back, lifting her ass off the bed trying desperately to fuck my face. As her pussy continued to spasm with pleasure, her hot, sweet nectar flowed out and I licked up every drop I could.

After about ten minutes I figured she was about to pass out so I let go of her clit and made her stop cumming. She collapsed on the bed and just lay there panting and moaning softly.

"That was incredible" she said softly. "Now it's your turn." She gave me a wicked grin, "Come sit on my face, I want to taste you."

Sitting up I first bent down to give her a kiss. She eagerly kissed me, then licked all of her pussy juice off my face. "Mmmmm, my pussy tastes so good, I know yours will be even better! Now sit on me so I can fuck you with my tongue!"

I got up, and facing her I spread my legs, lowering myself onto her mouth. I looked down and my breath caught in my throat with the look of unbridled lust in her eyes. Her hands grabbed my ass and her lips found my clit, just as I had done to her. She sucked my clit and flicked the tip of it with her tongue. My head fell back and I moaned. "Ooooh,, Julia, you little nymph! Oh, you're so good! Ooooohhhhh!!!" My head rolled forward and I opened my eyes. She was looking directly at me, our eyes locked and I could see the devilish smile in her eye. Then I felt her long tongue slide into me, the tongue I had given her when we had first had sex. She slid it slowly into me, gently licking my most intimate places, working deeper and deeper. When she was all the way in she twirled it around a little then slowly drew it out, still tickling my sensitive places till she was almost out. Then she started back in again, repeating the process.

After two round trips I couldn't hold out any longer, I exploded. My hands shot up and clutched my breasts, fingers pulling hard on my stiff nipples. Wave after wave of fire burned through me as I came. I started grinding against her face as I lost all control, desperate for more pleasure. Julia continued her slow, sensual tongue fucking on my cunt as I came again and again.

I looked down at her again as I rode her face. Her beautiful face was covered with my juice, her dark, slanted eyes were still open, watching my every move, but there was a fire in her as well. Looking behind me I could see that her fingers were working furiously between her legs, she was about to cum again! This girl was insatiable!

Seeing the lust in her eyes and her fingers between her legs sent me over the top again. As I started to climax I pushed on her mind to make her cum with me.

We climaxed together, out cries of pleasure filled the room. He screams were muffled by my pussy but they were still music to my ears. I continued to ride her face as the last waves of pleasure slowly subsided. I climbed off Julia and lay down next to her. She turned towards me and kissed me tenderly and I tasted my juices on her lips. We kissed for a few minutes and I finally stopped and rested my head on her chest, nuzzling her firm breasts.

After a few minutes Julia spoke, "Well I need a shower and I think you need another one, care to join me?"

We went into the shower together and washed each other very thoroughly. The feel of Julia's soapy hands rubbing all over me got me going again but I resisted the urge. We could have more fun later but not just yet. I needed to rest for a few minutes and I was also starving. Julia finished washing me up and I washed her up. I savored the feel of her smooth skin as my soapy hands slid over her. She let out a little moan as I slid a soapy finger between the lips of her cunt for a few short strokes.

We got out, got dressed and had breakfasts together. While we ate we discussed what we were going to do today.

"Well, I have to go to work today. In fact I have to leave in a few minutes." Julia informed me, she didn't seem very happy about it. "But we close at 6 o'clock tonight so I should be home by seven or so. Do you think you can round up some... entertainment, for tonight?"

"What sort of entertainment did you have in mind?" I asked, knowing full well what she wanted.

"Oh, I don't know... maybe, oh... " she looked at me out of the corner of her eye and smirked, "the redhead?"

A surge of excitement ran up my spine at the look she gave me. Lust, pure lust, I had created a monster... a sex monster... a lesbian sex monster.

"I'll see what I can do. Now you had better get ready for work. We don't need you getting fired. I don't feel like paying all of the mortgage my self every month and you're to cute to throw out on the street, now scoot!"

Julia got ready for work and with one last lingering kiss was off. I had the whole day to myself, what to do, what to do. It wasn't a very hard decision.

I looked down at myself, I was dressed pretty sexy. Tight short shorts, and a skimpy tank top. Actually most of my tops looked a bit tight and skimpy with my new boobs. I would have to go shopping soon, but not now.

I went out the front door and down five doors to the redheads condo. It occurred to me that I wanted to seduce this girl and I didn't even know her name. I walked up the steps and was just about to knock when I noticed a package on the steps. It was an overnight mail envelope and it was addressed to Miss. Alissa West. Well, now I had a name. It was from someone in Boston, MA named A. Beston. Nothing else interesting about it and I was just about to put it down when an idea occurred to me. I stepped up to the door and knocked.

After a minute or two I was movement behind the frosted glass, the door opened a few inches and the redhead looked out.

"Can I help you?" she asked with a quizzical look on her face.

She was as pretty in person as she had looked from across the yard. She had long, straight red hair, a pretty face with lots of freckles and green eyes. I couldn't see much else behind the door but it looked like she didn't have anything on except a towel. Must have just gotten out of the shower and been doing her hair or something. Her hair did look just a bit damp.

"You can if you're Alissa. I think I got a letter that was meant for you." I said holding up the big envelope.

She looked down at the envelope and smiled "Oh, thank you! Yes I am Alissa, Alissa West. I just moved in and I suppose the postman doesn't know my name yet." As she said this she opened the door wider and I got a better view of her. She was quite stunning even in a towel. She was a couple of inches taller than me, maybe five-eight or so, big breasted, flat stomach, curvy hips, long legs...quite sexy.

"Well, I figured it was a good excuse to meet you anyway. I'll have to thank the postman for introducing us." The joke was pathetic but she laughed politely anyway.

After a moment of awkward silence she spoke, "Yes, well, thank you again, I actually have to go in a few minutes, I have to meet a client."

"On a Sunday? That doesn't sound like much fun. What's so important that it wont wait till Monday?" I gave her a little push to trust me and want to keep talking to me.

"I work for a modeling agency and sometimes weekends are the only times I can meet certain clients. It sucks, but it's the job."

Modeling agency... hmmm, that had potential. "It's a shame you have to go. I had hoped to get to know you better. I know, how about you come over for dinner tonight. Julia, she's my roommate, gets home about seven. We weren't going to do much tonight, probably just pizza and watch a DVD or something but why don't you stop by. " I gave her a big push to be eager to get to know me and Julia better.

"That sounds great! I just moved into town and don't really know anyone. I'll be nice to have someone to hang out with. I'll see you at seven." She gave me a little smile and closed the door.

Well, that wasn't quite what I had wanted but it should work out well anyway, I thought to myself as I walked back to my condo.

She is quite beautiful. Very different from Julia, but still beautiful. Are you planning to take her tonight? The soft, feminine voice of Marcellene asked into my thoughts as I entered my front door and closed it.

"I was wondering when you would show up. Where have you been? I haven't heard from you all day." I asked to the empty room. It still seemed strange to be talking to no one and even stranger to have that no one talk back.

Marcellene was my new permanent companion. Her spirit was bonded to the ring on my thumb about 5000 years ago in a magical accident of her making. I had gained her power and the power of the ring when I put it on by mistake. The ring gave me the power to change women into whatever I wanted them to be but it had also changed me. I had become addicted to sex, specifically, sex with women.

Marcellene could talk to me in my mind and while no one else could hear her, I could talk back to her. She could also see through my eyes and feel everything I felt.

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