tagMind ControlChanges Ch. 02

Changes Ch. 02


She lay on the cot of her cell knowing that she would be there until he was caught, she watched the spider making its web in the corner to catch its victim. Just like the doctor, she thought to herself. She was becoming restless being here for a week when she remembered back to the first session when it all began. . .

Marcy walked into his office dressed in a lavender sun dress with just a pair of lavender thongs and white sneakers. He began the session by having her lie on the couch after drinking a glass of special juice to help her relax and she entered into a cloudy existence that felt so peaceful that she went into a black void, Carol opened her eyes as the doctor had inserted his cock into the young pussy of Marcy’s that seemed to be a subject of rape and now here was Carol who had been sleeping since Marcy’s father died four years ago under the doctor and he felt her body giving into him, his desire to fuck her was now a reality and her body was eating him up like a man eater and she gushed her juices all over his cock as he filled her pussy with cum and she has been out and living ever since.

She lay on her cot and could still smell his sexual scent he had about him, her hand ran under her blue jeans as she spread her legs as she needed to have sex, she was going crazy from being locked up for her own protection until they caught him. At least she had her own cell and was able to shower when the rest of the population was in bed. Her fingers slid around her wet pussy as she remembered how he made her hot, filled with lust and at the same time she hated him and everything he represented. She remembered those hours filled fuck sessions with him and how he held her tiny waist with his two hands guiding her up and down on his cock so slow.....so deep that she bit her bottom lip until blood trickled slowly down her chin and he would lap it up as he sucked the blood from her punctured lip. Her hips moved her pussy harder against her fingers until she tasted that familiar taste and pain from her biting her lip once again as her pussy gushed its thick sweet juicy liquids from her clit with each contraction that pushed her cum out onto her fingers.

She knew it was haldol that he used to brain wash them along with him hypnotizing them with ideas and the shock treatments on top of it he created more personalities then just the original two, he created his own personal slaves. She succumbed to sleep with the sounds of the guards boots clicking on the high gloss polished floor outside of the cells. A tear trickled down her face for she had come to love all the personalties as her family and knew their deaths would follow once treatment began, even hers. Jaime the three year old emerged scared and lonely wanting her mommy to come rescue her from the dark cell with the sickening smell of the jail that filled her nostrils.

*Please mommy, please come get Jaime....I be good mommy.* she cried rolled up into a ball on the cot with the thin blanket pulled up over her and clutching the pillow like it was her teddy bear.* Don’t worry Sam I will hide you if that mean man comes in our room.* she whispered as she drifted off to sleep.

He stood across from the jail planning how he would get inside to get her out of that cell, he wanted to fuck her once more before he slit her throat like a swine and tasted that sweet blood as it trickled from her neck. The thought made his cock begin to twitch as he thought of her in slow motion coming down slowly on his cock, hearing that soft moan of hers that excited him even more. In his own sick demented way he loved her and really hated that he would have to kill her to silence her forever. He saw the police officer coming towards him and when he was close enough the Doctor shot him full of haldol and then dragged him into the alley where he stripped his uniform and he himself put it on.

Her eyes opened as she recognized those foot steps coming down the hall to her cell, her heart pounded with almost excitement and at the same time fear for she knew he was going to kill her. He stood at the door slowly placing the key into the lock and slowly turned the knob, he slowly pushed the door open and his eyes went immediately to her empty cot.

To Be Continued. . .

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