Marcy felt as if she had just awoken from a blackness of the unknown, feeling them cuff her hands as she looked around the room seeing nothing but pools of blood around her, and blood all over her body. Tears ran down her face as she became very afraid and looked down at her feet.

"Let's go Marcy." The lady officer told her leading her toward the door.

Marcy was very quiet as she quickly searched out the dead bodies on the floor with their brains blown out of their heads from the gun the police removed from Marcy's hand when they arrived as she was standing over the man she had just killed. What happened? She thought to herself. Marcy stared out the window of the squad car as they headed toward the station where she was booked for murder and placed into a cell by herself. Marcy was charged with killing her psychiatrist and his family in cold blood.

Marcy lay on the cot in her cell wearing a gray prison dress and paper slippers on her feet. The tear's streaked her face as she recalled the bloody bodies without any recollection as to what had taken place.

"What have you done Carol?" she asked herself feeling fear seeping into her soul.

Marcy was being treated for a split personality by her doctor that she is charged with murdering. She had just learned that she suffered from this identity disorder last month after her husband left her when he found her in bed with the gardener. She did not have any recollection of the affair just as she hadn't any recollection of the murder, Unaware that on the other side of town they had just discovered the other murder victim she left behind.

Marcy lay on the cot with tears running down her face, why, why did you kill our doctor? She kept repeating over in her mind hoping the personality that she had only heard of would answer her with an explanation. Marcy went into the dark room where she always went when she was scared, riding the giant rocking horse ever since she was a tiny child, she always heard laughter until the evil giggle tried to break her ear drums with its horrible screech that she just completely blacked out to escape from the evilness it projected to her and the other voices she could hear crying. She sat up smiling on her cot, taking in her surroundings and wanting a cigarette so bad she felt she was going crazy. She walked to the open door to her cell looking at all the other women who were sitting down stairs playing cards at the long brown tables.

"I need a fucking smoke!" she whispered under her breath looking around trying to figure out how to get it since smoking is prohibited in jail.

A large black female guard approached her smiling. " The Detectives want you." She told her seeing she was agitated.

Marcy was taken into Detective's Havarro and Lipkins office to be interrogated. " Sit down Marcy." He said pointing at the chair.

"Give me a smoke and I'll sit anywhere you want me too." She said twisting the end of long drab brown hair around her finger.

"Better get use to quitting you will be going away for a very long time Marcy." Detective Havarro told her smiling.

"Fuck you cop. I haven't done anything!" She said coolly with her green eyes shooting daggers out of them.

"We caught you with the gun in your hand." Lipkins said between gritted teeth with the visions of the bloodied family on the floor.

"No, you caught Marcy, he fucking killed them, not us." She said running both hands through her hair.

"You're not Marcy?" Lipkins asked looking at Havarro.

"No ass wipe I am Carol, and if you want any more info get me some smokes." She told them smiling so cocky at the detectives.

"Fuck!" Havarro said knowing, but she would not tell them anything without the cigarettes.

They took Marcy outside so she could smoke while she told them the story. She took a deep drag off of the cigarette as she sat feeling the wind against her face, blowing her long hair into the breeze.

"He began treating Christy five years ago, then he discovered us when they were at the cheap motel and I emerged while he was making her suck his cock by forcing her head down on into his lap. " She sucked Hard on another cigarette.

"He knew it wasn't her when I started to roll that sucker in my mouth and then licked the fucking head slowly with my tongue like this." She told them as she licked and sucked her finger tip.

"So he was having an affair with you?" Havarro asked.

"No he was raping the innocent ones just like their low life father did, and of course I would protect the innocent ones so they would not have to feel the fear any more." She said with tears building in her eyes.

"So who is he? Another Identity?" Lipkins asked her smoking one of her cigarettes.

"It's the doctor himself, fucking A he framed Marcy like he framed her for the missing necklace of his wives." She said looking Havarro in his eyes.

Havarro felt a chill run through his body, "How?" he asked feeling a sickness in his stomach.

Marcy smiled shaking her head." He got a street person, who matched his description, cleaned him up, had him work around the house so people would see him and think it was the doctor outside. Then he called Marcy and made her watch him killing those poor people, the little girls . . . she was so scared and begged her daddy not to hurt her."She said breaking down into tears covering her face with her hands.

Lipkins ordered a positive identification of the body knowing it was the doctor and she was trying to prove she was crazy. A few hours went by and the coroner confirmed the body they had was in deed that of Steven Drake a local vagrant. The detectives were floored. She had been telling the truth after all.

"Why did he not kill you?" Havarro asked her who was of Cuban decent, his hair white, with the bluest eyes as he could not believe how sinister this doctor was, now where was he?

"Because I called 911 while he was killing everyone, I didn't let Marcy out of the room until you guys were busting in the door and he went up in the crawl space of the attic." She said with tears in her eyes thinking of those three beautiful little girls killed by their own father.

"Where is he now?" Lipkins asked fearing his killing spree was not over rubbing his reddish gray hair, he was short and stocky build where Havarro was tall and thin.

He watched her cross the street to her apartment, rubbing his cock as he imagined those full lips sucking his cock until his cum oozed out of the corner of her mouth, he was breathing hard as he followed across the street and into her apartment building. He watched as she was drunk and fumbled with the keys and now he was behind her, his hand was on the back of her head forcing her face into the door and smashing her nose. They were inside the apartment now as the door flew open with her face making contact. He laughed as she fell on the floor, he slammed the door and now his cock was in his hand. She turned over seeing what his intentions were and before she could scream his cock was in her mouth as she feared for her life. He fulfilled his fantasy and blew out her brains and then disappeared into the night.

To Be Continued. . .

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