tagMind ControlChanged Redux Pt. 02

Changed Redux Pt. 02


Authors Note:

This story depicts graphic lesbian sex and mind control. All characters are fictional and are depicted as being over the age of 21.

This is the continuation of the Changed Redux series. This is a redo of the Changed series I wrote years ago under a different pen name. It is not a slavish copy but rather a reimagining of the series with more depth and a few different twists and turns.

Please remember that I, like all the authors on this site do this in our free time solely for your enjoyment and that we are not professional writers. Our only reward is the feedback and votes we get from you, our loyal readers.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has read, voted and especially taken time to leave feedback on my previous works. Your continued support means to world to me.

Having said all that, I hope you will enjoy my words.


Part One ~ A Whole New Roommate

Fresh, clean morning sunlight streamed through the open window shades and flooded into the living room. The light was bright enough to make it's way through Mary Calise's closed eyelids and it slowly prodded her back into the world of the living. Groaning and stretching, she eventually regained some semblance of consciousness and her eyes fluttered open. She was lying on the floor of the living room completely naked with an equally naked Julia snuggled up next to her. The petite, raven haired girl's head was resting comfortably on Mary's shoulder as she slept peacefully. Mary looked down at her and smiled recalling how amazing last night had been with this woman.

Her eyes wandered down the small woman's body, over the luscious swell of her curvaceous backside. Mary still marveled at the new and amazing powers she had acquired since putting on the enchanted ring last night. She recalled with a little flush of excitement how she had changed Julia's slim, girlish body into the wickedly curvy, heavily breasted and thick hipped beauty in her arms. She was equally amazed at how much the look and feel of the woman lying with her now excited her in ways it never had before.

Never before putting on the ring had Mary ever had any real interest in her own sex. But since slipping the ring on and subsequently bonding with the magical presence that resided withing it, she was now finding she had a whole new outlook on life.

"I guess I'm a lesbian now." She said to no one in particular.

"Are you now? That was quick. One roll in the hay with that pretty young thing and suddenly you're a lesbian?" A voice echoed in her head, sounding very wry to Mary's ear despite the exotic accent.

"Marcellene?" Mary asked the air. "Is that you?"

Marcellene was the Sorcerer Priestess that was trapped in the ring by the magic and had subsequently been bonded to Mary when she put the ring on. The woman was thousands of years old and had served many, many masters over the centuries. However, in all those long years, Mary was the first woman she had ever served.

"Do you have any other voices inside your head I should know about?"

Mary pictured in her mind the image of the woman from her dream. Tall and dark haired with dark eyes and dusky skin. She was a very beautiful woman, or at least she had been six thousand or so years ago before she was destroyed by her own spell and bonded to the ring now stuck on Mary's thumb.

"No." Mary said quietly, not wanting to wake Julia. "Not unless you brought some more with you."

"At times, I've wished there was someone else in here with me. It would have given me someone to pass all the long boring centuries with. But sadly, you have just me, my Mistress."

Mary's sex twitched and sent a little thrill up her spine at the word "Mistress" on another woman's lips. Being called that was something new for her and she was a little disturbed to find how much she enjoyed it. She was almost certain it wasn't something she had ever liked or even fantasized about before. Not that she had ever really had any opportunities before, she admitted to herself. Pretty much all her previous boyfriends had been the controlling, overbearing type and wouldn't have allowed her to indulge in dominance even if she had wanted to. She wondered if this new development was a result of something being done to her by the ring or if it was just something deep in her psyche that was only now coming to the surface. A little disturbed by both of those options for different reasons and not wanting to really dwell on it at the moment, she asked, "Where have you been? I was beginning to think I had just imagined you this whole time."

"My apologies Mistress. I was exhausted by the Bonding and then also bringing you into my world for a time. The Bonding requires and immense amount of energy and I have been so long without a host that it drained me utterly. While you were sleeping I was finally able to regain some of my energies from you."

"You get your energy from me?"

"Yes Mistress. I, or more appropriately, the ring draws it's energy from it's host. Do not fear, the energy used is such a tiny amount that you will never feel it most of the time." Marcellene replied. "Only if you attempted a monumental transformation, turning someone into a dragon or some such nonsense, would the energy drain be significant."

"Oh, ok." Mary replied before her brain actually caught what Marcellene had said. "Wait, a dragon? I could transform someone onto a dragon?"

"Yes, I suspect you can. From what I saw of your manipulations of this girl you're with, I can see that the magic has manifested in you differently than it has in any of the male hosts that have wielded this ring in the past. You have gained a power far more powerful than they ever did. You have the power not only to manipulate minds, but also bodies. That power was an element of the original spell that I was trying to weave but it was not an ability bestowed upon any previous ring bearer. I had thought that power was lost when the spell failed and I was destroyed but it appears not. That power was only awaiting the correct host... you."

"Me? Why?"

"Truthfully, I do not know, but the most likely reason is that you are female. It is also possible that you already have some innate magical ability that has to this point been untapped, or perhaps it is some other reason entirely. Without more knowledge, I cannot tell. Perhaps we will learn more with time." The sorceress answered. "For the moment, the why does not really matter. It only matters that you have this immense power and that you learn to control it properly. This kind of power is dangerous in the extreme. Any undisciplined thought can have to power to destroy. An instant of rage could easily kill. You must be very careful with your thoughts and only use the power sparingly."

Mary looked down at the small woman sleeping so peacefully in her arms. "Will Julia be ok? I didn't hurt her, did I? I didn't really know what I was doing when I did these things."

She heard Marcellene scoff, "She will be fine. Probably much better than fine with the changes you made to her. With how you enhanced her sexuality, you will be lucky if you can keep up with her needs now. No, what you did to this girl is nothing, a mere pittance compared to what this power can really do."

Mary looked down at her friend again, at the lush new curves of her small body. Changes like she had made in Julia would normally take hundreds of hours in a gym and tens of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery. Without even really trying, Mary had made those changes in a few seconds. It was incredible. "A pittance?"

"Yes. Small physical changes are nothing. Even implanting small thoughts or commands are nothing. Like what you did with this lovely girl earlier, making her sing to you. This is nothing." Marcellene paused for emphasis and when she continued her tone was darker, "But changing an individual's personality," her voice became still more serious, "their emotions, thoughts, memories, this is more of a change. When you begin to tamper with the mind, you begin to truly change who that person is. Their personality, their dreams, their memories, everything that makes them who they are. This is where the real power resides and where you must be careful, especially with those you care for. When you make a physical change to a person you can easily change it back. Bigger breasts, smaller breasts. Taller, shorter. Easy. But changes to the mind are not so easily reversed. Remember that."

Mary's stomach started feeling a little hollow at the potential dangers that the ring held. Looking down at Julia and thinking about how she could easily damaged her in some way without even meaning to another thought occurred to her, "OK, different question, so because of the magic, nobody that I change even realizes that a change has been made, right?"


"So, should I tell Julia about this? I don't really feel right about changing her and not telling her. We've know each other for so long. I don't think I should keep this from her."

"That is up to you Mistress. I would caution you about allowing the knowledge of the ring spread to far. It is immensely powerful and many people would covet that power." She paused then asked, "Do you trust this woman?"

Mary looked down at the young woman sleeping snuggled up beside her. She had known Julia for five years now and they had been best friends for much of that time. Mary had always had a strong feeling of connection with Julia but never before had it been a desire to become something more, to become lovers. Mary had actually never had any real feelings for her own sex before yesterday. But now, it was as if some switch deep in her mind had been flipped and everything had changed. She could no longer picture herself with a man of any kind, her desires were now wholly centered on women. Just the idea of being with a man made her shudder uncomfortably. Thinking about her new outlook actually made her feel a bit confused. She knew that she had different feelings in the past but thinking back, couldn't really recall what they had felt like. Shaking her head a little, she pushed that line of thinking from her mind for the time being.

Julia rolled over in her sleep and Mary looked down fondly at the beautiful, dark haired young woman. With all the changes that had been made to her, Mary had suddenly come to a new realization, that she now loved Julia in a whole new way. Gone was the best friend, sisterly bond with this beautiful young woman. It had morphed into something deeper and far more powerful. Now in addition to that bond of friendship she also felt an intense connection, both emotional and physical, that had never been there before. She gently stroked Julia's raven black hair and said softly, "Yes. I'd trust her with anything."

"Then I will leave the decision to you."

Julia stirred in her arms again, probably awakened by the fingers running through her hair. She sat up and looked at Mary groggily then smiled. "Good morning." she mumbled.

Even with smudged, day old makeup and her hair completely askew, Mary felt her heart skip a beat at how lovely this woman looked. How did I never notice how beautiful she was? Mary thought to herself. She leaned down and gave Julia a kiss on the lips, enjoying how soft they were, "Good morning Beautiful."

Julia accepted the kiss and even pushed in, making it last a little longer before sitting back. "I was hoping you would still be with me when I woke up. Last night was so amazing. I was a little worried that it was just a dream."

Laughing a little, Mary said, "Well it kind of felt like it." She ran her hand over Julia's backside, "You were incredible."

Blushing, Julia smirked, "I try." Trailing a hand down to Mary's breast, she lightly stroked the nipple for a few moments before pinching it gently, making Mary's breath catch in her throat. "And of course it helps to have such a wonderful partner." She gave the nipple a little rolling twist, making Mary shudder. "And you weren't to bad yourself."

Feeling her passions reigniting under Julia's expert touch, Mary said huskily, "What do you think you're doing? Didn't you get enough of me last night?" Julia looked up into Mary's eyes and the raging lust she saw kindle in those dark, ebony pools almost made her gush on the spot. She moaned and whispered, "Dear Goddess, you're so beautiful."

Julia smiled wickedly, "Glad you finally noticed." She bent down and wrapped her soft lips around Mary's hard nipple, sucking it deep into her hot, wet mouth. Her tongue rolled the stiff, sensitive skin around in a slow, steady rhythm for a few minutes while Mary squirmed. Eventually, Julia let the nub go with a wet little pop and kissed her way over to it's twin. She kissed it softly before looking up at Mary. "Would you like me to suck on it?" She cooed, teasingly.

"Mmmm.... she's good." Marcellene moaned into Mary's thoughts.

The sound of her exotically accented voice in her head sent a bolt of pleasure straight up Mary's spine and she gasped, "Yesss."

"If you insist." Julia said before giving the hard nipple a quick suckling kiss. She looked up into Mary's eyes as she sucked on the nub. Holding the eye contact, she moaned into the sensitive skin.

Her eyes held captive by the heat in Julia's smoldering gaze, Mary wondered distantly if Julia had always been this sexy or if her enhancements to the petite girl's sexual responses had done this. Julia moaned again, louder this time and Mary could feel her nipple vibrate with her lovers hot mouth."Oooooh." Mary moaned again. "So good."

Julia released the nipple and stretched up so they could kiss again. Her tongue sliding easily into Mary's eager mouth. Their tongues danced for several minutes while Julia's hands wandered over Mary's body. Starting at her breasts and working their way steadily downward till they reached her thighs.

Mary was almost delirious with need by this point. Julia's lips on her nipples, her tongue in her mouth and her hands all over her body sent Mary's passions rampaging around inside her to the point where she was already on the verge of climax. At the touch of Julia's hands on the inside of her thighs, Mary's legs parted of their own volition, opening up for her lover. The cool air on her soaking wet pussy sent a shiver through her and she gasped.

Julia backed off a bit and sat up, smiling down at Mary, "You're pretty eager to spread your legs for me." She teased, "What is it you want?" She purred.

Her voice thick with passion, Mary said, "You."

"Oh, I know you want me. I can see that." She ran a finger lightly over the tuft of soft brown hair over Mary's mount, making her moan loudly. "But what do you want me to do?" She bent back down and whispered in Mary's ear. "I'll do anything for you."

In her head, Mary heard Marcellene moaning loudly, "Oh, dear Goddess, what did you do to this girl? She's so wanton." She moaned again into Mary's thoughts. The sound of the sorceress enjoying the sensations as much as she did added fuel to Mary's already raging internal fire.

Mary didn't know if the changes she had made to Julia had supercharged her sex drive or if maybe she was like this just because she had wanted Mary for so long. Whatever the reason, she just hoped Julia would always be ready for hot sex like this, lascivious and wanton, just as Marcellene had said. Yes, Julia, always be this sexy and this ready for sex. Always this ready to serve me.

The air shimmered.

"Oh no..." she started to say but was distracted at that instant by her lover.

Julia took one of Mary's breasts in her hand and started to knead the firm mound as she kissed the side of Mary's neck. She whispered again even more lustily, "Your Pet will do anything at all you want." She kissed her ear, "All your Pet wants to do, is to please you."

Her Pet. That was what Mary had called her last night. Mary couldn't believe how incredibly sexy and erotic that simple word sounded coming off Julia's lips. Without thinking Mary moaned, "Lick me, my Pet. Lick me. I need... your tongue.... in... in me."

Julia sat back up a little and looking deep into Mary's eyes said, "Anything for you, my Mistress." Sliding sensuously down, Julia positioned herself between Mary's thighs. Gently, she pushed Mary's knees wide apart, exposing her completely. Within just a couple minutes of the first touch of the beautiful, raven haired girl's tongue on her clitoris, Mary came.

Rapture exploded in Mary's head as the climax she had been holding back the whole time finally broke free of her restraint. A cry of primal lust was torn from her lungs and her sex convulsed in a paroxysm of sheer bliss.

In her head, she heard Marcellene's cries of ecstasy echoing her own and it drove her passions to an even greater height. She imagined the exotic, dusky skinned sorceress writhing in about in rapture, one hand fondling her breasts while the fingers of her other hand plunged deep into her needy sex. The image sent Mary over the edge for a second time and with another cry of pure bliss.

Not wanting to stop yet, Julia wrapped her arms around Mary's thighs and using them as leverage, pushed her tongue in deeper. Mary felt Julia probing farther into her sex, seeking out her most intimate places and she shuddered with each wave of pleasure that washed through her as the girl's tongue moved inside her. Wanting more, needing more, Mary thought, I wish her tongue could go deeper!

The air shimmered.

Before Mary even realized what she had done she felt Julia's tongue slipping deeper into her throbbing sex. Farther and farther it slid into her, filling her depths, reaching impossibly far down into her core. The sensation was exquisitely erotic and with a shriek, yet another fabulously intense orgasm ripped through Mary's body. She felt the powerful muscles of her sex contract around Julia's invading tongue and try to drag her in even deeper. Another spasm rippled up the walls of her sex and she felt wetness flooding from her, soaking Julia's face and running down over her own ass.

Marcellene's voice was moaning an crying deliriously in her head as together they came over and over, utterly under the control of Julia's nimble tongue. Opening her eyes, Mary looked down to see Julia's beautiful face between her thighs staring up at her. Their gaze locked again for an instant before the dark haired girl's eyes rolled up as her own climax took her. But even as the girl's own orgasm raged, Julia's tongue continued to plunged in and out of Mary's pussy. The sight of Julia in rapture between her thighs sent Mary over the edge and with a dwindling cry she came one last time. Her muscles turned to quivering jelly as searing ecstasy flowed through her veins, overloading her senses and her mind. With a whimpering groan, she collapsed, totally spent.

* * *

Mary awoke with a shuddering groan as bliss saturated her entire body. Groggy an confused, she moaned as her body reacted of it's own accord. Her hands went to her breasts and fondled the sensitive mounds as her legs squeezed hard around something between her thighs. Her moaning turned to a cry as a long, rolling climax surged through her still groggy mind and body. Her back arched and she clutched at her breasts as her body rode the waves of rapture.

After a few minutes her body came down from her climax and she lay panting on the floor. She felt lips pressing against hers and a tongue pushed into her mouth. The tongue was long and thick and tasted of her own sex. She found she liked the taste and eagerly opened her mouth to accept the kiss. Her mind distantly recognized that it was Julia kissing her but it felt so strange. Mary opened her eyes and saw that Julia was staring at her, a look of amused passion in her eyes.

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