tagRomanceChanges in Latitudes: Valentines

Changes in Latitudes: Valentines


It has been a tough time since He was laid off the day after thanksgiving. We were fighting like cats and dogs lately, and I was beginning to wonder if we would make it to Valentines day. It seemed every piece of mail or phone call caused Him to want to run away from the world, and Me to end up in tears. At night we dreamed of an island paradise where it stayed a balmy 70 degrees, surrounded by water, like a Jimmy Buffet song. I knew something had to be done soon.

Valentines day was fast approaching, and I knew we wouldn't have much money, but I wanted to do something special for Him. Last year He had been so romantic, buying me clothes and taking me to dinner, and I wanted to do something special for Him. I thought about things for a few days and then finally hit on an idea. If I couldn't take him to the island, perhaps I could bring the island to Him. I began planning, and soon found that it might work well after all.

We have a spare room in our house, one that I use the closet in, or company uses if they stay overnight. I decided that I would turn it into a beach for Valentines day. I would use a wading pool for a little lagoon and cover a plastic tarp in sand. Just so you know, finding a wading pool in February isn't all that easy, and you get strange looks when you ask for one too. Though my friends can certainly come up with some interesting ideas for a pool. I might have to try them sometime. Though how anyone would make that much green jello, I don't know. I finally tracked one down by putting an ad in the local paper. It was just the right price too, free! Things were beginning to look as if they might work out after all.

A trip to wal-mart was next on my list. After all, they have most everything there. Except wading pools in February. I bought seashells and pebbles for my "beach" and sand toys to build castles with. Candles were on sale too, and I bought nearly 100 to light the room. Silk flowers that looked tropical added to my paradise, and even a stuffed parrot, which no Buffet fan should ever be without. The tarp was found in camping supplies, and I bought a Hawaiian looking bra and panties set and a pair of tropical look boxers for Him, all on clearance. They had a card too, that was an invitation to a valentines paradise, how apropos! And I bought chocolate letters that said I love U. I couldn't believe it! I got out of wal-mart for less than 40.00!

Sand I found at Lowes. It was 50 lbs for 2.97. It takes nearly 200 lbs to make a small beach, in case you ever want to know. And next door, at party city, I found a grass skirt, leis, a floral curtain, tiki masks, and a palm tree. I'd found everything on my list to decorate and I was ready to make my island. With the help of a friend, I was able to get him out of the house for a few hours. I would need to get everything arranged and a trip to the grocery before they returned.

The only thing I had left in the room was the futon and it was done up in white sheets decorated with bright suns. The tarp took up the remainder of the room. I set the pool in the middle and began lugging water to fill it. Once it was full, I added a little calgon to make it the blue that one only sees around the islands, and into the pool went plastic fish, floating floral candles, flowers, and for fun, a rubber duckie in a sailor suit. Careful with the candles, though, they won't burn if they get their wicks wet. I then began to pour the sand. I molded it to the sides of the pool so it looked like it was a lagoon in the sand. The palm tree went beside it, and my little oasis in the world was beginning to take shape. I scattered the pebbles and shells about and decorated the area with the tropical blooms. The parrot was set on the futon frame and candles went everywhere. Glow in the dark stars were stuck to the ceiling to give us a night sky, and the stereo was set up to give us an island song.

I ran to the grocery store across the street and picked up a pair of steamed lobster, they were buy one get one free, so were the shrimp cocktails, and a pair of small rib eye steaks. Hurrying home, I put the steaks on my little George foreman grill and hopped into the shower. The hot water flowing over my skin began to make me feel so horny. It had been quite awhile since we'd had sex. I slipped my fingers inside my slit as I washed in lavender soap. Moaning softly, I teased my clit till I was gasping in pleasure. The massaging showerhead pulsed against my pussy as I stroked myself moving my fingers deep into my tunnel. Crying out softly, I took myself over the edge, hoping for many more to come. I shaved my skin leaving it soft and smooth, knowing he liked a naked slit, and hurried out of the shower.

I dried my long blonde hair, leaving it loose around me. It hung nearly to the top of my ass. I pinned a silk orchid over one ear and then lightly applied my make-up. He hates it when women wear too much. I slid the new floral panties up over my legs, nearly purring at the feel of the cool smooth material against my naked flesh. The matching bra was more of a teaser than anything. It barely hid my nipples and presented my breasts to anyone looking. I turned about, looking into the mirror and smiled. It would definitely do. The grass skirt was fastened about my hips with a garland of flowers and a lei added the final touch.

Hurrying out, I finished dinner and laid it out on the futon like a picnic. I hurried to put the shorts I'd bought him in the bathroom and the invitation on the front door. I heard him pull up just as I closed the door behind me, and ran to the spare room locking the door behind me. I heard him come in and shuffle around looking for me. He didn't think to check the spare room. Once I heard the shower beginning to run, I opened the door and the cat ran in. Of course she went straight for the fish. I quickly ran her into the real bedroom and shut the door. I propped open the spare room door with a seashell and knelt beside the futon spread with food.

His eyes were wide as He entered and I patted the mattress beside Me. I poured him a margarita as he sat down and began to feed him cocktail shrimp one by one. Jimmy Buffet sang "changes of attitudes changes of latitudes", and we slipped into our own little world. Dinner was eaten feeding each other one bite at a time. Running our tongues along each others lips to wipe away a stray bit of butter. Then I changed the cd to Rod Stewart and danced a hula for Him to "Sometimes when we touch". As the song ended. I stripped away what little clothing I was wearing and "poured" him another margarita. I knelt in the sand with my thighs parted widely and ran his glass down over my skin whimpering softly as it pressed against my clit running the rim round in a circle.

Arching my back gently, I picked up the pitcher and poured the cool liquid over my breast catching it in my hand, then raising the handful to my lips, I drank it slowly, licking away the droplets with my tongue. I raised the pitcher once more and shivered with a soft moan as the cold green river poured down winding it's way from the hallow of my neck, down to lick it's way through the valley between my breasts and flow along my milky white belly to the shaven cleft between my thighs, tickling it's way between my shaven lips as I gasped licking over my clit and into the glass below. I knew it was full as it flowed over onto my creamy white thighs. I then raised the glass up along the path the liquid had taken and then with a finger dipped in the white crystals, added salt to the rim, holding it out for Him.

He set it aside and began licking the drink from my body laying me back into the sand. My body answered in pleasure as He covered every inch of it with his tongue. Then I became slightly frightened as his fingers took off the lei and began to bind my hands to the futon frame. My eyes he covered with the flowers from my waist. I was helpless and vulnerable to him. I cried out in pain and pleasure as I felt the kiss of the wax lapping down my skin. He painted me with the different colours feeling it burn so hot, then hardening tight. I cried out as the orgasm ripped through my body. Then he took me down and laid me tenderly on the sand. I felt the wax crack and break as he pressed against me sliding deep inside my dripping folds. I writhed in pleasure as he pounded into me over and over. Breathless as he went deeper with each thrust. It felt like an eternity as we spiraled together into the stars, then with a loud cry we came together. We both must have slept then, joined together that way upon the sand of the makeshift beach.

I awoke and moved gently, finding the bottle with my words of love inside. Setting it beside Him, as if it had drifted into his side by the sea of our lovemaking, I curled back into his arms, happy and content to be in our own little world a while longer.

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