Charlie's Law


She wasn't wearing a bra. Her naked breasts popped out over the fabric as it moved down. They were far larger than they had seemed when she was fully clothed. I bore down on her and kissed her again, my cock pressing hard between her legs as our tongues danced together. I drew a trail of soft, wet kisses over her chin and down her neck and chest, then began exploring the voluminous round curves of her breasts, taking each hard pink nipple into my mouth in turn - licking, sucking and biting them - each time rewarded by louder and louder moans from this deliciously curvaceous women writhing half-naked beneath me.

"Yes, Danny," she whispered. "Suck them. Suck my tits."

She grabbed my bum with both hands, gripping me almost painfully and pulling me so hard against her that I thought my hardness would rip through the straining fabric of trousers and dress and panties, and enter her right away. Then without warning she rolled over and shoved me off the seat.

My breath was knocked out of me as I hit the thickly-carpeted floor of the limo. Charlie landed on top of me - one knee on either side of my chest, pinning my arms down beneath her. Her naked breasts swung pendulously, mountainously above me. She looked into my eyes with a strange, distant expression which broke into a dark smile. The dress had ridden up almost to her waist. She pulled it up over her head and flung it away. She was straddled over my chest wearing nothing but a pair of lace-edged black panties.

She leant down, bringing her face close to mine. Her strong fingers gripped my head and her dark eyes held my gaze.

"You are now going to lick out my cunt," she said in a low, breathy voice. "Do you understand?"

I nodded, mute. A strange tingling jolted through my body as the crude sharpness of the word gathered a powerful eroticism in her soft, elegant diction. Without another word she shuffled forwards until she was kneeling right over my face, and pulled the thin strip of her knickers aside to reveal her most intimate parts to me.

I stared up, mesmerised, into the delicate pink folds of her glistening pussy. The hot, delicious and pheromone-soaked scent of her cunt washed over my face. I greedily drank it in, feeling my cock pulse inside my straining trousers, and then Charlie lowered herself gently onto my face.

Her soft lips pressed against my mouth and nose, and I felt the wetness of her arousal trickle over my face. I pushed my tongue into her pulsating vagina and felt the muscles clench against me, almost pushing it back out. The taste electrified me. I circled around her hole with the tip of my tongue, sliding it in and out of her. She moaned and began to rock her hips. My tongue slid up and down her pussy crack, lapping up her juices and evincing more gasps and groans of pleasure. She stopped moving as I closed my lips around her clit, sucking it gently into my mouth and flicking my tongue quickly across it in a tiny circular motion. Her wetness grew, almost choking me. Her body tensed and quivered above me.

I felt the car come to a stop, and heard the driver's door open. There was a polite knock at the window.

"I'm coming!" Charlie yelled, clearly meaning it in the sexual sense, as my face was suddenly washed in the juices of her orgasming pussy, and she bucked her hips so hard that I thought at first she had broken my nose.

The driver, it seemed, knew the sense in which his employer had meant the phrase and did not open the door. Charlie rolled off me and quickly put her dress back on. She immediately looked as elegant and sophisticated as ever. When I caught my own reflection in one of the blacked-out windows, I saw that my hair was tousled and my face reddened and glistening with her pussy-juice.

The driver finally opened the door and we got out. I had no idea where we were, or even how long we had been driving. I might have had my face between Charlie's thighs for minutes, or hours - days, for all I knew. Certainly there were worse ways of spending time.

The night was bitter after the warm, heady atmosphere inside the limo. We emerged into a small courtyard surrounded by tall red brick walls. A five-story Victorian building loomed over us, all buttresses and ornate bay windows. I could still hear a distant rumble of traffic in the air and through the ground, and I guessed we were either still within the city or not far outside it.

An elderly porter in a red suit came down the long flight of stone steps to greet us, looked confused when he saw that we had no bags, and then led us back up to the ornate dark green double-door. A small, discreet brass plaque to the left of the door carried the simple inscription: 'Hotel'. Clearly this was too expensive and exclusive a place to need anything so vulgar as a name.

There was no check-in or any other formality - we were led straight to a wide spiral staircase and up to the top floor. I got the impression of grand corridors and ornate columns and sculptures and large paintings and coloured hangings, all fleeting by so quickly that they hazed into one texture in my mind. We came to a private suite and the porter left us.

Charlie led me through a reception room larger than my living room, into a surprisingly small bedroom almost entirely filled by an enormous oak-framed bed. Another door, closed, led out of the room at the side opposite where we had entered. A wide, curtained window took up most of one wall and a painting I recognised but could not place took up most of another.

Charlie went to the window, opened the curtains a crack and peered out. I suddenly felt nervous.

"What's through there?" I asked, indicating the closed door.

"Another bedroom," she said dismissively, turning back to me. "We won't be needing it. Now, strip."

I quickly pulled off my tie, unbuttoned my shirt and shrugged it off. Charlie looked appreciatively at my toned chest and stomach, and I paused for a moment, looking at her.

"Go on," she said. "All the way, Danny. I want to see it all."

I unzipped my fly and pulled my trousers and underwear down, pulling off my socks in the same movement as I stepped out of each leg. I stood there naked in front of her, my erection pulsing in the dim light, glinting with precum at the tip. She stared down at it and smiled.

"Very nice," she said, stepping close to me. "Ready for action." Her right hand gripped my cock, fingers curling expertly around it and drawing back over the full length, her touch lingering and teasing. I closed my eyes and groaned. The touch left me, and I felt Charlie take a step backwards. When I opened my eyes again she was entirely nude, just straightening with her panties in her hand, looking at me with an odd sternness. Her large breasts moved gently with her breathing, small pink nipples still hard as nails. My eyes were drawn down over the full curves of her body, to the neat patch of dark red curls between her smooth thighs.

"Lie down on the bed," she said.

I did as I was told. Charlie leapt on top of me, and suddenly everything went dark. She had whipped a thick blindfold over my eyes, and now tied it tightly behind my head. I felt her kneel above my face again, and felt the heat of her bared pussy on my skin. Her intoxicating scent entered and consumed me once more, and I ached for the taste of her.

"Let me lick you," I gasped. "Let me taste you!"

"Oh, I will," said Charlie. "You're going to make me cum again, aren't you? Like a good boy?"

"Yes," I whispered. "Yes, I will. I will make you cum again."

"I hope so," she said, lowering herself onto me. "Because after I've cum, you can fuck me. And I'm quite sure you want to fuck me."

I couldn't reply, because already my tongue was busy between her legs. I found her clit and began to suck and lick at it. The warm flesh of her thighs pressed tightly around my face as I lapped up her pussy juices. My arms were above her knees this time, and I ran my hands up her body and over her breasts. They felt heavy in my hands. She gasped as I gently pinched her nipples between my fingers. She gripped my head with both hands, pulling me deeper between her thighs and rocking against me, her breath coming in quick, shallow gasps.

I didn't notice at the time, but remembering back, I'm sure I heard the door to the other bedroom open at this point. All I knew then was that suddenly, as Charlie ground her pussy into my face, pulling my head with both hands, a weight settled on the bed just to the left of my hips, and another pair of hands gently gripped my penis.

I gasped, and tried to push Charlie up off me to see what was happening, but she pushed me down, hard. My tongue entered her again. I began to fuck her with my tongue as the mystery hands - soft and petite - began to stroke me.

"This is part of the surprise, Danny," said Charlie. "This is what my husband is missing out on. Aren't you lucky?"

Again I was unable to reply. I continued tongue-fucking Charlie's pussy as the mystery hands slid expertly up and down my engorged cock. I had never been wanked off so precisely - professionally, even.

Charlie came more quickly this time, moaning and bucking against me as her pussy spasmed and gushed around my probing tongue. As her moans of pleasure subsided, I felt a tongue circle the end of my cock for a moment before a hot, wet mouth slid down over the entire length. I moaned aloud into Charlie's still-quivering cunt. The mouth withdrew slowly. Hot, full lips closed tightly around the head of my cock and sucked, hard, then took me deep inside again.

"Ahhh!" I gasped. "Oh god, yes!"

My balls tightened and my cock pulsed. I felt an orgasm rising from deep within me. The mouth sensed this, and quickly pulled away. One hand gripped the base of my penis, gently squeezing and releasing. I could feel hot breaths breezing over the wet tip. Her mouth - whoever she was - was only centimetres from my cock.

Charlie moved off my face and rested her dripping crotch on my chest, panting. She loosened the blindfold and pushed it up to my forehead. I looked up at her flushed face and sweat-slickened breasts. Her eyes were closed, and she was smiling exhaustedly.

To her side, a perfectly naked bottom was pointed at me. A pair of small, pale round cheeks were slightly parted, showing me a pair of smooth, glistening pussy lips beneath a tight pink anus. When I looked back up at Charlie I found she was grinning slyly down at me.

"That's all you're seeing for now," she said. The blindfold came down again, and was pulled tight.

I felt Charlie shuffle down over my body until she knelt above my stiff, throbbing penis. I felt a wetness gently press around the tip as she lowered herself slowly towards me, the opening of her pussy just touching me.

"Charlie, I won't last long," I whispered. "I can't!"

"I don't need you to," she said, and then thrust herself down onto me.

I cried out with dizzy pleasure as her vagina enveloped me - her slick passage sliding down around my cock and holding it, tight, hot, wet. She didn't move after that first thrust, but held me inside her. I was right on the cusp of orgasm - a tiny movement away from cumming into her. I breathed quickly and heavily, trying to pull myself back, trying to hold out.

She squeezed. Her vagina contracted tight around me, once, twice.

"Oh fuck!" I cried. She stopped squeezing, keeping me right on that blissful, teasing precipice.

Then I felt the other woman straddle me, facing Charlie as she cradled my cock within her. The taste and smell of another pussy washed down onto me. Wet velvety lips came down to me, and supple bum-cheeks pressed around my face as I strained my head forwards to lick her. I smelled her heady, warm ass-musk - not at all unpleasant - and the tip of my nose brushed against her tight rear entrance as my tongue entered her pussy.

Charlie squeezed me again, and I gave out a muffled moan as I licked and sucked at the other woman. I wanted this to last forever, but I knew Charlie could make me orgasm in a matter of seconds, anytime she wanted to.

"How does it taste, Danny?" said Charlie breathlessly, squeezing her pussy around me again. "Do you like Emily's pussy?"

"Oh fuck yes!" I tried to say, but I suspect I didn't actually say anything intelligible.

Emily was now rocking her hips above me, and my tongue found her clit. She gasped as I took her tiny nub into my mouth and sucked. The movement was gradually pushing the blindfold away, and soon I could see a little. Emily's pert bottom was circling over my face. My mouth and nose were now buried in her pussy-crack, and I was staring right at her puckered anus. I brought my hands up, stroking them over her buttocks and gently pulling them apart.

I pushed her away just a little so that I could slide my middle finger into her vagina, slicking it up and then moving it up to press against her arsehole. I pressed my face into her pussy again, and gently slipped the finger into her. She gave a loud cry - mostly pleasure, with just a hint of pain - and her muscle tightened around my finger as it slid into her rectum, up to the second knuckle. She began to rock her hips more wildly now, and her pussy gushed on my face as I finger-fucked her arse.

"Oh god, I'm cumming!" whispered Emily. Her voice was soft, high-pitched. Those were the only words I ever heard her say.

Then Charlie began to bounce up and down, her pussy stroking me, still gripping me tight. I thrust my hips up, shoving my cock as deep as I could into her. Emily still bucked her pussy against my tongue, pushing her arse back onto my stiff finger, her breaths coming in short, sharp bursts.

With a loud, animalistic roar I finally came, spurting what felt like a gigantic load of spunk into Charlie's tight, hot pussy. We continued thrusting against each other until the last spasm subsided.

I gently withdrew my finger from Emily's bum, and she rolled off me and collapsed onto the bed. I finally saw her face. She was blonde, thin, very pretty and quite young - barely twenty, I guessed. Her eyes were closed tightly, her face almost frowning, and she was panting heavily.

Charlie lifted herself up off me. My softening cock slipped out of her and slapped wetly onto my thigh, dripping with semen. She leaned down over me, smiling softly, and gave me one long, tender kiss on the lips. Then she swung herself off the bed and went to a cabinet beneath the large painting.

"Would anyone like a drink?" she said.

We had a drink. Whisky, single malt - the finest I had ever tasted. Emily finally opened her eyes and sat up on the bed. She was much thinner than Charlie, almost girlish in her frame, with small boobs, high and pert. She said nothing more that evening.

The three of us lay naked on the huge bed, sipping our drinks, smiling and occasionally laughing softly, but not saying a word. It was a completely surreal moment - few minutes, half hour, whatever it was - that in many ways sticks in my mind more than the flirting or the sex. I had no idea who these two beautiful, nude women were, yet we had shared something I had never come close to experiencing before.

All too soon the moment was over. Emily rose and left the room, still silent and naked. Charlie disappeared from the room while I pulled on my clothes, and returned a few minutes later dressed in grey slacks and a billowy white shirt.

"That was a truly... amazing experience," I said to her. "Your husband doesn't know what he's missed out on."

"Oh," said Charlie, smiling darkly, "he will."

I looked at her, confused, and she gestured towards a small bedside table I hadn't noticed before. There was a tiny video camera sitting there, the red 'record' light gleaming, pointing right at the bed.

"Don't worry," she said, seeing my startled expression. "I'll have your faced blanked out before I show him. He'll never know it was the dashing young pianist who put his penis in me. But he'll know what he could have had."

I relaxed a little. I've never enjoyed making enemies.

"Perhaps I'll give you a copy of the un-redacted version," she added with a wink. "But now it's time for you to go, Danny. Thank you for being a part of this."

She hugged me tenderly, planted a single kiss on my cheek, saw me to the front door of the suite and closed it gently behind me.

I made my way down through the plush corridors and staircases of the Hotel Hotel to the main reception. I was left waiting for a few minutes, then the porter came and escorted me outside. The polite young man was waiting in the courtyard with the limo. I got inside, feeling strangely melancholy at being there alone. I could still smell Charlie's sex in the air, and the memories of the evening got me hard again as the car drove me back to reality.

The journey took about twenty minutes. The limo stopped and the driver opened the door. We were back at the Paragon Club, SW1.

"Pleasure meeting you, sir," said the driver. "Lady Charlotte asked me to give you this."

He handed me a brown envelope, saluted, then got back into the car and drove off.

"Lady?" I said to myself, shaking my head as I opened the envelope. Inside was a pair of black lace panties wrapped around a tiny memory stick. The panties - the ones Charlie had been wearing earlier, of course - were still damp in my hand. I put them to my face and closed my eyes as I sniffed, savouring her smell one last time.

"Sniffing panties, Danny, really?" said a voice. I quickly shoved the knickers in my pocket and turned around. My best friend was standing there grinning at me, dressed, literally, like a fairy-tale princess.

"Um... Hi, Myrtle," I said, blushing.

"Hi yourself," she said. "I hear you've been causing a ruckus in there," she nodded towards the Club. "Are you going to make trouble every time I ask you for a favour?"

"Probably," I said with a sheepish grin. "Nice, er, costume."

"Fancy dress," said Myrtle, curtseying. "All-singles Valentine's Ball at the Savoy. Somewhat tedious, but plenty of rather... friendly boys and girls. You honestly would not believe the night I've had."

"Mine's been pretty unbelievable," I said with a grin, "now you come to mention it."

"Well, let's go for a drink and swap debaucherous tales," she said, taking my arm. "Biggest slut pays the bill."

"You're on."

We walked off into the night, found a bar, got drunk and swapped stories.

I didn't pay for a drink all night.

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